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6500 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jan 2002 at 12:32 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-15 12:35:08 AM  
Yes, this is a dooby, would you like a hit ociffer?
2002-01-15 12:35:21 AM  
It says AFTER you smoked, then driving...still....WHOHOOOO!
2002-01-15 12:35:43 AM  
2002-01-15 12:35:57 AM  
If your not high your considered 'sober'?? I thought that was just when your not drunk.
2002-01-15 12:36:14 AM  
Since I haven't exactly done extensive personal research on the effects of weed, are you or are you not impaired as a driver if you are under its effect?
2002-01-15 12:37:05 AM  
I like to get small. Just don't give it little kids... they get *really* small.

Comedy isn't pretty.
2002-01-15 12:37:16 AM  
Oh man, that guy caught the break of all breaks. I can see him heading to the local police department and being like "Ha, I win! Can I have my gernades back now? And the sawed-off shotgun. Thanks."
2002-01-15 12:37:48 AM  
That's because everyone drives tractors there.
2002-01-15 12:39:43 AM  
thats it.... im moving to idaho.
2002-01-15 12:40:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Excuse me sir, but you were doing 12 in a 75. Put the doritos down and step away from the vehicle.
2002-01-15 12:41:25 AM  
"Do you know how fast you were going, Sir?"
"Uuuuuhhhmmmmmm . . like . . sixty?"
"You were going two miles an hour."
2002-01-15 12:42:14 AM  
("Great minds" and all that, Grivas.)
2002-01-15 12:42:30 AM  
Actually Quick1, most people I know (that smoke chiba) are more careful and drive slower when high.
That's not saying there aren't accidents caused by them tho. Take for instance the scene from "Blacksheep"...
2002-01-15 12:42:57 AM  
Goin' to Idaho soon.
2002-01-15 12:43:19 AM  
ok, that was a scary 3-way thought process
2002-01-15 12:46:26 AM  
Of course we'll get a ride. This is Idaho.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-15 12:46:29 AM  
Yes, Quick1, you can get quite impaired.
2002-01-15 12:50:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]"Way 'ta Go! I-Da-Ho!"
2002-01-15 12:54:41 AM  
You can all make jokes, but this is quantifiable evidence that supports the notion that pot does not impair your judgment...I wonder if the Judge was stoned.
2002-01-15 12:55:05 AM  
Now pizza delivery guys will be free from prosecution in Idaho. I would say a good 80% of all pizza guys work stoned. Go ahead and try to fark with them.
2002-01-15 12:56:11 AM  
I live in Idaho! I drive a '90 Camry, not a tractor. Boy does this kick ass. As for the effects of weed on driving, I actually drive the speed limit, use turn signals and pay more attention than driving sober. Then again, not much use for laws on lonely dirt roads...
2002-01-15 12:57:37 AM  
Quick1: you could become impaired, it depends a lot on how you react to it, how much you had and how long ago. But just because you have had it doesn't mean you are impaired, which is why he passed the sobriety test twice. You can't declare someone impaired just because they smoked it that day or two years ago.
2002-01-15 12:58:07 AM  
Puff Puff Give!!!
2002-01-15 01:00:50 AM  
BTW, most of the white supremacists got the boot a couple years ago when they beat up a lady and her son near their compound/ranch. The lady (she was white :P) took them to court and won every penny the rich, old head honcho had. Now we just have potatoes again.
2002-01-15 01:04:26 AM  
In his Chevrolet Blazer, police found four illegal homemade grenades, a sawed-off shotgun and a modified rifle with a homemade silencer.

apparently that guy ain't smoking ENOUGH weed.
2002-01-15 01:06:59 AM  
Nanookanano, I think it was said best like this:

When you are drunk, you run a stop sign...

When you are stoned, you wait for it to turn green.

[image from too old to be available]

Shiat, this thing is broken.
2002-01-15 01:09:40 AM  
Away, Idaho
We're coming, Idaho
A four horse team
Will soon be seen
Way out in Idaho

Hard time we'll have no more
And want we'll never know
When we have filled our sacks with gold
Way out in Idaho
2002-01-15 01:11:17 AM  
Wasn't that George Carlin who said that?
2002-01-15 01:12:47 AM  
sorry.. but i think this is retarded. actually. i'm not sorry. what the hell...
2002-01-15 01:15:17 AM  
"Patzer's arrest was unlawful. The evidence obtained after his arrest ... were 'fruit of the poisonous tree' and should have been suppressed by the district court," the three-judge panel wrote.

I bet with a name like Patzer, this guy is getting all kinds of forbidden fruit.
2002-01-15 01:42:56 AM  
heheheheheh so funny man here in Aus u get caught with weed its off to jail u go dont not pass go do not collect $200
2002-01-15 02:28:58 AM  
AussieX-Still pretty much the same here in the US.Except Aussie convicts are even more into prison rape than the convicts here.At least here in the US you get a break during the meal times.Over there,you're eating white meat and the other white(or dark or green) meat.
2002-01-15 02:56:33 AM  
Memphis Bleek gets high rolln' down the I-95
2002-01-15 03:13:11 AM  
Free the weed!!!!

Fight the terrorist, and leave the rest of us alone! If you hurt someone, that's a crime. Getting stoned, and watching T.V. doesn't harm anyone, and people should mind their own business. We should be free to put into our bodies anything we see fit. The consequences should follow the actions, not the other way around. That is facist!
2002-01-15 03:40:52 AM  
The question:

Since I haven't exactly done extensive personal research on the effects of weed, are you or are you not impaired as a driver if you are under its effect?

The Answer:

I have done, ehm, extensive research on said topic, and here is the long and short of it. Back in college, it used to be that I wouldn't get in the car for a long trip without getting high. However, I wouldn't *think* about driving stoned. There *is* a *big* difference between the two.
2002-01-15 04:38:30 AM  
What's the name of that other drug...the one that helps you meditate? It's a leaf...Damn. I forget. It looks like a bay leaf. It is can buy concentrated forms of it online... *train of thought derails*
2002-01-15 04:51:31 AM  
I have found that I actually drive more safe when I am baked as well, and alot of people I know say the same thing.
Weed doesn't effect you like alcohol, alcohol makes you slow and uncoridinated, while weed just messes with your mind usually being able to keep focused on what you want to do but you basically do everything from instinct.
2002-01-15 06:57:38 AM  
::hugs Idaho:: You da best!
2002-01-15 07:29:15 AM  
Quick1 - I looked into this after a friend told me that 'I'm fine when I'm stoned and driving' - being stoned does impair your reflexes and judgement - not as MUCH as alcohol, amittedly, but it still does.
2002-01-15 08:53:48 AM  
A quick wake 'n bake prior to the daily commute makes dealing with the morons a tad bit easier for me...

I suppose I'm impaired, I drive just a tad above the speed limit instead of 15 or so over...

Ahh hell, I'm wasted.
2002-01-15 08:57:01 AM  
"What's the name of that other drug...the one that helps you meditate?"

2002-01-15 09:20:30 AM  
After extensive research regarding the effects of marajuana and every day functions, let me assure you that it does not adversely affect driving skills. My findings show that a nice buzz off some fine sticky bud does not impair at all... it in fact causes a person who normally drives like a bat out of hell into grandma moses on a sunday drive. Why? Well, who cares if it takes longer to get somewhere? Enjoy the buzz dude.
2002-01-15 09:20:31 AM  
This should have the [image from too old to be available] tag. I'm all for legalization, but in general, it's not a good idea to allow people to drive while stoned, high, drunk, on codeine, etc. And it's stupid decisions like this that give the fanatical Drug Warriors something to biatch about as their continued excuse for existence.
2002-01-15 09:31:50 AM  
It's unfortunate that he was one of those Idaho-Ruby-Ridge kinda cats with the "homemade" hand grenades and the guns and the stuff. He's one lucky sumbiatch. But...I don't think this Idaho-free-love vibe will last too long.
2002-01-15 09:34:46 AM  
All the "I can drive stoned, just not drunk" commentary aside - there is something much much worse than any of these options.... and it is (drum roll) OLD PEOPLE driving!!!

Think about it. Why is an impared driver a bad thing. Cause their judgement, perceptions and reaction time is less than it needs to be to safely operate a vehicle. There is NO difference in having me drink a 6 pack and one of our many neighborhood drivers who is 90+. They're swinging the old Impala around at about 8 mph and barely able to hang onto the wheel.

On the road, drunks are bad - stoners too - but the blue haired crowd scares me the most.
2002-01-15 09:37:19 AM  
I wonder how long it will finally take for some genius politic-o to realize that a person could win office with a campaign based soley on weed reform. I think all but a few states have drafted and passed some sort of medicinal marijuana legislation. I think just about every county in California has. THe poepl have spooken we want our weed. We will pay good money for good smoke. If gov't wants to make some serious money tax the shiat. Cmon America kick these old ass men out of their congressional bed and lets get some fresh faces and ideas in Washington. Upward and onward. And twirling, twirling, always twirling.
2002-01-15 09:41:24 AM  
Imabmf: Well said! It seems like a clear majority of the population smokes at least occasionally, and many of the remainder see it as harmless. The anti-drug coalition seems more numerous than they are due to their loud mouths...

I guarantee if a senator/rep/pres runs with a legalization campaign, he's got my vote as well as the votes of 90% of the people I know!
2002-01-15 09:51:27 AM  
Officer: "License please."
Cheech: " Uh man, you mean it's not like on my bumper man?"
2002-01-15 10:37:39 AM  
smoking pot does impair one's judgement. not nearly as much as alcohol, of course, and maybe not so much as to inhibit the ability to drive a car, but it's just not a good idea to drive in any altered state.

however, the key to this case is that the defendant passed a field sobriety test. in other words, one should not be automatically considered impaired after having smoked just as if one had only had a beer or two. he may have smoked, but he was relatively sober. this does not rule that it is ok to take gravity bong hits off the dashboard at 70mph down the highway.
2002-01-15 10:46:07 AM  
According to some experts, the attentiveness of drunks and cell phone users while driving is about the same. Put the cell phone users under the jail. They're sober and should know better... How about some sort of competition where contestants drive drunk while talking on a cell phone and putting on lipstick....I'd fire up a fat one and watch it on TV
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