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(Some Guy)   Boy not allowed to take pornstar to prom. Oh, the injustice   ( divider line
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66488 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jun 2004 at 1:03 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-07 10:24:06 PM  
The hell? It violates the prom guidelines? There are prom guidelines? And there's a porn star clause?

High school administrators == t3h suk.
2004-06-07 10:36:21 PM  
Banning someone from going to the prom purely based on their profession is an awfully asinine thing to do. There ought to be a discrimination suit in there somehow. It's hard enough to get a date already, and this boy manages to snag one and the administration says no because it doesn't like what she does for a living? Goddamned bastards, the lot of them.
2004-06-07 10:40:11 PM  
I'm assuming that there is an age requirement for attendees. Perhaps she is over the limit.
2004-06-07 10:59:50 PM  
Age Limit would have been a good basis, but that is ageism.
2004-06-07 11:02:30 PM  
So now the school is telling the children who they can or cannot date because of age? Just because a girl is a little older than you means that there is something inherently wrong with the relationship? Goddamn overly judgemental bastards.
2004-06-08 12:16:10 AM  
Gee, now they're going to have to stay home. Poor kid!
2004-06-08 12:17:53 AM  
If I remember correctly, my high school had a policy that no one outside of the high school could prom attend unless given permission. Granted, nobody ever asked...but the rule was still in writing in case something came up.

I'm sure it was to prevent 21 year old from attending and throwing keg parties, but you never know when you're gonna catch a big ol' porn star in your tuna net.
2004-06-08 12:48:44 AM  
DC area farkers may remember the kid who invited Diane and everyone from Elliot in the Morning on DC101 to him prom.
The school (George C. Marshall HS) stepped in and wouldn't let any of the morning crew attend.

and um. Yah I know that kid. Went to his frat's formal w/ him.
2004-06-08 12:49:27 AM  
Oh, and it was mostly restricted b/c Elliot talks about sex and poop and drinking on the show.
2004-06-08 01:08:07 AM  
Poor porn star. I hope she can find another date.
2004-06-08 01:08:51 AM  
Ther terrorists have won. I blame Ashcroft.
2004-06-08 01:08:56 AM  

That was very funny indeed.

2004-06-08 01:09:40 AM  
You win a date with a porn star, and you want to take her to the freaking prom? I mean, yeah, I know there's the whole bragging rights thing, but can't you think of something better to do than take her to the prom?
2004-06-08 01:10:11 AM  
the poor kid went to the prom without her... apparently she stayed at her hotel room (according to her account of the event on the stern show this morning).
2004-06-08 01:10:14 AM  
They'll probably fix it, but I'm a big fan of the poll. Four radio buttons, blank lines next to 'em. I wanna answer '', but I kinda feel like ''....
2004-06-08 01:10:43 AM  
The peole in charge were just jealous of his date. I bet most of them watched porn, knew who she was and lost it. "How come he gets her for a date? How!?"
2004-06-08 01:11:26 AM  
My question is this:

Who is Tyler Faith?

Is she like one of those awful looking tattoo freak porn stars, you know, the ones that scare people?
2004-06-08 01:12:31 AM  

You win a date with a porn star, and you want to take her to the freaking prom? I mean, yeah, I know there's the whole bragging rights thing, but can't you think of something better to do than take her to the prom?

Taking the porn star to your prom (if you won) was the premise of the contest.
2004-06-08 01:12:45 AM  
This is blatant discrimination. Seriously, the porn star should sue the school. Send them a message that they can't do this shiat.
2004-06-08 01:13:27 AM  
Apparently, according to her website, she's smart, beautiful, fun, and loves to fark.
2004-06-08 01:13:32 AM  
So, if he can't keep the date and stuff, ummm... can I have it?

Just thought I'd ask. :-P
2004-06-08 01:13:36 AM  
Here is the order for the blanked out poll,

1. I'd let my son, but not my daughter.
2. I'd let my daughter, but not my son.
3. I'd let a son or daughter take a porn star date.
4. No, I wouldn't let my child take a porn star.
2004-06-08 01:13:38 AM  
2004-06-08 01:14:01 AM  
2004-06-08 01:14:03 AM  
This kid would've gone down as a legend at his school. I guess just being on the Stern Show gets him theretoo.

I highly doubt there is any written rule that says no porn stars. If a porn star shows up at the prom, and a faculty member recognizes her...
2004-06-08 01:14:07 AM  
So were one-on-one after-prom activities part of the deal?
2004-06-08 01:14:20 AM  
I took a whore to prom. She wasn't a porn star. Just a slut, and she didn't put out.
2004-06-08 01:14:29 AM  

the poor kid went to the prom without her... apparently she stayed at her hotel room (according to her account of the event on the stern show this morning).

Are you shiatting me? That kid has got to get his priorities straight.
2004-06-08 01:15:52 AM  
"Taking the porn star to your prom (if you won) was the premise of the contest."

Sorry, missed that somehow. I can't imagine that there's a school in the country that would allow that for fear (rightly or wrongly) that a law suit would develop. But the show got what it wanted--more headlines.
2004-06-08 01:15:58 AM  
kookoochichoo, Mrs. Robinson...
2004-06-08 01:16:38 AM  
Here's a SFW pic of her in her prom dress for you kids at work:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-08 01:16:59 AM  
and nobody's linked this one yet.. jeez...

The pr0n must flow
2004-06-08 01:17:14 AM  
That kid would have lasted all of ten minutes before he prematurely... ruined his tuxedo. The pinning of the corsage business would have been a funny scene. Ah well.
2004-06-08 01:17:20 AM  
Ha. Leave it to a Stamford newspaper to screw the whole deal. Bunch of damn yuppies in that town, man.
2004-06-08 01:18:06 AM  
I think they just don't want to promote that profession. Makes sense to me, we want our kids to be productive, not preoccupied.
2004-06-08 01:20:17 AM  
Too bad he wasn't able to keep the whole thing secret from his parents and the administration until he was AT the prom.
2004-06-08 01:20:21 AM  
Yes, I would denitely 'prom' her.
2004-06-08 01:21:31 AM  
I've been a victim of the age thing before.

Girlfriend's school officials wouldn't let me take her to prom, because I'm 22. Their age limit is 20. Period. No exceptions. So she had to go with a friend of hers, which was kind of nice, because I got to play around with the lesbian fantasy.

2004-06-08 01:22:42 AM  
So wait, let me get this straight. They are not letting the kid go to the prom with his date because she is a porn star? What if she was a hot 25 year old tax accountant? Would they have problems with her being his date then?

Come on... they are discrimenating against the guy because of his date's line of work... as if none of them have ever rubbed one off while looking at porn.
2004-06-08 01:23:43 AM  
I'm doing real honest research on Ms. Faiths age, yet all I'm getting is explicit photos. I for one am shocked this material is on the internet.
2004-06-08 01:24:35 AM  
I think the school did the right thing, standing up for at least a modicum of respect. Of course there will now be a lawsuit cuz little junior was offended. But the school was right to tell him to shut the fark up and give the event the respect it deserves. Or at least don't show it such complete disrespect. Whatever.

The kids dress in tuxes and evening gowns while welcoming a porn whore to the prom. What a joke.
2004-06-08 01:25:05 AM  
probably one of those been there, done that scenarios...
2004-06-08 01:26:15 AM  

Boooo! Hiss! Take your reason and good sense out of here!!

2004-06-08 01:26:17 AM  
I'd take it to prom! I'd say the only likely reason that they could legally ban her from the prom would be the age. Had a friend who wanted me to take his 18 year old sister to prom (I'm 25, for chrissake) but I didn't because:

A) I'm 25. That's getting into the realm of "dirty"
B) School wouldn't allow anyone over 20 to attend

Shame, too. She plays accordian. For some reason, hot women who play the accordian or violin are instantly 10x hotter.
2004-06-08 01:26:28 AM  
Damn the man keeping us down!!!!
2004-06-08 01:28:54 AM  
she should hook up the kid with a pity bj
2004-06-08 01:29:05 AM  
Weakest. Boobjob. EVAR.
2004-06-08 01:29:18 AM  
LincolnLogolas, for some strange reason, I have to agree with you about the accordion/violin thing. Although all the girls I know that play them are teh fugleh.
2004-06-08 01:29:30 AM  
Too bad for him. She seems like a sure thing.
2004-06-08 01:29:30 AM  
gfm, what if the prom were being held in my pants? Does that count?
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