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(Florida Times-Union)   Dog-humper arrested in Florida (second article)   ( divider line
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11129 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jan 2002 at 10:39 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-14 10:42:19 AM  
Reminds me of my father and me going out in the outbacks of America giving some backdoor action to some doggies!
2002-01-14 10:44:03 AM  
Damn crackheads..
2002-01-14 10:44:25 AM  
"I can't get no girl." Well, shiat, that's pretty
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2002-01-14 10:44:30 AM  
"That dog's got a perty mouth..."
2002-01-14 10:44:43 AM  
I never thought they'd catch me.
2002-01-14 10:45:00 AM  
What, no photo??
2002-01-14 10:46:06 AM  
"Rut ro, Raggy!"

Suffice it to say, he did it doggie-style.
2002-01-14 10:46:17 AM  
Troy Tyrone Merchant -- Damn WASPs.
How's PETA taking this, I wonder.
2002-01-14 10:46:32 AM  
One of the best headlines I've ever seen.
2002-01-14 10:46:39 AM  
"Biatch set me up!"
2002-01-14 10:49:26 AM  
Eww dog humping that is discusting beyond belief. His name was not BlackOm was it?
2002-01-14 10:49:37 AM  
2002-01-14 10:50:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-14 10:53:29 AM  
If they were 5 feet away, wouldn't they just make him stop, or do these sick cops need to see this shiat?
2002-01-14 10:54:24 AM  
RockandRoller: Are you taking up your own imitation logins so you can feel all important like Fb- and his 10 (or so) lame wannabes?

I'm gonna go grab up "CockandBaller" before someone else does!
2002-01-14 10:54:41 AM  
Shiat! That's illegal? I'm screwed.
2002-01-14 10:56:06 AM  
come on folks! this is florida! it's almost like embedded in the geno down there...
2002-01-14 10:57:06 AM  

I'm gonna buy me a box of dog biscuits
For my pal, my chum my best friend
Got an itch that's even longer in dog years (in dog years)
Got a biatch that I'm seein' again (woh)

(Barkin') I'll climb any mountain
(Barkin') I'll do anything
Ooh, can I touch you (can I touch you)
And do the things that make you smile
Ooh, wanna hold you (wanna hold you)
I gotta do it doggie style...

(inserts copyright notice, goes to bed)
2002-01-14 10:58:13 AM  
Another Rainbow Alliance success story. I hate those guys...
2002-01-14 10:58:33 AM  
Evil Camel; that was some kind o'funny
2002-01-14 10:58:50 AM  
When they confronted the man, he told them, "I can't get no girl," according to a police report.

During the arrest, police said they found a crack pipe in the man's pocket.

shiat, maybe if they'd put this on a poster in DARE maybe it would have worked.
2002-01-14 11:00:44 AM  
Puppy pumpers are people too.
2002-01-14 11:00:47 AM  
Thanks Bass555, but the dog failed to find the humor....
2002-01-14 11:01:01 AM  
What was Simian03 doing in Jacksonville?
2002-01-14 11:02:59 AM  
Overpaid Slacker, PETA should be happy. Animals need lovin' too.
2002-01-14 11:06:37 AM  
"Kooker Park"????? aptly named!
2002-01-14 11:07:42 AM  
"Okay rookie, pat him down and put the cuffs on him."

"Aww hell no Sarge, I ain't pattin him down! Why don't we just let him go? I don't want to have touch him!"
2002-01-14 11:08:32 AM  
he'll get plenty o' "girls" in the big house.

maybe he was hoping to get pinched for the never ending hot sex in prison. oh, plus hot meals.
2002-01-14 11:11:05 AM  
Did the pigs consider the fact that maybe the dog WANTED it? I mean... maybe it was the dog that was hitin' the crack pipe and began humping this guys leg.
2002-01-14 11:14:53 AM  
Q: How do you stop a dog from humping your leg?
A: Suck his dick
2002-01-14 11:15:38 AM  
(old joke, I know...)
2002-01-14 11:17:12 AM  
Poor puppy!
2002-01-14 11:19:05 AM  
How else can you seduce your date with just a bag of food?
2002-01-14 11:19:41 AM  
can't he just find a nice hole in a tree somewhere....
like normal people. jeez.
2002-01-14 11:21:27 AM  
Was his hand so ugly he'd rather fark a dog?
2002-01-14 11:22:23 AM  
Let me get this straight...The guy isn't being charged for farking the dog?? It's like, we don't care if you fark a dog just as long as you don't have any crack pipes, and we don't see it.
2002-01-14 11:26:56 AM  
So Fb finally got arrested
2002-01-14 11:34:56 AM  
"Kickin that schiznic doggie style"

-Road Dog Jesse James
2002-01-14 11:37:24 AM  
Suspect appears for arraignment"[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-14 11:37:27 AM  
If crackheads can't screw small dogs in public parks, the terrorists have....
2002-01-14 11:38:13 AM  
A dog humped my leg. Who can I sue?
2002-01-14 11:45:21 AM  
this is just farkin wrongggggg
2002-01-14 11:45:31 AM  
Maybe it was just a really, really ugly prostitute.
2002-01-14 11:46:20 AM  
Fb- is the freak dog-child from this... unnatural arrangement...

... I think...
2002-01-14 11:46:52 AM  
Was it a weiner dog?
2002-01-14 11:50:28 AM  
Maybe the police were just jealous?

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama
2002-01-14 11:52:59 AM  
They found a 'crack pipe" in his pocket - never heard that term for a dyck before.
2002-01-14 11:55:35 AM  
When you're having sex with a dog, do you know how to tell when they're enjoying it?

They turn around and lick your face.
2002-01-14 11:57:29 AM  
Is that a crack pipe in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
2002-01-14 11:58:05 AM  
What if Mr.Doghumper had AIDS? Feral HIV positive attack dogs running amok in Florida, we should charge him with terrorism. His name wasn't Mullah was it?
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