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(WJLA)   Lowest tides in 19 years draw huge crowds   ( divider line
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26737 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Jun 2004 at 1:07 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-06 01:11:34 AM  
Bet this smells great.
2004-06-06 01:11:51 AM  
Lowest tides in 19 years draw huge crowds

and PETA
2004-06-06 01:12:03 AM  
sounds fishy to me
2004-06-06 01:13:15 AM  
I agree with basstovin. It's gotta smell like ass over there.
2004-06-06 01:16:42 AM  
I thought the sea levels were rising?
2004-06-06 01:17:39 AM  
ps... ronald reagan died
2004-06-06 01:19:02 AM  
First a meteorite, now this...

/must be the end of the world.
2004-06-06 01:20:04 AM  
fark... don't mind me coming in to late on that post.. I missed it somehow
2004-06-06 01:20:55 AM  
Yeah, but when the tide is high I'm movin' on.

/gonna be #1
2004-06-06 01:22:26 AM  
I could imagine high tides drawing crowds in...but low tides? Who wants to see a little bit of water? Pff.

/didn't rtfa
2004-06-06 01:22:49 AM  
My mother in law says she knows how to cook sea cucumber real good.

I tell her that as a good son-in-law, I wish for her to have my portion.

2004-06-06 01:23:14 AM  
Solaris, let's look to the future, not dwell on the past. Besides, there are at least two Reagan-death threads. Go my child, and find your true audience.
2004-06-06 01:23:37 AM  
Wow! Look at those low tides! Look at those huge crowds! Oh wait, you can't BECAUSE THERE ARE NO PICTURES!!!

[image from too old to be available]

It isn't rocket science you know.
2004-06-06 01:27:11 AM  
Lowest tides in 19 years draw huge crowds

Someone here will blame this on Bush in 3... 2... 1...
2004-06-06 01:31:13 AM  
I dated a girl with a razor clam once...
2004-06-06 01:31:44 AM  
I blame Bush.
2004-06-06 01:32:32 AM  
Low tides? Not exactly "The Day After Tomorrow" quality, is it? Still, whatever entertains folks...
2004-06-06 01:34:32 AM  
WOW, was interesting when i read about it 30 hours ago...
2004-06-06 01:38:48 AM  
Who would have thought a whale would be so heavy?
2004-06-06 01:43:19 AM  
Say, doesn't the tide go out just before the Tsunami strikes..AAAARRRGGlub....?
2004-06-06 01:45:06 AM  
Wow,that really is cool!
2004-06-06 01:46:21 AM  
low tides are fecking sexy
2004-06-06 01:47:34 AM  
Lowest tides in 19 years draw huge crowds

Some Republican here will use this as an excuse to go to war in 3... 2... 1...
2004-06-06 01:50:29 AM  
MrNeutron: I thought the sea levels were rising?

Because the polar ice caps are melting, due to global warming.
2004-06-06 01:52:32 AM  
Its the end of the world as we know it.
2004-06-06 02:09:12 AM  
Feh, it was lower 20 years ago.

2004-06-06 02:10:03 AM  
Right, because of all the global WARMING, the ice caps have melted to produce LESS ocean.
2004-06-06 02:13:31 AM  
LMAO, In the same paragraph:
"The tides aren't as low here as they are in Puget Sound, but there are definitely people out and about - a lot of them razor clamming," said Pressentin, who planned to go clamming herself this weekend. "We make some great chowder."

And then: answer questions from parents and children alike about what they found and to tell them how to keep from harming the creatures or the ecosystem.

I guess you do this by eating them mmm clam chowder
sorry, i know/stupid
2004-06-06 02:21:42 AM  
This is a big deal out here! Just about everyone we ran into today was on their way to the beach for the low tides.

Because seriously, another 25 feet of wet smelly shore is the best thing since Starbucks...
2004-06-06 02:24:00 AM  
If the polar caps are melting, why are tides lower?

Is somebody moving all the water off-planet?
2004-06-06 02:27:18 AM  
MrNeutron: I thought the sea levels were rising?

Because the polar ice caps are melting, due to global warming.

which in turn can cool the ocean waters, which could stop the ocean currents.. what we have here is global warming causeing global cooling.. ironic huh?
2004-06-06 02:29:11 AM  
You know, Alberta's tides are the lowest they've been in 100 years.
2004-06-06 02:34:16 AM  
2004-06-06 02:39:34 AM  
I blame a brown dwarf travelling perpendicular to the earth's eleptic.
2004-06-06 02:44:19 AM  
i repeat
Zzzzzzzzzzzz.........oh you get it
2004-06-06 03:12:28 AM  
Yup, I was out there on the beach this morning and the tide was really low. And my dog took a big shiat and I put it in a plastic bag. Yup, the tide was really low.
2004-06-06 03:40:51 AM  
*Reads TFA*

Yeah, it is kind of OH WOW...oh how COOL.

Still, it was nice to get way way out on the flats at Discovery Fark today. Had to throw that in.

I walked out far enough to see the West Seattle Bridge.
2004-06-06 03:44:11 AM  
Low tides other places too. Went out to Moss Beach locally (Northern Californica). Wow, ocean *way* out. tidepools with urchins and little octopi and stuff.
2004-06-06 04:34:43 AM  
not_really_me speaks with forked tongue.
2004-06-06 06:28:05 AM  
i really wanted to go to this. was thinking port angelas or something. too bad i work
2004-06-06 06:45:22 AM  
Maybe someone pulled the drain plug on the ocean, you know, like in those Bugs Bunny cartoons.
2004-06-06 08:32:28 AM  
Wouldn't this be a good time to clean up a lot of the trash on the sea bottom? Any environmentalists out there with plastic bags? Thought not.
2004-06-06 08:47:02 AM  
Reagan was 93
2004-06-06 09:36:22 AM  
So then, global warming must be causing the moon to shrink, thus reducing tidal gravity forces, and now causing the lowest tide in 19 years.

/now where did I put that white coat
2004-06-06 09:49:50 AM  
Aliens,it's the aliens. They're taking all our water. It's the end of the world.
2004-06-06 10:11:06 AM  
Cool indeed! It must be nice to have a cornocopia of interesting water life. As much as I love Lake Michigan nearby me, it does lack this. I'm not counting the dead alewives, either...
2004-06-06 11:23:53 AM  
I actually live right across the street from a beach here in Seattle. It doesn't smell at all. My daughter and I walked along the beach yesterday, we saw sea stars, sea cucumbers, all kinds of crabs, and a badly decomposed human corpse. Sweet!
2004-06-06 11:25:42 AM  
It also will bring record high tides...

[image from too old to be available]

Blondie unavailable for comment about their Paragon cover tune
2004-06-06 11:41:31 AM  
Low tides in some places maybe, but we all know this is NYC's future.

[image from too old to be available]

Come on in, the water's warming! Global warming!
2004-06-06 11:43:51 AM  
One of The Five Chinese Brothers unavailable for comment.

/not the band.
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