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(USA Today)   Study concludes children don't mind divorce so much   ( divider line
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2002-01-14 08:40:09 AM  
Me too. I don't know what the fuss is. My parents split up when I was 6. I'm mentally rounded and healthy. In fact, if anything, it gives you a good introduction to the fact that life ain't peachy, so get a helmet.

Men aren't meant to be monogamous anyway. Neither are women, I don't think.
2002-01-14 08:42:35 AM  
What Goatman264 said. Never bugged me.

Anyway, it'll soon be the norm for families ;)
2002-01-14 08:43:13 AM  
What % of kids whose parents have divored are "coping reasonably well and functioning in the normal range."?
2002-01-14 08:43:55 AM  
make that haven't divorced.....MORE COFFEE
2002-01-14 08:44:42 AM  
Divorce leads to leftism, suicide and all around emotionally unstable, mentally deficient children.
2002-01-14 08:46:24 AM  
Whereas one-night-stands in trailer parks lead to people like Fb-.
2002-01-14 08:51:11 AM  
And not to mention all the kids he's got...
2002-01-14 08:51:38 AM  

If I had a kid like you, I'd get a divorce too.
2002-01-14 08:53:50 AM  
Why is this tagged "asinine"? I know that we have tremendous societal guilt over the divorce rate in this country, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing (speaking from experience). It is true that divorce usually sucks, but there are alot of misserable marriages that suck much worse. The only difference is that no one keeps stats on bad marriages.
2002-01-14 08:54:07 AM  
Fb-: At least my parents stuck around long enough to get one instead of just leaving me at the police station.

Blah blah blah. Perhaps you'd like to tell me how fat my mother is now?
2002-01-14 08:56:19 AM  
I wonder if those guys waiting for the Star Wars movie are from divorced families.
2002-01-14 08:57:39 AM  
Fb-, so your dad divorced his sister did he?
2002-01-14 09:01:00 AM  

2002-01-14 09:01:06 AM  
I wish this study was out 20 years ago. My parents stayed together for our (the kids) sakes. Meanwhile, we're all secretly discussing how our asshole father probably had another family, that's why he generally only came home to sleep a couple hours; why we hid whenever he was home during waking hours; why we constantly heard him telling us and our mother about how worthless we were; etc. etc.

This study should get the hero tag. It's obvious now that parents are breaking up more readily but the stigma is still there in some places. Do the kids a favor, split up instead of forcing some resentful asshole to stick with the kids he never wanted in the first place. It will make everyone a lot happier.
2002-01-14 09:07:04 AM  
Caption should be:
Study concludes children don't mind divorce so much, Fb- owes child support payments and dosn't get visitation rights
2002-01-14 09:07:54 AM  
Well, it's not like the kids have much of a choice now, is it? What the hell are the children supposed to do? Parents splitting up isn't the end of the world, so they just deal with it and get on with their lives. Personally, I think it's better for Mom and Pop to divorce than to subject the kids to the stress from the constant biatching, fighting and all that other shiat.
2002-01-14 09:14:36 AM  
Divorces are like marriages, each is different. If the couple divorcing did create a great deal of stress during the marriage they may create even more during and/or after the divorce. I was married, was blessed with 2 kids, had obtained 3 degrees, and participated in several family occasions before I saw both of my parents in the same room. 10 years of shear BS. Either way they were a pain in the arse.
2002-01-14 09:14:44 AM  
Divorce sucks, Marriage sucks, Life sucks. blah, blah, blah
Just another excuse for bad choices and bad behavior.
2002-01-14 09:15:17 AM  
I am still concluding my study on how husbands don't paricularly care for marriage.
2002-01-14 09:16:11 AM  
I like the idea of reducing marriages to contracts, like in The Running Man with 3, 5, 10 year contract marriages. Much more user friendly.

It's only the bloody Christians and the fools who believe them that get married anyway. It's a legal document of possession entitling you to half their stuff when you inevitably split, folks, nothing more. Remember that. It stems from the royals political interbreeding to form alliances. Don't buy the hype of the dress and special day, because it isn't. If you love each other, you don't need to prove it - you know it already, don't you?
2002-01-14 09:18:53 AM  
Goatman264 swings! :)
2002-01-14 09:19:09 AM  
I actually liked the idea of having two sets of parents that loved me, two sets of grandparents to spoil me, and NO siblings. It was great. Christmas and my birthday always rocked.
2002-01-14 09:19:17 AM  

I take it marriage is not on the cards for you for a while then?

I blame the parents.
2002-01-14 09:20:43 AM  
Little Jimmy was 6 months premature.
2002-01-14 09:20:58 AM  
Ransom: I am never getting married, and I'm sure all of Fark will be glad to hear that I do not ever intend to breed, either. The scares I've had have thankfully been with girls that agreed, and I've not had to kick anyone down the stairs yet.

How about you?
2002-01-14 09:22:59 AM  
What is love?

A boner about ten minutes before closing time at the pub.

or so I've heard
2002-01-14 09:27:49 AM  
Love is her inviting her younger sister to join you.
2002-01-14 09:29:17 AM  


No kids. Marriage - most likely.
2002-01-14 09:31:51 AM  
Ransom: Never. I'm of the same view as Nicholas Cage at the beginning of the rock. Whoever is selfish enough to spawn into this world should be shot along with their brats.
2002-01-14 09:34:16 AM  
I believe that marriage is the cause of most divorce
2002-01-14 09:35:16 AM  

I think the UK population agree with you .. that is why it is shrinking.
2002-01-14 09:35:17 AM  
Dumbass "study" they'll be recommending getting a "spouse change" every three years or 30,000 miles.
2002-01-14 09:35:58 AM  
It is my parents' 33rd anniversery today. I should really send them this article. "See guys, it's ok. You don't have to pretend anymore
2002-01-14 09:39:38 AM  
Ransom: Unfortunately it's only some of the American goth kids who agree with me on the other side of the pond, it seems...


My work will ne'er be done...
2002-01-14 09:45:13 AM  
You've probably seen this but still...
2002-01-14 09:45:41 AM  

American goth kids ... something to do with snatching cradles ...
2002-01-14 09:49:29 AM  
Blumpf: Thanks, I have. I also like the Church of Euthanasia. I wrote an article some time ago about over population, and actually really scared myself. Quite mad - I felt like a character in a David Lynch film or something.
2002-01-14 09:50:11 AM  
Ransom: I thought it was the joy of shooting innocents.
2002-01-14 09:52:47 AM  
No matter how you look at it, your parents getting divorced is at the very least life-altering. But I think 3horn will vouch for the fact that the real healing begins after a remarriage. :)
2002-01-14 09:55:12 AM  

I do wonder what kind of job you do.
2002-01-14 09:56:29 AM  
Goatman264 My sincerest condolances on your 37th stillborn.
2002-01-14 09:58:27 AM  
Goatman264 don't suppose the articles up on the web anywhere?

Back to the Divorce topic, I'd say that moving to a diffrent town is more traumatic as a kid than your parents spliting up.
2002-01-14 09:59:48 AM  
Goatman -
"It's only the bloody Christians and the fools who believe them that get married anyway"

Right. Marriage has only been around the last 2002 years since in the advent of Christianity. NO other religions or cultures on Earth believe in marriage. My parents divorced when I was six. They'd known each other less than a year when they tied the knot and stayed married 10 years.

I think people get married too quickly without realizing WHO it is they are about to marry. I was engaged for 3 years before marrying my husband (now married 5 years). We are still wildly in love. My parents weren't wildly in love after the first couple of years.

*shrug* So I'm a bloody fool? Whatever. I'm a happy bloodly fool then. As are the majority of married people I know. And the unmarried people? Most of them are looking for somebody to love and eventually get married to. Must be something wrong with most people that keeps bring them back to marriage like a moth to a flame. Christian or not.

Is it _possible_ that you've missed something about the whole marriage thing? It may not be for you - but wow - you've got some seriously strong feelings about how bad it is.

2002-01-14 10:01:11 AM  
JD: Thanks. I hope your wife's getting over it too.

Blumf: Nah - it was in a HC mag called Caffeine published in the Bristol area. Sorry.

Ransom: I thought that was obvious - I'm a copywriter - and anyone with any work is MORE THAN WELCOME TO EMAIL me.

I'm currently doing data-entry, and need to get out. Very quickly. Before they find the bodies.
2002-01-14 10:01:24 AM  
I just can't see staying married to someone I detest. It's too wearing on the nerves. I was married once. ONCE. Never again. If you have a good solid relationship, why fark it up by marrying the person you're involved with?
2002-01-14 10:04:12 AM  
"Instead of getting married again I'm just going to find a woman I don't like and buy her a house."

-Rod Stewart-
2002-01-14 10:04:20 AM  
Goat "It's only the bloody Christians and the fools who believe them that get married anyway. It's a legal document of possession entitling you to half their stuff when you inevitably split, folks, nothing more. Remember that. It stems from the royals political interbreeding to form alliances. Don't buy the hype of the dress and special day, because it isn't. If you love each other, you don't need to prove it - you know it already, don't you?

Everyone remeber that by his own admission, Goatman is one who hasn't been effected by the divorce of his folks. Knowing this... just think of the outlook on life of those who are.
2002-01-14 10:06:50 AM  
Marriage has been historically important for only one thing: property transfer. Then the Church decided to hook itself onto the idea of marriage in an effort to make it look like it was the "Family Religion." However, now all heirs, legitimate or otherwise, can inherit your property, and there is no longer any legal reason for marriage.

Except for one, but only if you don't have a will.

If you have a child and never got around to marrying the mother or father of the child and you forgot to write a will, the child becomes your sole heir and you force the surviving parent to go to court to get appointed as the child's guardian and put up with years of headaches. This is a very good reason to have a will.
2002-01-14 10:16:54 AM  
Shuh: I didn't claim not to be affected by it, but I'm mentally rounded and healthy. I know I'm wrong about the origin being Christian, but I'm commenting on the Christian marriages and the people who still buy into them.

In fact, of course I've been affected - I won't buy into any girl telling me that if I really loved her I'd marry her, etc, or elderly aunts telling me "You'll be next." - I'll just start doing the same to them at funerals.
2002-01-14 10:19:23 AM  

You just scared of commitment .. to worried you will end up like your parents. ;)
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