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(CNN)   President Bush chokes on pretzel while watching football, passes out   ( divider line
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6884 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jan 2002 at 9:48 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-13 09:49:39 PM  
farking idiot.
2002-01-13 09:49:58 PM  
Can't swallow his own pretzel logic, eh?
2002-01-13 09:50:06 PM  
Pretzels: 1
Bush: 0
wil [TotalFark]
2002-01-13 09:50:36 PM  
Yeah, he passed out from choking on a pretzel...

2002-01-13 09:50:47 PM  
You think he'd be used to having things lodged in his mouth, like Cheney's cock.

2002-01-13 09:50:51 PM  
This is going to be a classic Bush-ism...
2002-01-13 09:51:02 PM  
You know there's no God when your dreams come so close to coming true, and then don't.
2002-01-13 09:53:19 PM  
Bush: "Note to self: Chew first, THEN swallow..."
2002-01-13 09:53:36 PM  
"I do not find any reason that this would happen again," said Tubb.

What? Never "misunderestimate" the power of stupidity.

Kupek, I totally agree...

2002-01-13 09:55:20 PM  
The Bachman Corporation is declared a terrorist cell...

Frito-Lay begins to mass troops along its walls....

France surrenders.
2002-01-13 09:55:34 PM  
Helives, the war on terrorism has an 85% approval rating, when asked about domestic affairs, it drops to around 50%.

And besides, where was George H. W. Bush's approval rating a year before he lost the election to Clinton?

2002-01-13 09:55:43 PM  
Now the terrorists HAVE won
2002-01-13 09:56:35 PM  
Wow 3horn... I wouldn't have pegged you for a Cheney supporter.
2002-01-13 09:57:13 PM  
Terroists... with shoes... made out of pretzels!!
2002-01-13 09:57:21 PM  
2002-01-13 09:57:38 PM  
We need to start bombing pretzel factories.
2002-01-13 09:58:06 PM  
remember when his dad blew chunks all over the Japenese prime minister???

2002-01-13 09:58:24 PM  
this is exactly the reason, why "they" don't let cheney and bush eat pretzels together anymore...
2002-01-13 09:58:49 PM  
Wow, what a bunch of biatches. Just remember Bush has 85% approval rate, that makes you in the 15% of extreme left crybaby terrorist huggers.

Yes, we're terrorist huggers because we're laughing at a silly event that happened to a famous person. I bet you'd be laughing your ass off if it happened to Clinton. Me, I'm laughing either way.
2002-01-13 09:58:55 PM  
haw haw!
2002-01-13 09:59:25 PM  
C'mon guy's dont blame all the pretzels cause just one of them decided to join the Al Queda...geeezzzz not real fair on all those other pretzals now is it...;)
2002-01-13 09:59:37 PM  
LMFAO...a, of all the things to choke on, a pretzel, and then FAINT...
2002-01-13 10:00:02 PM  
Like Father, Like Son!!... at least he didn't puke it back up on some ambassador. We see the food, I mean fruit doesn't fall far from the tree!
2002-01-13 10:00:23 PM  
First off, when you fall to the floor, your dogs don't just sit there in exactly the same position, they come over to see what the fark you are doing. Secondly, how the hell do you pass out from swallowing a pretzel? The article seems like something made up in a hurry. It has the stink of a bad lie.
2002-01-13 10:00:26 PM  
Preztel Al Quesa
2002-01-13 10:01:30 PM  
In related news, an independant counsel has started a subpoena to locate the whereabouts of Bush's shirt he was wearing at the time of the incident, which is believed to have a damning stain on it...
2002-01-13 10:01:50 PM  
Mme, you web cam-pic says "You have a cold." I was wondering who the hot new farker was. You look pretty damn good for someone with a cold.

<back to Pretzel boy>
2002-01-13 10:02:06 PM  
Get over your hatred already.

THIS coming from YOU, the person who can't get over Clinton getting a blowjob and lying about it.
2002-01-13 10:02:11 PM  
Crap, he lived.
There is 17 hours of voodoo gone to waste.
2002-01-13 10:02:22 PM  
Jumpin' Jesus on a Pogo Stick! Just the change the name from 'FARK' to 'ePolitical Dumbness Debates' for Pete's sake!

What ever happened to Boobies and beer?! The last 4 posts have generated liberal/conservative goofiness of such magnitude that I am ACTUALLY hoping MyTwoCents or Ozzie/John DX takes over the thread and drowns FARK's partisan bickering...
2002-01-13 10:02:41 PM  
OOooohhhh! Pretzels!
2002-01-13 10:03:19 PM  
Who didn't pass out watching the Miami offense in that game?
2002-01-13 10:03:34 PM  
Choked and fainted JUST LIKE MIAMI!!!

Poor Jeb....heh...

2002-01-13 10:04:31 PM  
Helives- There is a difference between making a joke and being a jerk.
Even conservative Farkers can joke about this. Nothing serious happened to the prez, so, IT"S NOTHING SERIOUS!!
in other news, Hot Sam, It's Pretzel Time, and Auntie Anne's are the subjects of an FBI investigation as part of the ongoing probe in to the September 11 attacks on the US...

Actually, the FBI should probe them. I worked for Auntie Anne's once, back in High school. The manager was cool, the employees were fine, BUT THE WORK BLEW! I only stayed on for 2 weeks before going back to the place I was before. Worked for those guys for 3 years- 1.5 before, 1.5 after. Just to show I wasn't a typical teenage job- hopper.
2002-01-13 10:04:51 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-01-13 10:05:36 PM  
Bush was watching the Baltimore-Miami game when the incident occurred.

So? Significance, anyone?
2002-01-13 10:06:42 PM  
Beautiful, just beautiful...
i love the line about the dogs
2002-01-13 10:06:44 PM  
For Webgrunt:
[image from too old to be available]
Dude, you're an idiot...
2002-01-13 10:06:51 PM  
Remember Combos? I liked the ones filled with Cheddar Chesses.

[image from too old to be available]

Now, I am going back to watching the continuous coverage of Pretzel Crisis 2002 on Fox News.

2002-01-13 10:07:31 PM  
Webgrunt, Secondly, how the hell do you pass out from swallowing a pretzel?

The pretzel got loged in his throat, cutting off his oxygen supply, and he fainted. It isn't that complex.
2002-01-13 10:07:51 PM  
i about fainted myself when i saw this report....damn, are we diggin' through the white house garbage cans now?

the man's only human people...cut him some slack..
2002-01-13 10:07:57 PM  
PSA: I didn't mean Webgrunt, that was the caption.
2002-01-13 10:10:09 PM  
Yes this is Funny News Now Wouldn't It be A shiat if He ACTUALLY DIED!!!! WoW can you say Terror Prezel Coup to Assinate the Prez. Then you would have Al-Quada, Hamas all getting on TV Saying the Have Successfully Assasinated the President of Infiedels.
2002-01-13 10:10:11 PM  
"Just remember Bush has 85% approval rate, that makes you in the 15% of extreme left crybaby terrorist huggers."

Until the blind patriotism propaganda wears off, then he will be back to under 50%

Then a lot more people can be classified as terrorist huggers, opposed to people with different views!
2002-01-13 10:10:56 PM  
He raped women, lied on everything, sold nukes to the gooks, etc.

Helives : Any you're telling people to get over their hatred? Jeebus.
2002-01-13 10:11:29 PM  
I'll admit it...I slept thru the last quarter of the Miami game. Didn't miss anything either from what I understand.
2002-01-13 10:11:35 PM  
HeLives....gooks? And you want people to stop the hatred? I must admit, until you made that comment, I was on your side.
2002-01-13 10:12:41 PM  
It is not so strange, really. Have you ever watched his dogs closely? They have to be carried on and off the plane, in and out of the car, etc. There is something not right with those dogs, I'll give you that. He passes out and they don't even go for the pretzels? Real odd. But there is nothing whatsoever out of place with GWB (or any Bush for that matter) forgetting how to eat/swallow, add/subtract, talk, let alone remembering his own name.

I think it is the dogs which bear watching in this matter, and I don't believe for a second that we have heard the last about them. Maybe they are CIA moles...they were a gift from dear old dad you know.
2002-01-13 10:13:56 PM  
He raped women, lied on everything, sold nukes to the gooks, etc.

Erm, yeah. Just stop talking now. You're only making the hole bigger. You obviously don't understand the concept of HUMOR. Everyone here is JOKINGLY wishing he would have died. Dumbass.
2002-01-13 10:15:37 PM  
It's like calling someone from America an Yankee. Someone from Mexico a Mexician.

No, it's not.
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