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(CNN)   Old man from Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" dies at 104   ( divider line
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2002-01-14 01:36:50 AM  
2002-01-14 01:37:10 AM  
good question
2002-01-14 01:38:31 AM  
I haven't heard of this guy either, I guess we lack culture.

Hopefully you know who hemingway is though... I mean... that's a gimmie.

Oh well, condolences...
2002-01-14 01:38:40 AM  
Oh no. Not him. 104, so young, I can't believe it.
2002-01-14 01:43:06 AM  
Well, beats getting eaten by sharks.
2002-01-14 01:43:07 AM  
Read the classics folks.

"Old Man and the Sea" synopsis
2002-01-14 01:43:45 AM  
Many say he was the inspiration for the protagonist in Hemingway's classic "The Old Man and the Sea.

I hate that kind of reporting.
2002-01-14 01:44:08 AM  
I had to read this a few years back in high school. Actually an allright read, I guess. Not the worst thing ever.

But my first reaction to the headline was "He was alive until now?!"
2002-01-14 01:45:00 AM  
Pretzel unavailable for comment.
2002-01-14 01:45:11 AM  
There's a synopsis for that book? I would've finished it in an hour if I hadn't fallen asleep.
2002-01-14 01:46:38 AM  
I bet his Mom and Dad are devastated.
2002-01-14 01:47:03 AM  
He was 104 and he got taken out by cancer? What age would he have made if he didn't get the big C?

Just goes to show, that whatever this guy's lifestyle was, that is probly the best one. He fished all day, drank and whored all night, right? That's the ticket.
2002-01-14 01:47:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"'God save thee, ancient Mariner!
From the fiends, that plague thee thus!--
Why look'st thou so?'--With my cross-bow
I shot the Albatross"

Oh, wait, that's Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "Rime of the Ancient Mariner." My bad. (And, yes, I looked up the poem.)
2002-01-14 01:48:00 AM  
Hey HX been gone all day....I'm in the chat room looking for everyone
2002-01-14 01:54:02 AM  
The original movie is actually an excellent film. But why this topic is called "sad" is beyond me. I'd be happy for the guy, 104 is a pretty long run and he's probably better of dead than being alive at 104.
2002-01-14 02:05:22 AM  
The Dead Man and the Sea

Pick a copy up at a WaldenBooks near you.
2002-01-14 02:19:33 AM  
Have I ever mentioned that I hate how slow CNN's "" server is?
2002-01-14 02:29:28 AM  
Hrpmph! Zee uncultured Americans cannot appreziate literature!
2002-01-14 02:42:16 AM  
Karpage: Bof, il y a beaucoup des americains cultivés! Visitez une université! </poor attempt at French>
2002-01-14 02:43:39 AM  
Since I just read this book I'll give you guys a brief summery. Basically the book is about how the old man caught the biggest marlin he has ever seen(most of the book is about him in the process of catching the marlin, whole thing took 3 days of the fish pulling the old mans boat), but on the way back the fish gets eaten up by sharks casue the old guy couldn't put the marlin in his boat so he just attached it to the side of it. It just might be me but the story seems kind of pointless, but then again I'm probably not seeing deeply enough into this book. what ever its almost 2am here an I should be asleep now. Ahh fark that.

2002-01-14 02:56:42 AM  
haha, only on fark will you see so much lack of respect for one of the greatest books (in my opinion) of the 20th century. gotta love it!

hemingway is the shiat.
2002-01-14 02:59:03 AM  
Holy shiat, i thought that old guy from "Old Man and the See" was fictitious.
2002-01-14 03:01:09 AM  
It's so fakring big that I'll link it rather than post it.

clique pleas.
2002-01-14 03:04:09 AM  
I agree with JarekB, Old Man and the Sea would have been better off as a paragraph, maybe a page or two tops.

This book was utterly devoid of inspiration or meaningful content.

Three thumbs down.
2002-01-14 03:05:28 AM  
ode to a movement

there is nothing more i hate
than when i cannot defecate.
no furrowed grunt nor forceful push
will coax reaction from my tush.
oh how i long to hear that splash
the comes from letting go my stash.
with wistful gaze i view the john
with hopes i'll need it 'fore too long
and when i do i'll not be cranky
i'll bless exlax and mr. hanky.
2002-01-14 03:16:24 AM  
Dr Gonzo:

I would like to agree with you, but can you please explain to me why it is one of the greatest book of the previous centrury? Also, could you tell me in your own words, rather then what some "scholar" or whatever has said and you choose to folow that like a blind sheep.
And just becasue its written by a great writer (as you put it "hemingway is the shiat.") does not mean that the book is great, or even considered great by all.
I'm sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but I just don't undersand the point of this book and why it's considered a classic. Maybe you could enlighten me.

2002-01-14 03:32:38 AM  

No problem. And I'm not offended by your harshness at all.

One simple reason for my praise of this book. It's the first piece of literature I had read that I actually enjoyed. I had read many books by requirement as I grew up and had pretty much hated reading. The Old Man and the Sea changed my perspective on lit. It inspired me to read books.

I never became a lit freak, but I have gotten some really great joys out of reading. These days, I'm more into Dr Thompson (obviously) and Kerouac. But I was initially turned on to lit by Old Man and the Sea, so I feel a strong sense of endearment toward it.

BTW, I realize this doesn't make it top book of the last century by popular opinion. But it inspired me. And as you know, literature isn't about competition or bragging. It's about the satisfaction and the personal realization that occurs upon completion of a good read.
2002-01-14 03:45:27 AM  
Dr Gonzo:

Well you still fail to point out why this book should be considerd great. I can see your point in it being the book that turned you to literature and understand why you appreciate it, but in a general sense I see nothing thats revolutionary about it, nothing that deems it worthy or being called a classic. Hmmm, my mind is going off places, its late and I'm sleepy. So I'm hoping someone can explicate this book and show me exactly why it is considred one of Hemingweys greats. Btw I do own a copy of it.

2002-01-14 03:50:55 AM  
Stevenv said it best - Read the classics folks

Considering the fact that most of the people posting on have piss-poor written English grammar skills, reading a book or two every now and then ought to make you all much better off than you currently are. Reading run-on sentences as well as improperly puncuated ones make me go nuts.

-he who stacks pork
2002-01-14 03:55:11 AM  

Re-read my last paragraph in that last post. It's not a top book in popular opinion.

As you already stated, you really didn't get the book. Hey, that's fine. I'm not telling you to like/love/etc the book. I'm saying that it acted as a step in my progresions thru life.

My hope is that everyone can find a story that inspires them in the same way that this book inspired me. That's all.

Sorry to sound like a hippy, but I get that way when dealing with such subjects.
2002-01-14 04:17:22 AM  
I knew smoking could kill you.
2002-01-14 04:23:28 AM  
What do lesbians call an open can of Tuna Fish ?
Pot - Pourri !
2002-01-14 04:30:21 AM  
Holy it me, or does that picture look like he died two years ago....
2002-01-14 04:31:36 AM  
Reading run-on sentences as well as improperly puncuated ones make me go nuts.

As a concerned citizen and lover of English, I am concerned by the lack of commas in the above sentence. The comma is a wonderful thing. "As well as improperly punctuated ones" should be separated from the rest of the sentence by commas, as it is a nonrestrictive modifier. Without it, the sentence would still make sense.

Since English is hard to explain sometimes, I had to consult this site:

2002-01-14 04:36:02 AM  
When I saw the movie as a child I cried. When I read the book as an adult I became manic-depressive. It is a harrowing, evil story.
2002-01-14 05:59:31 AM  
Has anyone seen read Old Semen?
2002-01-14 06:00:11 AM  
Or something.
2002-01-14 06:00:49 AM  
Worst. Book. Ever.
2002-01-14 06:20:26 AM  
It's not my favorite Hemingway novel, but then again it's up against some pretty stiff competition. When it comes down to it, ANY Hemingway is GOOD Hemingway.

To each their own, but I wonder how many of you people slagging the book have read it since you were forced to in high school. Give it another chance. If you've grown up at all since then, you may just get something out of it.
2002-01-14 06:34:42 AM  
I can't read or write, but I can drive a tractor!
2002-01-14 07:13:29 AM  
I hated him. I'm glad he's dead.
2002-01-14 07:25:44 AM  
fark Hemingway, his talent, and his craft. It is a harrowing, evil story.
I'd rather live with goats and chimpanzees than to have my emotions toyed with by the likes of Papa.
2002-01-14 07:36:41 AM  
I read this novel at about age 20, and 30 years later say it is not a masterwork of any kind.

(Thank you for the synopsis JarekB). Man finds the most important thing in his life; on his way to cashing in, the world eats his victory away. It is simply not true. The natural corollary is, man walks into casino, wins the jackpot and walks away a millionaire. It happens.

They used to call Hemingway a "two-fisted" author. He convinced John Milius and Harry Crews, among others, that the hunting, monastic life was natural for men. And that "men discovering their inner selves" stuff as well. It was all part of a militaristic century.
2002-01-14 08:07:44 AM  
Fuentes later inherited El Pilar and donated it to the Cuban government

Yah...donate that's it...

Dénos el barco o usted se pasar los proximos 30 años en una rata lleno crcel.
2002-01-14 08:09:32 AM  
pasar=pasara crcel=carcel
I guess it doesn't like the "a" with a "'" over it.
2002-01-14 08:12:34 AM  
Hey Onomatopoeia: #belch#.
2002-01-14 08:13:19 AM  
Good night funny man.
2002-01-14 08:14:23 AM  
Why couldn't it have been The Old Man and the C-Cups? Then you'd have something.
2002-01-14 08:14:32 AM  
This guy lived during three centuries. How cool is that?

Was Daisy available for comment?
2002-01-14 08:18:07 AM  
Do you think the pic made it obvious Cancer may have been a leading cause of death? *shakes her head sadly*
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