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(Yahoo)   Kabul golf course re-opens. Par is much easier since the removal of land mines   ( divider line
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3756 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jun 2004 at 6:18 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-03 05:19:13 PM  
It's all sand trap.

Worst. Golf course. Evar.
2004-06-03 05:23:45 PM  
Hey, cool!

A 32,000 hole golf course.
2004-06-03 06:03:34 PM  
Instead of the green jacket, do they give flak jackets to the tournament winner?
2004-06-03 06:08:06 PM  
I bet the boys from Augusta National can appreciate the goodnes that is a golf course in a Islamic country.
2004-06-03 06:20:58 PM  
i would take the "cart paths only" rule very seriously there
2004-06-03 06:25:07 PM  
"Gambling is Illegal at Bushkabul sir, and I never slice."
2004-06-03 06:28:07 PM  
"The price is wrong biatch!"
2004-06-03 06:28:15 PM  
"Those guys spend more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff."

2004-06-03 06:29:00 PM  
.....and they have a sudden death playoff in their golf rules?
2004-06-03 06:29:06 PM  
the rough, what's that... all DU casings? I hear they glow at night with the starlight goggles too.

what if they have an accent? fore and fire can sound a bit alike...
2004-06-03 06:30:12 PM  
It's not how you drive, it's if you stay alive
2004-06-03 06:30:16 PM  
How about this lovely course, located in Death Valley National Monument?​l

(Copy/paste in browser)
2004-06-03 06:31:41 PM  
deja vu

last week
2004-06-03 06:32:57 PM  
pete and who?
2004-06-03 06:34:12 PM  
repeat and with similar headline.
2004-06-03 06:34:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
If you make a divot, be sure to replace it
2004-06-03 06:40:42 PM  
Eh, probably still not as hard as this place:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-03 06:43:07 PM  
Okay, so the land mines are taken care of.

Now who will remove all these farking repeats?
2004-06-03 06:45:53 PM  
First to tee:

[image from too old to be available]

Hey, it's about the only excuse he hasn't pulled out yet.
2004-06-03 06:46:13 PM  
I commented on this repeat with a much funnier post.
2004-06-03 07:11:39 PM  
word has it they are calling in an expert demolition defusing team...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-03 07:13:14 PM  
The gopher is to be played by BinLaden.
2004-06-03 07:13:18 PM  
Reminds me of the disc golf courses I visited in Dallas, TX, sand, hills, "what in the hell?"

I stick to lush green courses of TN.

But I'll still love you TX!
2004-06-03 07:15:48 PM  
Anybody figure out what happened to the Gandolfini link yesterday?

Oh yeah, repeat.
2004-06-03 07:17:57 PM  


2004-06-03 07:35:06 PM  
pete and repeat were sitting in a golf cart. pete fell out, who was left?

the queer eye soprano link disappeared when i click it.
my guess is that it's with Pussy.
2004-06-03 07:41:20 PM  
I don't care about the mines. Hitting a member of the Al-Sadr Militia is a three-stroke penalty and you have to play it from where it is.
2004-06-03 08:11:06 PM  
Our moronic president Bush has farked up again. How typical for big business to ONCE AGAIN step in and...

oh what? This is a golf thread? Excuse me...
2004-06-03 08:13:44 PM  
Mission Accomplished.

2004-06-03 08:13:54 PM  
The admins greenlight this repeat bullshiat, yet no boobies link today???
2004-06-03 08:34:05 PM  
Hehehe.. nice that they dont' have food for half thier people, terrorists still patrol the hills, and soldiers are still dying there.

But the Politicans Americand and Afghan can birdie the par 3 fourth.

Damn idiots.
2004-06-03 08:35:06 PM  
I did'nt RTFA, but me thinks this is a hoax.
Would'nt the Taliban have razed the place years ago?
I can bet they don't let women play there.
2004-06-03 08:48:54 PM  
You can have all the excitement of the Kabul golf course, and never leave your computer!

I give you Links Extreme

And lastly, strap on your hard hat and enter Dimension X, a combat course set on a WWI battlefield. Players compete in a game of Deathmatch or Poison, where the object is to either exterminate the competition with exploding "howitzer balls", or defeat them with the lowest golf score (without dying first).
2004-06-03 09:01:57 PM  
repeat with same farking landmine reference.
2004-06-03 09:12:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-03 09:30:05 PM  
Wow. It must be all sand traps.
2004-06-03 11:15:47 PM  
I hate it when the mods repeat stuff within the same 7-10 days and toss a perfectly good story on Belgian sperm banks into the wastebasket.

And I'm still seething about not getting the dildo bike submission up.

Yeah, only been here a short time and gotta pay dues and all, but grrrrrrr.
2004-06-03 11:25:16 PM  
All good things must come to an end Aldo.
2004-06-03 11:26:01 PM  
What kind of ANIMAL
would put mines on a golf course
sick, very sick is this Taliban

all is right with the world-

Calgary wins in Overtime

2004-06-04 02:01:58 AM  
Old & repeated, where are the new & original ones?
Greelighting this..sheehs!
2004-06-04 02:29:17 AM  
Old & repeated, where are the new & original ones?
Greelighting this..sheehs!

Look on the bright side. At least no-one's posted an Admiral Akhbar reference with the tagline "It's a sand trap..."

Oh, wait....
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