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(Boston Globe)   Ten-year-old finds blue-eyed cicada   ( divider line
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25288 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 May 2004 at 8:56 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-31 01:29:52 PM  
Well, My red eyes black dragon could kick it's ass.
2004-05-31 02:23:05 PM  
No picture? Worthless.

Although it sounds like our East Coast/Southern Fried Farkers are ready to go a long time without seeing another cicada.

I feel for you. *snort*

2004-05-31 02:58:30 PM  
Did he sell it to University of Maryland or Johns Hopkins?

(that $100 for blue-eyed cicadas is a hoax - in case anybody didn't already know that)
2004-05-31 03:04:12 PM  
arg. a picture is worth a thousand words. or at least 3 - blue eyed cicada!
2004-05-31 03:16:17 PM  
Greenlighting this without a picture is punishable by death.
2004-05-31 03:49:53 PM  
This is a crappy highschool biology lab experiment waiting to happen.
2004-05-31 08:13:43 PM  
Here's the pic of another blue-eyed cicada found near DC.
[image from too old to be available]
(The blue-eyed one is on the left, in case it's not obvious)
2004-05-31 08:17:24 PM  
Blue eyed devil.
2004-05-31 08:18:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-31 08:59:12 PM  
These things are hideous. Anyone want to explain the cliche to me?
2004-05-31 09:00:21 PM  
//insert some crappy master race joke here
2004-05-31 09:00:49 PM  
I told them to destroy that machine... but oh no, they wanted sequels.

2004-05-31 09:00:49 PM  
And the 'black eyes red dragon' comment was great. Little brother was just watching Yu-Gi-Oh.

/pulls out his Dark Magician
2004-05-31 09:01:37 PM  
Red eyes black dragon. damn.
2004-05-31 09:02:03 PM  
I didnt know what the fark a cicada was until at least middle school.

Round here in Texas we call 'em LOCUSTS.
2004-05-31 09:02:53 PM  
Am I the only one who doesn't give a damn about cicadas?

Just asking.
2004-05-31 09:03:09 PM  
What's with the sudden fascination with these things?

Either way, I bet it ends up on eBay.
2004-05-31 09:03:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Blue eyes... Check.
Noisy as hell... Check.
Comes once every 17 years... [Researching]
2004-05-31 09:04:38 PM  
But it's still a brunette...sorta...
2004-05-31 09:04:41 PM  
Again, what's a cicada? And, I bet they aren't the 'worst.pests.evar.'

/Lives below the gnat line
2004-05-31 09:05:29 PM  
Comes once every 17 years... [Researching]

Status: Currently pupating deep underground.
2004-05-31 09:07:17 PM  
It seems all you Farkers that are asking, "Am I the only one who doesn't give a damn about cicadas?
" do not live on the East Coast. If you haven't heard yet, we have been infested by trillions of these cicadas that emerge every 17 years.
2004-05-31 09:10:04 PM  
SSNPguerrilla: to be on the East Coast ;-)

(Horray for Canada!)
2004-05-31 09:10:51 PM  
Blue eyes, red eyes..
They all taste the same to me.
2004-05-31 09:11:31 PM  
I think I speak for everyone when I say: No more cicada stories. They are both boring and stupid. That is all.
2004-05-31 09:11:43 PM  
stop posting articles about cicadas! those who live on the east coast are sick of them, i'm sure, and those on the west coast simply don't care.
2004-05-31 09:11:46 PM  
Is it a real blonde, though?

In Chicago, these bad boys lag a few weeks behind the East and I can't wait until they attack my window as they did one night 17 years ago (yes, I still remember, but I still don't know why they did it!).
2004-05-31 09:12:33 PM  
i think the trillions of self-righteous pricks is more of a problem on the east coast than the locusts....
2004-05-31 09:12:45 PM  
Blue Cicada Eyessss...

Bluest eyes in all of Mexico.....

Now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day.
2004-05-31 09:13:33 PM  
Just a week ago a number of farkers were laughing at me because I said all my cicadas did not have red eyes.

Neener neener! Look who's laughing now!
2004-05-31 09:13:34 PM  

I live on the East Coast. Guess what? We don't have cicadas. We have gnats that emerge every year, not to mention the mosquitos the size of Michael Moore's ass here below the gnat line. So don't whine about some ugly creepy-crawlie that pops up every 17 years and doesn't bite you and be glad you don't have to have a blood transfusion when you go out to water your garden or make yourself a suit of DEET. OK?
2004-05-31 09:13:35 PM  

Blatant, but it has impact. I'd give it a 5/10.
2004-05-31 09:16:59 PM  

Thanks, the few beers ive consumed in honor of my dead homies (er, vets [thanks dad!]) has dulled my wit today.

Seriously though, we have locusts here in Texas every summer. You can hear them in the trees. Never bothered me one bit. As a kid we used to climb the trees and get their 'shells' and put them on girls to freak them out.

Great fun!
2004-05-31 09:19:52 PM  
For those who've slept through the recent articles about cicadas, the 17 year and 13 year cicadas are emerging this year. That means billions of bugs. Not nationwide, but in each metropolitan area.

2004-05-31 09:26:25 PM  
Nice work, Fnord. I was going to make a similar Paul Newman joke, but I bow to your superior humor.
2004-05-31 09:30:52 PM  
Billions of the insects are crawling their way above ground for their rare mating opportunity, which happens every 17 years.

Every 17 years?!? Those lucky bastards!

/won't some farkette please help me score more than the cicada?!?
2004-05-31 09:40:36 PM  

/obscure video game reference
2004-05-31 09:45:35 PM  
But I need one with gween eyes!
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-31 09:49:56 PM  
Look at my hometown making the big city news. I talked to my mom today in Winchester, she said that you can't hear yourself think outside, the freaking things are so loud. I'm glad I moved farther south.
2004-05-31 09:52:13 PM  
I thought it landed on construction worker Mike Hite. Who then gave it to his cousin, the 10 year old.

/meh, stupid reporters dont even read their farking articles.
2004-05-31 09:53:50 PM  
its hard for me to tell what color the eyes are after i lift my foot off them.they are all farked up
2004-05-31 09:55:08 PM  
lol i like this line from the article:

"If it turns out that it's mature and it's got blue eyes, we'd like to have it," [Charles Coffman, an entomologist with the state Department of Agriculture] said Friday.

the kid goes crazy looking for a blue eyed one but yet again the cunning Department of Agriculture foils someones grand ambitions.

2004-05-31 09:55:58 PM  
I had some cicada brownies today. They were OK. They weren't crunchy, thank God. I was up in Bethesda, Maryland this weekend, and there were so many, I couldn't believe it. My neighborhood in DC didn't get too many, though. I think the cicadas are cool.
2004-05-31 09:59:06 PM  
Slow news day?
2004-05-31 10:00:01 PM  
If you thought Bethesda was bad, you should head up to Rockville. Well, that's where they were really bad 17 years ago (I was living in Bethesda and working in Rockville then - you had to use "cicada" shoes to walk around 'cause they carpeted the ground and you couldn't help smooshing a couple thousand).

Thank goodness they're not as horrifying here in Annapolis.
2004-05-31 10:04:13 PM  
The kid is collecting cicadas? I mean, I can see a kid collecting insects, but isn't collecting cicadas during mating year kind of like collecting grains of sand from the beach? Or fishing in a stocked pond? I mean, sure, he was looking for a lucky magical blue-eyed one, but why the hell did he keep the rest of 'em?

/Hates dead bugs. Bleuuugh!
2004-05-31 10:07:19 PM  
Everything makes it's way onto eBay, eventually.
2004-05-31 10:12:24 PM  
Any of you Farkers know Bob Sekator?
2004-05-31 10:14:07 PM  
I wonder if he is getting paid for the cicada.

We've been lucky here. So far I've only seen one, it was alive, and crawling around our back yard. I don't remember how had it was 17 years ago, but this time it was just a big scare, at least in urban eastern Pennsylvania.
2004-05-31 10:19:22 PM  
Wake me up when he finds one with blue eyes and blonde hair
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