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(SanDiego UnionTribune)   Man convicted of smuggling marijuana and squid   ( divider line
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6777 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 May 2004 at 12:33 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-29 11:56:00 AM  
Legalize the calimari! Then tax the hell out of it!
2004-05-29 12:31:04 PM  
So, wait. Squid are illegal now, too? Won't this prohibition ever end?

Damn you, Ashcroft! Daaaaaaaaaamn yooooou!
2004-05-29 12:35:14 PM  
They'll have him in prison before the ink dries.

2004-05-29 12:39:29 PM  
You can get quite a buzz from smoked squid.
2004-05-29 12:40:02 PM  
1. smuggle marijuana
2. ...
3. Profit

Wait, that makes sense
2004-05-29 12:45:40 PM  
i hope he goes to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison
2004-05-29 12:50:08 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
I bet the asshole didn't
bring a towel either.

2004-05-29 12:53:07 PM  
Squid would be a better nickname for marijuana than Buddha or even pot.

"D00d, this is some wikkid squid!"
2004-05-29 12:54:09 PM  
Dude, your bong smells fishy
2004-05-29 12:54:16 PM  
Admiral Ackbar unavailable for comment.
2004-05-29 12:55:51 PM  
So all I gotta do is drive a truck accross the border without getting caught and I can make myself a cool 5-10 million dollars? Damn.
2004-05-29 01:03:58 PM  
If squid is outlawed, only outlaws will possess squid.

2004-05-29 01:08:00 PM  
I for one welcome our marijuana-amongst-squid smuggling overlords.
2004-05-29 01:10:13 PM  
6700 pounds lost! NOOOOOOOOO!
2004-05-29 01:14:43 PM  
the trouble with squid is the rolling paper gets all sticky and they are hard to keep lit.

and, oh yeah, fierce munchies for calamari with marinara sauce. fierce, i'm telling you.
2004-05-29 01:16:49 PM  
1. Smuggle Marijuana
2. Smuggle Squid
3. Profit!
2004-05-29 01:27:47 PM  
should have had some unfrozen squid mixed in with the frozen squid. then maybe the dogs would miss the scent of the pot.

2004-05-29 12:45:40 PM LushyLush

i hope he goes to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison

So you think sodomy/rape is OK, but smoking a little weed...?
From your screen name I'm guessing perhaps once or twice you may have operated a motor vehicle while slightly over the legal limit. Should drunk drivers go to pound-me-in-the-ass-prison?
2004-05-29 01:29:15 PM  
Please think of the children, many a young mind has been burninated by the evils of squid.

Just say kNOw to calimari.
2004-05-29 01:31:45 PM  
1. smoke marijuana
2. get addicted
3. become an advocate for a dead, useless cause (drug legalization)

good luck stoners!
2004-05-29 01:38:42 PM  

i see you believe everything nancy reagan told you to, good boy.

i certainly fear the new, stronger marijuana that is 10, no wait, 20, uh, 30 times stronger than it was in the hippie daze. and much more addictive too, i'm sure.
2004-05-29 01:40:18 PM  
Cannabis scares LushyLush. Ever smoked it? If not then you don't deserve an opinion.
2004-05-29 01:40:57 PM  
nobody else noticed that they believe the suspect was ignorant of the pot but notice how they still have his ass in court getting sentanced for doing his job the way he was supposed to legaly - then the ones who put the weed in his truck came to make the transfer also got busted but the (very likely innocent) driver is still being sentanced

oh yeah hey lushylush eat shiat
2004-05-29 01:43:17 PM  
This one time we were smoking weed and I shot and killed my friend, then my other friend became a terrorist and stood ontop of a building holding hostages screaming "ALLUAH ACKBAR".
2004-05-29 01:45:57 PM  
cala-maui wowee

2004-05-29 01:55:33 PM  
I've smoked it. And I wasn't alive while Reagan was in office.

I also hope he goes to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.
2004-05-29 02:06:32 PM  
It's just another way to satisfy the ubiquitous munchies.
2004-05-29 02:06:58 PM  
but the defendant was unaware of the situation when he dropped off the trailer at a nearby truck stop, the prosecutor said.

I also hope he goes to PMITA prison. Not because I feel that would serve justice in any way, but because I'm a horrible person that enjoys the suffering of others.

Besides, maybe LushyLush has internet access through his prison and is just looking for a little companionship. I don't feel any of us have the right to deny him that.
2004-05-29 02:08:37 PM  
Damn, LUPA. I was searching my mind for a good pun on calamari. Well played, chap.

LushyLush: I could waste time arguing with you, or I could watch others do the same with hilarious results. Time for a hoot, I say.

/flamewars on Fark are damned funny when you're toasted.
2004-05-29 02:22:50 PM  
LushyLush is trolling a pot thread again... in case you stoners forgot
2004-05-29 02:33:04 PM  
Smuggling squid aaaand...
Smuggling squid aaaand...
Smuggling squid aaaand...

Smokin the reefer.
2004-05-29 02:35:02 PM  
Yay, another War on Drugs™ victim. This last thursday, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released its mid-year tallies and found that while violent crime is at a 30 year low, prison populations have soared to an all-time high.

In fact, state prisons are operating between 1-17% over capacity and federal prisons are at 33% over capacity. So, if violent crime is so low, what's inflating these populations? Drug offenses. This driver probably had no idea what his cargo was, yet because of the 'war' he'll be getting a mandatory minimum sentence and heading to prison.

The Justice report stated our incarceration rate in the US at 715 per 100,000 now, or 1 in every 75 men. For comparison, a rate of 169 per 100,000 residents in Mexico, 116 in Canada and 143 for England and Wales. Russia checks in with 584 per 100,000.

So, keep thinking drug legalization is a useless cause, all the while ponying up your tax money needed to house all these victimless criminals.
2004-05-29 02:35:54 PM  
Pot makes you feel good, right?
Feeling good is pretty much always sinful, right?
I think maybe LushyLush has a good point here.

/kidding, obviously
2004-05-29 02:37:33 PM  

Before the anti-pot people jump all over you, I'd like to point out that 715 per 100,000 does not equal 1 in 75. It equals 1 in 140.

Still quite a shameful situation.
2004-05-29 02:42:36 PM  
1 in 140 people, 1 in 75 men
me thinks.
2004-05-29 02:56:11 PM  
Lushylush, believe everything the government says. If not, you'll be unpatriotic like every stoner. Did you know stoners alone, give gazillions of dollars to people like bin laden?

2004-05-29 03:01:07 PM  
i hope he goes to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison

Pound YOU in the ass prison?

Whatever rings your bell, LushyLush

/have a toke on this before you go
2004-05-29 03:02:54 PM  
A victimless crime is still a crime.
2004-05-29 03:05:20 PM  
I was just listing what the article stated. Here it is, have a read yourselves:

Report: 1 of Every 75 U.S. Men in Prison
2004-05-29 03:05:47 PM  
This would never have happened if only Bush had legalized squid.

2004-05-29 03:07:18 PM  
A victimless crime is still a crime.

You're defining "crime" as something which is against the law, yes?

I think we can all agree that the law, as it stands today, is a model of perfection, driven not by greed but by altruism, and needs no changes or revisions, now or ever.
2004-05-29 03:08:06 PM  
Also, maybe I'm wrong, but I thought prison was ment to keep those who are a danger to society away from society. That 19 year old down the street who smoked weed, who is now in pound me in the ass prison and expelled from the university he went to, wasn't a danager to anyone. The only thing that came out of him being in prison, was thousands of tax dollars being used and some poor teenagers life ruined forever because he smoked a simple plant.

People think weed ruins lives, when in actuallity it's the laws against weed that are ruining lives. Also, the focus of cops around here seems to be busting kids for smoking.. how about cops/the city puts a little more of our hard earned money towards actual criminals who pose a threat to our community?

/Where was I going with this? And why in this thread?
2004-05-29 03:10:40 PM  
"It is no accident that violent crime is at a 30-year low while prison population is up," Ashcroft said. "Violent and recidivist criminals are getting tough sentences while law-abiding Americans are enjoying unprecedented safety."

That's ingenious, Mr. Ashcroft! Maybe we should imprison even MORE random people and make America that much safer!
2004-05-29 03:39:30 PM  
Marijuana and calimari = one dank ass combo meal
2004-05-29 03:45:48 PM  
I wonder how much marijuana was in the truck before the cops skimmed off their share...probably about double.
2004-05-29 03:51:54 PM  

You weren't alive in 1988? So, assuming you were born the next year, you're... fifteen years old? Is that right? Man. I know I'll respect your opinions a lot more after finding out you're a little kid.

When you can drive legally or possess a work permit, maybe you can decide who should and shouldn't go to prison. Until then, slather your face with zit cream and shut the fark up.
2004-05-29 04:44:49 PM  
amen. SWLN can't even go to jail.
2004-05-29 05:11:00 PM  
Drugs are TERRIBLE! Believe me. Just say NO. Don't even question it. Adults know what they're talking about when they educate us about drugs. They just want to help us and keep us safe, even thought we think they just don't want us to have fun. Maybe if my sister had listened good advice about drugs she wouldn't have overdosed on marijuana and she would still be here. Believe me, it's not worth it.
2004-05-29 05:16:52 PM  

/Where was I going with this? And why in this thread?

see, there you go, trying to apply logic to a fark thread. it'll never work, bro. just keep ranting and throwing out random, senseless, and irrational tidbits, and no one will realize that you don't belong.

uh, what NakedAvengerZero said, i don't think i could add anything further to that (most appropriate) rant
2004-05-29 05:22:41 PM  
SU~ I have NEVER heard of someone overdosing & dying from pot. I think they lied to you & forgot to tell you about the other drugs she was using with it. You can't really believe that pot kills people & if you do you need to do some more research on it.

/wishing it was legal here already!!
everyone would probably get along a lot better (especially here in NY)
2004-05-29 05:22:48 PM  
Your sister overdosed on marijuana? Wow, you're gonna be famous! I mean, I'm sorry for your loss and everything, but what with your sister being the first person ever in over 5000 years to die directly from marijuana use, there's going to be a lot of fanfare.

As a matter of fact, scientists may want some of your sister's DNA for study. Marijuana is such a non-toxic substance that they cannot even kill laboratory mice with extreme quantities...yet your sister overdosed!

I also nominate your ex-sister as the Greatest Smoker that Ever Lived. Seeing as to reach a dose sufficient to overdose you must inhale 1500lbs in under 15 minutes, her glorious performance cannot go overlooked. Surely a toker of her extreme skill will be heralded forever as a martyr to both perfection and the cause, a symbol for all of us stoners of the achievement possible spiritually and pulmonarily.

Or you're an ignorant troll.
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