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(April Winchell)   Wil Wheaton on WorldWideWank's radio show this Sunday. All Farkers encouraged to call in   ( divider line
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2119 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Jan 2002 at 2:32 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-11 02:34:18 PM  
2002-01-11 02:35:42 PM  
Hey, Wil...

Get my e-mail ??
wil [TotalFark]
2002-01-11 02:36:07 PM  
This is going to be really fun. April is uber-cool, and I'm going on her show to talk about this movie that I did called "Jane White is Sick and Twisted".

It's a really funny movie, that I'm really proud of.
2002-01-11 02:37:31 PM  

What sort of release are you looking at for the new flick?
2002-01-11 02:40:23 PM  
Holy jumpin' Jesus! Things are all farked up! Bad kitty!!!!
This link was already submitted on 2001-07-07 11:55:21 but either never got posted or was posted and later deleted. France surrenders
Does that mean they dont want to post that link?
2002-01-11 02:41:09 PM  
Holy crap! FARK's famous people are forming a good ol' boy network!

Please! Please! Please! I beg of you! Stop it now before someone gives Fb- and ChimChim their own television show... The 'Adventures of Batboy and Male Pig' would be more than even MY little, black heart could stand.

p.s. I'm callin... How can I resist the hilarity of it all?
2002-01-11 02:44:14 PM  
Is that 2-4pm Pacific Time? If so...

CRAP! I gotta work! And there's no computer in the studio! Me go cry now...
2002-01-11 02:54:22 PM  
I imagine there is going to be a lot of beavis and butthead-esque calls coming in from the farker community.

Poor Wil.
2002-01-11 02:54:52 PM  
lol. This I would love to hear. Someone Record it and put it up on a website.
2002-01-11 02:55:19 PM  
jbdDallas....that means the link had already been submitted before you did it.
2002-01-11 02:55:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-11 02:59:10 PM  
Where in farkdom do you find the submissions page????
2002-01-11 02:59:14 PM  
Boomslang - I just passed that pic around work. I damn near pissed my pants laughing that kid looks so sad and pathetic in that chair. Very funny.
2002-01-11 02:59:28 PM  
Boom - Got that picture the other day - what a cutie!
2002-01-11 03:06:23 PM  
Boom: That picture is adorable!!!
2002-01-11 03:07:44 PM  
Dik86: Click on Add a Link at the top.
2002-01-11 03:08:55 PM  
*cough* wow a pseudo celebrity is indirectly speaking to ME (sort of) through a website I frequent. I am so Hollywood now!!!!!!!!!11111121 omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg!!1
2002-01-11 03:12:03 PM  
*laff* thanks
2002-01-11 03:12:24 PM  
So tell us about the new flick. any pointless sex scenes to inspire us to see it? The sex scenes with a point just don't do it for me.
2002-01-11 03:15:12 PM  
Hey Harmony, I'll give 10 bucks if you post a nekkid one.

Tee Hee.....
2002-01-11 03:15:24 PM  
where is the link to the live broadcast on this site?
2002-01-11 03:16:19 PM  
A good-ole-boys network is pretty much the only way I know how to operate
2002-01-11 03:18:11 PM  
Dalai Lama: Try this:
2002-01-11 03:20:19 PM  

Wil lives in a house with a mail-order bride from Thailand, and with two mail-order kids (both 35 years of age).

hahahaha i gotta get me a mail order bride
2002-01-11 03:22:43 PM  
Does this have anything to do with "Flubber 2"????
2002-01-11 03:25:46 PM  
Wil Wheaton, star of such films as Stand By Me and Flubber.

Oh how I laughed at that!

Flubber = Green Shiat
2002-01-11 03:30:19 PM  
No! I want to see a show with Fb-, harmonia, Rei and all the rest of the FARK intelligencia placidly exchanging views. We can call it Farkington Week in Review, hosted by Wil in catsuit #1.

Wil Wheaton rawks unmercilessly.
2002-01-11 03:30:20 PM  
Hey Harmony-Been to Peabody's lately?
2002-01-11 03:30:43 PM  
wurd to da turd...thanks JakJak
2002-01-11 03:35:09 PM  
I hope Wil can help with my sexual problems... errr it is that type of show right?
2002-01-11 03:35:11 PM  
drew check the post queue...posted some sad/interesting news
2002-01-11 03:40:19 PM  
Why are all the Farkers trying to replace Walken with Wheaton? :(
2002-01-11 03:41:20 PM  
Oh my God, I just checked out the site for the movie Wil's promoting. Winnie Cooper, Screech, Wil Wheaton and Colin Mochrie in the same movie. SPLURT
'scuse me...
2002-01-11 03:44:35 PM  
props to Wil but... boooooooooooooooring

2002-01-11 03:47:47 PM  
Wil, you're doing radio interviews?


No lie, 3 Klingons just walked past the studio. They are being interviewed on another station in the building. I mentioned that I know they like prune juice. One just looked at me and said 'That's Worf'. Like I was stupid or something.

I mean, they are grown men fully decked out in Klingon fgear, and I'm the dumb one here.
2002-01-11 03:51:13 PM  
Ok, so Wil simply posts one comment, plugs his appearance and then leaves? This isn't normal movie star behavior is it?

oh yea, it is. Take no offense Wil, we know you are busy shagging other celebs and I am just jealous. Get Britney for us please.
2002-01-11 04:01:08 PM  
WTF is fgear? Ha ha, maybe the Klingon was right.

Jobe I'm sure he'll be back. Wouldn't you, if there was an entire FARK thread about you?
2002-01-11 04:04:09 PM  
Hey Wil.....

Get ready for lots of questions like this:

"Hey Wesley, on episode #234242, Worf was wearing a phaser on his left side, but then in the next scene Worf had the phaser on his right side. HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS!!!! Oh, and do you like the Captain? It seems like Picard is always getting on your case. Oh and tell Data I said Hi!!!!!11111"
2002-01-11 04:07:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

&quote;Zaa--aaaaack.... I'm telling Mr. Belding on you!!&quote;
2002-01-11 04:08:24 PM  
*no 'e' ... uses &quote; instead of "
2002-01-11 04:10:58 PM  
Hey, Trapezoid, don't complain, look who else is on the cast of Wil's movie! It's yer homey Colin Mochrie!!!

Actually, Fark ought to seriously consider a Colin Mochrie tag as well...
2002-01-11 04:10:59 PM  
Eye juance herd Patrick Steward ehnturvyued ohn da radio.
(old larry king show, I thinks)

Some guy called up calling him 'Captain Picard'... eventually they got him to realize that it was Patrick Stewart not Captain Picard...

Weeners from the caller: Man, it must be great living up in space.

2002-01-11 04:13:06 PM  
Can I sell signed pictures of myself on eBay for $500 like Wil can? Will any of you buy one? Or do I need to star in a movie first?
2002-01-11 04:15:20 PM  
Actually Will shows up, someone calls him a name, and then Wil posts somethinng like "I am feeling the love" or "It's really easy to sit behind your own keyboard and.... etc etc etc".

So... I expect Wil to be back one more time after the usual trolls are done pickin' on him.
2002-01-11 04:18:58 PM  
what are the odds on someone asking if Fb- is his father?
2002-01-11 04:19:45 PM  
mmmm...Eric Lutes
2002-01-11 04:21:46 PM  
oh shnap...
I posted the pic of Wil where he looks like screech...
then I go to the Cast page and who do i see?

Dustin Diamond!! the real screech!

Marcia Brady
Wesley Crusher
2002-01-11 04:22:17 PM  
I am not picking on him. It is simply common courtesy to answer posts-if possible. No disrespect here. Stand by Me is one of my favorites.
2002-01-11 04:38:35 PM  
I used to work at a Paramount theme park when I was a teen, and everyday the same damn Klingon would chase after me while I walked to my station.

Maybe he thought I was acting when I ran, but he really did scare me.
2002-01-11 04:57:33 PM  
This has got to be Wil:
[image from too old to be available]
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