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(   Dental nurse training tips: Showing your cleavage to a pubescent boy to make him "open wider" is unacceptable behaviour   ( divider line
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37630 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 May 2004 at 3:54 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-27 11:40:49 AM  
I suppose it is better than a dentist showing something else to a pubescent girl to make her "open wider".
2004-05-27 03:57:27 PM  
No it isn't.
2004-05-27 03:58:27 PM  
Someone got directions to this "dentist office"?
2004-05-27 03:58:30 PM  
That's the only reason I go to get my teeth cleaned.
And my hair cut.
2004-05-27 03:58:34 PM  
As a post-pubescent boy, I'm all for it.
2004-05-27 03:58:44 PM  
I object to that headline and all the headline implies!!

/I'm mildly offended, whom do I sue?
2004-05-27 03:58:59 PM  
Hel-lo Nurse!
2004-05-27 03:59:00 PM  
For the love of Gog, won't someone please think of the dental nurses??

2004-05-27 03:59:08 PM  
Well I know I would open wider. Maybe the Dental Association needs to look into this. People might be more willing to go get their teeth cleaned if there were sexy nurses around.
2004-05-27 03:59:25 PM  
it seems to work okay for Michael Jackson
2004-05-27 04:01:06 PM  
That is awesome
2004-05-27 04:01:31 PM  
What, my pre-pubescent years of braces were made manageable by this shortie dental hygienist with D cups..... I think she got off on it too...
2004-05-27 04:01:41 PM  
Hel-lo Nurse!

My thoughts exactly, Uglycicles!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-27 04:01:45 PM  
Did I misread the article, or did all of this happen in the context of a deoderent ad?
2004-05-27 04:02:28 PM  
May I please be "exploitative of and degrading to" dental nurses?

Thank you.
2004-05-27 04:02:44 PM  
BULLshiat, where's this dentist at? I need a cleaning...
2004-05-27 04:02:45 PM  
Too stupid for words.

Correctness will make us all go postal some day.
2004-05-27 04:02:49 PM  
since when?
2004-05-27 04:02:58 PM  
GIS for "dental nurse" comes up with some NSFW goodies, as well as some NSF Anyone oldness.
2004-05-27 04:03:00 PM  
Showing your unacceptable behaviour
so i guess a Blowjob is outta the question
2004-05-27 04:03:01 PM  
Did he get to "fill her cavity" too?
2004-05-27 04:03:01 PM  
My dental hygeinist did this to me all the time.

Of course his name was Tom...
2004-05-27 04:03:33 PM  
Wait!?! Somebody's using sex to sell something!?! Hold on now!!!
2004-05-27 04:03:38 PM  
4 out of 5 dentist approve of using Jose Lima's wife as an dental aid.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-27 04:03:52 PM  
...and does she not shave, so that he might "floss his teeth"?
2004-05-27 04:03:55 PM  
Anyone have a link to the commercial?
2004-05-27 04:03:57 PM  
Someone needs to find a link to that ad.
2004-05-27 04:04:30 PM  
If they showed the cleavage of an old woman with saggy tats, the boy's mouth would have opened in horror, instead of awe. Think of the children!
2004-05-27 04:04:33 PM  
When I was growing up we had a dental hygenist was was racked. She'd be cleaning my teeth and her boobies would bounce against my head. It gives me wood to this day thinking about it.
2004-05-27 04:04:44 PM  
[insert something involving a "pearly white necklace" here]
2004-05-27 04:05:06 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-27 04:05:48 PM  
Just hope he was over 12.
2004-05-27 04:06:01 PM  
I don't think that would be practical. Think of all the extra saliva as a result.

2004-05-27 04:06:06 PM  
I'll stop now, and let someone else run with the "root her canal" gag.
2004-05-27 04:06:42 PM  
Wait...they use sex to sell things?!?!
I'm shocked!
2004-05-27 04:07:25 PM  
What the heck has happened to New Zealand? The girls running the place now?
2004-05-27 04:07:39 PM  
Define "unacceptable".
2004-05-27 04:07:40 PM  
These people in the article are probably the same type of people who thought the 'Diet Coke Break' commercial was just fine.

/anyone remember? The guy? Lucky Vanous? Ladies???
//hypocritical bastards
/// whom I've never met nor will ever meet...
2004-05-27 04:08:31 PM  
Since when does exploiting a woman's body sell products?

Hey, let's hear it for the SBB girls!!
2004-05-27 04:09:30 PM  
Exploitative and degrading? It sounded like a funny ad to me. But maybe I'm an arsehole.
2004-05-27 04:10:27 PM  
Did I misread the article, or did all of this happen in the context of a deoderent ad?

You are correct, but we're having too much fun talking about nurses with big blouse-bunnies.
2004-05-27 04:10:57 PM  
My friend is a dental hygenist. She tells great stories about how when women come in for a cleaning and have bruises on the back of their throat from ...uh... going low on the post.

The age of some of them is a bit surprising
2004-05-27 04:13:09 PM  
Kind of morally repressed society they have there, no??
2004-05-27 04:13:11 PM  
Yep, it's a commercial. A mostly boring one at that. I'm just glad I don't ever meet the people who complain; they must be so uptight they're in danger of turning into a singularity.

Anyone remember that funny flash animation for '42 Below' vodka? Well, people here complained about that too, saying it presented negative role models and stereotypes.... Never mind that it was obviously satire.
2004-05-27 04:15:48 PM  
Define "unacceptable" again.

(can't believe it worked the first time)
2004-05-27 04:16:11 PM  
I used to have this hot burnout chick with huge boobies cut my hair as a teen. I would have given anything for one haircut to turn out like a photo spread in Penthouse...

2004-05-27 04:16:17 PM  
I myself am deeply shocked and traumatised by this. I can never visit a dentist again.

Oh, wait. I'm English.

What's a dentist?
2004-05-27 04:19:07 PM  
You kiwis must be glad you've got a government body to tell you what's funny. If the ad is actually offensive, it won't sell product and it will be pulled. If you have to write your congressman to TELL him an ad is offensive, it isn't, because if it was he'd already know, and so would everyone else. Change the freaking channel and leave MY tv alone.
2004-05-27 04:19:44 PM  
some of my best days in high-school involved orthodontist appointments and that lovely assistant with tremendous jugs.
2004-05-27 04:21:09 PM  
If sex appeal becomes outlawed, only outlaws will have sex appeal.
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