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(The Brains Trust)   Depressed man diagnosed as "British"   ( divider line
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3271 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Jan 2002 at 8:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-11 08:35:37 AM  
not yet.
2002-01-11 08:35:53 AM  
I got a link in ya da de da da.
2002-01-11 08:38:45 AM  

So did I? So there .....
2002-01-11 08:40:33 AM  
I resemble that article.
2002-01-11 08:42:12 AM  
I submitted it but I got blanked again:

I thought my one about the universe being turqouise was a shoo in as well:,2763,631011,00.html

2002-01-11 08:43:36 AM  

Not a gerbal are we?
2002-01-11 08:45:34 AM  

I was going to submit a similar on on the universe .. but it seemed boring ;)

My euro one got accepted .. 51 submits now .. not bad for a few months attempts!! :)
2002-01-11 08:46:23 AM  
(FYI universe was blue was in the queue at least 20 times)
2002-01-11 08:48:08 AM  

Well they are all wrong .. cos I heard it was turquoise .. and that was in the Mirror .. so it must be true!!
2002-01-11 08:48:30 AM  
Its your call Drew, its your site.
2002-01-11 08:48:38 AM  
after years of watching no one score in soccor matches, i'd feel a prevailing sense of hopelessness, too.
2002-01-11 08:49:39 AM  
Not another Kevin? Is this comment board full of them or something?
2002-01-11 08:50:28 AM  

Stop sucking up .. he won't like your submissions (freud slip) any more!! ;)
2002-01-11 08:52:02 AM  
only his dentist knows for sure...
2002-01-11 08:53:08 AM  
I have to do something Ransom

so I can be as cool as you

2002-01-11 08:54:25 AM  
That absolutely rocked, Harmonia - nice one! Bloody British.

It's not surprising given our weather and how no-one likes us any more. Just 'cos we had an empire and are better than everyone else doesn't mean we don't have feelings...

I thought the diagnosis was clear and professional - it's good to see that the American medical services caught him in time.

I shall pray for Mr. Farthing.
2002-01-11 08:57:32 AM  
Lets be honest Goatman, we are all just Jelous of our superiors across the pond. Sitting in our drafty victorian hovels, sucking cold gruel through our malformed teeth, just drives us to attack all that is good and noble.
2002-01-11 08:58:08 AM  
"his doctors finally resorted to a course of "weapons grade MDMA"

My health plan SUCKS!
2002-01-11 08:58:13 AM  

Some people might say you have to submit pro-US articles .. not that I want to pass this nasty rumo(u)r on!
2002-01-11 08:58:34 AM  
I wear black on the outside 'cos it's how I feel on the inside, personally.
2002-01-11 08:59:31 AM  
RansomTheBall: The domain gerbilatak was already taken :(

But at least I'm not this guy.

A killing spree in the making here
2002-01-11 09:00:05 AM  

I'm determined not to follow that chant with "How many kids did you kill today?"
2002-01-11 09:01:47 AM  
2002-01-11 09:03:12 AM  

Talking of malformed teeth,,2-2002011641,00.html
2002-01-11 09:03:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I immediately thought of you Goatman when I saw this pic.
2002-01-11 09:03:38 AM  
Goatman that wouldnt Scan

Try, "Bush Blair CIA,

How many kids did you kill today?"

Or another favourite from those evil anti-war hippy terrorist huggers:

"George Bush we know you,

daddy was a killer too"
2002-01-11 09:05:54 AM  

Interesting link.
2002-01-11 09:06:57 AM  

he is lonely, mentally ill, obsessed by penguins.

Why am I not surprised he is republican.
2002-01-11 09:08:42 AM  
JonhDX: I'm touched, thanks. I saw this and thought of you:
2002-01-11 09:09:48 AM  
how bout this:

we kill 'em all and we kill 'em now,
just like the British taught us how.
2002-01-11 09:21:45 AM  
I'm actually quite cheerful - I'm going skiing next week
2002-01-11 09:22:17 AM  
mustn't grumble mustn't grumble mustn't grumble mustn't grumble mustn't grumble mustn't grumble mustn't grumble mustn't grumble mustn't grumble ...

Supposed we're going to get fog again tonight... sigh.
2002-01-11 09:23:11 AM  
True snip, very true.

Had some cake, wasnt moist enough though. Still life goes on eh.
2002-01-11 09:24:29 AM  
Ratatak: I'm mentally ill and I appreciate that link.
2002-01-11 09:25:10 AM  

was it a birthday cake? Dundee cake?
2002-01-11 09:25:25 AM  
To SnipDaddyDad: Why do you need to kill 'em now? we invented concentration camps so you didn't need to waste the bullets
2002-01-11 09:32:37 AM  
Dont forget bombing civilians in the middle east Batfink.

We instigated that in Iraq in the 30's (with mustard gas no less)
2002-01-11 09:34:29 AM  
Was it french or engish mustard?
2002-01-11 09:34:38 AM  
What is Dundee cake? I want some.
2002-01-11 09:38:06 AM  
Sponge cake, with a nice cup of tea, but it was too dry.

Haytes, trust me you dont want Dundee cake
2002-01-11 09:44:35 AM  

Did you forget to add water to the tea or something?
2002-01-11 09:44:46 AM  
Ugh. Fruitcake. You're right.
2002-01-11 09:45:44 AM  
Water in tea? are you mad?
2002-01-11 09:46:29 AM  
it was the bad teeth that gave him away
2002-01-11 09:48:18 AM  
Maybe that is why it is dry. Unless of course you are talking about the lack of whisky in it!
2002-01-11 09:58:49 AM  
I am going to have a big piece of birthday cake in a minute .. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy
2002-01-11 09:59:35 AM  
Hytes check your mail..[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-11 10:00:44 AM  
ransom, save me a piece, it's my birthday today.
2002-01-11 10:02:54 AM  
Ummm .. I don't think I can.

Happy Birthday anyway.
2002-01-11 10:07:03 AM  
I thought the India/Pakistan piece was funnier.
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