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(Brassknuckles)   The perils of washing your face and your butt with the same towel   ( divider line
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10483 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Jan 2002 at 12:40 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-12 12:42:39 AM  
My eyes are hurting!
Could the author be more shiatfaced?
2002-01-12 12:42:47 AM  
You know, if you actually wash your ass you won't have butt tracks on your towel. It's not rocket science, it's
2002-01-12 12:44:23 AM  
Just use white towels and find a clean part of the towel.
2002-01-12 12:44:25 AM thats my kinda thoughts...even if ya wash ya ass ya still use the towel to dry it so it has still been on ya ass....

Use a new towel everyday I say...LMAO
2002-01-12 12:44:46 AM  
Stevenv - I totally agree with your point.
My ass is so clean that you could eat off of it.
2002-01-12 12:45:16 AM  
In theory you should be clean after you take a shower.
You should be able to just throw them in the dryer.
2002-01-12 12:46:22 AM  
wow the filter works.
2002-01-12 12:46:28 AM  
I ain't sayin a word.
2002-01-12 12:47:09 AM  
Towels don't get dirty, they just get wet
2002-01-12 12:47:23 AM  
I use a different towel everyday. Unlike some people i know I like the feeling of not returning the dead skin funkiness to my body after I take a shower. I pity this man. He showers because he's dirty; he's dirty because he showers. It's a vicious cycle.
2002-01-12 12:47:25 AM  
why not Bro???
do you like to use once or re-use....haha
2002-01-12 12:48:54 AM  
Ass needs washing in the shower, where you can hose off anything that needs hosed off. The washcloth rule should be this: side with the tag for upper body, side without the tag for lower body. Do not cross up the washcloth rule, and do not shower when drunk.
2002-01-12 12:50:54 AM  
when drunk shower is not for showering is for vomiting.
2002-01-12 12:52:07 AM  
Nice theory Peaceboy,but you do still get the dead skin cells hangin in there...
2002-01-12 12:54:28 AM  
No idiot here..I just wash my towels everyday ;)
2002-01-12 12:54:45 AM  
Ozzie, do you change bedsheets everyday as well?
2002-01-12 12:55:17 AM  
And I was expecting real perils of washing my face and arse with the same towel. Like, diseases and the such. I figure, after washing, it is clean as any part of my body... I usually towel off before going to the porcilean palace..

Any MD's have any input?
2002-01-12 12:55:30 AM  
You had better believe it....yes DEFINATLY!!!!!
2002-01-12 12:55:47 AM  
I prefer to practice good water conservation techniques when I shower. Always shower with a friend. Female friend, that is. Also Peaceboy, she'll never screw up the washcloth rule. :)
2002-01-12 12:57:14 AM  
Yeah, the dead skin cell avoidance would have to tie in with bedsheet rules, as well. And if ass is so funky it creates towel problems, we need to backtrack to toilet paper rules.
2002-01-12 12:58:32 AM  
Toilet paper rules?
Like folding or wading?
2002-01-12 12:59:36 AM  
yes but only the good quality toilet paper...the rough stuff is no good.
2002-01-12 01:00:52 AM  
There is another problem...everyday change of towels, bedsheets will end up in a humongous amount of laundry.
I can only see one solution, I will have to spend the rest of my days at a hotel- preferably in a nice, warm country.
2002-01-12 01:01:15 AM  
Also Peaceboy, she'll never screw up the washcloth rule. :)

About the only 4 minutes I've ever seen of NYPD Blue involved Sipowicz nervously showering with whoever-Sharon-Lawrence was, and a rather appropriate comment from him: "Well, we know that will be clean."
2002-01-12 01:01:36 AM  
It would be far easier if someone invented a shower that blows air after...then there would be no need for anymore of those damn towels....I wash 5 towels everyday and 10 sheets along with clothing...I need a holiday me thinks ;)
2002-01-12 01:01:57 AM  
with cheap beer, and pretty ladies- suggestions anyone?
2002-01-12 01:02:31 AM  
remember the 3 S's? they're in that order for a reason...

shiat, shower, shave......think about it......
2002-01-12 01:02:50 AM  

You're a post shower dumper? Somehow that just disgusts me. Same with morning dumpers. Can't stand them. Not until after lunch is is permissive to take a dump, and only within 3 hours of showering.

I lived in a common bathroom dorm and every morning I would take a shower, someone was taking a dump. No matter how much I would wash, I still felt dirty from their crap molecules floating around. You know if you can smell crap, your skin is touching that smell.
I tried to tell everyone, but they just wouldn't listen...
2002-01-12 01:03:06 AM  
Charmin Plus is lightly permeated with aloe and glycerine. For the ultimately refined ass-wiping.
2002-01-12 01:03:37 AM  
Jarl_jesper -
How about Juarez?
Lots of pretty beer and cheap ladies.
2002-01-12 01:04:05 AM  
Ozzie, whaddya and me, e few cold beers on a remote beach
2002-01-12 01:05:36 AM  
As long as I am guaranteed there will be no clothes,no towels & no sheets...LMFAO
2002-01-12 01:06:11 AM  
Juarez...hmm..sounds better than cold, dark Suecia although I doubt the ladies are better
2002-01-12 01:06:45 AM  
Bathe once a week, use one towel, wash towel afterwards, repeat in a week. Problem solved, and not to much laundry to do as well.
2002-01-12 01:07:15 AM  
Ozzi, there will be no such thing
2002-01-12 01:08:00 AM  
Yuk that is really disgusting I am glad I know your joking...

You are joking right?????
2002-01-12 01:08:39 AM  
sounds like heaven itself :)
2002-01-12 01:08:41 AM  
Well, Ozzie_Pride, I was thinking more of the necessity of rougher single plies vs. billowy Charminesque doubles. Also avoids drain-clogging issues, although what with the Ozzie backwards vortex I do not know what the impact might be on your plumbing, as I have not yet performed the science on that.
2002-01-12 01:08:56 AM  
I know it's been said, but needs retelling:

If you did a good job in the shower, your ass should be clean, if your ass is still dirty after showering then maybe you should ask mom how to bathe properly.
2002-01-12 01:10:05 AM  
[b]Ring of trout[/b]: And if you can smell it, poop molecules are permeating your sinuses, maing you a shiat-head. hehehehe
2002-01-12 01:10:20 AM  
Don't make me laugh....

you cracked me up with that comment...
2002-01-12 01:11:43 AM  
Well its 0700 over here and the morningshift has just byebye everyone

Ozzie I´ll dream bout you when I sleep between my clean sheets..:-)
2002-01-12 01:12:30 AM  
er yeah it was a joke, heh heh. Just a joke.

As long as you scrub the zone in the shower all should be well - use the towel until it is a thin piece of cloth. Granted that you use antibacterial soap.
2002-01-12 01:13:03 AM  
Our water runs a different way to yours?????

well I'll be......

I am so glad to know that I can actually learn something here on fark.
2002-01-12 01:14:19 AM  
Goodbye you will be sadly missed...dream well ;)
2002-01-12 01:16:30 AM  
Don't you have The Simpsons over there, Ozzie? It's the only way we Americans know that your water turns the wrong way, because it was featured on a Simpsons episode.
2002-01-12 01:18:25 AM  
Yep unfortunatly we have the simpsons and yep my son's love it...sad state of affairs...sad cartoon or whatever the damn stupid show
2002-01-12 01:19:08 AM  
To summarize... Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
2002-01-12 01:19:31 AM  
why did i read that damn article? i have enough trouble distiguishing my toothbrush from my roommate's. now i gotta remember which side of the towel is the ass side.
2002-01-12 01:21:42 AM  
it is actually called cleanliness believe it or not...

ahhh well we all have our problems I am just glad that these are none of mine...:)
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