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2004-05-26 01:11:38 AM  

You don't sound that happy.
2004-05-26 01:11:48 AM  
2004-05-26 01:04:38 AM Xtremehkr Immigrants is not what I mean and you know that, don't be silly. Oh shiat, this is FARK.
2004-05-26 01:13:19 AM  
I'm not out chasing women, because I missed every opportunity afforded me, in climbing over a million barbed wire fences growing up in Nebraska, to castrate myself. I now work in an insane asylum, managing twin three year olds and a six year old. But thanks for the glimpse at what could have been...
2004-05-26 01:15:43 AM  
the current treatment of arabs = ludicrous claim which has no basis in reality?

err oh tee eff el
2004-05-26 01:19:11 AM  
Whatever your position on this administration, I don't understand why people can't be rational about this.

I mean, honestly, what do you expect from the government? The whole "they can barely deliver the mail" thing is cliche, but it's true. Even with Echelon and all the collective power of the CIA and the FBI and whatever else they have running, they can't know EVERYTHING. Even if they get a really REALLY good lead and make an announcement like "We have a CONFIRMED terrorist attack this Friday afternoon at 2pm. We're evacuating the entire Pacific Northwest. Everyone get in your closets, shut your eyes and put your fingers in your ears." There's still the posibility that six Arab types sitting around a hookah in a basement in Indianapolis with a dirty bomb in the corner will say "OK, lets do it on Wednesday."

The enemy is a lot of things, but the enemy is not stupid. They've been good at covering their tracks, and if the Government thinks they have a good lead then they'll announce it. Don your tinfoil hats if you want, but it's not as if this is something new. The terror index flash cards have been stuck on burnt sienna or fuscia or whatever other color in the crayola spectrum means "Look the hell out!" for a good two, two and a half years now.

-RYan o_O
2004-05-26 01:19:13 AM  
This is my #1 tin-foil rant.

The strike will come November 11.

Targets will be in Texas and Calfornia and not in but fairly near the D.C. area.

The first phase will be less-spectacular intended to wear down first responders, such as mass arson in the Rocky Mountain states -- and disruptive strikes like the Albian Tar Sands in northern Alberta, which has more oil than Saudi Arabia -- to shake up the oil market.

The money shots that follow will be highly symbolic relatively softer targets, such as Halliburton (everywhere, but hit in Texas), Lockheed Martin (Bethesda), Various Hollywood studios, Nasa.

And small towns at random, just to rattle everyone's nerves since anyone can be a target.

They will do this to drive the US totally snakey and effectively pit itself against the rest of the world. Their intention is to simultaneously pit the rest of the world against the US, so if it can't be beaten, at least its global footprint will be reduced.

And now for my tin-foil hat wild card:

[image from too old to be available]
This will follow by roughly 30 days, the announcement that OBL (who was caught this spring) is in US custody, which Dubya will announce around Oct 11. He'll do it to get re-elected, it will light the one-month fuse all cells have agreed to. They will be cued by publicized media events. And now that they're scattered globally they'll be even harder to counter.
2004-05-26 01:20:12 AM  
I don't discount validity . . . just some things don't pass the giggle test . . . like we are there for the oil . . . stability in the region, yes, oil per se?, no. We had all their oil in two or so days, we had all of Kuwait's oil before we went in, we staged in Kuwait. Why would we give a shait about Iraq's peoples freedom when we already have their oil? Come on people, think, we could take any oil we want whenever we want, but we don't, but da_n if the conspiracy theories don't flow like, well, oil.

Our economy is dependant on oil. Given that we tend to consume more oil in lieu of more efficiently using the supply we already have we are forced to try and acquire ever greater supplies of cheap oil. Which will eventually cause problems won't it?

Given that American motorists alone consume 12% of the worlds oil supply and people desire to drive inefficient vehicles while demanding we are eventually faced with a problem. The problem being the owners of that oil who want to charge more than we are willing to pay for it.

You claim that we had their oil in 2 days. We didn't though, they started destroying their own facilities, what does that tell you?

'They' continue to destroy their own oil producing facilities. There is a growing resistance to our demands for other peoples resources.

Isn't saying no. We had all their oil in two or so days, we had all of Kuwait's oil before we went in, an admission of what our goal was?

Given the whole action/reaction equation, I am willing to support the idea that our own greed it what is at fault here.

Maybe not 'our greed' as a nation, but the greed of an oil industry that would face stagnant growth through the fact that growth would be limited by more efficient use of the supply we already have.

Again, what has war pretty much always been for?
2004-05-26 01:23:00 AM  
2004-05-26 01:19:11 AM misterhappy0 You must have taken a "common-sense" pill, you definitely pass the giggle test!
2004-05-26 01:25:23 AM  
2004-05-26 01:26:22 AM  
2004-05-26 01:04:38 AM Xtremehkr Immigrants is not what I mean and you know that, don't be silly. Oh shiat, this is FARK.

Well say what you mean. Really. Who are you talking about?
2004-05-26 01:28:02 AM  
If the terrorists fark with the bull long enough, then I'm sure we'll give'em the horns.
2004-05-26 01:28:03 AM  
This is Fark but that doesn't mean we can't say 'Farkit' and be blunt about what we mean.

Emulate the Squirrel with the big nuts.
2004-05-26 01:28:35 AM  
How the hell are all the terrorists escaping from Iraq and making their way here?

I think its time for more troops.
2004-05-26 01:29:05 AM  
2004-05-26 01:20:12 AM Xtremehkr: Allah, what a reach . . . . . . . . . . . . .

/but I don't disagree with the waste in America, but remember, we use 40% of the world's resources but produce 70% of the world's wealth with only 15% of the world's population . . . . or something like that, I just made up the numbers but I bet they are close, somebody check me out.
2004-05-26 01:30:37 AM  
I've heard from a reliable source that the terrorists are helping sponser Britney's latest tour, as well as trying to unite the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. That is their evil plan.
2004-05-26 01:32:57 AM  
The fiery attack on the US is already underway, led by this man:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-26 01:32:58 AM  
tin foil hat time:

july 20-30: iraqi government asks us to leave.

Reports of a scud missle lanched from syria to baghdad.

iraqi government gives US troops permission to launch attack on syria from iraq.

Bush gets reelected and dismisses congress and takes supreme rule, takes over world. Hits red button trying to bring back jesus.....

At the gods request (like all those woman and crazy crack heads who kill people in god's name).

/dont even say anything. i dont believe this - damnit where is that freaken hat
2004-05-26 01:33:11 AM  
2004-05-26 01:07:17 AM Fat_Tony

that's not accurate. The Jewish terrorist group (the Stern Gang) only really attacked the British, in the infamous attack on the King David hotel.

They attacked the British once, yes. They killed Arabs a lot more than that though. And, of course, Arabs killed Jews.

The U.N. actually drew up a few plans for Jewish and Palestinian states. If in 1947 the Palestinians had accepted the plan offered them, they would have had all of what is now termed the "occupied territories", plus more. However, the "Palestinians" didn't even exist back then. The Jordanian army seized the land that was slated for the Arabs who were living in these areas.

The Arabs refused the plans because they didn't think it was fair that the Jews got 55% of the land when they only had 33% of the population. A silly point, I must admit. But before a better plan could be found, Isreal declared itself soviergn (the day after the British mandate was over). As for the Palestinians not existing back then -- I'm not really sure what you mean. The Arabs that were living in the area known as Palestine during the British occupation should by all rights be caled Palestinians. Call them refugees if you will, instead. Technically, the pat of the land east of the Jordan river was called Transjordan by the British and eventually turned into the Kingdom of Jordan.

So Jordan annexed part of the land that was supposed to go to the Arab state. My argument is that it wasn't the fault of the displaced Arabs and now they are without a country. This is the fault of the incompentent British and the UN.
Of course, the Arab/Jewish hostilities go back farther than that, but this is the key to the current problem. The Arabs who used to have land in what is now Israel want their own state, as was planned back in 47.
2004-05-26 01:33:11 AM  
2004-05-26 01:26:22 AM Xtremehkr I did say what I mean, they are living among us, as neighbors, you just seem to know your locals better, look outside your circle.
2004-05-26 01:34:06 AM  
Allah, what a reach . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ok, I am not believer in mythical people in the sky. What is the reach?

Let it all hang out brother SWBNs what's the truth that I seem to be missing?
2004-05-26 01:39:08 AM  
Sorry Xtremehkr, I'm gone, have job, must maintain . . . maintain . . . maintain . . . later
2004-05-26 01:42:46 AM  
I did say what I mean, they are living among us, as neighbors, you just seem to know your locals better, look outside your circle.

One more time then. Reiterate and put this to rest.

I do know that a poll taken today in CA shows that 60% of people do not think that being in Iraq is worthwhile. And the 1/3 that do identify themselves identify themselves as being registered Republicans who are 'politically conservative.'

Though I am baffled at how a 'conservative' can see the value in spending hundreds of billions in supporting wasteful resources in lieu of better using what we have.

/sidenote, current political definitions are way outdated. Seems to me that it is currently moderates v. corporatists.
2004-05-26 01:42:54 AM  
I've got a few question for the "this war is all about oil" crowd. I'm not a big fan of this war, but I do not believe it was about oil.
1. It it was about oil why bother we could have bought oil from Iraq any time we wanted they would have been GLAD to sell it to us.
2. We don't really gain anything now that they are 'free'(that remains to be seen in my book). Iraq has joined OPEC so we'll pay the same for oil from them as from any other OPEC nation.
So what kind of possible sense could it make for this whole fiasco to be about oil?
2004-05-26 01:43:15 AM  
When the Roman Empire came under attack from an enemy in an occupied territory:
After the first offense, the perpetrators were rounded up and killed. (Who wouldn't want to fight for their homeland at least once? We respect you, but we have to kill you.)
After the second offense, the perpetrators, and many of the people in the region they were from, were rounded up and killed. (Seriously, guys, we mean it this time.)
After the third offense, every man, woman and child in the offending country was killed, their homes burned, and their entire culture and history came to an end on the spot, never to be spoken of again.
The Romans understood the effectiveness of a military response to terror. They lasted a thousand years and absorbed at least two other major empires in that time. It just seems that the people who protest the loudest about the US's response to terror seem to forget what a REAL badass empire did to those who threatened them. Things could be a lot worse.
2004-05-26 01:54:17 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-26 01:55:46 AM  
I just made up the numbers but I bet they are close, somebody check me out.

If I want to retain any measure of relevance I feel I have to offer statistics that are somewhat relevant. If you want to check the fact that American motorists consume 12% of the worlds oil supply you can check the LATimes and the sources they quoted. Which was the government and some others from memory.

I know how capable Farkers are, Google is only a mouse click away.

Now, if you are capable of disproving every counter to the arguments offered against the current Administration than go right ahead and prove your point.

But don't condemn the peoples right to come to their own conclusion. Mine included.

Just lay it out, if it is the best course for all Americans than who is going to argue?
2004-05-26 01:57:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-26 02:03:36 AM  

From watching the History Channel, I found out a couple of things.

1. The Romans were the pioneers when it came to plumbing.

2. They relied on lead plumbing for everything.

One discounted theory is based on the fact that because of the dementia lead plumbing causes, they were able to be over run by much inferior Barbarians.

Makes me wonder about how modern forms of mental pollution is affecting the country as a whole.

/completely irrelevant to the thread but relevant to a Roman comparison. Polluting ourselves cannot be a good thing.
2004-05-26 02:07:24 AM  
We should be tracking down the evil-doers, where ever they may be found. This bit of news, about agents trying to slip into Kings Bay Naval Base, near the site of the upcoming G-8 meeting, hasn't received much play in the media.

Link Here/pops

Why these agents are being quietly deported and not shipped to Gitmo, is a mystery to me. They're from one of our best allies, the one that always has spies working in our country.
2004-05-26 02:12:56 AM  
So it's all a big conspiracy to get Bush re-elected, right?
Somehow all of these police forces and intellegence agencies managed to only hire Republicans that want to "wag the dog??" It's a major sneaky scheme and after all thier couldn't be anyone out there that would actually want to bomb us Americans right? We're universally loved. Why everyone thinks that we are the greatest and wants to be like us. After all, we want to let them do thier thing in peace, even if it's burn our flag in the street while they call us "Satans" and drag the bodies of our soldiers down the street.

Get real. Administrations aside, You live in a fairy tale world if you honestly believe that the violence in other parts of the world isn't looking for a way to make it's way over here. The hated us under Clinton, Regan , Bush 1 and 2, Carter, ect. It's not a partisan trend they hate. Nope, they just hate us.
2004-05-26 02:16:34 AM  
Wait, I thought all the terrorists of the world were in Iraq and we killed them all...........? We also got all of the WMD on the planet as well, right?

2004-05-26 02:19:50 AM  
Wow! Now it's gone to "At least we aren't publicly crucifying people."

We won't talk about what goes on in private. At secret bases in various parts of the world. There are places where people are taken and never leave. Where cameras are absolutely banned. Where people are every bit as sadistic as Saddam, Mengle, or Nero, but with better technology.
2004-05-26 02:20:40 AM  
Breakout the popcorn - it's the summer block-buster of the year!

• America, Viagra Nation, living vicariously through 'reality' television.

• America, where palatable history is made in Hollywood.

• America, where parents teach their children 'left' & 'right' not 'right' & 'wrong'.

• America, where the
Liberty Bell is not only cracked, it's caged!

• America, where freedom means borders with fingerprinting and uttering the 'T' word means a proctological exam for WMD.

The world waits in anticipation. Where will America's antics led them next? -- given "intelligence deemed highly credible" has previously indicated terrorists and WMD in Iraq.

I'm thinking anyone with dark hair and a tan will be locked up. America is white through and through - at least those setting its policies are. A few token blacks and hispanics placate the masses (their inordinate percentage of media presence suffices). Better to lock'em all up and be sure! It's the track record to date anyways: the top 60 countries in the world have 4.6 million prisoners, of which the US has 40% - 1.8 million.

Perhaps the 'terrorists' will irreparably contaminate the Los Angeles network of reservoirs. Think about it. The entire area reverts to desert. No more 'reality television' and skewing history 'The American Way'. The masses might even remove-head-from-anus and start seeing the real world (those not locked-up as terrorists, or dead of thirst).

Anyway you look at it, it will be a bright new world.... unless you're hispanic or black or from LA - but then you never truly counted as American in America's (white) eyes anyway.
2004-05-26 02:20:47 AM  

Nothing was found in the van,

But both are being held regardless.

Two Israeli men working for a moving-and-storage company who attempted Kings Bay Submarine Base Friday are being held for deportation.

No papers ok.

"The military dogs were alerted to a scent in the cab of the truck," Buczek said. "Guards closed access to the base and notified the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service."

Let's assume military Dogs are infallible despite nothing being found.

Now, given what their job is. Let's assume they skipped doing the paperwork cause they were only here to offload stuff. Harmless stuff by the account given.

What are you proving here? People take shortcuts sometimes?

Well darn, I think we all guilty of this in some respect.

What is the threat here? Do you have something against Isreal or what?
2004-05-26 02:22:44 AM  

Nuclear bomb wipes out NYC:
1. Bush declares war on any country that
supports terrorists...
2. Iran is nuked
3. Syria is nuked
3. North Korea is nuked
4. Pakistan is nuked
5. Egypt is nuked
6. Saudi Arabia is nuked

I guess that would put an end to the oil age.
2004-05-26 02:25:54 AM  
Hmmmm, I personally think the solution is


[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-26 02:30:40 AM  
Now, *that* is a precious little girl. Your daughter? :)
2004-05-26 02:30:43 AM  
What difference does it make where they are from? Had they been Syrian nationals, with messed up paper work, expired visas and bomb-scent in their truck the media would have been all over it. The suspects would have been grilled for weeks, not sent home in days.

I've got nothing against Israel. However Israel's current leaders would stop at nothing to further their cause. In my opinion, that includes blowing shiat up in America.
2004-05-26 02:31:01 AM  
2004-05-26 02:25:54 AM supersucker


too funny
2004-05-26 02:36:00 AM  
Naw just a GIS :)
2004-05-26 02:36:42 AM  

Hey, farkers, there's absolutely nothing to worry about, because we're fighting the terrorists in Iraq, and as numerous Bush True Believers have assured us, the terrorists are too busy killing us in Iraq to kill us here in America. Isn't that the way you promised us it would work? So everyone can relax.

How did the law enforcement strategy work out for Clinton.

Law enforcement is exactly the right way to go in fighting terrorists. That idiot Bush decided to treat Al Qaida like the Holy Warriors of Islam they believe themselves to be. This just feeds a very dangerous fantasy. It would be vastly smarter to treat them as demented criminals, as isolated bad apples, instead of confirming their status as Islamic Crusaders, and making a billion Muslims start to think of these whack jobs as Their Home Team. Bush and his cronies have been unforgivably incompetent. I haven't voted for a Democrat for President in 30 years but I will this year.

TheGoblinKing: Actually, in all seriousness, I can flame like no other.

What a sad little delusion. I feel for you, man. It must be hard to be you.

but I am a businessman and a competitive chessplayer as well, and tend to drive home my points with force, civilly, but with force.

This is really too sad. I don't mean to be cruel, but you really do have to have a few facts on your side in order to drive home a point with anything but bravado. And you're much too pedantic to be any good at bravado. You really don't know how you sound, do you? Try reading one of your missives out loud, speaking in a nasal pinched didactic tone. You too may then be able to detect that really strange sad mixture of inexplicable condescension and pathetic attempts to attract admiration. I mean, I'll bet you're a Green Beret and a painless dentist too, and on weekends you deliver Meals on Wheels and volunteer at the No-Kill Cat Shelter. Wait, I left out the black belt and your time as a missionary in the Sudan.

Seriously, I wish your life were better, and I wish Bush were a better President, but he's not and it isn't, is it?

2004-05-26 02:38:47 AM  
What we need here is ninja's.

I mean, they are supercool and can KILL ANYONE in like seconds with no sound. If you are a ninja, you can attack anyone you want, with like numchucks.

They are /<-RaD!!1!!1!ONE!
2004-05-26 02:42:15 AM  
Wow. Just got through the first 100 posts and I want to throw up.

Its farking amazing. Amazing. That's right farkers. Go back and put your heads back in the sand. Do that. Heads in the sand and asses in the air.
2004-05-26 02:43:49 AM  
Thank you Bush for bringing terrorism to America.
2004-05-26 02:47:26 AM  
Wow. Just got through NavyBlues' post, and want to throw up.

He said absolutely nothing.
2004-05-26 02:53:24 AM  
I know the thread is dead, but I have to say it again. Anyone following the 'war' on terrorism with any sort of skepticism should be very well aware of the incongruities between what it takes to quell terrorism, and what it takes to spawn it. With that being said, allow me to quote my favourite formula yet again:

Closer to November 2004 = > Chance of domestic violence in the US

In other words, the closer to 2004, the better the chance.

Iraq has farked a legitimate attempt to fight terrorism up the arse so bad that there will be no recovery in the near future.

But it sadly seems inevitable; the only question I have is how will it go down? We know the Bush administration will stop at almost nothing to further its agenda (witness Valerie Plame, Nigerian intelligence, etc).

We also know that the fascists who comprise of Al Qaeda have to placate their organizations by actually pulling off terrorist attacks. With that being said, domestic terrorism is growing more and more critical as the days go on.

If there were a legitimate threat to American security, would it be in the Executive's interest to stop it, and take credit for it, or to let it happen? As Bush's post-9/11 ratings attest, the effects of terrorism on domestic support and approval are astronomical; would the US administration's interest be better served if a terrorist attack occurred, as opposed to them preventing one? This is a serious question anyone should think about, as 9/11 is THE reason people went from mocking Bush to loving him. With the growing skepticism stemming from the Prison scandals, and by Nov/04, both the potential blowback from the Berg murder and the success of the Iraqi transfer of power (especially in context of the recent reports that Chalabi is literally an Iranian tool and spy), it should be interesting. With the Executive's many blunders over the last two years, average Jo's could simply dismiss the truly monumental event of avoiding a terrorist attack with disdain and apathy.

Please don't dismiss this as a conspiracy or unthinkable; just look at the lengths the executive has gone to lie for the past four years. I am gravely concerned that a blind eye may be turned to the potential threat of terrorism to keep this administration in power. If 800 soldier deaths, and countless civilian and Iraqi casualties, what's a few thousand more to this administration? Again, I don't mean to come across as callous or cold, but look at the events of the past few months!

Unfortunately, here's the problem. The initiative lies with Al Qaeda, and the have nothing to lose, and only more to gain. It is unquestionably in Al Qaeda's interest for the Bush administration to win power for another four years, as the Bush executive has done nothing but play into the terrorists hands.

While Afghanistan was a temporary victory, it only served to decentralize the main source of Al Qaeda power, as well as put most of their already hard to track cells underground. More importantly, however, military power was used over coercion, allowing for Al Qaeda to literally melt down and reassemble in T-1000 fashion.

What's worse is that Iraq, a gamble that is starting to make Khrushchev's Cuban risk look like a good move, is nothing but a catalyst to further anti-Americanism in an already troubled area of the world. While you and me are spared from the prison abuse photos and the sad wedding videos, the rest of the world is not. Iraq is the candle, and the 'bad guys' are the moths; the longer the candle burns, the more trouble theres going to be down the line. It's unbelievable just how counterproductive Iraq has been, and we are only now beginning to see the results. US post-WWII strategy was simple and twofold:

Prevent future global recessions (Great Depressions), and
Prevent the rise of future Hitlers.

The Hitler point is partially what led to the Cold War, and explains America's historic support of any leaders that are above fascism.

Hitler was a fascist, and a religiously fundamentalist one at that. In 1979, the blowback in Iran created the same problem, religious fundamentalism. Iraq, as seen through Al-Sadr and as will be seen following the transfer of power, is going to breed nothing but religious fascism.
I don't want to get off topic here, but the US basically traded a secular fascist in Saddam, one whom they knew and could contain, for an unknown new leadership that will most likely (especially if 'democracy' is allowed to reign) mimic the Iranian form of religious fundamentalism.

But worst of all, and the thing that no one talks about, is the acquiescence to Osama bin Laden's demands. He wanted the US out of Saudi Arabia first and foremost, and that is what he has gotten. So, while American leaders spew the jargon of not giving in to terrorism's demands, remember that bin Laden's crusade against the West began when Saudi Arabia turned to the US over the Mujahedeen for help, and the Crusade became eternal once that help didn't leave Saudi Arabia.
The point of this paragraph is to not only illustrating the incompetence of US leadership and its rhetoric, but to show how little was returned for giving in to a terrorist demand. At least Chamberlin got a piece of paper, the West just got duped.

Anyways, this has gone on far longer than it should have. If anyone cares to debate me, I'd love to respond.

2004-05-26 02:54:39 AM  
Wow. Just got through a full beer though I am nowhere near the point of throwing up yet. But I am working on it.

/Wanted to make a meaningless post too.
2004-05-26 03:43:31 AM  
This is absolutely rediculous as usual...
2004-05-26 03:43:37 AM  
Perhaps they should stop letting people into the US from these Middle East countries that hate us. If they weren't here to begin with taking flying lessons and planning attacks, we'd all be a bit safer.
2004-05-26 03:45:53 AM  

nothing like isolationism...
there are already a heap of hoops that folks from predomanantly Muslim countries have to jump through to get into the US...

Or did you have in mind a large wall?
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