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(CNN)   Phish breaking up. Tie-dyes now half price   ( divider line
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12501 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 May 2004 at 6:41 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-25 07:53:58 PM  
nice, Smartyjones. I knew "Buffalo 75" didn't sound right. 5/9/77 is THE grateful dead show to get.

I'm more of a 69, 71, 73, and 77 guy, but 72, 74, and 76 never much worked for me. Hmmm....never noticd that I only like the odd-numbered years.

April 71, Fill East
Fall 73
MAY 77!!!!!
2004-05-25 07:54:27 PM  
2004-05-25 07:51:39 rdxdave

"for the record im a daoist."

is that like a taoist?

2004-05-25 07:55:08 PM  
Gov't Mule!
2004-05-25 07:56:54 PM  
"Yem_tex: i hope you were being sarcastic. i just hate them because their sound sucked and i was forced to listen to them. im not some right wing ultra conservative.

and lets be honest here, most of their fans do fit a demographic of hippy culture who worship these people. sorry folks the band just filled this generations grateful dead gap."

I'm not comparing you to a neocon, I'm comparing you to an ignorant, sterotyping fool who talks about things he knows nothing about about. I've been to over 40 Phish shows all over the country, and know the fanbase inimatly, and the statement "and lets be honest here, most of their fans do fit a demographic of hippy culture" is bullshiat. I've a buzzcut and shave everyday, and wear shirts with buttons and collars. I doubt you've even been, or ever will go to, a Phish show, but if you did go to one and look around, yeah, *gasp*, there are hippies there. But "most" of the fans? Please. Depending what part of there country your in, it's between 5%-25% "hippyish" people. The VAST majority of fans are not like this. So please, quit running your mouth aobut things you don't know about.
2004-05-25 07:57:23 PM  
Almost 100 comments and no one mentions Phish on the Simpsons, or posts an image? Shocked!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-25 07:57:32 PM  
Tao=Dao, the T is the latinized version of the word. its pronounced with the D and in some translations of chinese philosophy it is spelled with it. either way it is an inaccurate rendering of a word that cannot be defined in any way.

2004-05-25 07:57:49 PM  
I had a bunch of friends in high school and college who listened to them non-stop. I thought they were OK in the begining. even went to a couple of shows. What made me hate them was the bootlegs that i had to listen to over and over again. The sound was shiat and it was always the same goddamn songs. They've been over and done with for years now. good riddance.
2004-05-25 07:58:26 PM  
Fine Band. So sad that they are going away.
2004-05-25 08:01:18 PM  
Heh, funny how often that pic of Phish on the simpsons shows up, becuase I'm the one who scanned it from Relix as soon as I got it and posted the link to and it spread like wildfire from there ;-)
2004-05-25 08:02:23 PM  
have been to shows. and you are right i apologize for saying all of their fans. let me correct myself by saying that all the fans i know...

i like the percentages that you have are those based on scientific counts or just a fact you are using to prove your point. plus the fact that you are separating me from so-called neo-cons also points your ability to stereotype.

i think its interesting that people who want others to have open minds cant tolerate others opinions. i dont like the band i am sorry for insulting the fans earlier but its my opinion so deal with it
2004-05-25 08:02:42 PM  
Also, for those not in the know,
is a great place to score live tapes. Brad does a real good job, and what he doesn't have to download he has streaming. If you're a Phan or a Deadhead, or a folkie or a Cheeser, this is the place to get hooked up.

It's all free, too, in keeping with tape-trading ethos.
2004-05-25 08:02:49 PM  
I first saw Phish in '89 at the old Living Room in Providence...

... and they've been going downhill since about '97.

Trey is right. It's time this is over. They haven't written a truly good song since "Guyute." Their music has shifted from incredibly orchestrated pieces to three chord songs. They haven't cared in years, and I'm glad they can admit it.
2004-05-25 08:05:46 PM  
See you guys at Coventry, should be a blast.

FWIW, I don't really think this is all that sad. They had a great run and we will hear way more stuff from all of these guys. It's just the end of an era. What would be sad would be if they stayed together and stagnated. This way each member is free to travel in the musical direction of their choice.

Anyway, Coventry it is. Anyone who thinks they need to buy a ticket for that show is a sucker.
2004-05-25 08:06:59 PM  
I grabbed the image from and converted it to a manageable sized jpeg. If this is yours, thanks! and why didn't you post it earlier?
2004-05-25 08:08:17 PM  
Glad I got in one show last year... gonna miss those guys!

And for those who compare Phish with the Dead... the Clue Factory has a special delivery waiting just for you!
2004-05-25 08:10:55 PM  
Whoever compared this philth to The Flaming Lips needs a kick in the balls.
2004-05-25 08:17:30 PM  

Hey, Matt, good to see you here! Did you do the animated version of that scan too (with the lights?)

Love your photos!
2004-05-25 08:19:44 PM  
Signs of the apocalypse:

A) Phish breaks up
B) Simpsons gets cancelled
C) Hunter Thompson Dies
2004-05-25 08:20:04 PM  
I too thought they already broke up. I'm not a huge fan, but I've really never sat down and listened to the music, save for an Austin City Limits episode. Guess now's the time, eh?
2004-05-25 08:22:54 PM  
you can download most of the Grateful Dead's shows at
2004-05-25 08:23:52 PM  
2004-05-25 07:54:27 PM Random McNobody

2004-05-25 07:51:39 rdxdave

"for the record im a daoist."

is that like a taoist?



/still laughing
2004-05-25 08:24:04 PM  
"and you are right i apologize for saying all of their fans"

It's okay, nobody says things that are 100% accurate 100% of the time....

"separating me from so-called neo-cons also points your ability to stereotype."

You're right, we've all got it, "brah".... ;)
2004-05-25 08:26:33 PM  
Oh Phish. What would have my dorm at the U of O done without you, back in 1992? Oh yeah, listened to more Dead.

Not my cup of tea. One of my friends at the time INSISTED I listen to their album because "Dude, one guy plays a vacuum cleaner!". Sure, dude. Good job there.
2004-05-25 08:26:59 PM  
at least we got commodore laughing.
2004-05-25 08:27:08 PM  
I will be sad to see them go. Phish was always a fun show to go see, however, was not for everyone as the posts in this thread so plainly indicate. Some of the Las Vegas Phish shows were the best, I my opinion, although I never had the chance to see them out East as I am rooted so deeply here in the West. It is ok though, I have been getting into the Shins lately and they have a show here June 7.
2004-05-25 08:28:49 PM  
"We don't want to become caricatures of ourselves, or worse yet, a nostalgia act,"

i.e. they don't want to end up like the Dead did.

Like them or not, you have to give them credit for one thing, Live concerts, available in MP3 form, available shortly after the concert for $10? I wish more bands would do that.
2004-05-25 08:29:46 PM  
damn shame.

never went to a show, though i am a big phan.

have to check out one of their last shows
2004-05-25 08:32:27 PM  
Nobody really cares about this.

But damn...that pic of Trey in that CNN article...holy crap. He looks like he yherked off to pictures of Gerry Garcia his entire life. Between the mop, the beard, the clothes, and the custom guitar, he's the picture of "untalented wannabe". Worse yet, The Dead cranked out nothing but pure dreck for eons. Dig their harmonies in the key of Z.

They were a crappy, wannabe band, copying an older, talentless band of fools.

Don't worry Trey: I'm sure there are plenty of smelly, Dead "tribute" (21st century euphemism for 'cover band') acts that would be happy to have you.
2004-05-25 08:33:16 PM  
Never been to a show, but I respect them for their musical skills and experimentation. I respect them also for the reasons that they're bowing out. Good long run, guys, sorry to see you go.
2004-05-25 08:33:40 PM  
Hoffenstetter mentioned the dead in '75. Am I wrong but isn't '75 the year the Dead took their hiatus?

\hoping I win a cookie
2004-05-25 08:39:06 PM  
Jerry's dead, Phish sucks; time to get a real job.
2004-05-25 09:04:20 PM  
To all the old (and young) DeadHeads out there - Go See Dark Star Orchestra if you haven't already.

They are the Real Deal! Goods are Delivered! Unfarkingbelieveable - close your eyes at one of their shows and you "might as well" be in a time machine. I saw them play the aforementioned 5/9/77 show (they usually recreate an entire show at their concerts) in Providence a couple of years ago. Help>Slip>Franklin's indeed!!

I've seen 'em way too many times for a mere 'cover band', and I've rarely been dissapointed. Once saw them play a '94 show, and that was kind of a let down - of course that just proves their authenticity: they actually suck when playing shows that sucked when the Dead played 'em...
2004-05-25 09:05:28 PM  
2004-05-25 06:44:09 PM The_HR_Issue

Now who will all the patchouli (sp?) burning, birk sporting, ben and jerrys eating, unshaven, vw driving hippies follow and worship?

Well, this Pro-Bush conservative has a heavy heart today. Phishs' chemistry with Trey's god-like tone will be unmatched for a loooong time. I hated the 'Dead, never "got" them, but Phish was different. When I first heard them I thought they sounded alot like classic Meat Puppets, and I always sort of kept that feeling.

The first show I ever attended with my (then) future wife was Phish in Columbia, SC. It was only then that I saw that Phish fans were mostly hippies, but I didn't care--and neither did they.

Best songs? (just to name a few)

Fast Enough for You
Billy Breathes
...and their covers of Abby Road, AC/DC and others.

'Tis a sad day.

2004-05-25 09:05:32 PM  
Random McNobody

hoping for a Phish set at Bonnaroo........

keep hoping. People said that the past 2 years. No phish.
Bonnaroo, nonetheless, was awesome both years.
Too bad I'll be missing it this year. I guess getting an education will have to suffice.
2004-05-25 09:09:18 PM  
Please, trolls if you knock our favorite band let us know what you like so we may rip you back. Please inform us of how great Hoobastank and Linkin Park are so we may commence rocking out.

They had nothing to do with the Dead, if you think they did, you know nothing about them and probably only heard them once.
2004-05-25 09:10:35 PM  
Oh, and I wear Birks too. Why don't you say something to my face about it?

=] , but just barely.
2004-05-25 09:15:14 PM  
Not to sound glad they broke up... but I thought they'd actually broken up a couple years ago?
That said, I'm sorry to see them go. Good jam music is hard to find.
2004-05-25 09:16:27 PM  
best. sunrise. ever.

no html. someone else who was there want to post it?
2004-05-25 09:16:32 PM  
Hoobastank & Linkin Park are great!
(thinks the exact opposite, but wants to see you rockin' out).
2004-05-25 09:18:34 PM  
"Wake Me Up!!!"

\plays airgituar, kicks the dog
2004-05-25 09:19:18 PM  
Remember folks many Farkers are ugly, lonely geeks, and old, fat conservatives. There insults don't mean shiat, now do they.
/Stereotyping the stereotypers
//Oysterhead kicks ass!!!
2004-05-25 09:28:35 PM  
Dr Worm got it right!
I have respect for a band that shiats on the record industry, and does it well. Phish made their magic live, then offered it for download. I have recordings of some of the shows I went to (good because I remember more colors thnan sounds) and I love being able to break them out and relive some of those nights (sans the halucinogenics). (or with the halucinogenics, you only live once.) (mmmmmm...halucinogenics)
2004-05-25 09:38:51 PM  
I got into Phish back in '92 as something to fill in the periods when The Dead weren't touring. As a result, I saw some of the best rock and roll shows I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of shows. I've also had some of the best times in the parking lots of said shows and met some really cool folk. It's always been a good time.

As for them being broken up for good, all I can say is, yeah, the Who had a farewell tour in what, 1982. Just the same, I've got my tickets for Great Woods and Coventry. Even bought them BEFORE Trey made his announcement. Should be a trustaffarian charge-a-thon jizz fest now that it's been conveniently broadcast that these will be the "last" shows. One thing I never liked about Phish--the Schwartz was always too much with them.

The big plus here is that Trey will be touring with his solo band now, and as far as I'm concerned, that's a far superior band to what Phish has been doing since their return from the hiatus. They've been going downhill since about 1997. Still, they hooked up the East Coast the way that the Dead used to hook up the West Coast.

She comes in colors everywhere: Exactly!

Random McNobody: yes, Bonaroo AND Coventry it is.

Stout: Yes, Dead went on hiatus in '75, but not until their "farewell" shows. They were back in action by '76 and came back strong.
2004-05-25 09:40:19 PM  
I've been a fan since the early 90's. I've been to about 30 shows or so. This sucks because now there is no band that I can coordinate my vacations with and be willing to travel very long distances to see.

For example:
Phish playing 2 nights in Vegas? Hey lets make a week out of it and do 4 shows in 2 nights in the middle of it (moe. late night at the House of Blues after both shows). Hey lets take the Hummer limo to the show too, its only $10 a head with 20 of us (that's right we smoked out the Hummer limo, too. I come from the streets, biatch).


Phish is playing 4 nights in Miami for New Years? Why not go down to Key West for a week and visit my Brother, then both of us go up to Miami for the last 2 nights of the NYE run.


Phish is on summer tour? Why not catch the local show, then go down to North Carolina and visit friends, catch the show with them, then on to Atlanta to do the same with friends there.


Phish is playing a festival in Maine/Florida? Lets get a big caravan and drive halfway up/down the East Coast and party like rockstars for a weekend.

Good times, good times.

I had a blast, but honestly the live shows have kinda been going downhill since about 98. The hiatus didn't seem to help any (the Miami run was nice, though). As much as it upsets me, I'm kinda glad they aren't dragging it out. I would have hated to see them turn into the next Rolling Stones or Aerosmith, playing well beyond their prime in a steadily declining quality of live experience.

Also the scene has really gotten on my nerves in the past few years. I've met lots and lots of really cool people randomly at shows, but I've probably met twice as many people that I really couldn't stand. I hate deadbeats. Nothing pisses me off more than people walking around with a finger up looking for a free ticket when the box office is still selling them because the show isn't sold out. So many of these stupid little hippy farks don't have the first clue how a gift society is supposed to work. Its all gimme gimme gimme, kick down, kick down. I never give anything to someone who is asking for free stuff. I do give free stuff to those who aren't asking for it, mostly because they do something nice for someone else, so I reward them. I've also been given free stuff when I wasn't asking or expecting. I've been on tour nearly broke in my early days, but instead of begging I put my ass to work selling beer/water/whatever (no, not drugs) to make money. I was given free/below face value tickets, but only because I was willing to pay face value. I've only ever been to one show where I didn't actually go in and see the show, and that was because we needed gas money, so I sold my ticket for face value.

A little example:
I'm at a weekend festival. The crowd is making their way back to their campsites. My friends and I are already at our camp cooling down after a few hours of dancing madly. Random guy walks up and asks me if he can buy a bottle of water from us. Me: "No, but you can have one for free." After this obviously parched soul chugged about half the bottle he says "It must be your birthday" and snaps off a big fat nug and hands it to me, then walks off.

This is how it is supposed to work, but all these loopy, filthy little jackasses just can't seem to understand that. There used to be a real sense of community, but of late there has been less and less, and that's been a huge disappointment.
2004-05-25 09:47:00 PM  
2004-05-25 09:04:20 PM Smarty Jones

To all the old (and young) DeadHeads out there - Go See Dark Star Orchestra if you haven't already.

They are the Real Deal! Goods are Delivered! Unfarkingbelieveable - close your eyes at one of their shows and you "might as well" be in a time machine. I saw them play the aforementioned 5/9/77 show (they usually recreate an entire show at their concerts) in Providence a couple of years ago. Help>Slip>Franklin's indeed!!

Smarty Jones: I was at this Providence DSO show, and I agree, it was totally sick! Just bought tix to their next show at the Roxy in Boston on 7/13/04
2004-05-25 09:47:09 PM  
Random McNobody, you know how in some languages, things get translated odd? Sun Su, Sun Tzu, Sun Tsu? Muhhamad, Mahhammad? Usama, Osama?

Yeah, dumbass. A daoism IS taoism.
2004-05-25 09:51:37 PM  
"Scents and subtle sounds, colors in the void"
2004-05-25 09:54:23 PM  
Ya mar, ya mar, ya mar, ya mar, ya mar, ya mar,
ya mar, you're no good pah
2004-05-25 09:55:19 PM  
Wow that was a lot longer than I was expecting. Went a little higher on the rantometer than I was expecting too.

Sorry 'bout that.
2004-05-25 09:55:31 PM  
I'm really sad about this. I've only got into them recently and haven't even been to one show. It does seem like this was basically inevitable since 2000. For all the real phans out there, enjoy. I'm not going to be trying to scarf up a ticket for one of the last shows. This belongs to you.
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