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(ESPN)   Mark Cuban calls offical incompetent, too retarded to manage a Dairy Queen. ESPN decides to interview Dairy Queen managers   ( divider line
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2002-01-10 02:56:06 PM  
Hell I'm related to that Dairy Queen manager too. When will it end!!?
2002-01-10 02:57:40 PM  
"You're dealing with 16- and 17 year-old kids. You have to be on top of them all the time."
2002-01-10 02:58:24 PM  
Dude, you got a Blizzard!

Eh. Sorry.
2002-01-10 02:58:45 PM  
All of the fines go to children's the more he insults the refs, the better off the children of DFW are.
2002-01-10 03:06:27 PM  
mark cuban is my hero...i wish there were more outspoken personalities in sports....note: this does not include wretched human beings like randy moss
2002-01-10 03:13:05 PM  
Sounds like a bit from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
2002-01-10 03:13:16 PM  
Arguing with sports officials is like competing in the Special Olympics...
2002-01-10 03:24:14 PM  
Erk 3000,
I agree with you. Mark Cuban is cool in my book.
Commisioner Stern is a little faggot that likes big black dick hidden in his poop chute.
2002-01-10 03:29:04 PM  
Hell I'm related to little faggots that likes big black dicks hidden in their poop chutes. When will it end!!?
2002-01-10 03:31:12 PM  
slayerswine: where the hell did that come from???
2002-01-10 03:33:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-01-10 03:45:03 PM  
Basketball is a girl's sport.
2002-01-10 03:45:26 PM  
Our officials never make mistakes. How dare you question their intelligence. Here's a ridiculously huge fine.
2002-01-10 03:51:43 PM  
I was listening to Cuban in an interview after the fine was handed down. He said there isn't a fine big enough to shut him up. I love that guy.
2002-01-10 03:56:41 PM  
He should come to the next game wearing a bunch of Dairy Queen stuff.

They shouldn't complain about free advertising.
2002-01-10 04:13:26 PM  
Cuban cigars are good. Cuba Gooding Jr is cool.
2002-01-10 04:24:40 PM  
BUG-I just wet my pants over that pic.
2002-01-10 04:26:55 PM  
There's a chick who's been working at various DQ's in my city for as long as I can remember, and she's still behind the counter. That's like 15 years. I think she's retarded.
2002-01-10 04:36:19 PM  

Now THAT'S comedy !!!
[hee hee hee.....]
2002-01-10 04:38:39 PM  
I love the sports where, when you voice your opinion, you have to pay half a million dollars. Why dont they build an NBA jail and threaten him with that too. Why does this whole thing remind me of the politcal activists getting jailed in China and stuff... let the man speak his mind.
2002-01-10 04:39:51 PM  
I heard he came over on the flotilla with
Tony Montana in 1980.
2002-01-10 04:50:07 PM  
African Handball sux anyway.

-Chemmie the Racist
2002-01-10 04:53:48 PM  
You have to hand it to Mark Cuban though...he's every basketball enthusiast's wet dream (in that he owns a team and can yell at the refs and sit on the sidelines, that is)

Oh, and I respectfully disagree with Chemmie the Racist (but not Chemmie the Fuzzy nor Chemmie the Puppet)
2002-01-10 06:05:19 PM  
Illigitimate children (Shawn Kemp) prob. Whack your girlfriend (Rae-enthal Carruth) problem. Suck down a mountain of Coke (too numerous to number) biggie. Lop off the heads of your wife and her boyfriend (you know who)....tee time at noon everyday.

Criticize a ref....half a mil.

Way to go Stern. No wonder nobody watches the NBA anymore.
2002-01-10 06:29:52 PM  
diary queens biatches are always dogs!!!
2002-01-10 06:31:12 PM  
Mark Cuban is kool ,who else can get fined and laugh about it, and match it up with another $500.000 to charity. A
"Belt Buster" sounds good about now. goooooooo "MAVS!"
2002-01-10 06:38:22 PM  
There are hot chicks at the DQ just down the street.
2002-01-10 11:47:48 PM  
A manager of a Dairy Queen is just someone who didn't realize that there are better jobs after high school.

NBA players are just guys that are more athleticly inclined than a Dairy Queen Manager.

NBA officials and refs are just folks who don't realize that it is a game, and in no way resembles real life.
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