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(Casco Bay Weekly)   Farker Botsuraku_Hato (admitted ninjaphile, winner of Ninja Burger Survivor Contest and Boston Fark Party on 1/19/02) interviewed by Maine newspaper   ( divider line
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1374 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jan 2002 at 2:51 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-10 03:02:28 PM  
Way to go Botsukara_Hato!! Congratulations:)
2002-01-10 03:07:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Pho-To-Shop... Hai?
2002-01-10 03:07:58 PM  
Congrats, hato :)
2002-01-10 03:10:31 PM  
My name is Botsukara_Hato.
I am a Ninja Fast Food Restaurant of One.

2002-01-10 03:12:02 PM  
the whole ninjaburger thing get a big HA! from me.

silliness... :)
2002-01-10 03:14:34 PM  
Well...Yes, go ahead on the photoshop,Kupek. I'm curious to see where it goes.
2002-01-10 03:15:14 PM  
"admitted ninjaphile, winner of Ninja Burger Survivor Contest and Boston Fark Party on 1/19/02"

1/19/02, eh? I see Fark can now predict the future, too =)
2002-01-10 03:15:30 PM  
2002-01-10 03:18:03 PM  
You know, I sometimes think I deliberately picked a difficult name just to annoy people. For the record:
Botsuraku Hato = Fallen Dove
2002-01-10 03:25:52 PM  
Tsk tsk...Tapakip I see your point. Someone "edited" my original (too wordy) headline. Prophecy was not intended. Individual results may vary. Do not add bleach. Tumble dry low, and of course, batteries not necessarily included.

But there will be a Boston party. See "Fark Parties" link for details.

I suppose this is an excuse to drink ice cold Yukon Jack. 70,000 Mainers will learn about Ninja Burger. Anything for
the cause!
2002-01-10 03:29:25 PM  
I liked him better when I though he was Japanese.
2002-01-10 03:31:04 PM  
Thankee Sai, Sweater Girl.
BTW, Here's some recommended reading, folks:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-10 03:33:34 PM  
Obviously a very slow news-week for the paper.

2002-01-10 03:47:58 PM  
Yes, we shall take over the earth.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-10 03:59:27 PM  
that guy must be a sport star or a rapper.
2002-01-10 04:02:28 PM  
or a loser?
2002-01-10 04:14:18 PM  
Nice pic, Lordargent. You should try for the Second Ninja Burger Survivor Contest when Aeon (Aeonite) sets it up.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my "Richard Hatch-like" ten minutes of ninja fame. Can't wait to meet Drew and Mike in Boston.
2002-01-10 04:39:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-10 04:42:36 PM  
At first read, I thought it said 'nipplephile', not 'ninjaphile'.

My bad....
2002-01-10 04:58:29 PM  
Real remon: I like nipples, too. Hell, you even inspired a haiku:

Nipples; ninja: both
Are difficult to capture
Without an ambush.
2002-01-10 06:27:23 PM  
WTG Botsuraku_Hato, you are your own daimyo.
2002-01-10 06:42:31 PM  
Ninja Hai!

Ninjas are kewl.
2002-01-10 07:05:07 PM  
Congrats from a fellow Maine-ah. So when will I get my order delivered?
2002-01-10 07:13:37 PM  
Fallen Dove Sensei
Where is my order? Hurry.
Resist Fame. Make Haste.

Nice to hear you are gonna make the party ;) Cya there, and don't forget the ninja burger shirts everyone is gonna want.
2002-01-10 07:37:02 PM  
Another Mainah says congrats!!
2002-01-10 08:26:59 PM  
2002-01-10 08:30:51 PM  
Cheers from yet another Mainer!

By the way, does Casco Bay Weekly really get 70,000 readers?
2002-01-10 09:00:56 PM  
Supposedly, CBW does have that readership, and more.

I know I have already been revealed and had to sign a copy of the paper. I picked up about seven copies tonight on the way back from work. The autograph happened at the Newbury Comics in South Portland. The cashier guy recognized my name...*sigh* I had to give him an autograph.
2002-01-10 10:03:45 PM  
Grey Ninja, you seemed wiser when we all thought you were Japanese. Ya just look silly here:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-10 10:04:56 PM  
I used to read CBW all the time when I lived in Portland, but half my friends have never heard of it.
2002-01-11 09:54:44 AM  
Control: I am honored by the silly Photoshop alteration. And I am sorry to defy your preconceived notions regarding racial/ethnic stereotyping. Did you even consider that non-Asians can utilize Japanese--or any other language--to craft unique nicknames?
2002-01-11 01:20:24 PM  

Thanks! I hope you know I was just having fun. And learning Photoshop.

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where George's mom got advice from a "Donna Chang" and thought the advice was SO WISE until she discovered Ms. Chang wasn't Chinese? When she finds out Ms. Chang isn't even Asian, she decides to throw away the advice and get a divorce:

"You're getting a divorce because she's not Chinese?"

"I'm not taking advice from some girl from Long Island!"
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