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(AZCentral)   Tampa teen pilot's parents tried to commit suicide in 1984, report says. No one surprised   ( divider line
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3435 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jan 2002 at 2:51 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-10 02:57:26 PM  
Who cares, at least that zit-faced twerp is dead. It's God's way of adding chlorine to the gene pool.
2002-01-10 02:57:41 PM  
They should have committed suicide then. That bastard kid wouldn't have been conceived. By the way, anyone thinking of killing themselves, Do it. IT helps weed out the normal and good people of this earth.
2002-01-10 02:58:44 PM  
Maybe we can convince Fb- to kill himself.
2002-01-10 03:00:52 PM  
"don't rely on no one else...
end it all Kill Yourself NOW!!!"

jeez, they're all wacko!
2002-01-10 03:00:55 PM  
Fb- dying would be a great loss for Fark. He's one of the few people with the balls to stand up against pseudo-intellectual uber-left wingers like Rei.
2002-01-10 03:02:55 PM  
They're barking up the wrong tree's the acutane..the acutane, I tells ya!
2002-01-10 03:03:36 PM  
God, this is just sad. They should have been given gentic counseling.
2002-01-10 03:07:22 PM  
Buckshot: So, do you find it tough to speak with Fb-'s unit in your mouth?

2002-01-10 03:11:10 PM  
Didn't anyone notice that this kids name was Bashara? His ole man is a fvcking camel jock.
2002-01-10 03:12:29 PM  
Yeah but it was Accutane that caused him to kill himself
2002-01-10 03:13:52 PM  
Way too farking weird. I mean waaaaaaayyyyyyyy. Jeez, I am surprised the genes lasted this long.
2002-01-10 03:15:59 PM  
Instead of purity or bastard tests, can we just make up a crazy test and then segregate those folks into Canada?
2002-01-10 03:20:23 PM  
Awww Grivas Canadians aren't that bad. They did give us curling after all;)
2002-01-10 03:21:40 PM  
Carol Schwartz, a member of the District of Columbia Council, urged team owner Dan Snyder to follow the lead of Washington Wizards owner Abe Pollen, who in 1997 abandoned the name "Bullets" for his NBA franchise, in part because of local gun-related violence.

farking retard.
2002-01-10 03:22:12 PM  
shiat! I hate it when i post in the wrong thread.
2002-01-10 03:34:40 PM  
Grivas: Because after all, most of the land in canada is not being used.
2002-01-10 03:35:21 PM  
You wouldn't think suicide runs in the family...
2002-01-10 03:36:55 PM  
This was obvious. farking FAA needs to quit giving kiddies pilot's licenses...they won't give them to people suffering from depression for just this reason, but when someone is that young no one ever notices. Stupid, stupid, stupid farks.
2002-01-10 03:44:13 PM  
Warmbeer: 15 year-olds don't get pilot's licenses. He stole the plane.

What's really wierd to me is that the parents attempted suicide because they couldn't get married because their paperwork wasn't in order. Why didn't they just correct the paperwork? Geez.
2002-01-10 03:50:06 PM  
What have you against 15 year olds?
They seem to be just as stable/instable as "adults."
They definitely have better reaction times and learning ability.
2002-01-10 03:57:34 PM  
Auburn Tom - He stole a plane while waiting for his flying lesson. The instructor told him to check the plane out before the lesson while he (the instructor) got his paperwork done.

I am not for socialized healthcare, but we should have given the family a 55 gallon drum of Prozac and birth control pills when the parents tried to off themselves.
2002-01-10 04:01:30 PM  
It is every parent's wish that their children do better than they did, succeed where they failed, excel where they were, yeah. :)
2002-01-10 04:27:42 PM  
Bunch of retarted losers. A lot of people are afraid of marriage all together,let alone plan suicide attempts if they can't marry.
2002-01-10 04:52:22 PM  
He was on the side of Suie
2002-01-10 06:04:33 PM  
Warm: I think people notice, but since most teenagers are "depressed" people think it's a phase.
2002-01-10 07:13:04 PM  
As a fifteen year old, I would like to say that this dipshiat is not representative of fifteen year olds as a whole.
2002-01-10 10:03:42 PM  
Let's kill ourselves! Oh no wait, let's have a kid instead.
2002-01-10 11:45:10 PM  
Farked up parents having farked up kids...there's a stretch.
2002-01-11 05:07:58 AM  
Parents tried to kill themselves, eh?

Shame it didn't take.
2002-01-11 07:00:47 AM  
Bf+, too funny.
2002-01-11 07:46:06 PM  
I live a few blocks away from the building he landed in

I think the kicker is that he flew over Central Command!!!

why send jets from Homestead if someone is flying over CENTRAL COMMAND!~!??
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