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(Phys Org2)   Scientists name new species of dinosaur after Canadian icon. Behold the Hortonosaurus   ( divider line
    More: Cool, Philip J. Currie, Dinosaur, new species, Currie Dinosaur Museum, Tyrannosaurus, Paleontology, Royal Ontario Museum, Royal Tyrrell Museum  
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2017-07-17 12:27:04 PM
2017-07-17 03:28:21 PM
2017-07-17 03:43:29 PM  
Looks like a Blue Jay mated with a Gorby (Grey Jay).

You know, sort of like the bird in this photograph:
2017-07-17 03:48:05 PM  
A couple of other photos looked even more like the dinosaur, but I couldn't copy them. One showed the bird in flight. I do not know what it is called. I may be a juvenile or female variant or sub-species of the Blue Jay or Grey Jay.
2017-07-17 04:22:56 PM  
Testudo aubreii not amused.
2017-07-17 04:37:09 PM  
2017-07-17 04:39:51 PM  
Highly disappointing, was expecting a Shatnerdactyl.
2017-07-17 04:41:02 PM  
It's not a Sorrysaurus?
2017-07-17 04:41:58 PM  
2017-07-17 04:43:11 PM  
2017-07-17 04:45:02 PM  
Does he hear a Whosasaurus?
2017-07-17 04:45:04 PM  

cowgirl toffee: Poutineasaurous??

[ image 700x467]

Dammit, now I want a poutine!

/sooooo bad for you
// tastes soooooo goood
2017-07-17 04:47:58 PM  
I truly believe that scientists pull these dinosaur illustrations out of their asses from leftover Popeye's Fried Chicken bones, and Adobe Paintshop.
2017-07-17 04:48:16 PM  
2017-07-17 04:49:32 PM  
Rowsdowersaurus would have been better.
2017-07-17 04:50:12 PM  
The new species is simply "2112."
2017-07-17 04:52:15 PM  
Photos of the eggs:
2017-07-17 04:53:05 PM  
Where are the coffee and donuts, you hoser?
2017-07-17 04:53:47 PM  
Does this mean there will be another "undiscovered" Dr. Seuss book:
"Hortonosaurus Hears a Who"?
2017-07-17 04:58:15 PM  
Canadian Dinosaur?
2017-07-17 04:58:45 PM  
2017-07-17 05:15:51 PM  
Huge proboscis and a bald head.
2017-07-17 05:30:09 PM  
The Royal Tyrell Museum is a must visit, that is all.
2017-07-17 05:35:50 PM  
I donut expecting that.
2017-07-17 05:36:16 PM  

New Age Redneck: The Royal Tyrell Museum is a must visit, that is all.

Especially for this:

I'd interact with that display all day.
2017-07-17 05:37:06 PM  
Came for comments and Rush references, leaving satisfied.
2017-07-17 06:06:08 PM  
2017-07-17 06:14:09 PM  
He's A Canadian Icon 
He's Sleeps With His Clothes On 
He Likes To Work With His Hands 
He's An Apolitical Man 

And He Don't Like Change 
And He Don't Like Change 
You May Think He's Deranged 
But He'd Rather Be Home, 
Home.. Home On The Strange
2017-07-17 06:32:38 PM  
So then, no Hortonosaurus?
Fark, i am disappoint...
2017-07-17 06:33:46 PM  



2017-07-17 07:13:30 PM  
Read that as Canadian Bacon.
2017-07-17 07:25:18 PM  
Kind of disappointed that Subby was joking.
2017-07-17 07:35:24 PM  
Psh, that's not a dinosaur! It's got feathers! Nice try, subby.
2017-07-17 08:16:14 PM  
Who publishes their new dinosaur smack dab in the middle of field season? Bad form, Canucks.
2017-07-17 09:10:21 PM  
bird dinos, so trendy
2017-07-17 09:25:36 PM  
Was expecting Biebersaurus.
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