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6903 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jan 2002 at 11:19 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-10 11:21:30 AM  
Can we please try to keep these things in the air?
2002-01-10 11:21:44 AM  
Yikes. Wonder if it was one of the planes they had circling NYC.
2002-01-10 11:21:47 AM  
it was his acne medication made him do it...
2002-01-10 11:23:18 AM  
Or he forgot his ritalin?
2002-01-10 11:23:28 AM  
Who would notice it in Jersey?
2002-01-10 11:23:51 AM  
man we suck
2002-01-10 11:24:05 AM  
I think I speak for all of us when I say "WTF"????
2002-01-10 11:24:42 AM  
2002-01-10 11:25:31 AM  
I blame gravity! Farkin gravity.
2002-01-10 11:25:34 AM  
I am forming FADF....Farkers Against Drunk Flying....on a serious note...hope no one was injured.
2002-01-10 11:25:41 AM  
There needs to be a "WTF" tag.....
2002-01-10 11:25:55 AM  
planes dropping out of the air like mad crazy lately....geez
2002-01-10 11:26:13 AM  
Time to go to the radio station I listen to and see if I can find some kind of internet webcast.

Frksamor, don't you think that it is a pity it landed on the gsp and not a certain persons house *nudge nudge, wink wink*
2002-01-10 11:26:14 AM  
I'm particularly proud of the journalist who wrote this. "It is unclear how many people were on the plane." LEt's see-F-16, single seater, I'm guessing one, or more liekly none, after the pilot ejected. (I know, I know, it could have been a trainer, so there could have been 2, but that just doesn't work as well.)
2002-01-10 11:26:23 AM  
Maybe this is a sign that HUMANS should be able to FLY!
2002-01-10 11:28:07 AM  
Ctenidae - Thank you, I was thinking that my self
2002-01-10 11:28:09 AM  
2002-01-10 11:28:14 AM  
Is that Rei I see dancing?
2002-01-10 11:29:35 AM  
Another reason to make entire planes out of stuff the balck box is made out of and make them all remotely piloted by children playing video games.
2002-01-10 11:29:40 AM  
hope the pilot ejected in time..... and I hope the plane didn't hit anything important on its way down....
2002-01-10 11:29:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-10 11:30:58 AM  
scarily if its where i think it is there is a nuclear power plant less then a mile away in that area in little egg harbor just off the parkway, can see the cooling tower from the highway. hmmm probably a patrol.
2002-01-10 11:31:49 AM  
I hope the pilot ejected. :P And I really hope noone on the ground was hit :P

What timing for this, eh?
2002-01-10 11:32:24 AM  

"hope the plane didn't hit anything important on its way down...."

It probably caused thousands of dollars of improvements...
2002-01-10 11:32:32 AM  
Strike two.
2002-01-10 11:32:53 AM  
:( That just blows the dog.
2002-01-10 11:33:19 AM  
They should make the planes from the same stuff they make the black boxes from.
2002-01-10 11:34:03 AM  
weird, 2 pretty reliable planes crashing in 2 days. Saw another report that said the pilot did indeed eject.
2002-01-10 11:34:28 AM  
Stay alert, stay alive.
2002-01-10 11:34:42 AM  
Lack of Oxygen in the atmosphere above the entire state of NJ is probably the main cause. Those turbines require 02 people.

Entire state to be declared superfund project.
2002-01-10 11:35:38 AM  
Harmonia you suck. That jokes been used forever by just about stupic comic out there.
2002-01-10 11:35:42 AM  
i'm reminded of something triumph once said about bon jovi starting their tour in jersey -- "it's like poop returning up into the butthole"
2002-01-10 11:36:18 AM  
planes dropping out of the air like mad crazy lately....geez

Dapharmer: Actually, we just hear more about them now. When I lived in Phoenix, we would hear about a plane from Luke AFB crashing about once every 6 months... it just never made national news because it wasnt a big deal at the time.
2002-01-10 11:36:37 AM  
Hopefully it his one of the turnpike toll booths ... stupid things ever 1/4 mile ... why I oughtta ...
2002-01-10 11:36:44 AM  
Harmonia Beat ya to the black box line.
2002-01-10 11:37:23 AM  
Shall we remind people one more time that if planes were made out of black boxes stuff they'd never get off the ground?
2002-01-10 11:37:27 AM  
it's it's like that guy said yesterday.. they are trying to cover up all the deaths from the first few days of the war by scattering these "accidents" all over the place...kinda makes u wonder....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2002-01-10 11:37:39 AM  
Welby : Harmonia may suck, but do you swallow?
2002-01-10 11:37:48 AM  
ah CNN showing footage, it was thankfully in a wooded area and the pilot did get out. Air National Guard btw.
2002-01-10 11:38:11 AM  
So will the pilot be demoted to Top Pitchfork or something?
2002-01-10 11:38:18 AM  
Dont tell Welby, our resident post critic

2002-01-10 11:38:47 AM  
I hope it didn't crash into the Garden.
2002-01-10 11:39:54 AM  
$20 says that even though it crashed in a wooded area and the pilot managed to escape in plent of time, Pierre Salinger will claim 14 witnesses saw a flash of light on the tail just before it went down.
2002-01-10 11:41:08 AM  
For all those quick to trash NJ, I just thought I'd let you know that there's much more to it than Newark. For instance, this little scene is about 5 minutes from where I grew up:

[image from too old to be available]

Plus: We may not get the prestige of New York and Philadelphia, and we may get alot of their trash, but we also get most of their money. :)
2002-01-10 11:41:24 AM  
close with the first part.
2002-01-10 11:42:12 AM  
Slippy, that's a farking painting, dude! HAW HAW
2002-01-10 11:42:22 AM  
It's pretty bad when our own pilots are doing the bidding of bin laden.

Bin laden also made me get a parking ticket today. Bastard!
2002-01-10 11:42:30 AM  
Slippy:Ive seen that place -- it's built on top of an old dump, isnt it? :)
2002-01-10 11:42:40 AM  
phxtony is a wannabe evil stupid foul-smelling ass-raper
2002-01-10 11:42:41 AM  
The important thing about black boxes (actually blaze orange) isn't what they're made of, but how they're made. They're just plastic and metal, folks. all teh electronics are embedded in a resin block, which is encased in foam, which is covered by metal, which is covered by more foam, which is covered by plastic. A plane made like that would never get off teh ground, so it would probably be the safest plane ever made.
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