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(Some Guy)   Job openings at Earthlink for Testing Justin?   ( divider line
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2541 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jan 2002 at 8:49 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-10 08:52:27 AM  
I need a job.
2002-01-10 08:54:15 AM  
998 Testing Justin positions to be filled! Wooooo!
2002-01-10 08:55:37 AM  
Ahhh.... Earthlink.

It's working, guys. Now we're making fun of it.
2002-01-10 08:56:15 AM  
Job description: Popping across the road to get some sher-bert.
2002-01-10 08:56:38 AM  
It is because they are building a hippie army. You thought Al Queda was creepy and smelly....
2002-01-10 09:07:16 AM  
Are they referring to STDs?
2002-01-10 09:07:39 AM  
Korzeniowski- You Phillistine!! It's sorbet, dammit!
2002-01-10 09:33:15 AM  
HAHA...Earthlink sucks...
NEVER EVER use their DSL service. I've had nothing but problems. Their Testing Justins don't do their job.
2002-01-10 09:33:34 AM  
Fingers crossed. Hope I get it.
2002-01-10 09:40:27 AM  
I must need more coffee.
2002-01-10 09:42:18 AM  
Check out the resume I submitted... I sleigh me.

Relaximus Prime
Objective: To secure a position as a computer technician with an established and growing agency.

Experience: January 2001 - December 2001 Verizon Austin, TX

· CFO of Marketing Department and Internet Service Provider Support.
· Collected fat bank and nailed my secretary every afternoon at 3 p.m.

November 1998 - January 2001 Dell Round Rock, TX

· Vice President of Development.
· Constantly reported to Michael Dell that his secretary was not doing her job.
· Took long martini lunches in order to boost the local Hooters economy.

November 1996 - November 1998 Time Warner/ Road Runner Austin, TX

· Attended University of Austin in order to obtain my Bachelors degree in CS.
· Worked part-time, as an enforcer, for various pimps around downtown Austin when biatches and ho's held back da' money.
· Eventually became Lord of da' Pimps in the Austin-Metro area, uniting the industry leaders and workers.

January 1994 - January 1997 US Army Ft. Lewis, WA

· Specialized in field operations for specific weapons systems and indirect fire suppression methods.
· Utilized a wide range of weapons and equipment including; digital radio systems, hand-held computers, laser range finders and global positioning satellite systems.
· Maintained a Secret Security clearance throughout enlistment.

Education: 1996 - 1998 University of Texas Austin, TX
· Bachelors Degree in Computer Sciences, specializing in hardware development.
2002-01-10 09:45:28 AM  
RelaximusPrime: ROFL.....nice.
2002-01-10 09:47:10 AM  
Thanks EC. I really did submit it... I hope they call!
2002-01-10 09:52:42 AM  
F that. That place sucks. I tried them as a dial up ISP for 1 month. They don't tell you they do SMTP port blocking so you can't send/receive any external email due to spamming concerns. Their helpdesk sucks too. Clueless.
2002-01-10 10:09:12 AM  
site appears farked already.
2002-01-10 10:11:49 AM  
Maybe you mean "slay" me? hahaha!
2002-01-10 10:51:28 AM  
Maybe the Testing Justins can fix my DSL too. I have to admit, after a year of ho-hum service, I think I was happier on their dial up (at least it connected and stayed connected).

You'd think their site admins would catch something as stupid as a test account before they shoved it live. Dumb dumb dumb.
2002-01-10 11:20:35 AM  
DSL is inherently unreliable. Also, most companies will not make money off of you for your DSL service until you have stayed with them for 10 months or so. The company loses money in multi-hundred dollar chunks for every DSL account they sell. I am amazed ISPs even play with it at all. Go with telco DSL if you want to avoid pain and discomfort but are willing to accept their traditionally lower speeds.

Not only that, the ISP must work with the phone company to set up your order, an entity which cooperates with the ISP only because they are required to by federal law. This somewhat effects the quality of the cooperation.

I worked help desk at an ISP for a few years. My advice is to call frequently... it will get done eventually. Most of the horror stories are due to lack of ISP followup (don't count on the telco helping at all unless you're getting DSL through them) and bad communication. Take for granted that they will not call you, you will experience less frustration this way.

If at any point in time you become rude or combatative, you should ask immediately to be transferred to customer service for cancellation and save the rep the effort. Your DSL account is important, but if you become abusive it is a sure sign that the ISP will never make money off of you. Resolving DSL issues is expensive; friendly, patient sounding people will get money spent on them because the ISP believes they will stick with their service for a long time.
2002-01-10 12:26:09 PM  
I worked for Earthlink before it was Earthlink. Anyone else remember Sprint Internet Passport? It sucked then, and it sucks now.
2002-01-10 12:32:19 PM  
Obviously some sort of weird Scientology ritual to ensure the suitability of the new recruits named Justin.

Does't really seem that odd at all.
2002-01-10 12:46:42 PM  
how embarrassing.....I knew it was a bad idea for us to outsource our job listings page. :(
2002-01-10 12:48:41 PM  
Wow Justin has 998 openings...that could be an exhausting job, testing all of them!

"Well Mr. Krebopple, I find Justin to be quite flexible and supple, and quite customer friendly...especially under the circumstances! I recommend him much more highly than that Steve I tested last month."

And I've had Earthlink DSL for about a year now, runs like a dream.
2002-01-10 01:19:49 PM  
There's this idiot named Justin who I work with... you could probably discover a lot about stupid people by doing some Justin Testing.
2002-01-10 05:58:02 PM  
Earthlink like all companys has it's share of problems but they are hands down better the AOhell and MSNosync. My money is on them for ISP service. And no they do not all practice scientology.
2002-01-10 07:37:26 PM  
OK so I contacted all of my ELNK buddies (BTW if you want to get good support from Earthlink I suggest you get a friend or two on the inside, my DSL is never down for more than 24 hours) and they think that it may actually be a position worth applying for. But none of them are exactly sure, but they all do agree that the Justin's in their respective departments need to be tested diligently.
2002-01-14 08:43:04 AM  
This is boring
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