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(Iwon)   Laura Bush goes on Leno, dishes dirt on president. Admits he ran car into wall of garage after she criticized speech   ( divider line
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24678 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 May 2004 at 1:43 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-20 09:15:44 AM  
"He really does read the newspaper," she said, but stipulated
that he does not read stories by the reporters that follow him."

What's he reading then?

Calvin and Hobbes or BC?
2004-05-20 09:31:13 AM  
She's pretty funny..
2004-05-20 09:39:48 AM  
Is that like the time she ran over and killed her boyfriend?
2004-05-20 10:01:50 AM  
Not Calvin and Hobbes, that's for sure. When was the last time YOU read a paper? 1995? :-P
2004-05-20 10:02:24 AM  
I wonder what she's like when she's not hopped up on goofballs? Ever notice how she has that constant Xanax glaze in her eyes?
2004-05-20 10:42:26 AM  
The Presidential Daily Briefing for August 23, 2003:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-20 11:45:36 AM  
2004-05-20 10:02:24 AM 2xhelix
Ever notice how she has that constant Xanax glaze in her eyes?

My theory is they've had her zonked on anti-depressants ever since she killed her boyfriend.
2004-05-20 11:48:53 AM  
Just felt like making it 3/8 posts so far that mention her killing her boyfriend.
2004-05-20 12:07:27 PM  

Don't you think it's weird that she would go on TV and tell a story about Bush driving a car into a garage door, possibly on purpose, after she killed her boyfriend by driving her car into his, possibly on purpose?
2004-05-20 12:32:36 PM  
"Jay, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

She may have gotten off a few one liners like the one above, but I'm cynical enough to bet they were scripted. Considering the so-called humor that Leno's writers spew out, I'd give all credit to the White House staff.
2004-05-20 01:46:37 PM  
Quick! Photoshop that pic with a popeye hat and a pipe!
2004-05-20 01:46:41 PM  
I'll make it 5/10 if I get this in time:

Leno is a puss for not asking the tough questions:

"How about when you ran over and subsequently killed your boyfriend?"
2004-05-20 01:48:38 PM  
I didn't know she ran over her boyfriend and killed him! See what happens when you don't spend enough time on Fark!
2004-05-20 01:48:46 PM  
Even half:

Didn't she kill her boyfriend?
2004-05-20 01:49:00 PM  
People still watch Leno?
2004-05-20 01:49:12 PM  
Check out the first picture in the article. Is she Italian?
I think she is giving him the ole Fark U in sign language.
2004-05-20 01:49:26 PM  
I'd hit it...
2004-05-20 01:49:48 PM  
So what's this about her running over her boyfriend and killing him? Somebody tell me more.
2004-05-20 01:49:49 PM  
Does anyone else find it funny how a story about Laura Bush carries 2 google ads for bankruptcy lawyers?
2004-05-20 01:50:04 PM  
old story, crashing car in garage, that came out awhile ago

/didn't rtfa
2004-05-20 01:50:38 PM  
She seems like a very nice lady.
2004-05-20 01:50:57 PM  
"What happens in the White House stays in the White House"

2004-05-20 01:51:06 PM  

Her boyfriend killed her?
2004-05-20 01:51:39 PM  
2004-05-20 01:51:41 PM  
Oh, and while I am thinking of it.

Why would Leno ask her about running over her boyfriend when no one asks Hillary about having Vince Foster killed?
2004-05-20 01:51:56 PM  
I wouldn't hit it; she'd run me over later...

/"take that, 60 second man!"
2004-05-20 01:52:27 PM  
Leno should have asked, "what's it like to be such an imbecile compared to the previous first lady?"

/had to take a cheap-shot
2004-05-20 01:52:30 PM  
I'd crash into a wall for it.
2004-05-20 01:53:11 PM  
Xanaxed MILFs unite
2004-05-20 01:53:31 PM  
Dublya obviously likes Billy Joel music.
2004-05-20 01:53:32 PM  
please, if rich people killing other people were a crime would Ted Kennedy still be a senator?
2004-05-20 01:54:17 PM  
How cute. All the proof you need that Leno has been over from the beginning.

I was talking to a friend of mine last night, a man I respect and admire, and he confided in me how desolate he feels about life since Bush has been president. The only way I could cheer him up was to point out even the Roman Empire ended. The people that killed Christ only killed the messenger, and although we are at a low point for mankind, following your heart and ideas will mean more in the end than being decimated by this asswipe and his followers (Bush, not Leno).
2004-05-20 01:54:21 PM  
What's he reading then? Horroscopes, Family Circus, BC..

You can bet your life he doesn't read Doonsebury..
2004-05-20 01:54:26 PM  
She's a classy lady.

Not like the hildabeast.

Or the ketchup queen and her pet husband who wants to play president.
2004-05-20 01:55:19 PM  
"Why would Leno ask her about running over her boyfriend when no one asks Hillary about having Vince Foster killed?"

That's a GAZILLION times less intelligent than MY cheap shot. At least mine has a basis in fact.
2004-05-20 01:55:55 PM  
Yeah, she is classy, and I would like to see Laura's Bush.
2004-05-20 01:56:03 PM  
I seem to remember hearing something about her running over her boyfriend and killing him. Was I just imagining that? I can't believe nobody here on Fark has mentioned it!
2004-05-20 01:56:22 PM  
Let's see, three out of four previous approved articles make fun of Bush. Nope, no bias on Fark.
2004-05-20 01:56:48 PM  
Okay I'm getting confused already

Laura Bush had Hilary Clinton killed by getting an ex boyfriend to drive over her with Jay Leno's car?

That right?
2004-05-20 01:57:09 PM  
She's smart, sassy and has a good sense of humor.
2004-05-20 01:57:47 PM  
Did Stuttering John a-a-ask her about 3rd input?
2004-05-20 01:57:59 PM  
You mean Christians can kill people and still go to Church and feel good about themselves?
2004-05-20 01:58:32 PM  
Is our children learning?
2004-05-20 01:58:36 PM  
numbah5sistah: She's smart, sassy

...and scripted.
2004-05-20 01:58:45 PM  
crashing a car into a garage wall? I never thought I would say this, but I hope he was simply drunk out of his farking mind when he did this. Funny how rich people vent anger -- bang up their cars in their own garage and send poor baby faced reservists to die for oil.
2004-05-20 01:58:51 PM  
She was 17 and ran a stop sign, but yeah - there MUST be a story in there somewhere. It HAS to make up for Kennedy's record, doesn't it?
2004-05-20 01:58:52 PM  
Seriously, can someone post a decent link to the full story on her killing her boyfriend?

/can't hold a candle to 10,000 dead Iraqi civilians
2004-05-20 01:59:28 PM  
Stupider than Bush, I didn't think that was possible.
2004-05-20 02:00:12 PM  
Rockdrummer, Fark is all about bias which makes it a lot less interesting for those of us not into flamewars. However, watching people act as if they are the only person in the world with the correct opinion and that they will solve the world's problems in a discussion thread is pretty amusing, don't you think?
2004-05-20 02:00:23 PM  
story about the car accident

see "Chapter One: Midland". Dude's name was Michael Douglas.
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