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(Buzz)   Let's go see what them crazy Swedes is up to...   ( divider line
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9040 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Jan 2002 at 6:34 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-09 06:37:20 PM  
I love these guys. Swedes are so cool. They're all about boobies too
2002-01-09 06:37:38 PM  
2002-01-09 06:39:05 PM  
2002-01-09 06:39:06 PM  
Wreckchasing?!? -- wreck "chasing"?!? They're wrecks -- they're not going anywhere. It's like cow hunting for Christ's sake.
2002-01-09 06:40:09 PM  
OMG OMG! Dave Thomas just died and the nation is in trauma. And you guys talk about something as insignificant as SWEDEN??!?!??

THE nerve of you farks. Darn you all. Darn you to heck!
2002-01-09 06:40:54 PM  
coolest vegetables this side of the greengrocer for sure
2002-01-09 06:41:05 PM  
especially you, DREW!
2002-01-09 06:42:23 PM  
To all the Swedes:

2002-01-09 06:42:50 PM  
yes, but does it contain latest information about the KC-130?
2002-01-09 06:43:13 PM  
sug min kuk, sweden.
2002-01-09 06:43:17 PM  
I do enjoy Swedish fish a lot. Damn those things are tasty.
2002-01-09 06:47:11 PM  
does anybody know the swedish word for boobies?
2002-01-09 06:49:32 PM  
I know "fita" (sp?), but that is not boobies...; ) Plus I hear that is the worset word in the whole language. I know I spelled it wrong. The whole saying is something like. "Slipa mi fita".
2002-01-09 06:51:21 PM  
On a side note.What's up with Fark as of late.Are they having server or ISP problems? I am encoutering alot of problems accessing the site over the last two weeks at work and at home.
2002-01-09 06:52:15 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-09 06:52:29 PM  
I hear it wa ram, and that is why the shut down for a bit today to install it.... One more thing I can't spell for shiat.
2002-01-09 06:55:48 PM  
how will i know a boobies link when i see it? babelfish doesn't do swedish.

fita, eh? i hope to god that that's not the word for weener, fishbowl.
2002-01-09 06:56:00 PM  
Icelanders are better looking, Norwegians are taller

Sweden is just... there.

Oh, wait they make vodka and Saabs. Hooray!
2002-01-09 06:56:21 PM  
Oh well I guess I am not even reading the headlines anymore and just posting.
2002-01-09 06:56:45 PM  
Shyster -- Negative. More along the lines of the C-word. But worse.
2002-01-09 07:01:03 PM  
worse than the C-word? everytime i accidentally let slip the C-word i get hit in the head by my lady, thank fark she aint swedish, fita fita fita
2002-01-09 07:02:07 PM  
Shyster- Maybe that was not enough info. Wouldn't want to leave that one open. Female body part starting with a C and sounds like bunt.... Filter...
2002-01-09 07:06:54 PM  
same problem here Bmr68, I get 404 errors on the cgi server all the time during the day now....Drew what's wrong...
2002-01-09 07:09:59 PM  
I found a sweet page. Swedish Slang

fitta is the proper spelling.
This word rocks......fittansikte
2002-01-09 07:11:34 PM  
fishbowl: as long as it doesn't rhyme with clock we're okay. i'm going on a hunt for swedish, um, fita. wish me luck!
2002-01-09 07:12:31 PM  
Working on the fix. Traffic jumped 50% since Sunday, we're still adjusting
2002-01-09 07:12:39 PM  
Man, how does crap like this get posted? I post funny stuff, crazy stuff, scary stuff, socially important stuff, BOOBIES, more funny stuff, and (did I mention boobies?) cool stuff.

Yet always they get rejected, and the friggin' Sweedish Ghey Calandar gets posted.

WTF are the mods smokin'? I mean C'MON!
2002-01-09 07:13:37 PM  
hahahaha swedish alternative slang farking rules
2002-01-09 07:14:42 PM  
Fishbowl: it spells Fitta
kul att ni hittade blir det aldrig så bra som FARK !!!

It was Buzz that linked me to Fark in August 2001, after that never went back to it..
I'm addicted to it...
This is just my Weeners..

2002-01-09 07:15:39 PM  
Sorry, just posting to see if my damn account still farking works.
2002-01-09 07:16:12 PM  
ha! i like giftbrun. that word is just cruel in the sky!
2002-01-09 07:16:23 PM  
Zyver- Are you swedish?
2002-01-09 07:18:04 PM  
no i'm Cuban:):):)
2002-01-09 07:20:16 PM  
Zyver: Um...Valcommen till Fark!

Yay! I can speak Swedish! Sort of.
2002-01-09 07:20:57 PM  
crazy swedes is right! cruel in thae sky. ha!
check out the translation for "rövgöka mig för fan"!
2002-01-09 07:21:39 PM  
i havent laughed this hard in ages, i love the alternate slang page
2002-01-09 07:22:09 PM  
2002-01-09 07:22:45 PM  
Hola amigo que pasa? Como esta Senior Castro? Entiendo espanol pero no puedo hablar mucho...Que lastima.

I am pretty good at spanish slang...La tuya bendeho. o binche puerco, and my personal favorite, "Chupa mi verga"
I can't spell though.
2002-01-09 07:23:48 PM  
Goastocken i köttarännan
2002-01-09 07:23:53 PM  
tuttar = boobies
2002-01-09 07:24:15 PM  
I still have fond memories of the Swedish Bikini Team....

....mmmmmmm ta-tas.......ta-tas in fur-trimmed bikini the cold....mmmmmmmmmm
2002-01-09 07:25:24 PM  
Tick- My housemate is sewdish and I hate to break it to you man, but there is no Swedish bikini team. ; ( It is all some sort of American marketing ploy....
2002-01-09 07:25:29 PM  
Se Habla Espanol?

Sesame Street taught me well
2002-01-09 07:26:37 PM  
Abierto --- Cerrado ... Sesame street rocks.
2002-01-09 07:27:06 PM  
hola Fishbowl todo bien
your spanish is good enough for passing the FARK filter:)
2002-01-09 07:27:10 PM  
Buzz used to have an English-language page (years ago) ... is it long gone?
2002-01-09 07:28:17 PM  
Fishbowl: i will have to remember to make that announcement the next time that it fits, er, i mean the next time it's appropriate.
2002-01-09 07:31:41 PM  
in english, even. that is too funny!
2002-01-09 07:32:38 PM  
giftbrun is a good one to remember as well.

Zyver -- Gracias amigo. Ay mi trabajo es muy aburrido. Yo necessito una cervesa.....
2002-01-09 07:34:48 PM  
i can talk new zealander

sux fesh and cheps wucked briu
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