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3725 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Jan 2002 at 4:50 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-09 05:58:50 PM  
Yet more death... :(


Most of those "towelheads", up until recently, loved the US, as it had, from most of their perspectives, saved them from the Russians, and provided most of their humanitarian aid funding.

Notice that I said "up until recently".
2002-01-09 05:59:33 PM  
warmbeer, don't you hate that. To bad it was getting good.
2002-01-09 05:59:53 PM  
Capigula: "OK Cyberhoser, why do you hate america?"

Cyberhoser: Something is tugging your line, man...
2002-01-09 06:06:07 PM  
I don't think this is the appropriate thread to be spitting about america, or IT'S terrorism worldwide...
2002-01-09 06:07:43 PM  
Cyberhoser: "I am white, i don't wear a towel, and i hate america... what would you call me?"

A filthy swine pussy nancy-boy twat.

If you disagree with some things America is doing, fine, it's your right and duty as a citizen to voice your opinion.

If you hate America, get the fark out. Or if you're a foreigner, stay the fark out and shut your trap because nobody farking cares what you have to say.
2002-01-09 06:07:57 PM  
Cyberhoser, Chicken?

just kidding, but really I want to know.
2002-01-09 06:13:05 PM  
The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.
2002-01-09 06:14:17 PM  
2002-01-09 06:14:21 PM  
Coming from a high schooler, this is weird, but Korzeniowski may be right, Think of this, How did we have only what was it, 16 deaths in the gulf war? We know the government is hiding shiat about the U.S., how do we know that like a thousand people were killed in the gulf war and the government says 16 to boost american morale? What he says does make sense. I doubt we have the procedures and stuff to have only 1 man killed in a major jail break.

-Tristan Mosher

----God Bless American----
2002-01-09 06:15:59 PM  
Godspeed, Marines.

A humble suggestion: next time any of you Farkers are out boozing and there are men and women of (y)our armed forces in the establishment, set 'em up with a round -- anonymously.
2002-01-09 06:15:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-09 06:17:39 PM  

If a thousand people died in the gulf war why would there have been an outcry from the families wondering where there loved ones are. Think about it, Condit had one intern go missing and it was on every station for weeks.
2002-01-09 06:18:21 PM  
Viper, you can believe that there were very few people killed in the Gulf War, at least under 1000, because dead soldiers has families, and those families are often specifically interviewed by the News media. If they say 16 died and 1,000 families across the US didn't get their kid/husband/uncle back, don't you think someone might mention it to the news? Or does the governement kill everyone on that list, too?
2002-01-09 06:18:43 PM  
Until I see you produce some actual, empirical research that shows attitudes toward the West have shifted from the war, (empirical, not antectdotal)-- then you have no place describing the mindset of an entire group of people (especially when you don't live there, speak their language, etc.)

Yet again you employ marxist historical methods to paint a specific set of actions to fit into your political world view. Wake up--
2002-01-09 06:18:54 PM  
That is exactly my point Froid, you farks don't listen to anyone. That is why everyone hates you as a country. Imagine all the education systems...rampant information...yet you are the most blind country. How sad. How about you jump off the wagon, throw down your little "I am an ass kissing follower" flag, and research to what led up sept 11 you farkhead! Or do you really think that educated people with a life ahead of them fly planes into buildings for no reason.

Actually, you're american and i know you don't care enough actually to do anything but flap your gums with used bullshiat american propaganda. Why don't you just get back to watching Geraldo, loser
2002-01-09 06:22:56 PM  
Hey Sober, I guess we agree.
2002-01-09 06:26:47 PM  
Viper, you obviously are entirely uneducated about what you speak.

There were very, very few Americans even present at the Mazar-e-Sharif riot you talk about. I remember reading a report that stated that were perhaps eight. It was a Northern Alliance prison. You better believe there was more than one man killed in the jail break. There was the NA soldier who was blown up by the handgrenade that started it. And there was our American. There's two. Plus, you know, there were three days of tough fighting. Of course there wasn't one man killed, you idiot.

As for the Gulf War, the kill ratio was something like 100 Iraqis for every American. This is because American tanks and airpower ruled the desert. The Iraqis had nothing but old T-55s as far as armor went. I have no idea if 16 deaths was accurate, but the government wouldn't be lying about it, you paranoid sack. The Iraqis were absolutely slaughtered. Proof of this is everywhere. Instances like the highway of death are examples of this.

Furthermore, suggesting that the US has lied about the number of deaths in Iraq is just ridiculously stupid, because I guarantee this would have been found out. Come now. People go over seas to fight. People who lose their sons in war often get into local newspaper. The US has enough freakishly paranoid lefties and righties and just plain curious people that I'm sure there have been many people checking US statistics because they are so goddamned paranoid. Example being the Gulf War syndrome from chemical weapons. This was uncovered, despite the government's unwillingness to accept that the Gulf War was responsible. If you think something as simple as casualty figures wouldn't have been uncovered, you're just a fat fool. I'm sure you'd like to think your idea is creative and clever. "Hey, WHAT IF THE US GOVERNMENT LIED TO US ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED TO INCREASE OUR MORALE!?!?! THEY SURE ARE EVIL!" You're not. At all.

In other words, you're wrong. Completely.
2002-01-09 06:29:55 PM  
My two cents -

and RockandRoller is the mother of "Mokey". do you ever speak with the towelheads/indians/asians at UT,Dallas, Rock? I know that place is literally swarming with 'em people...
2002-01-09 06:30:56 PM  
It is pretty sad to see country of people whom hate there president, government, and trust niether...but are all for this war.

Regular american 1: "nuke dem towelheads!!"
Regular american 2: "why?"
Regular american 1: "because the president and a bunch of celebrities said so"
Regular american 2: "yeah, nuke dem basterd towelheads!!
Regular american 2: "what's a towelhead?"
Regular american 1: "...ah...duh...I don't know, and i don't care...kill em all!!!"
2002-01-09 06:33:39 PM  

you are a complete loser.

research sept 11?? it's 'U.S. hate-mongers' like you that use our education system and shiat it back at us.

why are you even here? go back to canada and stop using our resources.
2002-01-09 06:34:18 PM  
Cyberhoser-Ok genius. Tell us all why Sept. 11th happened.

and please tell us the big difference between Americans and Canadian's. yea, Canada is FULL of educated worldy citizens. Give me a break. Fark Canada. A country founded on losers. What the hell has Canada done for ANYONE ever.....Even your hockey teams suck ass now.
2002-01-09 06:34:26 PM  
Dam you people are hard on a high school freshman... Jeez, Sorry!
2002-01-09 06:35:10 PM  
Cyberhoser, piss off, you stupid sack.

I could use the same argument against you. Why don't you jump off the liberal self-righteous high horse bandwagon, take off your "HEY I'M COOL BECAUSE I HATE THE US PIGS" t-shirt, and slap yourself in the face?

If you hate America, no, I don't care what the goddamned hell you think. If you hate America and have the power to do something about that emotion, yes, I would be interested in making you bleed, for my own sake. And if you did use that power to do something against America because you hate it, you better believe I'm going to come down on your ass with a big hammer labeled 'justice'.

You stupid twat, do you think nearly every American doesn't have some concept of the possible reasons that led up the attack on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11th? Do you think anybody believes we were just attacked out of the blue for absolutely no reason? No. Nobody believes that, you fat, filthy, ignorant fool.

Everyone has their own opinion on the reasons. But everybody acknowledges there are reasons.

I think the reasons are not good ones. So do most Americans. Therefore we believe we are in the right.

Now, like I said, piss off and go read an American newspaper. You may be surprised, but it has a lot of news it.
2002-01-09 06:42:54 PM  
More 'nucks using the ole US education system. Poor Danvers.
2002-01-09 06:43:19 PM  
Sang-Froid: you belie your monniker, amigo.
Let it go, he's a fool.
2002-01-09 06:44:26 PM  
I loved america my whole life. I would go all over with my hockey team having fun kicking the shiat out of everyone, but we had fun and there waz no angst. I loved america so much that i moved here, and quickly grew up. I never hated america from afar, and i am on no waggon. Everything i have learned in these years in america is in university, not from american media, and that is where your problem obviously lays. Now, go back to watching entertainment tonight and keep learning why you hates all those other countries, whatever there names are. Moron
2002-01-09 06:44:34 PM  
Look, everyone is oversimplifying this war to fit everyone's perspective. First of all, let's end this whole towelhead business, I dont know what it accomplishes. Just because we are warring with a country doesnt mean we can debase them and ourselves by bringing that kind of crudeness out. In Iraq, and Afghanistan and although I would be inclined to dislike them people like the Serbs are screwed by crazy leaders.

I cannot completely condemn the Taliban, for although they took Afghanistan centuries back and humilated women (nothing is more un-Islamic) they drove out the Russians and virtually eliminated opium cultivation in the past couple years. And because Im proud to be an American and care about the course this country takes, I cannot sit back and not be annoyed by this uberpatriotism sweep and people who oversimplify like Apex for instance.
2002-01-09 06:47:40 PM  
Jobe, oil. Greed...ah i mean american interests...
2002-01-09 06:49:59 PM  
Cyberhoser: I'd probably hate America too, if I believed everything I learned in School...

Semper Fi.
2002-01-09 06:50:59 PM  
RockandRoller: you're taking up valuable space here.
2002-01-09 06:51:05 PM  
Out with the Towelheads, in with the Russkies... So the Taliban connot be completely condemned becuz they drove the Russians out and killed weed?

Hopes to start next flame-thread... this ones "red"-alert folks!

cyberhoser, your spelling is horrible dude, I always thought the canadians were good spellers... Are you from Quebec or something?
2002-01-09 06:51:07 PM  
Don't take it personally, kid.
Those who are criticizing you obviously didn't read your disclaimer at the beginning of your post.
2002-01-09 06:51:44 PM  
Froid, calling someone a "sack" is about as funny as a plane full of innocent people crashing into a building. Props on the originality though, you miadis (that is the hole of a penis)

If you can't find one for reference, ask your mother.
2002-01-09 06:53:54 PM  
Dev2r, yes i am from quebec. Montreal. Sorry about that.
2002-01-09 06:55:04 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-09 06:56:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-09 06:58:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-09 06:59:06 PM  
I love the cracks about canadian hockey. Take a look at any american team, are there any americans? I think not. Red wings won two cups, millions of waggon riders jump on screeming "hockey town" waving flags (well of course, that's all americans can do) but, there is only one american on the team, go figure.
2002-01-09 07:06:00 PM  
np cyberhoser, we all make mistakes...

Boobies + Beer = World Peace
2002-01-09 07:11:06 PM  
Hey Cyberhoser: Kiss my A$$! By the way, why don't you guys go fix your border problem. Half of the illegal terrorist immigrants in the U.S. come from Canada.

Don't worry though, after we get done in the Middle East, we're finally gonna annex your sorry a$$es like we should have a long time ago. And no more French language in Quebec. It's called ASSIMILATION.

*Thanks to all those serving for our freedom!*
2002-01-09 07:14:43 PM  
And one more thing... Maybe you should ask your University for a refund. Spelling and grammer a little hairy...

"I loved america my whole life. I would go all over with my hockey team having fun kicking the shiat out of everyone, but we had fun and there waz no angst. I loved america so much that i moved here, and quickly grew up. I never hated america from afar, and i am on no waggon. Everything i have learned in these years in america is in university, not from american media, and that is where your problem obviously lays. Now, go back to watching entertainment tonight and keep learning why you hates all those other countries, whatever there names are. Moron"
2002-01-09 07:23:05 PM  
I'm just wondering, as a new farker and webmasterer(Yes, that is a class I am taking in High School) as to what the html tag is for img src's..just like the faq, I can't find it, doh.
2002-01-09 07:24:43 PM  
EvilCamel you spelled grammer wrong. RockandRoller would be really pleased to meet you.
2002-01-09 07:29:04 PM  
Viper, , or did you mean something else?
2002-01-09 07:31:42 PM  
silly me!

Viper,lets see if this makes any sense to you:
within tags--> img src="yoururl"

Curse you all, HTMLosers!!!
2002-01-09 07:32:12 PM  
Viper1918 try going here.
2002-01-09 07:33:49 PM  

i'm a college student, as well, and i'm more of a liberterian than anything else, but i see the validity of what david horowitz has to say about our institutions of "higher education". aside from being run by arrogant leftist farkwits like yourself, they teach you that unless you buy into their mentality, and become an arrogant leftist farkwit, you're an idiot. you really don't have to become a chomsky-worshipping idiot. accept this; a lot of curriculum is just leftist propaganda. don't believe me? look at the mandatory classes you need to take to get your BA. so many ridiculous classes such as "ethnic studies", where they teach you how bad "mainstream society" is, (which if you replace the word "whitey" in the book, quickly turns into a farrakhan-esque rant).
2002-01-09 07:35:05 PM  

Sorry, wrong link.

Try here.
2002-01-09 07:43:46 PM  
A few words that more enlightened souls than I composed sum up my feelings...

"Life is no life to him that dares not die,
And death no death to him that dares not live."
-- Sir Henry Newbolt.

Sweet wine of youth; gave up the years to be
Of work and joy, and that unhoped serene
That men call age; and those who would have been,
Their sons, they gave, their immortality.
Rupert Brooke

And finally,

In lonely watches night by night
Great visions burst upon my sight,
For down the stretches of the sky
The hosts of dead go marching by.
Strange ghostly banners o'er them float,
Strange bugles sound an awful note,
And all their faces and their eyes
Are lit with starlight from the skies.
The anguish and the pain have passed
And peace hath come to them at last,
But in the stern looks linger still
The iron purpose and the will.
Dear Christ, who reign'st above the flood
Of human tears and human blood,
A weary road these men have trod,
O house them in the home of God!

Frederick George Scott
In a Field near Ypres
April, 1915
2002-01-09 07:44:09 PM  
Bad hair day for Ricky Martin? Try Squint's previous link. Anyways, Thats it with my farking for today.
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