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16512 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Jan 2002 at 1:49 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-09 01:52:26 PM  
2002-01-09 01:52:33 PM  
2002-01-09 01:52:38 PM  
we've been had! fark their site!
2002-01-09 01:52:43 PM  
Oh suuuure. Sounds like spin doctoring to me. They think we don't know how dumb they really are.

"Oh, we'd never do thaaat!" says a dessicated mummy like being. Reporters had to flee when one PETA member suddenly snapped and started eating everything made out of meat.

"It's not natural! I am living a lie!" he shouted as he munched on the head of a fellow PETA staffer.
2002-01-09 01:53:39 PM  
Hoax or not, 'twas some funny shiat reading about it!

-he who stacks pork
2002-01-09 01:54:29 PM  
I still say they harrassed Dave Thomas into an early grave...
2002-01-09 01:55:37 PM  
"Whoever came up with this hoax must be laughing himself right out of his tree stand," says Lange.

Is that supposed to be a joke or a snyde commet? Jebus on a pogo stick lady, you suck. That's what eating sprouts and kishi all day will do to you.
2002-01-09 01:55:59 PM  
MMMMmmmm. Broiled PETA staffer head in a pita...with tzatziki!!
2002-01-09 01:56:34 PM  
Or maybe, just maybe, they realized how stupid it was and are now trying to claim it was a hoax..? Maybe?
2002-01-09 01:57:07 PM  
Better luck next time, burger boys.
2002-01-09 01:57:39 PM  
heheh.. dumb hicks.
2002-01-09 01:57:45 PM  
maybe somebody should tell the gun shop owner in OH who was paying the hunters to bring in the PETA orange vests.
2002-01-09 01:58:30 PM  
The jokes on them. I hit two deer on the way to work.
2002-01-09 01:58:41 PM  
This stuff always happens when satire isn't funny.
2002-01-09 01:59:43 PM  
Why tell him? Makes hunting *THAT* much more exciting.
2002-01-09 02:02:23 PM  
yeah, sounds a bit like a how the hell did peta catch all those deer to put the vests on in the first place?
2002-01-09 02:03:51 PM  
IQ's smaller than waistbands? So if you're really fat you're smart, if you're anorexic like this're not smart enough to be a moron....
2002-01-09 02:04:35 PM  
yeah, sounds a bit like a how the hell did peta catch all those deer to put the vests on in the first place?

I think they shot them.

2002-01-09 02:05:17 PM  
In retrospect, it does seem too stupid to be a hoax. But then again, PETA does such unbelievably stupid crap, you just don't know a lie from the truth...
2002-01-09 02:05:22 PM  
What? Something on the internet which isn't true?
Oh, say it isn't so!
2002-01-09 02:05:38 PM  
In retrospect, it does seem too stupid to be a real. But then again, PETA does such unbelievably stupid crap, you just don't know a lie from the truth...
2002-01-09 02:06:09 PM  
Fine, it was a hoax article, they never did it.

But it's no hoax that they all suck. Humorless farkers.
2002-01-09 02:06:29 PM  
Oops, just read my second post...
2002-01-09 02:08:33 PM  
Oh, man! Does this mean I DROVE aaaalllllll the way out here, and the orange-vested deer don't even EXIST!

WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME! Well... maybe not a COMPLETE waste... I accidentally shot 2 hunters and their families...

Comon you guys... It was dark. They were wearing vests. How was I to know they weren't deer. Oh well, they had $216 dollars on them, and this one lady made her husband these really yummy roastbeef sandwiches with little cherry tomatoes. At least it wasn't a total loss.
2002-01-09 02:09:30 PM  
Wow, good hoax! Had me going good. The sad thing is, people would actually believe PETA doing as something as stupid as that because it's PETA.

So let's start another PETA hoax...
2002-01-09 02:09:47 PM  
Has anyone ever seen animal crackers with erections?
2002-01-09 02:10:05 PM  
I shot a deer once. It wasn't wearing orange either. When I shot it, it flopped on the ground, dying a horrible, painful death. I celebrated as I knew I would have a lot of beef jerky that year. Yay for red meat!
2002-01-09 02:10:16 PM  
I doubt that they would bother capturing individual deer and dressing them in orange. Ask a hunter, it's hard enough to find the suckers.

Reminds me of that story about the guy who was darting wild gorillas and dressing them in clown costumes. Yeah, right!
2002-01-09 02:10:25 PM  
I'm still having deer for dinner.....
2002-01-09 02:10:33 PM  
lol @ PM_
2002-01-09 02:12:31 PM  
Hmmm, IamEvil, I'm not sure one can get beef jerky from a deer.
2002-01-09 02:12:38 PM  
Or maybe they're trying to trick us into thinking it's a hoax cause the news leaked out. So they know, that we know deers have vests, so now they tell us its false. But if we know, that they know what we know we can uhh...drat
2002-01-09 02:13:57 PM  
IamEvil, how'd you manage to get beef jerky out of a deer? That's a neat trick. ;)
2002-01-09 02:14:13 PM  
And I suppose if the stunt were real and went off great, PETA would be crowing about how successful it was.
2002-01-09 02:14:46 PM  
My bad, "Venison" jerky. It was damn good.

I used to kill innocent furry animals to eat them. Now I kill them just to spite Peta. Oh, did I mention the deer I killed was a doe? I had a doe tag. Probably left some tick infested little beast without nurturing care. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!
2002-01-09 02:15:39 PM  
Haw Haw! You Farkers are stoopid!!!!!
2002-01-09 02:16:42 PM  
Hey, anybody knows when PETA season opens up in Ohio?
I've been polishing my shotgun all year.
2002-01-09 02:17:05 PM  
The deer wasn't wearing an orange vest when IamEvil shot it, but he apparently had some Slim Jims in the pockets of his Dockers.
2002-01-09 02:17:26 PM  
Huh??? If they weren't dressed in organge vests, they what the hell was I shooting at this morning??

Oops, I had a PETA in my Pita for lunch today.
2002-01-09 02:17:55 PM  
And "polishing my shotgun" means exactly what it says.

Stop snickering.
2002-01-09 02:19:19 PM  
it really goes to show what our opinion is towards Peta - for use to believe that they are that stupid, means that we believe they are really that stupid., something like that.
2002-01-09 02:20:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Orange vests? If I ever wore an orange vest I would have to shoot myself. Puhleeease.
2002-01-09 02:20:56 PM  
ViciousDarling: IamEvil is probably involved in some sort of secret genetic experimentation. You know, in the style of Art Bell's stories...
2002-01-09 02:22:16 PM  

Obvious attempt at hiding their own usual screwups by disavowing any knowledge.

At least they didn't talk about when they let all the minks from the fur farm near me free, so they could starve in the wild or be killed on the highway.

And they didn't mention the time they tried to "save" all the easter chicks from their harmless food coloring dye by washing it off by letting them soak in trays of water, drowning them all in the process.
2002-01-09 02:22:19 PM  
lol... classic!
2002-01-09 02:22:30 PM  
peta is responsible for your ham tasting like ass
2002-01-09 02:23:06 PM  
PETA is simply a terrorist organization, and you're letting the terrorists win if you don't kill hunters.

Hunters are made of meat just like the deer are, so eat em up, it's a gift from god.
2002-01-09 02:24:07 PM  
At times like these, I like fall back on the comforts of futurama:

"If you don't stop serving them, we'll boycott you!"

"You're vegetarians, who cares what you do?"
2002-01-09 02:25:15 PM  
I laughed when they shot Bambi's mother. Is that wrong?
Peta should come to MD and put little orange vests on muskrats and racoons.
Damn! Outsmarted by those protein and amino acid deprived Petaheads again!
2002-01-09 02:30:34 PM  
HINT TO PETA: next time, use *bulletproof* vests.
2002-01-09 02:30:48 PM  
Some of them PETA bastards were protesting in front of my favorite lunch spot and I told one guy with a particularly horrific picture of some skinless animal to go get bent cause he was puttin me off my lunch. I hate them guys... There are so many other problems in the world that involve people, you'd think they had something better to do with their time...
2002-01-09 02:31:05 PM  
I watched the elephant video of behind the scenes at the circus, and they led me to think I'd be seeing elephants beaten on the face and electrified and stabbed with hooks, but the video only showed the elephants swaying back and forth and having their leg chained. One or two showed they had a stiff leg, but that's it.
Peta has a huge credibility problem, and they make it worse each day!
2002-01-09 02:32:35 PM  
i don't think that even PETA would be stupid enough to put orange vests on deer - can you imagine the liability that would create? wrongful death lawsuits left and right from drunk rednecks who could then blame their stupidity on PETA's? wow.
2002-01-09 02:32:55 PM  
It was a good thread anyway. Besides, You don't need to base bashing PETA on facts.
2002-01-09 02:33:07 PM  
Ms. Lange is evidently the wit of PETA . . . not surprised at that, really.
2002-01-09 02:34:22 PM  
My comment from the original thread. PETA gets stupider every year. They need some meat in their diets.
2002-01-09 02:34:36 PM  
"I hate them guys..."

haw haw.
2002-01-09 02:35:26 PM  
2002-01-09 02:35:54 PM  
This is so farking hilarious. Funny for the gullibility factor (I'm naturally gullible, so I don't count), and funny for the fact that everyone has such a low opinion of PETA that it was bought with few questions.

I can laugh at stupidity. That's why I think I'm funny.
2002-01-09 02:37:24 PM  
Quick! Someone use the protest suggestion page to suggest a protest at Dave Thomas' funeral! That'd be a spectacular disaster for them!
2002-01-09 02:38:00 PM  
Er, I meant my comment from the original still stands. Maybe I need less meat in my diet.
2002-01-09 02:45:50 PM  
You can read more about the madcap adventures of PETA and their zany friends in the animal rights movements at your local library.

I read it a few months back - actually a pretty good book. Not an expose' per se, but credits and discredits different organization based on the sincerity, rationality and legality of their tactics.

Now where can I find a book about the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior...
2002-01-09 02:45:51 PM  
This reminded me of PETA.

A little on the strange side, but when you read far enough you'll realize the absurdity of being a cow hugger.
2002-01-09 02:48:43 PM  
Sorry the sight of dead animal photographs made you lose your appetite. What exactly DO you think you're eating, anyway? (Hint, it used to look like the photographs)

People have stopped being aware of the wide-spread consequences of their actions. Sure, you'll eat the burger, but you lose your appetite if you think where it came from.

2002-01-09 02:53:19 PM  
Ever thought of where eggs come from?

Dead things make good food. Except people. Tastes like ass.
2002-01-09 02:54:23 PM  
I like PETA, they gots ballz.
2002-01-09 02:54:43 PM  
So we just take PETA on their word that it's a hoax?

*shrugs* It probably is, but I find it funny that most are just as willing to accept it as hoax as they were to believe in it.

Still, this is NOT something I'd put beoynd the more rabid treehuggers...
2002-01-09 02:57:19 PM  
CaseyPie: Not everyone who enjoys a tasty creature grows queasy at the sight of a cow being dispatched, a chicken gutted or a fish being dry scaled. For some of us, the sheer joy of taunting such protesters is reason enough to order animal for dinner, especially if a militant or otherwise pretentious one is in the immediate vicinity.

Me, I had to be careful not to allow any grease drippings from my blood rare cheeseburger to drop on the pages of the borrowed copy of 'The Jungle' I was reading. It was like Sinclair was cheering me on.
2002-01-09 02:57:22 PM  
Casey Pie -
There is a difference between knowing that you're eating a dead animal, and having photographs specifically chosen for shock value shoved in your face just before you eat.
2002-01-09 03:01:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-09 03:05:58 PM  
What photo of dead animals? I missed out! :(
2002-01-09 03:06:34 PM  
This whole don't eat burgers or meat out of kindness of animals seems stupid as hell to me, does a plant somehow lose less when it's eaten, both die.

Of course, this will launch the notion that slaughterhouses torture and give the animals a miserable life, but slaughterhouse or not, they'd still die, at least the carcass isn't sitting out spreading who knows what kind of diseases.

Well to do, well fed people have no idea.

Casey, you go 10 days without food, you'll be begging to smack a squirrel in the head with a rock, and try to rip it open with your teeth to eat it raw, hell it worked for Elvis.
2002-01-09 03:09:37 PM  
Quick, lets all load up the paintball cannon with day-glo orange paint and head for the tree stands!
2002-01-09 03:10:42 PM  
R_C_ Collins:

Most trainers rely on chains and fear to make an elephant obey. Some elephants spend most of their whole lives in chains. In the wild, the life expenctancy of elephants is the same as ours. In the circus, most elephants die prematurely of disease and the stress of confinement. I find that horrible.
Say all you want about PETA but I think that trying to stop the exploitation of animals in the circus is a good thing.
2002-01-09 03:11:27 PM  
CaseyPie -
Dead animals taste good.........
People care about animals. Lab workers care about animals. They just care about people more. They haven't crossed the line where you start placing non-human life above human life. That's a big jump that most people choose not to make because they don't romanticize animals and assign the finer human qualities to them. Life is not "Bambi". Your average deer hunter does more for animal welfare than does your average deer hugger.
You can deny it all you want, but we're omnivores.
2002-01-09 03:20:29 PM  
If somebody had the talent to put something like this together, I'm sure it would be an appropriate internet hoax response...

"Omegaquila -
Quick! Someone use the protest suggestion page to suggest a protest at Dave Thomas' funeral! That'd be a spectacular disaster for them!"
2002-01-09 03:20:52 PM  
It's important to remember that just because PETA sucks, not every one of their goals is outrageously stupid. Most of them are, and that's why PETA will never get an ounce of support from me for any reason. You want the animals out of the circus? I agree with you there. However, PETA will remove all the animals from the circus, remove all animals involved in any stage of research for any and all reasons, and take your pets away from you. PETA sucks. Period.
2002-01-09 03:20:54 PM  
All I have to say for this one, is:

Go PETA ;)
They really got fark well ;)

Though of course, fark got somewhat of a preemptive revenge with their suggestion form ;)
2002-01-09 03:21:40 PM  
Kylie: There is a difference between wanting to stop the abuse of animals and trying to turn everyone into vegans. PETA crosses the line between "noble special-interest group" and "psychotic fringe group".
2002-01-09 03:22:00 PM  
Whack her again Grandpa!
2002-01-09 03:22:36 PM  
Rei: They weren't specifically targeting Fark.
2002-01-09 03:22:54 PM  
A question:

should people eat monkeys? why or why not?
2002-01-09 03:23:40 PM  
I'm not a genetic experiment, I'm just extremely anti-Peta. Red meat, it does a body good.
2002-01-09 03:23:41 PM  
Don't forget about Rodeos Kylie :)

Though I have to admit, if I see one on I will watch it in hopes of seeing the bull or horse stomping the crap out of one of the riders.

And don't forget, PETA people sometimes protest topless, though that's not always a good thing since some of the whales they've saved participate.
2002-01-09 03:23:58 PM  
Thin out the herd!
2002-01-09 03:24:51 PM  
PETA should be more concerned that a large portion of the general public believes PETA is whacked out enough to try something like this.
2002-01-09 03:26:35 PM  
As for posing nude to "Help make awareness for blah blah blah", can anyone really name what cause Britney Spears was planning to pose nude for? Yes, it gets attention. And Yes, it does get people talking... but only about how many boobies they saw...
2002-01-09 03:27:28 PM  
BigG :
I agree.
PETA will never restore the credibilty they lost by advocating spreading foot and mouth disease.
2002-01-09 03:27:50 PM  
MrGumboPants. Why would anyone in their right mind want to eat Fb?

On the subject of red meat. There is noting wrong about eating it. It's green meat you should worry about.
2002-01-09 03:27:55 PM  
PETA didn't get anybody good. If you read the article, you'll notice that PETA isn't taking any credit for this at all. They just profess to find it amusing.

"Whoever came up with this hoax must be laughing himself right out of his tree stand," says Lange.
2002-01-09 03:29:46 PM  
And that 'IQ's the size of their waistbands', some hunters are packing a lot extra.

I always prefered: Give a deer a rifle and a 75 IQ and the odds are even.
2002-01-09 03:30:05 PM  

Well, they were aiming it at *some* site, and their timing was impeccable ;)
2002-01-09 03:30:54 PM  
*wiping tear from eye*
OK, ok, they got me good-really had me on that one!!

I mean, who the fark did they "get"??
And exactly WHAT the fark did it accomplish??
They are so retarded anyway, but even more retarded if they think they made me feel foolish at all.
2002-01-09 03:33:07 PM  
I don't know why we (Fark) have egg on our face.

I don't think anyone thought to themselves
"PETA is too level headed an organization to do something that stupid".
2002-01-09 03:33:20 PM  
They can say whatever they want. They didn't "get" me and besides, PETA STILL SUCKS.
2002-01-09 03:34:22 PM  
Laugh while you can, Monkey-Girls.
2002-01-09 03:36:12 PM  
Wintermute......That is why I said, You can say all you want about PETA but I think that trying to stop the expoitation of animals is a good thing. If you don't agree with PETA on everything they do, at least do your part by NOT attending any circuses or rodeos! Also, I doubt PETA would try to take your pets away, being the good pet owener you are.......:)
2002-01-09 03:39:28 PM  
Fark-bating could be a whole new publicity generator for PETA, when you see the number of people who immediately work themselves up into a snit when they see the letters PETA, ready to defend their lifestyle. I'm no vegetarian yet, but seeing what the inside of a commercial chicken fark looks like is enough to make me think about it.
2002-01-09 03:39:32 PM  
Make that pet owner......
2002-01-09 03:40:30 PM  
I'm going to have slaughtered cow for dinner tonight, I'm using the sledge hammer myself :-)

Fark You Peta!
2002-01-09 03:41:08 PM  
Let me just express my appreciation that the very Boobies was a "HAW HAW!" I was gonna do it myself, but fortunately other farkers are thinkin'!
2002-01-09 03:42:07 PM  
Want some smiley fries with that evil?
2002-01-09 03:43:27 PM  
I shot a deer yesterday with my bow (4 pt.). Fark you PETA. Already making jerky.....anybody want some?
2002-01-09 03:44:46 PM  
How about when PETA claimed that people keeping "sea monkeys" as pets is cruel and unusual punishment for the poor sea monkeys.

(brine shrimp if you don't understand)
2002-01-09 03:46:48 PM  
Hmmm...maybe a fake internal letter (Smoking Gun Style) with PETA claiming responsibility Dave Thomas' death due to stress endured from their relentless Anti-Wendys campaigns....
2002-01-09 03:52:11 PM  
"Porkchops taste good...bacon tastes good."
2002-01-09 03:52:20 PM  
Kylie - It's not my pets specifically that PETA wants - it's all pets. Any situation where a human owns an animal is a target to PETA. They're no more or less than a terrorist organization, and they have some completely insane goals. For the record, I don't go to circuses, or rodeos, and I donate to my local animal shelter every year. Every pet I've ever had came from an animal shelter.
2002-01-09 03:55:32 PM  
You goofy fark, PETA didn't get anyone. They weren't trying to get anyone and they didn't plan anything. If this press release is true, then they are just trying to cover their pasty white heinies from bad publicity. That such stuff is believable in the first place casts them as half-wits. Way to be a cheerleader for a bunch of people who want to force their own very questionable beliefs on the rest of us.
2002-01-09 03:56:15 PM  
You know, PETA always goes on about how most people wouldn't eat meat if they knew where it came from. Well, that's so wrong it's funny.

When I was a kid, my grandfather still raised a few steers each year. We'd go over to visit, pet the cows, etc. But then, each winter, off they'd go to the slaughterhouse, and back would come the sides of beef. We'd pull out the meat saw, scrub up, and make the big piece o' beef into little ones. It was the kids job to run the hamburger grinder or label the packages, as you got older you got to move up to the boning knives. I've helped butcher more chickens than I care to count. Is it gross? Sure. But damn, meat is tasty - and besides, have you seen where vegetables come from? They sit in dirt all the time, with bugs crawling all over them, and a lot of times they have animal crap spread on them to make them grow better!

My single biggest problem is that PETA is taking a very broad interpretation of the "E" in PETA. In their eyes, anything you do to an animal is probably unethical. We can't hunt them, heaven forbid - and we can't raise them on farms - good lord, we're just raising them to kill them. Testing cosmetics on animals? Yeah, we could probably do without that. Testing medicine on rats, monkeys, etc.? No, we need that, thank you very much - and don't give me the arguement that we can replace it with computer simulations.

What PETA seems unwilling to accept is that we humans are not plants, we are animals, and as such are part of the food chain - and our place is at the top.
2002-01-09 04:01:21 PM  
Anybody know where I can get order some decent quality jerky online? All the junk they sell around here is just horrible. Mmmm, jerky.
2002-01-09 04:09:46 PM  
I don't think anyone thought to themselves
"PETA is too level headed an organization to do something that stupid".

What makes it even funnier is that none of PETA's supporters here even brought that up...
2002-01-09 04:10:21 PM  
Fungus2112, try Cabelas, or is it
2002-01-09 04:12:03 PM  
PETA snidely holds this up as some sort of indication peoples, mainly hunters, stupidity. HOWEVER, this site (FARK) is not delineated on ones belief of animal rights, hunting affiliations, pro-meat or anything else relevant or contrarty to a cause such as theirs. And yet, if you scan the fark board over the original post, you'll see that, orange vests or not, a vast majority of responses clearly agree that PETA is stupid, does not represent them, etc.
For the record, I was the first one to point this out as a hoax, the story being even older than PETA appearantly knows about.
And MR. GumboPants: I'm a deer hunter, and I would kick your intellectual a$$ any day of the week. I'd line up 10 "dumb hicks" smarter than you with 10 phone calls.
2002-01-09 04:12:20 PM  
Finkboy, PETA has no intent to take away anyones pets. As long as they are well taken care of. What a dumb assumption but I will assume you were only joking.:)
2002-01-09 04:16:30 PM  

As someone who fits the acronym of PETA but isn't a member (they do more harm than good for the cause).. I'd just like to say that there are alot of us who would have no problem with outfits like your grandfathers.

Those few steers were undoubtedly treated humanely. The true ethical problem lies in the large meat industrial complexes, not in the fact that animals get killed. All but a few dumb hippies have no real problem with animals being killed. It's a question of the conditions that precede that death.

I'm just saying, don't denigrate the whole argument by setting up a straw man.
2002-01-09 04:16:53 PM  
Kylie, you are so wrong I don't know where to start. Check PETA's links. They set up close camp and lend support to so many groups out there trying to save "domestic captive animals" it becomes comical. Rat,Cat,Dog,Boy. Sorry kids, they DON'T all share the same rights.
2002-01-09 04:17:07 PM  
Sparkdoobie:I do, I do

Bad_CRC:sea monkeys are so cool. I used to watch ours go crazy until my daughters friend spilled them on our keyboard. And they were almost big enough for the deep fryer. Damn, that pissed me off.
2002-01-09 04:18:26 PM  
I still advocate using tanks to force the deer into the open...

...then, of course, using small planes to strafe
2002-01-09 04:21:37 PM  
I posted this on an earlier Dave Thomas thread, but what the hey, it bears repeating:

Dear Mr. ------,

Thank you for your feedback. The Wendy's campaign was called off months ago and we have not been giving out that link since then. The link was posted on without our knowledge or consent. After Mr. Thomas' death last night, we removed the site altogether.
The orange vest story is a hoax. PETA has never put vests on deer, nor would we ever attempt to.
Alisa Mullins
PETA Correspondent

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2002 12:54 PM
To: info
Subject: Dave Thomas

The man is dead, for God's sake. Take the extremely (even when he was alive) offensive flash game titled "Have I Got My Head Up My Ass" off your website. I think I know who has their head up their ass already.
By the way, nice job with the deer in Ohio. Classy. Real smart. If I receive any mail, email, telephone calls, or am contacted in any way by any member of PETA except in the case of PETA apologizing for being so unbelievably ridiculous, I will be extremely upset. Do not contact me. Don't ask me for money, and don't ask me to volunteer for anything.
2002-01-09 04:22:31 PM  
Lord Farquaad, you are so wrong I don't even know where to start. Are you member? I didn't think so.
They helped these animals, they didn't take them away.

I would have taken them away, myself.
2002-01-09 04:26:32 PM  
Ctenidae: I would love to read any letters you have sent to your local congressman/woman. Those must be good too.

2002-01-09 04:26:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Curse you, PETA! You are to clever for us naughty people!
2002-01-09 04:27:18 PM  
Now I don't know who to trust. Do I believe PETA when they say it's a hoax, when they could just be covering their asses? Or do I believe the other article just because it came first? Maybe I won't believe either, I'll go back and hole myself up in my bomb shelter with a 6-pack and a shotgun and mumble to myself about the government.
2002-01-09 04:28:26 PM  
link is farked...
2002-01-09 04:28:51 PM  
Lord Farquaad: Actually, you are incorrect. PETA does not
have a problem with pets, which they term "companion animals". Check out their website more closely.

Disclaimer: While I may agree with some of PETA's goals,
I don't agree with the absurd manner in which they attempt to achieve them. Sorry Kylie.
2002-01-09 04:29:34 PM  
I generaly reserve them for non-elected wack-jobs. The pastor at Christ Community Church in Alamogordo got a amilbox full. But I'm fair- I sent congrats to the director of the library, who sent me back a very gracious reply.
The internet is so much fun...
2002-01-09 04:31:26 PM  
If it was a hoax, I'd believe PETA. AFter all, it would be kind of easy to prove otherwise.

But the funny thing is, PETA sounds like we're a bunch of gullible idiots, when in fact, msot people just accepted the post blindly because of PETA past track records, regardless of whether or not the post contained any truth...
2002-01-09 04:33:27 PM  
should be" PETA makes it sound like..."
2002-01-09 04:34:01 PM  
The thing I don't get is that no matter what the PETA morons do, people will always hunt, fish, eat every kind of meat that is available (yummy), go to the circus or rodeo, etc. I suppose if they have enough time in their lives to wasteon useless campaigns that don't work, however foolish they may be, then maybe their purpose hear on this earth is for the pleasure we get in ridiculing them for the pathetic waste of lifes they are.
2002-01-09 04:34:29 PM  
Cheeky- I don't always agree with everything they do either. I do applaude their effort though and I will support them.
2002-01-09 04:34:50 PM  
Sorry Kylie, I've sat in the room with more than enough folks on both sides to know what I'm talking about. I was a former executive with one of the two major pet and pet supply retailers. Yes, PETA does assist in the rescue of domestic pets, but yes, a desired goal amongst thier ranks is to erradicate the keeping of pets as a hobby. I've received the letters and phone calls. Your quote "I would have taken them away, myself" speaks loudly to one of the fundamentals of PETA. The inmates run the assylum, and often attempt to speak for them in some "representation" manner.
Silly dialogue between us though. We'd never change the others mind. As I say to the people who accuse me of being less than compassionate towards animals because I hunt and fish, "My donations and liscense fees have done more for animals and the environment than all of the bunnies you've ever set free at the University. The leather coat I wore got dirty volunteering for a pet adoption group, and you can love your dogs as much as I do mine, but how presumptious to think your capacity is greater".
2002-01-09 04:37:47 PM  
MrGumboPants, I'd agree with the fact that the setup I grew up with is vastly different from commercial setups. Still, PETA seems to think that killing any animal is just wrong.

Head to their site and check out their campaigns and their billboards:

"I said Thou Shalt Not Kill. Go Vegetarian"
"Jesus was a vegetarian"
"I threw a party but the cattlemen couldn't come"
"I want YOU to go veg"
"Did your food have a face? Go vegetarian"

If they were truly just concerned with unethical, cruel treatment of animals, they wouldn't be so rabid in their endorsement of vegetarianism. No, they don't want any animal killed for food, and anyone who disagrees with that is just wrong or hasn't checked out their website. Right there in their FAQ:

"animals are not ours to use - for food, clothing, entertainment, or experimentation."

They don't make any mention of how the animals are killed for food - in their stance, all animals are off limits.

And that's why I can't stand them.
2002-01-09 04:47:53 PM  
IamEvil, I didn't claim that you were a genetic experiment, and I see little wrong with eating meat. What I meant was that you might have done genetic experiments with deer and cattle, making a deer that gave you beef. And now it's not funny anymore.

And don't slaughter that cow. Go get a steer, and save old Bessie for the milk. Maybe she'll give you a male calf, and then you can have veal, too.

One final thought: When you eat an apple, you eat the ovary of a tree.
2002-01-09 04:49:34 PM  
....oh, and don't forget, PETA would like to get rid of seeing-eye dogs, too....
2002-01-09 04:50:46 PM  
Lord F: well said, good points - fark peta
2002-01-09 04:50:55 PM  
I;ve akways wondered how PETA reconciles Nature's own tendency to have animals eat other animals. Is a lion wrong for eating a springbok? Is an owl wrong for eating a mouse? How about frogs eating bugs? If these things are not wrong, it can only be because they are "natural" So why is it "unnatural" for humans to kill and eat animals? Is it wrong simply because we're better at it than the other animals? By that logic, all the other predators are wrong, too, since they survived by killing better than their competition.
I guess I just have trouble with people who fanatically attempt to change things that will never change. Try putting your energy towards something useful. Spend those hours you're protesting some hunter tutoring a homeless child, or working in a soup kitchen. Walk the streets of your town picking up garbage rather than picketing Macey's for selling fur. Cry over the fate of AIDS victims the world over rather than the death of a cow who knows no better, anyway.
There are many things wrong in the world. Eating meat is not one of them.
2002-01-09 05:11:56 PM  
Sure meat is tasty, but using food animals isn't the best way for everyone to get enough to eat every day.

Eating less meat saves more then some factory farm cow (who really shouldn't exist anyway), it saves the drinkable water, food, and land used to raise them and makes those resources available to help feed humans directly and more efficently.
2002-01-09 05:25:56 PM  
Farquaad you are wrong. End of discussion. We will never agree, so just drop it.

One final thought: Plants do not experience pain, devoid as they are of a central nervous system, nerve endings and brains. Unlike animals body parts, many plants fruits and vegetables can be harvested over and over again without resulting in the death of the plant.
2002-01-09 05:28:19 PM  
Poop_John_Paul: On the other hand, in some areas, land is used more efficiently by grazing animals than by growing crops. In many cases, growing such crops would require irrigation, disrupting the natural hydrology of the land. Responsible grazing on prairies and such shouldn't be discouraged. It has its downsides, of course, but then, everything does. Bison would be displaced by agricultural fields just as much as they are from cattle. And it would be easier to reclaim responsibly grazed land than irrigated farmland, where native vegitation is all but gone.

Efficient use of the land is the key here. If it is more efficient to raise livestock than to raise crops, by all means raise the livestock. Preferably, raise all-purpose livestock, like a sheep that could provide both meat and wool, or like cattle, that provide meat, leather, and many other things. We do need clothes, too, and I have a feeling that natural fibers are more environmentally friendly than artificial ones.

You see? I probably didn't explain that very well, but that's the best I can do for now.
2002-01-09 05:28:49 PM  
Kylie - I was not joking. PETA may help some people without taking their pets from them, but ultimately PETA would like to see animals as pets stopped. The organization is crazy. Members suffer varying degrees of delusion (most members suffer only from the delusion that PETA is a benign organization). Most of them are decent people. I agree with a lot of what they say. But I refuse to stop eating meat, I will not give up my pets, and I will continue to purchase leather goods. Fur bothers me - because they kill animals specifically for fur. I'm not going to throw blood or red paint on someone who's wearing fur, though. Leather, on the other hand, comes from cows, who are already being killed for meat. If people stop buying leather, all you'll get is landfills full of dead cow hide.
2002-01-09 05:30:30 PM  
I still say, Death before Tofurkey!

*turns to grab another drumstick outa the bucket*
2002-01-09 05:38:59 PM  

I agree completely. Regardless of where it finally ends up, keeping a chicken or a pig in a box for its entire life is simply disgusting. If you treated pets that way you would be find, have them taken away and possibly jailed, but these commercial meat companies do it every day.

I just remembered a piece Michael Moore did where he tried to get into a Tyson Chicken operation and they physically restrained him. He was dressed up in a chicken outfit and was giving everybody hugs, hilarious.

On another note, in France, in order to get a special red label indicating high-quality, pork products must come from a pig which was provided with adequate living space (more than the average Parisian, incidentally) and was fed a proper diet, etc. Treating animals properly simply results in a better quality product at the end of the day. And no mad cow disease, either. :)

2002-01-09 05:42:57 PM  
I sort of believed the story because in FACT a few years ago at the same place in Ohio that they keep captured deer or whatever kind of deer farm it is... Some animal rights folks (PETA et al.) actually snuck in and let all the deer go (i think after hunting season) so the wildlife mgmt folks had to go and just start shooting as many as they could find (lest all the deer starve over the winter).. so the orange vest thing is hardly unthinkable.
2002-01-09 05:45:23 PM  
I think you did a fine job of it Trowshep. If we go down to the core of it though you'd have to admit, more people could be fed from an acre of soybeans then from cattle fed from grazing on that acre or fed from a feed crop grown on that acre. Pound for pound, more people can be fed if we ate less meat.

As for natural fibers being more environmentally friendly than artificial ones, hell ya! If hemp wasn't mistakenly associated w/ pot in the US, maybe more then just hippies would choose to buy clothes made out of it.
2002-01-09 05:51:49 PM  
Kylie, You are wrong. End of discussion. We will never agree, so just drop it.

Poor girl. I thought I just said end of discussion, without saying you were wrong, in my last post, but like all activists who react to "feeling" rather than "knowing", you cannot execute a stalemate. You just toss up your hands, claim the other side "wrong" and barge ahead with YOUR point of view. Despite my rattling off facts. Even finkboy, coming from a different angle, backs up my statements. at this point, I'm not trying to change your mind, just your ability to debate.
Pesky old dialogue.
2002-01-09 05:53:44 PM  
"If we aren't supposed to eat animals, then why are they made of meat?" :d
2002-01-09 05:53:48 PM  
Trowshep, I like it :-)
2002-01-09 05:54:55 PM  
Hoax or no, PETA is still a bunch of pompous anthropomorphizing post-hippie twits. Law should require them to give me their canine teeth so that I can make mine ALL pointy so I can become a GIONT FLESH EAETING MONSTOR!
2002-01-09 05:55:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-09 05:55:57 PM  
sorry about the off topic pic, just been seeing that MSN supplied skin shot all day.
2002-01-09 05:58:22 PM  
Very well said Gumbo and Space Coyote. I have always said that if I did eat meat, I would much rather go and hunt it myself than to buy it from a store. I know I sound like a hypocrite by saying that I would hunt....I never would.

God never intended for us to mass produce and treat animals the way we do.

We can't stop all suffering, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't stop any. In todays world of vitually unlimited choices, there are usually kinder, gentler ways for most of us to feed, clothe, entertain and educate ourselves than by killing animals.
2002-01-09 06:02:44 PM  
Farquaad, I would LOVE to sit face to face with you all day long and debate. Care too? :)
2002-01-09 06:04:06 PM  
peta is a buch of farking morons who know nothing about animals and piss a lot of people of by acting like a bunch of hippie shiatheads
2002-01-09 06:09:48 PM  
PETA is still posting the damn Wendy's thing!

The problem from PETA is they are extremists. Extremism doesnt get change to happen.

I wonder if they have though of such activities as lobbying and petitioning, as well as providing sound arguments versus hype!

All their screaming and yelling does is cause the problem to be ignored!

my $.02
2002-01-09 06:11:43 PM  
I hate to say "I told you so", but....

----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
01-07-02 02:26:54 PM Electron_wind
The article is probably a fake submission to that website. Think about it, they caught 400 deer? Yeah, right. Don't get me wrong - I hate PETA as much as the next sane person - I just don't think they caught 400 deer - it ain't that easy.

Now if I wanted to color-up a deer, I would try a feed station with an automatic orange paint dispenser - on second thought, why orange - how about zebra stripes?
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --

If anyone has a paint rig I can borrow, let me know....
2002-01-09 06:16:24 PM  
Kylie (and Farquaad, in case you were serious) the whole point of having a discussion comes out of the fact that you disagree. Anyone who says "we will never agree" without qualification attached basically commits him/herself to never fixing it if they turn out to be wrong.

That's the whole point of argument, kids: to figure out who's right. Just because that's difficult doesn't mean that we should quit. Jebus.
2002-01-09 06:20:13 PM  
So what was on the site. Im coming into this one a little late. Can someone explain since its farked now??
2002-01-09 06:23:04 PM  
Essentially, the whole link from the other day claming that PETA dressed up deers in orange hunting vest in order to confuse hunters was an old hoax.

However, despite the fact that PETA seems to think it's funny that everyone thought it was true, everyone else seems to think it was funnier because PETA obviously doesn't get that people think they're group is crazy enough to pull off such a stunt.
2002-01-09 06:27:13 PM  
Kylie just give the fark up and shut up
2002-01-09 06:28:30 PM  
Well, you know, if god didn't want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?

Seriously though, it's not like animals don't kill each other in much more hideous ways than a quick gunshot. You know, the animals that eat others alive, that's really "humane" isn't it? I wasn't quite sold on the "hoax" though, as bow hunting doesn't require orange vests, does it? If that was the case, why not just wait until bow season to bag the orange-clad deer, and be safe about killing people with guns?
2002-01-09 06:32:12 PM  
I just read the rest of the comments and I have to chime in. I'm the type of person that says believe in whatever you want, it doesn't matter to me. Heck, you can even tell me about it, I don't mind, and Ill even listen to what you have to say. But the second you tell me that you're right and I'm wrong is the second I'll stick my d!ck in your face, and make you wish you never picked me out to "save".

Believe in what you want PETA supporters, but quit trying to make up my mind for me. I'm sure I can do a fine job of that for myself.
2002-01-09 06:34:07 PM  
I wonder what PETA thinks of cats and mice? IT's pretty well known that cats will play with Mice before they eat them...
2002-01-09 06:35:54 PM  
Gee Saffron, a little hostile are we?

This has been fun but my friends just showed up as the bottle of Shiraz I ordered. Time to order dinner.
BTW I will be ordering a salad. I am sure this discussion will go on, because they people that are eating with me don't agree with me either!!! :)

Closing the laptop.
2002-01-09 06:36:10 PM  
TheBuriedLife - thanks.

Yeah, it is pretty bad when they "pretend" to do something incredibly stupid, and everyone believes that they actually did it.

Whoever said damage control was right on.
2002-01-09 06:41:33 PM  
Hey, did anyone else see the advice column on their website? Some girl is upset because her boyfriend won't stop eating meat. Their advice? Show him one of their videos, and if he still won't change, dump him. What the fark? If this guy ate meat when she met him, she's got no right biatchin' that he won't make a major lifestyle change now...

farking PETArds.
2002-01-09 06:50:17 PM  
thats what you guys get for not leaving us vegetarians alone
2002-01-09 07:14:26 PM  
Poop_John_Paul, grass is a lot less maintenance than, say, carrots or peas. You plant grass, let it sit. You have to process the vegetables and everything...
2002-01-09 07:17:31 PM  
very easy to get rid of PETA protestors, just go get some thick meaty chili and start hurling it at them :) Mmmmm
thick and meaty, or order a rare steak and start eating out on the sidwalk with them :) A peta protest here in Concord weas broken up when they sprayed paint on some womens' faux fur jacket and they had to get the cops to pull her off the geek...What you choose to do is ur right, try and force it on me and we'll dance :)
2002-01-09 07:22:25 PM  
Leave vegatarians alone! Than leave us omnivorses alone. What the hell gives you all the right to do stuff like that and drive the late great Dave Thomas into his grave!
Gotta give a sister some credit here.
2002-01-09 07:23:10 PM  
ADODB.Field error '80020009'

Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.

/news/NewsItem.asp, line 0

It's farked.
2002-01-09 07:32:35 PM  
So has PETA unveiled the results of its survey yet? Now THAT would make for some interesting reading!
2002-01-09 07:46:23 PM  
Damn..I wanted to read that too....that sites been FARKED.....Barbecue anyone?
2002-01-09 08:44:14 PM  
all i got to say to those hippies is, i didnt work my way up the food chain for nothing!!
2002-01-09 09:06:47 PM  
is there a new link for this article....get errors when I try to read it?
2002-01-09 09:37:11 PM  
I hate people who try to force their beliefs on me, if you want to be a vegetarian, fine, more meat for me, don't try to force me into your lifestyle, you won't see me trying to force meat down your throat... I'll be wearing camoflage
2002-01-09 11:15:29 PM  
John_Paul, I concede the point about an acre of soybeans feeding more people than food animals fed on that same acre. That's very natural. The point I was trying to make, however, was that using food animals, in some instances, is the best way to make use of the land and feed people. I agree that it would be better for the environment, and for people's health, to cut down on eating meat, but I also believe that abstaining from meat altogether is not the answer.
2002-01-09 11:24:16 PM  
In reading this message board I realize how many inbred morons there are out there....Animals do have rights... but I don't see any militant vegetarians running around with guns and demanding people stop eating meat.

"you won't see me trying to force meat down your throat... I'll be wearing camoflage"

Planning to hunt down vegetarians?

How are you in ANY way being forced in to believing in vegetarianism, and who the fark is "forcing" you into anything?
2002-01-09 11:32:11 PM  
Meat is the only way for me to live, either chicken or beef. It is a priviledge of living in such an advanced consumer based economy and I will enjoy it!

Now someone hand me a beer!
2002-01-09 11:43:02 PM  
To eat meat is an instinct, to wear fur a habitual imprint as old as a dog turning around 3 times before she lays down on the rug. The grass isn't there, but still she turns. To not eat meat is a lifestyle choice. And choice means that other options should survive free of external pressure. And the people who are typically illustrated as ones who try to moderate and alter peoples lifestyle choices are the ones liberals (sorry, liberals compose the vast majority of PETA) typically live in fear of. Moralists, Christian right, Pro-lifers, and although a bit of a leap, *ahem* Nazis.
Great company you are keeping. Realize that the word SHOULD enters PETA's vernacular all the time. Lifestyle engineers. Now everyone get into your white jumpsuits and meet in the village square for mandatory calisthenics and re-education. Wellness classes start at 1:00 p.m.
2002-01-09 11:54:51 PM  
Is the link? 581 not 582, maybe they made a spelling correction or something.
2002-01-09 11:56:38 PM  
Hey Czae - how the hell are you so stupid you don't see the joke in "you won't see me... I'll be wearing camoflage"? If you take this as a threat against vegetarians I think you're exposing your own feelings of vulnerability. I think the joke really was as simple as "you won't see me... because I'll be wearing camoflage" They'll not be easily seen on purpose - because they're hunting. It's something that hunters have to do, because unlike vegetables that have no defense against your desire to have them forced into existence (like you've ever planted a tenth of your food), only to have their entire veggie lives micro-managed until they become suitable sacrifices of life energy that can be mechanically harvested to sustain your pathetic existance - they can't! But that's alright, because humans are much more important than animals, and WAY more important than vegetables, which have no rights. That's right, plants have no rights. If they could move, they'd have rights. Which makes you an animatist I guess. You're prejudiced to believe that only animate matter has rights. Too bad you're not quite as advanced a being as you thought. Come back to the thread once you've embraced the Breatharian movement, and only then can you truly be 'without sin'. Then you can huck rocks all day... but not at animals with eyes, and especially not the animals with stereoscopic vision, as that's way too close to you on the food chain!
2002-01-10 07:53:22 AM  
Blah Blah Blah, meat this, meat that.

Vegetarians do waffle.

Lighten up and tuck into a juicy fillet stake....and make it RARE!
2002-01-10 11:58:19 PM  
Scalpod: Who ever said I was a vegetarian? No one can force anyone to believe anything, unless of course they want to seem to have missed the point. Cults thrive on that shiat....That is, people who are looking for something to believe in....the fact is most of the people who are "brainwashed" really want to believe on some level. A lot of people here are trying to justify the fact that they eat meat...perhaps a sense of guilt on a subconscious level...who knows.

We'd all sing a different tune if a higher life form came from beyond and decided we were expendable.
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