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(Boxing Central)   Roy Jones, Jr. musta forgot how to defend himself, gets knocked out in two rounds   ( divider line
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13232 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 May 2004 at 4:15 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-16 04:17:16 AM  
2004-05-16 04:17:37 AM  
2004-05-16 04:18:00 AM  
2004-05-16 04:21:42 AM  
I was wondering when this would get posted. I didn't know it would take farking 3 hours. I would have posted it first, but my shiat never gets approved by the almighty FARK GODS. It's ok. I don't care...

/bitter and drunk
2004-05-16 04:22:40 AM  
why don't we just rename boxing "hitting"? i understand why humans still do things like this, i just don't see why we glamourize it so.
2004-05-16 04:24:17 AM  
In other sports news, the LA Lakers finished off the retarded, boring, and gay San Antonio Spurs. Maybe this off-season, Tim Duncan can go get a personality.

/drunk and bitter...
2004-05-16 04:25:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Did well in the round one, but got knocked the fark out in round two.
2004-05-16 04:26:39 AM  
2004-05-16 04:27:06 AM  
Boxing to me is a test of the human spirit , man against man, having everything on the line in a test of strength and skill.

Great sport.
2004-05-16 04:28:17 AM  
Maybe now he can reprise his role from Revolutions in The Matrix 4: Retribution.
2004-05-16 04:31:38 AM  
I guess his pathetic self promoting ass got what it deserved. He always talked about how "God blessed Roy Jones."
2004-05-16 04:32:06 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-16 04:37:26 AM  
Welcome to the heavyweight class champ. Don't go Tyson on us after this crushes your ego.
2004-05-16 04:39:14 AM  
Wow...just Wow.
Yes Jones does have a giant ego, but he has the talent to back it up. No doubt one of the greatest boxers Ive ever seen. The real news is that Jones is just a man now, just like every champ before him.
2004-05-16 04:39:24 AM  
Mr. E. Man: "In other sports news, the LA Lakers finished off the retarded, boring, and gay San Antonio Spurs. Maybe this off-season, Tim Duncan can go get a personality."

Because we all know that having a "personality" is essential to his game, right? Hopefully, he doesn't go looking for it in Colorado, like young Mr. Bryant did... allegedly.
2004-05-16 04:40:35 AM  
2004-05-16 04:42:02 AM  
dayumn...just dayumn
2004-05-16 04:47:58 AM  
2004-05-16 04:53:42 AM  
PaulMKelly: "FIX"

Maybe some other fight but not a Jones fight. You couldnt pay him enough to take a dive.
2004-05-16 04:57:01 AM  
When you are assaulted at close range, you are at a serious disadvantage. Provided your attacker isn't grabbing onto you, run and take cover, then blast him with your shotgun.
2004-05-16 04:58:26 AM  
FIX, Tarver landed a whole 7 out of 54 and you mean to tell me that Jones can't take a punch? BS - fix indeed
2004-05-16 05:02:09 AM  
I don't know how many times youve been punched by a pro, but all it takes is one well-placed connection and the lights go out.
2004-05-16 05:03:49 AM  
we are not talking about me, we are talking about someone who has only been down 2 times in 50 fights. It was fixed
2004-05-16 05:05:26 AM  
Antonio Tarver vs Roy Jones III = inevitable

It was fixed.
2004-05-16 05:08:06 AM  
Welcome to the heavyweight class champ. Don't go Tyson on us after this crushes your ego.

Actually, Count_Blah, this was a light heavyweight bout. Jones had to give up the heavyweight belt he won from Ruiz to take this fight.
2004-05-16 05:12:56 AM  
How can you even think that such a giant ego as Jones would allow for a fix? I don't believe it.
2004-05-16 05:16:18 AM  
photoshop-challenged -

That would be s/the// (no global at the end, you want the second "the").

Can't have the kiddies who read Fark learning their search and replace wrong now, can we?
2004-05-16 05:16:39 AM  
because he already has an amazing record with one loss coming from being disqualified. So why not throw 1 fight. Now his second loss is just as questionable as his first, and there is more money to be made from a third fight. Then when he romps Tarver, faith will be restored and Tyson and Klitchko fight will be that much more intresting. Lokk at the first and second fight with Griffin. Enough said.
2004-05-16 05:20:40 AM  
Man it was a suprising fight. Those claiming it was fixed probably didn't actually see the fight, just read the Jones went down in the second round and didn't believe it. Tarver hit Jones flush with a monster hook using perfect leverage. And Jones didn't flop, he got knocked out, no one can act that correctly, especially the struggle to get up. I was glad, I was rooting for Tarver, just to shut up Roy Jones. Tarver talks just as much, but at least it's someone new...
2004-05-16 05:20:55 AM  
It's amazing we call two people beating each other up a "sport." It's one step up from "Ultimate Fighting," which is one step up from feeding Christians to lions.

I don't know why they don't just hold fights at the Coliseum.
2004-05-16 05:25:53 AM  
I saw it and I still think it was fixed
2004-05-16 05:41:47 AM  
Post a video of the knockdown plzkthx.
2004-05-16 05:45:14 AM  
Anyone who says it was a fix is either such a blind fan boy of Jones that they just can't accept that all it takes for almost anyone is one good punch or they know nothing about Basketball.

There I said it.

"It was a counter left that landed perfectly on the chin. Jones' neck swung and he fell straight back into the corner."

One perfect punch is all it takes. Rematch will definately be in the future though, usually is in these one punch puts a guy out affairs.
2004-05-16 05:46:36 AM  

Because knowing nothing about basketball is completely relevant.
2004-05-16 05:48:01 AM  
No matter how successful, they can't resist the lure of what will finally prove to be their last fight.

Jones will be back, but other boxers will be there to greet him.
2004-05-16 05:57:05 AM  
Referee Jay Nady took one look in his eyes and wisely waved the contest off at the 1:41 mark of the second round.

Some in the crowd shrieked in horror.

That was the sound of 5,000 people losing their life savings.
2004-05-16 06:06:30 AM  
If your reference to 'understanding why humans still do this sort of thing, but not why we glamorize it so,' was in regards to all sports then I could understand your point. The tone of your post however, leads me to believe that you are singling out boxing as particularly unworthy of glamor.

Boxing is glamorized because it is a very pure form of athletic competition- two athletes, four fists, and thats it. It is a reminder that beneath all our technology, philosophy, and bullshiat, the heart of a primitive hunter-gatherer still beats. It is one of the last acceptable ways we can feed our suppressed warrior instincts.

/passionate ex-boxer
2004-05-16 06:08:59 AM  
PfizerX: Touche.... note to self, double check what you write idiot. Also, stop saying note to self, you sound like a coont.
2004-05-16 06:11:05 AM  
well said
2004-05-16 06:34:15 AM  
"I guess his pathetic self promoting ass got what it deserved. He always talked about how "God blessed Roy Jones."
Gee... guess I should be honored since yesterday you called me a "pathetic biatch". I did respond to your post BTW. I have been to several Roy Jones fights over the years and if God doesn't bless him, then he is one talented and lucky dude.He is from Pensacola , FL near my home town of Destin, FL. He used to play semi-pro basketball for Mobile Revelers and he once played a full game and then boxed and won that night. A pretty cool feat by anyone's standards.His record speaks for itself.Big fan of RJJ here, he maybe a little cocky, but alot of the great boxing champs were.As for mentioning the Almighty, Roy takes a backseat to Holyfield.But certainly not surprised that another liberal God hater can post yet another negative smarmy comment.
Trite, but not unexpected.
2004-05-16 06:35:42 AM  
Roy Jones gets knocked out.. unexpected however it is predictable. Think about the rematch, how much is that worth??? I take Jones in the rubber match, but Tyson would kill him!!
2004-05-16 07:00:28 AM  
It's the EA curse.

Players that appear on the cover of the EA games always have something bad happen to them.
2004-05-16 07:22:32 AM  
It's amazing we call two people beating each other up a "sport." It's one step up from "Ultimate Fighting," which is one step up from feeding Christians to lions.

Mixed Martial Arts, (whom the ignorant call Ultimate Fighting) is a lot better regulated than boxing is.

2004-05-16 07:37:54 AM  
Just as long as Jones doesn't give any more glamour to that jackass Ruiz. Ruiz is listed right now as the number 2 heavyweight, the man jabs and hugs, or gets hit and hugs, in the end he wins with experience in hugging. I don't think too highly of this, the only thing worse for the sport is if Ruiz becomes the peoples champ.

PS-This was definately not planned. I doubt there will be a rematch although I bet he thinks twice on those plans of fighting Klitschko. I say he beats Tyson by decision.
2004-05-16 07:38:04 AM  
You tell 'em RevMercutio!

I'm a former amateur boxer and huge MMA fan. It's amazing how much damage the marketing of the early UFC's did to the sport. It's been my experience, however, that most people who biatch about "Ultimate Fighting" have never even seen an actual MMA event. At most, they've seen a few old clips of Tank Assbott running around the cage like a drugged up biker.
2004-05-16 08:45:20 AM  

RJJ is one of the best boxers ever. The article said that this changes the sport, and he is correct. Again, wow.

And don't hate on the Sweet Science. monkeybiscuit said it well. I've done martial arts, and I've done boxing, and boxing was definitely the better of the two to learn from all aspects, conditiong, actual usefulness in defense scenarios, and from a pure enjoyment factor. I enjoyed martial arts training, but I loved boxing.

Go out and try it sometime. There's probably a boxing gym somewhere near you. I guarantee it will one of the the most physically taxing things you'll ever do.
2004-05-16 08:47:56 AM  
caknuck, didn't he have to give it up the first time he fought Tarver as a light heavyweight back in November when he won by decision?

I'm not gonna get on the "thrown fight" conspiracy theory train but Jones took a hell of a beating in that first fight and didn't even flinch. At the end of the fight, his face told a long, long story.

Jones, after the fight back in November, said during an in-ring interview that if Tyson didn't want to fight him, he'd retire...
2004-05-16 09:22:03 AM  
Dude is 35 years old and is totally cashing out while he can. Lose this fight, set himself up for a big rematch. Get the "eye of the tiger" playing in the background, win the fight, retire on top.....
2004-05-16 09:42:17 AM  
"In other sports news, the LA Lakers finished off the retarded, boring, and gay San Antonio Spurs."

... Why YES, yes they did. The Lakers own you.

I, for one, welcome our Laker overlords -- as they move to once again claim the trophy that rightfully belongs here in SoCal.
2004-05-16 10:05:52 AM  
The mechanics of a knock out involve a rapid compression of spinal fluid. From the fight description in the link, Roy was indeed knocked out, hit by a blow for which he was not prepared.
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