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(NHL)   In honor of Lord Stanley, tell us your brush with Hockey greatness   ( divider line
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2017-04-15 11:16:50 PM  
I had dinner with Wayne Gretzky one evening. Well. not just me, it was a table of 6. It was back in his playing days with the Kings. I thought I was a bit young, uncouth, and voracious at eating a family style chicken dinner, but that guy put me to shame.

I met him again a few years ago at an afternoon function and mentioned that day. Whether he actually remembered or not he made an effort to appear to and told me "It was all about gobbling up energy. I needed all I could get to put on the ice."

fark. I bought it.
2017-04-15 11:19:35 PM  
Met Rick Tocchet at a Rick Tocchet signing event at a used car dealership. It was great.
2017-04-15 11:20:50 PM  

Cake Hunter: Met Rick Tocchet at a Rick Tocchet signing event at a used car dealership. It was great.

In the 80s in Media, Pa. Hope that helps.
2017-04-16 12:16:33 AM  
I wrote this up in anticipation of a different CSB Sunday (oddest thing seen at a live event) but that hasn't come around yet so....


A hockey story, it takes a while to get there but the background is somewhat important...

Way back in the dark ages of the previous century the AHL came (back) to Cincinnati in the form of the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks ('97ish iirc).At the same time Detroit was without an AHL affiliate so there was an agreement to share the team between the two big clubs.This arrangement lasted about five years before Detroit bowed out & took over the Griffins (key point to the story).One would think that between the two clubs feeding the Baby Ducks their good prospects that there would be a good team.Sadly if one thought that they would be wrong, but there were lots of fun times going to the games.

Through the years quite a few players came through who later went on to have decent/good/great careers at the NHL level (along with quite a few who were just there for a cup of coffee...) - Matt Cullen, Getz & Perry (only for a couple of game though), Giguere, Lupul, Andy Mac, Shane O'Brien, Ruslan Salei, Chris Kunitz, Bylsma & even Babcock behind the bench for a couple of years.This story however deals with two others, Sean Avery & Ilya Bryzgalov - which if you know them were two of the odder characters in the NHL in the immediate post lockout era.

If you remember Avery came up with Detroit & Bryz with Anaheim, not a big deal as they were both on the same team at the time.Then 2002 arrived & the Red Wings pulled their players to staff the Griffins.Fast foward to the late part of the season & both teams were out of the playoff hunt & just trying to make it through the season.

It was a Sunday afternoon game being played by two relatively uninspiried teams.It was nice seeing a lot of familiar names out on the ice (albiet in different uniforms), but it was otherwise a boring game to watch.Many in the crowd went home & the rest were lulled into a quiet stupor.Around the middle of the third period, during a break in play, players skating around keeping loose, not much going on.All of a sudden there was a roar that shook the rafters & all eyes (now suddenly awake) snapped to the Ducks end of the ice where Bryz, still screaming in outrage, was chasing Avery all around the ice, every few strides trying to chop him in half with overhead swings of his goalie stick.He didn't catch him but they made it 3/4s of the way around the rink before the shock sort of wore off & the officials attempted to step between them...attempted.Bryz bowled over one of the linesmen & continued his chase of Avery with the other one hanging on his back.Eventually the ref joined up with the recently upended linesman & the three of them dog piled Bryz to the ice, eventually getting him calm enough to be tossed out of the game.Throughout the whole minute or two episode though, 'nobody' else moved, the remaining fans sat in shocked silence, the players all stood there slack jawed, coaches silent, the only sounds in the arena were Bryz's screams & the officials yelling at him to calm down (yeah right).

Sadly no video of this exists (YT was still 3 years away, smart phone, what the hell is that?), but the speculation was that back when they were teammates, Avery learned some 'very' personal details about Bryz's then girlfriend - perhaps not to the level of Dunlop's goading of Hanrahan in Slapshot but pretty close....
2017-04-16 12:21:34 AM  
I was in the same building as the San Jose Sharks

2017-04-16 12:23:41 AM  
Glen Wesley signed my Carolina Hurricanes jersey in Edmonton.

Yes, I drove from Calgary to Edmonton to see Carolina.
2017-04-16 12:29:09 AM  
Repeat story but...

I used to manage a hotel here in Calgary. Lanny McDonald's daughter was getting married and a lot of big-name players and Friends of the family we're in town mostly staying with us.  The morning of the wedding everyone gathered in the lobby waiting for the little things to arrive. 20 minutes after they were supposed to be there there was still no sign of the transportation.
I answered the phone at the front desk and it was Lanny McDonald. He said "the wedding is supposed to start in an hour is there anything you folks can do to try and help us out?"
I need a few Furious phone calls to other hotels within my chain that were in the nearby area. We managed to scrape together five Hotel shuttle Vans and got everybody down to the wedding with ten minutes to spare. Shortly after the wedding the phone rang again.
"Hi it's Lanny McDonald calling back, is this the same person that I talked to before?"
"Darryl sittler said you were able to get a bunch of Vans and so everybody got there on time. I really appreciate it and would like to perhaps thank you maybe with some tickets."
I replied that I was glad to have been able to help and then, growing an enormous set of brass balls, I said "I'd love to see a game but I have been a lifelong Leafs fan, and not.mich of a If it's not too rude could I ask for tickets for the next time the Leafs are in town?"
To my surprise, and his credit, he left really long and hard at that. "To be honest you'd be surprised how often people say the same thing to me. Consider it done."
He sent me two upper bowl front-row tickets to the next Leafs game in Calgary.  A very classy move by a guy I will always consider a Toronto Maple Leaf first.
2017-04-16 12:34:10 AM  
My family knew Gary cheevers when he played in okc.
I once saw Gordie Howe get hit in the throat by the puck and barf on the ice
I saw one of the last goalies that still played without a mask, Ed Giacomman? of the rangers in a playoff game
2017-04-16 12:40:04 AM  
Another advantage of my past life in the hotel industry...
img.fark.netOn the stick, but not necessarily in the pic:
Both Stasny brothers
Ron Hoggarth
Bobby Bowman
Darrell Sittler
Mark Napier
Ken Dryden
Paul Coffey

They were in one of the meeting rooms signing some t-shirts and other stuff brought for that night's charity game and I walked around the tables with a stick.
2017-04-16 12:41:42 AM  

Flatulent_Flea: My family knew Gary cheevers when he played in okc.
I once saw Gordie Howe get hit in the throat by the puck and barf on the ice
I saw one of the last goalies that still played without a mask, Ed Giacomman? of the rangers in a playoff game

Sweet! My mom started high-school the last year Howe was there. She didn't know him, though.
2017-04-16 12:43:28 AM  
Long, but funny.

Went to the Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, and spent a few days before that at the big Fan Celebration area at Comerica Park (still want to call it Tiger Stadium).  Got lots of autographs for step-dad the collector, chatted with a couple hall of famers, and got a picture of me with the Holy Grail.

Best part of it (other than the games) was seeing the group including my stepdad of "the professionals".  The autograph collectors who knew what they had to get signed, who they wanted to get a signature from, where, in what ink, etc.  These weren't re-sellers, these were for their own collections (we talked to a bunch while waiting)  One of the folks in the group, was a fan all the way from Scotland, who had flown in, just for the event.  Huge Red Wings fan, was comparing collections with stepdad (which again, being from Scotland, he had some impressive stuff)  So, we welcomed "Scotland" to the family.

So, after 3 days, catching up with the professionals, comparing notes, collections and all, we come to the Alumni games.  Crowds are huge, got a Lanny McD autograph (as a Calgarian, it's almost a requirement to meet Lanny).  And we catch up with Scotland between games.  He tells us all about the night before, and how he had filled his autograph book, and needed a replacement.

So he wandered around downtown Detroit.  At night.  Alone.  Looking for a bookstore.

When he told us this, most of the professionals went a new shade of pale.  Stepdad broke the silence: "And you survived?! "  The professionals slowly took their time explaining exactly how dangerous that was, and how lucky Scotland had been

/TL;DR Crazy Scot wanders around downtown Detroit alone at night looking for a bookstore.
//took a photo of the "Professionals" for Scotland on his phone so he could help explain his quest to Michigan
2017-04-16 12:44:22 AM  
I was like Bart Simpson when I was a kid. Hockey was the only sport I was any good at until I hit puberty.
2017-04-16 12:51:38 AM  
And a short CSB:

My grandmother babysat Bobby Orr when he was a kid.  Was the benefit of living in Parry Sound.
2017-04-16 02:10:03 AM  
I went to college at Michigan Tech and played in the pep band.

Alums that went through while I was in:

Chris Conner (had a few cups of coffee in the Penguins organization)
2016 NHL All-Star MVP John Scott (yup, saw him before he was cool)

Alums that went through after I graduated that you might know:

Tanner Kero (Blackhawks)
Jujhar Khaira (Oilers)
Pheonix Copley (Caps)
Blake Pietila (Devils)
2017-04-16 02:40:18 AM  
I've never watched a hockey game in person or on TV. Does that count?
2017-04-16 02:44:42 AM  
I saw Pavel Bure with Anna in a mall in Boca Raton.  Yeah, not the most CSB
2017-04-16 02:44:49 AM
Ken Dryden was my little-league soccer coach when I was about 7. I had no idea who he was, but my Dad and his friends went ape-shiat.
2017-04-16 02:49:08 AM  
I sat in front of Logan Couture's parents at a rookie game in Las Vegas
2017-04-16 02:50:13 AM  
I saw Bobby Hull with his teeth out at a card show in the '80s. Also, my cousin used to live down the block from him and often saw him sitting on his front stoop drinking a beer and apparently avoiding Mrs. Hull. Said cousin had Hawks season tickets for around 20 years and took me to my first game when I was 9.
2017-04-16 02:57:37 AM  
my brother-in-law was in a movie, "One Week" with the Stanley Cup.
pretty cool, i thought. i asked if he could touch it, he said he could do anything he wanted EXCEPT hold it over his head.
you've gotta win it for that.
2017-04-16 02:58:00 AM  
Met Marcel Dionne once when he played for the kings. I was 16 and two feet taller than him. Hung Wallpaper Rogie Vachon's house too.
I tour with DOA. If that ain't Canadian then nothing is..
2017-04-16 02:59:31 AM  
I've seen Slapshot like a hundred times.
2017-04-16 03:00:39 AM  
I live near Canada.
2017-04-16 03:01:21 AM  
I sat in a bar getting shiatfaced with Doug Gilmour.  Dude was a hardcore drinker and only drank the cheap stuff, well vodka in this instance.  He ended up getting so drunk that later in the night he was standing in the middle of the road outside the bar taking a piss.
2017-04-16 03:02:25 AM  

Johnny Rockets: I sat in a bar getting shiatfaced with Doug Gilmour.  Dude was a hardcore drinker and only drank the cheap stuff, well vodka in this instance.  He ended up getting so drunk that later in the night he was standing in the middle of the road outside the bar taking a piss.

Lol. I once checked in a totally coked-out Theo Fleury.
2017-04-16 03:06:09 AM  
Shoot, almost forgot!

First hotel I ran was in Banff. We had a massive outdoor hot tub.  The 2002 Canadian Women's Olympic hockey team had their training camp in Banff and stayed with us. I did half my paperwork for those two weeks sitting in the lobby near that pool, surrounded by female Olympians in swimwear. Cassie Campbell in a 2-piece...Grr.
2017-04-16 03:18:20 AM  
Where to start.  Grew up in Lethbridge Alberta, and all of the Sutter brothers played there and some lived there as well.  Used to see Rich Sutter at blockbuster in the early 90s.  Worked at a golf course that hosted the Sutter classic golf tournament and every big NHL star was there.  One year Thereon Flurry was standing in front of a set of swinging doors that led to the kitchen and my friend's sister who was a bartender/waitress came barging through and sent Flurry flying.  Everyone laughed at him.  Good times.  Our local team used to be the Broncos, who were the Islanders farm team, so got to lots of pros play before they made it to the NHL.  One of the Islanders scouts lived next door to one of my friends.  One year after they won the cup (81 I think) he had a big BBQ and most of the Islanders showed up.  Me and friends were looking through the fence to see how many pros we could see.  Mike Bossy was there.  In university Mike Babcock was the coach of our team and I used to see him almost every day since his office was right by where most of my classes were. My younger brother is friends with quite a few pros as he used to be a private trainer for the local farm team.  He lost both legs due to a drunk driver and many of them stepped up and donated him gear so he could auction it off to get $ for prosthetics.  Many more stories.  Got punched by Dale Purinton (enforcer with Rangers in early 2000s) one night at the bar.  He used to hang out with my brother about 20 years ago.
2017-04-16 03:19:56 AM  
My senior year of college DU won the national championship... It is really an odd sight to see a bunch of guys you know from the dorms and class on national television holding the trophy.   It is a small school so I knew the guys in my class on a first name basis.
2017-04-16 03:22:23 AM  
I once told Mike Leggo he sucked at protecting goalies.  He's a friend of the wife's, who grew up hanging out every day with his brother Patrick and was treated like family by the parents.
Mike's mom died a couple of years ago and half the Flames front office showed up at the funeral. Not a CSB per se, but it was a nice gesture.
2017-04-16 03:26:04 AM  
Andy Moog visited my kindergarten class... I guess 1985/86. I have no memory of it.

2017-04-16 03:26:37 AM  
Dick Cherry, who played D for the Boston and Philly for a few years and is the younger brother of the more (in)famous Don Cherry, was my primary school principal... and a heckuva great guy.
2017-04-16 03:31:50 AM  
You can beat up Mario with my player character (Edmonton #2):
2017-04-16 03:34:45 AM
2017-04-16 03:34:56 AM  
During the hockey lockout of 1994, my high school had a very good football team and the local news station came by to present some kind of award.  Since I was on that football team (as "kickoff team specialist") I was walking to the locker room and I saw none other than Paul Steigerwald step out of the head coach's office.  Paul Steigerwald was a local sportscaster and also the Pittsburgh Penguin's color man at the time (now he does the play-by-play).  I said to him "you should be doing a Penguin game".  He just rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah, really".

Then, at the presentation he started off by saying, "Someone said I should be doing a Penguin game", and then followed up with some spiel about how we high schoolers were the pure athletes or some such.  I felt so special that a local celebrity mentioned me.  He said a similar thing on the news that night as well.
2017-04-16 03:41:51 AM  
Chilling in the background during an open house/talent night at the school I worked in at the time with Dominik Hasek.  He's a farking beanpole folks.  I swear his pads must weigh more than his legs.
2017-04-16 03:51:44 AM  
- Had Sharks season tix from 94 until 2001. My seats were in an area where the team's video coach would direct the scouting and for some reason he was also responsible for for tracking faceoffs. He spent a lot of his time talking with the players who were injured or scratched and he would get so distracted he would have to ask me who won the faceoffs. I met Bernie Nichols, Gary Suter, Vincent Damphouse, and a bunch of others there. For xmas one year he gave me a game-used Jeff Freisen stick.
- I ate lunch one table over from Brent Burns last year
- My daughter skates at the Sharks practice facility so a lot of current and former Sharks are always hanging around there. I've said hi to Evgenyi Nabakov, Mike Rathje, Owen Nolan, and Curtis Brown.
- Joe Pavelski lives around the corner from me.
2017-04-16 03:57:27 AM  
I got Gordie Howe's autograph at Eaton's (remember Eaton's?) in Medicine Hat in the summer of 1966.  He was flogging hockey gear; this was way back when even the best players were still paid peanuts, so it must have been a summer job to generate some real dough.  The autograph lineup was pretty short (Medicine Hat is not a big place), and when that was done, he loudly commented to his table companion on my best friend's haircut; "Look, his Mom put a bowl on his head and cut everything below it".  I thought it was hilarious (and a reasonably accurate depiction) but my friend didn't like it, or him, after that.
2017-04-16 04:01:04 AM  
Met Steve Yzerman along with a few other Red Wings at a bar back in the mid ninety's before they won the cups.
2017-04-16 04:04:54 AM  
My mom had a high ranking job in the Edmonton Oilers administration back in the days when they used to win Stanley Cups.
Also, Mom's cousin (Vicky Moss) was Wayne Gretsky's girlfriend in those days.
I met several of the Oilers on different occasions then but most memorable was at a Christmas party at Vicky Moss' mom's house. Some of the Oilers were in attendance and at one point I was playing Pop-O-Matic Trouble with Vicky's youngest brother Stephen, Wayne Gretsky and Paul Coffey.
2017-04-16 04:05:17 AM  
A guy we worked with in the mid 90s had a Stanley Cup occurance you may have thought didn't happen anymore--if you know anything about The Cup you know it has had adventures of it's own.  Our co worker buddy was having dinner at his uncle's family's place one night when the uncle himself arrives home late for supper but with a big box in hand.   He was an electrician or plumber and was called to a job and for some reason I forget now had to bring The Cup home to avoid damages on site.  Everyone got pics on the couch with it--I remember seeing those!  He returned it the next day.   I could well have been one of the imposter cups meant as PR but didn't matter.
2017-04-16 04:16:36 AM  
Played a round of golf with Walter Gretzky at a charity tournament. This was after his stroke, but he still had a natural athletic ability as he kicked our ass using an ancient set of clubs he said he bought at a garage sale for $10.  He told a lot of great stories, and has often been said, was truly one of the nicest people you would ever meet.  After the round, were in the clubhouse and Wayne was on TV as they were making the announcement that Vancouver had just won the rights to the 2010 Winter Olympics.
2017-04-16 04:19:20 AM  
In 1996, the Arctic Winter Games were at Fire Lake arena (now Harry MacDonald) in Eagle River, Alaska. Two of the kids on the NWT team were Terrence and Jordin Tootoo. They were supposed to be Bantam age, but Jordin was only 13. I was working the box for one of the games when Jordin Tootoo got a penalty. So I was pretty close to a future NHL player: Tootoo played for Nashville, Detroit, Jersey, and Chicago (he's extended for 2018 for Chicago).
    In one game, NWT was getting waxed by Team Alaska, and the mercy rule was invoked. Terrence asked the ref if the teams could keep playing, because they'd never played in such a nice rink before. The kids were really pumped to be playing in what was really just a typical city rink. Terrence seemed like a good kid. I'm still sad about his death: he committed suicide after a drunk driving arrest when he was about 21.
    I was a minor official (plus-minus stats) when the World Junior tournament was played in Anchorage in 1989 (the year Mogilny defected) Among players at that tournament were Federov, Bure, Modano, Roenick, LeClair, Amonte, Sacco, DesJardins, Brind'Amour, Ricci. The players were unbelievable. In the final, one of the Russian players had a concealed puck somewhere in his gear, and as Sweden was breaking to tie the game, he dropped a second puck. It stopped the play, and the Russians won. Freaky.
2017-04-16 04:19:23 AM  
My story can be split into two parts, but they coalesce into one incident where I made a buffoon of myself in front of Marty McSorely and Charlie Simmer.

Several years ago, my buddy Greg and I are at a Kings viewing party at a diner in the L.A. suburb of Redondo Beach. It's jam-packed, so we split a table with a couple of strangers. McSorely shows up sometime in the first period as part of the festivities. With a choppy, battle-worn stride, he ambles from table to table to chat with the patrons. He gets to our table, we make a bunch of hockey-related small talk, and he moves on. One of the strangers gushes about how he was the best enforcer in the game when he played. I reply, "Yeah, well, he was great. But pound for pound, I gotta say the best enforcer of that era was Bob Probert."

This turns out to be a mistake. McSorely hears this, returns to our table, looks at me in the eye, and says, "I'd like to dispute that claim," poking me in my left shoulder with every word he says. Shocked, I mutter something about how awesome he was as Gretzky's bodyguard. This pleases him enough to return to his meet and greet duties. Fortunately, my shoulder doesn't require surgery.

Fast forward three years later. I had just worked with the Travel Alberta tourism group to write advertorial copy for a local, glossy lifestyle magazine. As a thank you, they invited me and a guest to hang with them in their luxury box at Staples Center during a Flames-Kings game. (They were doing a ton of advertising with Staples and the Honda Center at the time, so it wasn't as weird as you may think). I take my buddy Greg with me, and we're watching puck in style. Shortly after the opening face-off, a PR-type comes into the suite and announces McSorely and Charlie Simmer are going to be stopping by in a couple minutes.

I get a little excited and a lot nervous over the last name. Simmer was one of my first hockey heroes. As a member of the Kings' vaunted Triple Crown Line, he helped me get hooked on the sport. I remember getting pissed off when the Kings traded him to Boston in 1985 - how dare they break up the Triple Crown Line!! - and I determined I was going to share this anecdote with him.

As for McSorely, well...the dude poked me. "Do you think he'd remember?" Greg asks.

"I don't know," I reply. "I doubt it."

"Well, there's only one way to find out," he says.

McSorely arrives in the suite, and we get to him early. We bring up the Kings viewing party in Redondo Beach. He remembers.

Greg pats me on the back. "I don't know how well you remember that night," he says, "but you poked my friend here in the chest repeatedly because he said Probert was a better enforcer than you!"

McSorely looks at Greg, then looks at me. He hangs his head, gets this goofy grin on his face - the kind of grin that lets you know he remembers - looks up at me, and says, "Let me tell you a story about Dave Semenko."

Simmer walks up to McSorely right after he's done using Gretzky's other bodyguard to steer the conversation away from the poking incident. I'm star-struck. It's Charlie Effin' Simmer. I shake his hand, thank him for being a King, and say, "I'm still mad at the Kings for trading you to Buffalo."

"I got traded to Boston," Simmer says flatly.

I knew that. My brain, however abandoned me. Stupid brain.

McSorely jumps in. "The Bruins had some great players on that team, didn't they?"

His question gives me a shot at redemption. "There were!" I reply. "There was...
Kenny Linseman?"

(Stupid brain strikes again).

"There was Ray Bourque," Simmer says.

(HOW THE F**K COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT RAY BORQUE?!!? This is my inner monologue for thirty seconds).

I make one last attempt to sound like I actually know what the hell I'm talking about. "1985 was Johnny Bucyk's last year in the league, right?" I meant to say Terry O'Reilly. Bucyk retired in 1978. Neither Simmer or McSorely acknowledge this gaffe. It's clear they're ready to move on from me.

I say goodbye and walk away so I can appropriately feel shame. I spend the rest of the first period coming to grips that I looked like an idiot in front of one of my favorite players from my youth.

And for the record, I still think Probert was the best enforcer of that era.
2017-04-16 04:21:15 AM  

Geordles: My mom had a high ranking job in the Edmonton Oilers administration back in the days when they used to win Stanley Cups.
Also, Mom's cousin (Vicky Moss) was Wayne Gretsky's girlfriend in those days.
I met several of the Oilers on different occasions then but most memorable was at a Christmas party at Vicky Moss' mom's house. Some of the Oilers were in attendance and at one point I was playing Pop-O-Matic Trouble with Vicky's youngest brother Stephen, Wayne Gretsky and Paul Coffey.

This is me in the 80s. Mom got to bring this
2017-04-16 04:21:23 AM  
Mine friend and I played golf in a foursome at Don Valley in Toronto with none other than Bruce Boudreau! This is when he was playing for the Leafs. I was blessed. lol
2017-04-16 05:00:38 AM  
A friend and I got to have a nice long chit chat with Kelly Chase at a sparsely attended autograph
session. Really good guy. Got to hear some of his remembrances of playing in Peoria
before being called up (My friend brought a Peoria Rivermen puck for him to sign).

I met a number of other players at card shows and autograph events, but Kelly Chase
may be the only one that I actually got to stand around and talk with for a while. Sure can't
beat some of the other CSB's though..

/ I did get to meet the Stanley Cup too..
2017-04-16 05:28:32 AM  
Boarded with Larry and Wayne Hillman's aunt on Windermere Ave. in Windsor ON in early '60's. A very nice lady. She enjoyed the company and the feeling of security of having four or five male borders living with her.
2017-04-16 05:29:34 AM  
I used to work at the same place for a 2nd job as the team physiotherapist for the Malmö Redhawks.

I'm f*cking famous.
2017-04-16 05:34:22 AM  
In the late 80s I was a drunken college kid on a road trip who had never been to a live hockey game. Our impromptu road trip led us to St. Louis where we decided on a drunken whim to attend the game at the old Checkerdome sans tickets. My drunken compadré was somewhat infamous for trying (and succeeding) at the ridiculous. So, we waited until the second period and simply walked the fark in. No one ever stopped us. We just kept going past each ticket and security person like we owned the place. We continued this until we were front row at the ice. So, my first hockey game was with no tickets and front row.

/that's all I got.
2017-04-16 05:36:05 AM  
I went to college with Adam Oates, Daren Puppa, Ken Hammond and John Carter at RPI. Oates' girlfriend was a Friendly's waitress and I got it into my head that if I was funny and ordered really weird sundaes she'd dump the guy who had five NHL teams chasing him. This did not work. My fixation with Friendly's waitress uniforms continued for many years.
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