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(   Dodgers pitcher Jose Lima sings "God Bless America" and the national anthem at game, is upstaged by wife's gigantic breasts (w/link to video)   ( divider line
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57722 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 May 2004 at 1:45 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-14 09:40:20 AM  
Wow. Those are amazing.

It's good to be rich.
2004-05-14 09:40:59 AM  
I think it's really cute how, in trying to place her hand over her heart during the National Anthem, she looks like she's about to choke herself. Damn, dem's some bigass titties.
2004-05-14 09:49:41 AM  
I know it's Lima Time, but seeing those knockers, I don't "believe it."
2004-05-14 10:02:13 AM  
2004-05-14 10:02:53 AM  
Great Googley Moogley!

Can't possibly be real. Plus, she's checking herself out on the monitors.

Finish this phrase: "Attention _________".
2004-05-14 10:03:18 AM  
2004-05-14 10:04:07 AM  
i'd sing "God Bless America" everyday too if she were around.
2004-05-14 10:04:09 AM  
Whoa... those things are bigger than Lima's ERA.
2004-05-14 10:04:42 AM  
2004-05-14 10:04:57 AM  
stand beside her...and guide her....
2004-05-14 10:06:24 AM  
"Baseball been berry berry gooood to Leeema."
2004-05-14 10:07:00 AM  
2004-05-14 10:10:31 AM  
Dear FARK,

We are so proud of Jose and think he did a great job.

Melissa Lima, Jose Lima Jr. and "the twins"
2004-05-14 10:10:58 AM  
Jeez... those are some knockers.
2004-05-14 10:14:53 AM  
I would also like to note that those are some very, very large jugs.
2004-05-14 10:18:18 AM  
Sweeeeeeeet. Those are some major league yabbos.
2004-05-14 10:20:45 AM  
FalloutBoy: you owe me a kleenex for my monitor - it's now covered in coffee.
2004-05-14 10:21:48 AM  
tig ole bitties
2004-05-14 10:23:00 AM  
Can someone pull an image from the video for those of us at work?

Please? Anyone? Anyone?
2004-05-14 10:28:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-14 10:31:08 AM  
Sweet Jeebus.
2004-05-14 10:36:51 AM  
You can hardly see them nipples.
--Scrooged, 1988
2004-05-14 10:38:07 AM  
dear god, think of how much those things must droop when she sets them free. *shiver*
2004-05-14 10:45:07 AM  
snarf-snarf, nah, that's modern industrial-grade synthetic technology at work. Doubt those puppies move an inch.
2004-05-14 10:49:14 AM  
"Baseball has been berry, berry good to me!"
- Jose Lima
2004-05-14 11:04:56 AM  
Somebody arrest that woman. She is smuggling marbles.

/likes her erect nipples
2004-05-14 11:09:04 AM  
Beisboll been berry berry good to me.
2004-05-14 11:10:04 AM  
Sorry Ern. I shoulda refreshed before I clicked "add comment"
2004-05-14 11:19:31 AM  
My wife told me he likes them really big and fake. When she was working as a dancer, he came into her club a few of times. He was a regular of one of the other dancers who my wife described as "about an H".

All I can say is thank God they have stop running his Casa Ole commercials.
2004-05-14 11:25:58 AM  
Sorry flubby, had to do some actual work there for a while. Thanks.

2004-05-14 11:29:20 AM  
"I suspect that there are some clear heels in this woman's closet." - G.W. Hope, our office raconteur.
2004-05-14 11:44:34 AM  
Anyone got links to right-click-and-save goodness? Forget the chick, I didn't see Cora's 18-pitch AB and I don't want to deal with buffering...buffering...
wil [TotalFark]
2004-05-14 11:51:07 AM  
"I suspect that there are some clear heels in this woman's closet." - G.W. Hope, our office raconteur.

I nominate G.W. Hope for best comment of the morning.
2004-05-14 11:56:47 AM  
Yeah, it's Lima time.

I knew I was a fan of the guy for a reason. :)
2004-05-14 11:59:00 AM  
Lima is still in the bigs? Hell, the Tigers cut him 2 years ago.

/Wants to talk baseball, I can see boobies anytime. Those are quite amazing though.
2004-05-14 11:59:07 AM  
Reminds me of another picture that was screaming for PS goodness...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-14 01:47:29 PM  
Tig Bitties! Tig Bitties!
2004-05-14 01:48:22 PM  
Hell, for a few grand, I could have boobies like those.
2004-05-14 01:48:53 PM  

Nice Zappa win a cookie...
2004-05-14 01:49:16 PM  
I think they should test her for HGH.
2004-05-14 01:49:16 PM  
2004-05-14 01:49:51 PM  
Deserves an XXL tag...

img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-05-14 01:49:55 PM  
Did you see the size of those Chickens!
2004-05-14 01:50:23 PM  
2004-05-14 01:50:30 PM  
Hey, that woman's very attractive.
2004-05-14 01:50:32 PM  
I'm a bigtime Dodger fan and I saw the photo on last night. The first thing that came to mind was posting it on Fark but I guess someone beat me to it.

All I have to say is, GO KNOCKERS!!!

Er, I mean, GO DODGERS!!!!

/bleeds Dodger blue
2004-05-14 01:50:52 PM  
I feel like I'm a better person, just for having seen those.
2004-05-14 01:50:55 PM  
Goodness those are too big.

*sigh* The Royals were so much better last year.
2004-05-14 01:50:59 PM  
Que chichis traes!!!
2004-05-14 01:51:18 PM  
I would knock it out
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