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5261 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jan 2002 at 3:56 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-08 03:59:40 PM  
This is SAD.
2002-01-08 04:01:28 PM  
it's down
2002-01-08 04:02:19 PM  
Old news...and it's still annoying.
2002-01-08 04:02:33 PM  
Something this fscking annoying should be against the host's terms of service agreement.
2002-01-08 04:03:56 PM  
2002-01-08 04:04:18 PM  
boy, thank god that this came back. it was so entertaining the first time
2002-01-08 04:04:41 PM  
2002-01-08 04:04:53 PM  
About farking time...I'm guessing Disney got on their ass for using the old 'Robin Hood' theme on their original site.
2002-01-08 04:05:21 PM  
2002-01-08 04:06:09 PM  
God help us all.
2002-01-08 04:07:26 PM  
I liked the old song.
2002-01-08 04:08:38 PM  
There IS a God after all! *sigh*
2002-01-08 04:10:03 PM  
2002-01-08 04:12:33 PM  
When I click on I expect to be assulted by a deluge of dancing hampsters! I do not (I'll type slower here so you can understand me not) want a front page with ads and plugs for their new single!

And yes, the old song was better!
2002-01-08 04:16:34 PM  
Mods pls delete my above post - I just checked the file size and realized that was a crappy thing to do. Sorry Farkers.
2002-01-08 04:19:45 PM  
Ahhh, propagating the popular misspelling of "hamster" through the centuries.

Obligatory link to...
Dan and Steve's Hamster Dance Death Page
2002-01-08 04:23:10 PM  
oh the humanity
why oh why?
2002-01-08 04:26:18 PM  
For some reason it has hijacked my speakers... can't get my MP3s to play...

Curse you vile rodents!
2002-01-08 04:26:29 PM  
E. Twig, it's only 15k. I'm ok with it, and I'm running on 26.4 modem (damn the old phone lines) right now.
2002-01-08 04:37:35 PM  
Suddenly I crave self-mutilation.
2002-01-08 04:42:30 PM  
hamsterdance has gone commercial. The terrorists hav... never mind.
2002-01-08 06:01:23 PM  
They even have a discussion board.....ummmm.....whats there to discuss? Hamsters.....dancing?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-08 06:09:36 PM

the original....with an added dimension.

ps when did newgrounds deterioate into porn banners and casino popunders?
2002-01-08 06:30:29 PM  
Newgrounds started going downhill a while ago.
Recently, though, they were getting a lot of publicity on the news because of their Kill Osama games... so they got tons of traffic and they had to resort to adds because they needed to buy more bandwith. Just a hunch ^_^
2002-01-08 06:30:35 PM  
Oooh! The interactive one is so much fun!

2002-01-08 06:53:24 PM  
awful dreadful frightening
2002-01-08 06:57:02 PM  
Did anyone get the HampsterDance CD? Not with the stupid song they've got now, but some halfway decent though crazed stuff: Even Hampsters Fall In Love, A Hampster's Life, and a techno remix of the original HampsterDance song. I wonder if the people who made the site had a falling out with the Boomtag Boys
2002-01-08 07:00:54 PM  
Lame then, lame now.
2002-01-08 07:06:03 PM  
Of course I HAVE to post, my 15 seconds of fame worth:
2002-01-08 07:37:06 PM  
Ahhh... Scary thought. With all the merchandising to now go along with the site... And the general Technopop feel of the music... How long will it be before the world experiences (cue scary chord) HAMPSTER DANCE REVOLUTION?
2002-01-08 07:44:21 PM  
I did a sucky parody of this the first time around. It was a direct rip off. I thought it was funny. Check it out if you want at:
2002-01-08 07:52:32 PM  
Zylon - i agree, wuzzup with hampster? That's almost as bad as the idiots that say new-cue-lar instead of nuclear.

The word is hamster. Look it up.
2002-01-08 08:18:13 PM  
Chilly Willie: I can't believe I was able to answer this, but apparently there's a "reason" it's spelled with a "P"... Why "hamPster"?
2002-01-08 08:37:00 PM  
I was watching Children's television the other day, and between two shows (High 5 and the Teletubbies?) they played two music videos - the first was normal enough - Bob the Builder, the the second one was Hampton and the Hamsters. Very Odd.
2002-01-08 08:49:46 PM  
this suxxx
2002-01-08 08:58:30 PM  
Also acceptable are
img.fark.netView Full Size
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-01-09 12:02:48 AM
2002-01-09 12:16:29 AM  
They commercialized Ham(p)ster Dance. Those bastards. The beauty was in the simplicity, but now they're making it into a weird way to get money. Not going to work, guys.
2002-01-09 01:15:09 AM  
way to be first, bloodyL.
2002-01-09 01:28:55 AM  
Excerpt from a Hamsterdance discussion board:

Hado,I think you rock!Your the coolest hampster in the band.Are you the one with the high pich voice?I would really like to meet you,it would be a dream come true!Well,anyway.Yooouuuu Rock!!!!!

Alias ommitted to protect the silly.
2002-01-09 04:00:41 AM  
And I'm first.
2002-01-09 12:50:54 PM  
Dodger - thank you. I feel much better now.
2002-01-09 07:49:11 PM has been up for a long time at
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