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9634 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Jan 2002 at 1:25 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-09 08:03:07 AM  
"22% bastard!
12% of which is Tard

Wow I suck!"

Well, my score was the same, but I do not suck...I was one of the guys who had a problem with homosexuality! Well at least I am honest.

Greenplastic, Cheaptherapy, I'll write to the pope about your cannonizations.

As for the rest of you all, who are you, Dick Bastardly!?!
2002-01-09 08:09:54 AM  
Texcoco: So, you're over your problem with homosexuality now then, are you?
2002-01-09 08:13:26 AM  
67% bastard, although it grew with each popup ad. The Tard level is 38%. I am like the 3rd or 4th person with this exact score (shudder).
2002-01-09 08:21:20 AM  

I am a great American.
2002-01-09 08:26:38 AM  

34% bastard!

19% of which is Tard.
2002-01-09 08:27:49 AM  
26% Bastard
14% Tard
I'm not as big a bastard as my wife thinks I am!

Plus, I liked all the pop-ups! /sarcasm
2002-01-09 08:33:27 AM  
93% bastard, 50% tard. Not too shabby, although I was marked down because I disliked kiddie porn and did not hit anyone with a knife. (I throw like a gay)
2002-01-09 08:33:32 AM  
82% bastard
38% tard

Man, what the hell happened to me? I used to be such a nice guy.
2002-01-09 08:37:40 AM  
mine said i was 35% gay
2002-01-09 08:38:39 AM  
thankfully the average is 40% so I ROCK!!!
2002-01-09 08:39:52 AM  
37/21 - not sure what that says.
2002-01-09 08:40:27 AM  
47% biatch - Higher than the average!!! Woo hoo! I'd like to thank all of the people who make my job easier - there are a lot of them.
2002-01-09 08:41:08 AM  
55% bastard/18% tard
WTF is the tard?
2002-01-09 08:41:46 AM  
TheSpark's coming back online with new stuff on January 15th. Until then I thought I'd submit this oldie but goodie.
2002-01-09 08:44:42 AM  
Tmwes, you just answered your own question
2002-01-09 09:08:09 AM  
Twmes, it's the same as Mongo!!!
2002-01-09 09:17:33 AM  
22% bastard

*wrists suddenly go limp*

Oh crap.....
HPZ [TotalFark]
2002-01-09 09:37:05 AM  
You're all a bunch of bastards! So am I!

12% bastard!
6% of which is Tard

I'm just as much a bastard as GreenPlastic, but less Tard than he, for what that's worth. Hrm...
2002-01-09 09:58:37 AM  
57% 32%

those hookers continue to haunt me
2002-01-09 10:01:52 AM  
61% bastard!
34% of which is Tard

There was never any doubt.
2002-01-09 10:03:48 AM  
18% bastard
10% tard

only 4 percent of the populace is less of a bastard than i am.
which is weird because i think i'm a horrible bastard.
it just takes a real farking bastard to get a rise out of the bastard in me.
2002-01-09 10:04:19 AM  
69% Bastard
39% Tard.
For Real Bio-atch!!!
2002-01-09 10:05:36 AM  
WTF? Only 36% biatch? I must be having a great morning or their test is flawed big time!
2002-01-09 10:06:51 AM  
The scale must be broken.
54% Bastard?
Now I know I'm more of a big fat bastard than that.
2002-01-09 10:30:05 AM  
33% bastard
18% tard
2002-01-09 10:44:41 AM  
Only 44%? Man, I *know* I can do better than that...
2002-01-09 10:54:41 AM  
So if I'm not 100% bastard, does that mean that I am not?
Just curious.
2002-01-09 11:11:40 AM  
Martini007, it's interesting to note, though, that while 31% of Trekkies who take the test are virgins, more non-Trekkies are virgins. The average age of a Spark user is like 14, I believe, and they're mostly little nerdy boys. They're all virgins. Ha.
2002-01-09 11:43:21 AM  
Where are Fb-'s results?
2002-01-09 12:11:11 PM  
72% bastard...I always thought I was more bastard than that...

Kinda disappointed now :(
2002-01-09 12:27:52 PM  
43% bastard
22% tard
2002-01-09 12:51:29 PM  
Hmmm ... 39% / 22%

Probably would have been lower than that, but I had anger management issues for a while.

Two thoughts, though. First: "Favorite time to masturbate" is simply not a fair question. There should be a "whenever possible" option there. Second: Is it still cheating if your wife hooked you up with the other woman?
2002-01-09 01:15:45 PM  
27% bastard.
15% tard.

The "tard" is just the percentage as compared to the word "bastard" that you have.

For example. 15% is slightly more than half of 27%, much like "tard" is slightly more than half of "bastard".

That made sense, I think.
2002-01-09 01:28:48 PM  
53% Bastard
30% Tard

Tsk, tsk, tsk, they caught me on one of my lesser bastard days.
2002-01-09 03:19:11 PM  
I think my score was like 68%, which is 96% percentile of all human males with internet access who take tests like this. That means I'm really a powderpuff compared to the Taliban.

They ought to subtract 70% just for taking such a gay test.
2002-01-09 04:25:08 PM  

Only 60/34 here.

Damnit. Guess I need to drink more or something.
2002-01-09 06:01:25 PM  
Hmm.. wouldn't the TARD percentage just be around 4/7ths of your basTARD score?
2002-01-09 07:13:38 PM  
30% bastard
17% tard
2002-01-10 08:19:00 PM  
*sigh* and i'm not even gay.. =P
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