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(TV3 (Ireland))   Roses are red / violets are skeptical   ( divider line
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2913 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 20 Mar 2017 at 8:10 PM (34 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2017-03-20 01:29:36 PM  
Watch out, baby
I put my dick in a light receptacle
2017-03-20 03:02:39 PM  

puffy999: Watch out, baby
I put my dick in a light receptacle

And you're so proud of yourself you're just glowing.
2017-03-20 06:45:00 PM  
Roses are red
Violets are skeptical
I wish I didn't spill
Sulphuric acid on my genitals

/the drawbacks of meth production
2017-03-20 07:25:03 PM  
Penn Jillette has an anecdote about bee stings causing his taint to go... wrong
2017-03-20 08:13:10 PM  
He probably needs some...talcum in the middle.

/will show myself out
2017-03-20 08:25:13 PM  
Some states are red
Others are blue
North Korea's latest warhead
Still misses them all, dude.
2017-03-20 08:27:27 PM  

Roses are red / violets are skeptical

Your mom is an awful
But handy receptacle.
2017-03-20 08:45:50 PM  
Are...are you supposed to suck the venom out?
2017-03-20 08:48:44 PM  
I bet he needed a shtickle of bee balm.
2017-03-20 09:04:27 PM  

scotchcrotch: Are...are you supposed to suck the venom out?

The beekeeper went, 'Sorry. I'll help you anywhere else, but I'm sorry.'"

From a 60 Minutes piece from October.

2017-03-20 09:27:36 PM  
Rhyming is hard.
I'm Batman.
2017-03-20 10:11:27 PM  
One fine summer day
I decided to play
A game emulator known as Nesticle
But as i sat down
I discovered, with a frown,
that a bee had stung my left testicle!

/jfc that took me 5 minutes
2017-03-20 10:27:33 PM  
ROSES ARE FREE - Ween (Official Video) full-length
Youtube qUuLCpiW6cI
i thought the roses were free
2017-03-21 07:30:14 AM  
I LOL'd pretty hard, subby...
2017-03-21 08:16:25 AM  
Like most other people who fells trees regularly I've been stung but all manner of stinging insects in all manner of places and yeah sometimes it hurts but on the whole you do get used to it.  As a kid I thought it was the worst thing ever, now I'm just annoyed.  More so if it was a bee and I have to remove a barbed stinger.
2017-03-21 12:59:18 PM  
A fire ant bit me on the sack a long time ago.
It wasn't a pleasant experience.
2017-03-21 01:25:06 PM  
Did he cry out to his online friends, "I'm so very scared, help"?
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