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(PeopleNews)   Prince William tells photographer to 'f*cking piss off', throws him in ditch   ( divider line
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9445 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jan 2002 at 4:28 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-08 04:01:16 PM  
2002-01-08 04:01:45 PM  
Good for him!
2002-01-08 04:02:35 PM  
That was no hunting trip, they were headed deep into the woods to inbreed.

Need a hero tag with a Union Jack background, too.
2002-01-08 04:02:41 PM  
Well, it's about time he did something really interesting. Perhaps he's pissed because People labled his brother as one of the "most intriguing people of 2001" and not him. heh.
2002-01-08 04:02:44 PM  
Give 'em hell, Wills !
2002-01-08 04:04:17 PM  
Prince William....My future ex husband.....
2002-01-08 04:07:42 PM  

Hey, how come that's not meirde? We all need to start swearing non-Englishly.
2002-01-08 04:08:52 PM  
if he worked for a farking tabloid, he should've been trampled.

(not really, but i wouldn't be all that upset if it happened)
2002-01-08 04:10:54 PM  
A Brit with balls. Good for him.
2002-01-08 04:20:10 PM  
He looks so much like his mum in that pic.. *sigh*
2002-01-08 04:21:11 PM  
A bad day & being stalked by a cameraman is a bad combination. If my mom's death was caused by a bunch of insensitive morons with cameras and I had the opportunity to force one into a ditch I'd do it too. Of course, I'd probably trample them with the horse as well.
2002-01-08 04:27:36 PM  
What the hell is a Postlethwaite?
2002-01-08 04:28:31 PM  
Bleh. What hope has the poor bastard got in that family, with that heritage?
2002-01-08 04:29:32 PM  
By the way, that IS my boyfriend...ha
2002-01-08 04:35:26 PM  
he should have every right to tell the guy to fark off..tabliod writer's should all be round up and shot by the people who they hound endlessly for the sake of "journalism"
2002-01-08 04:37:59 PM  
At least there is one set of balls in that palace.
2002-01-08 04:41:29 PM  
No kidding Daph, I mean, these types of guys were at least partly responsible for his mom's death. Do they expect him to be nice?
2002-01-08 04:43:38 PM  
Those cheeky Brits... get 'em Willy!
2002-01-08 04:44:34 PM  
Postlethwaite is the camera dude's last name. Apparently William knew him. That was the first thing I thought of too.
2002-01-08 04:47:00 PM  
When is Vince McMahon signing this guy up for the W.W.F.?
Go Prince Go, whoop some serious ass !
2002-01-08 04:48:39 PM  
Postlehwaite is the name of this fricking guy I know. Stupid dumb loser popping vicodin with this skank. You could've had Kirstin, you dumb head. She LOOOOOVED YOUUUU, but no, she messes up one time in comparison to all the times you screwed around, and she's the badguy? And look who you're married to now. That dumb vicodin popping skank who's sucking your talented life away. Playing head games. She needs to grow up, and you need to be a MAN, germs. Find your french friend and lets go play some jungle ball.
2002-01-08 04:52:31 PM  
In truth, the correct spelling is "merde," not "merdre."
2002-01-08 04:55:48 PM  
Bout damn time royalty got a punk ass attitude towards the press. I don't get why he didn't make the horse step on the camera equipment, but oh well.
2002-01-08 05:01:48 PM  
Poor must be tough as a filthy-rich welfare-recipient-for-life. The paparazzi(?) sucks, but I can't feel sorry for some people.
2002-01-08 05:02:31 PM  
as the english would say "hurrah" "hurrah"

as us aussies say "you farking beauty"
2002-01-08 05:03:29 PM  
The new William the Conquerer. Camera guy is lucky they don't carry swords anymore. France planning to surrender at his coronation.
2002-01-08 05:08:28 PM  
"Wills abuses photographer"

Oh boo hoo! Poor photographer. He was just innocently hiding far away taking unauthorized pictures of Prince William and his family. What's the big problem with that?

What I find so disgusting about these tabloid photographers is how they abuse the people they're photographing. It's legalized stalking I tell you. They hide in bushes, on top of buildings and behind fences, and use cameras fitted with a high powered lens to rob these people of their privacy.

Then, they crowd around an event like wolves surrounding their prey, and take thousands of pictures. I'm surprised no one has yet had an epileptic seizure from all these strobing lights.

And that lame ass excuse "freedom of the press" doesn't cut it with me. They hunt down people and photograph them in embarassing situations that should otherwise be private and of no one's concern, and then they turn around with this smug superior attitude of "We only give the people what they want, so don't blame us". I seriously doubt they're so concerned with my entertainment as much as they'e concerned with making a quick buck.

It's true that there were certain factors that ultimately lead to the death of Princess Diana (she was not wearing a seatbelt, the driver was intoxicated), but the prime reason belongs to those snakes on wheels that were chasing her down those French streets. I wonder if it gave them hard-ons knowing they caused the death of a human being while they were taking pictures of her lifeless body. I'm just glad it ended up being taboo for anybody to buy these pictures. However, the fact that there were Tabloids who were initially willing to pay $250,000+ per picture just sickens me.

I hate them all, and I don't use the word "hate" lightly.
2002-01-08 05:10:52 PM  
Oh, and I should also mention that, rich, poor, young, old, no one deserves that kind of treatment.
2002-01-08 05:11:25 PM  
Bah, the prince is just pissed because he lost his chance with britney spears.
2002-01-08 05:14:56 PM  
Hey, I think I respect him more just because he did that. Not that this says much.
2002-01-08 05:17:37 PM  

No problem, just tell Prince Wills your friends last name. I'm sure he would have no problem schooling him.
2002-01-08 05:21:02 PM  
Gwinny: In truth, the correct spelling is "merde," not "merdre."

That dawned on me afterward, but if Fark ever surrenders to the French filters, it probably would be "meiarde".
2002-01-08 05:30:33 PM  
Permafrost: You okay, buddy?
2002-01-08 05:32:03 PM  
Hey, I agree that these photographers are trash, but why isn't anybody concerned with the point that Will just assaulted this guy?
(I'd just love to see royalty get prosecuted. farking meaningless figureheads with meaningless roles, representing a meaningless and tired tradition of nobility through blood. Personally, I wish the photographer woulda fought back. While this kid lives in obscene wealth that he didn't do a damn thing for, there's plenty of poor hard-working people in England who'd get sent to jail for assaulting a photographer.)
2002-01-08 05:36:51 PM  
What a cutie!!
2002-01-08 05:46:39 PM  
The only reason the "papanazis" covet these photos are because of the fame of the subject, and the "frothing-at-the-mouth" public's desire to see ANYTHING involving them(vicarious living). The real way to beat them is to just FLOOD the media with pictures of him doing everything from scratching his bum to removing a bit of broccoli stuck in his teeth. The oversaturation will have people screaming "Enough already!", he'll become last weeks news, and the press will move on.

Ex. Ellen DeGeneres, Rosanne Barr, OJ Simpson.

Assault isn't a viable option (just ask Sean Penn).
2002-01-08 06:05:56 PM  
good for you, Willie... don't take no shiat from anyone!

but be careful... they did kill your mom for speaking out.
2002-01-08 06:06:32 PM  
Gwinny , Peaceboy:

"merdre" is how it's spelled in Jarry's Ubu Roi. it was my little "shiat" joke that i guess was a bit too obscure.

2002-01-08 06:08:21 PM  
Lord Regal + Prince William

Best...Tag Team...Ever

2002-01-08 06:17:49 PM  
farkin' press
2002-01-08 06:18:20 PM  
goddamnit, i reserve the right to say f.u.c.k.
2002-01-08 06:22:09 PM  
Good for him he should of chased after him afterwards with the horse.
2002-01-08 06:27:40 PM  
This is a perfect example of why that tag is so farked up. I mean, He's not even American for farks sake!...
Self-Righteous Ass-holes
2002-01-08 06:33:42 PM  
I'd do the same thing. Then I'd turn towards France and force them to surrender.
2002-01-08 06:33:45 PM  
Lord Regal + Bort13

Best...Tag Team...Ever

P.S.Your A Loser..haha
2002-01-08 06:36:09 PM  
Just thought I would add that ;)

probably won't last long cause bort likes to pull posts :(

I think it is good to see william giving them shiatbags heaps,about time one of them did it...his Dad is too much of a farken
2002-01-08 06:57:48 PM  
I think Bort has spent too much time "pullin his own post."

How long will this stay?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-08 07:01:12 PM  
Di was killed by a drunk driver, not the paparazzi.
2002-01-08 07:06:48 PM  
Good for him! If I was Willy I think I'd stack a pile of cameras together and blow them to smithereens to release some stress. I bet the Royal Family hates cameras more than anything.
2002-01-08 07:07:00 PM  
Way Cool Junior: you know something the rest of the world don't?

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