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(Yahoo) NewsFlash Fark picked the wrong day to make fun of Dave Thomas. He died today at age 69   ( divider line
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13030 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jan 2002 at 9:38 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-08 09:40:17 AM  
But how did he tie?
2002-01-08 09:40:57 AM  
He tied one on?
2002-01-08 09:40:58 AM  
Sad news for America. The terrorists have won.
2002-01-08 09:41:07 AM  
God rest his McSoul.
2002-01-08 09:41:32 AM  
I hope he didn't hang himself....
2002-01-08 09:41:35 AM  
I wonder how long he would have lived if he had owned health food stores instead.
2002-01-08 09:41:54 AM  
who did he tie with?

2002-01-08 09:42:08 AM  
Must... Stop.... Laughing.... at death....
2002-01-08 09:42:08 AM  
that was unexpected, but he outlasted the Colonel and that is all that matters. (damn the colonel and his wee beady eyes, and that smug look on his face...)
2002-01-08 09:42:53 AM  
ohhh your gonna buy my chicken ohhhhh

2002-01-08 09:42:55 AM  
He truly was a great guy...great partier too. He did a lot for adopted kids and many charities. HE was a good man.
2002-01-08 09:43:10 AM  
It's sad. He was an icon.
2002-01-08 09:43:19 AM  
Is PETA a suspect?
2002-01-08 09:43:45 AM  
oh, and too bad it wasn't Ronald.
2002-01-08 09:43:54 AM  

Don't forget that he was part of the Pentavirate.
2002-01-08 09:44:08 AM  
Loud old lady's voice ~
Six feet under, you F-ing hag.
2002-01-08 09:44:12 AM  
So true, Ronin, but now I'm wondering how long it will be until they start making commercials with an animated Dave Thomas.
Perhaps the guys at should send Wendy's a resume.
2002-01-08 09:44:33 AM  
Where's the corpse?
2002-01-08 09:44:34 AM  
Jesus Christ! Their burgers are so farking greasy, it's no surprise.
2002-01-08 09:44:59 AM  
maybe he died of a heart attack after seeing he was featured on Fark.
2002-01-08 09:45:19 AM  
Good night funnyman.
2002-01-08 09:46:30 AM  
How the fark is Wendy's ever going to do a decent commercial again? Dave was in all of them, and usually at least mildly amusing.

The next biggie size Frosty will be raised in your memory Dave, R.I.P.
2002-01-08 09:46:35 AM  
But can we still eat great, even late?
Condolences to his family.
2002-01-08 09:46:41 AM  
"01-08-02 09:41:35 AM Rtreynor
I wonder how long he would have lived if he had owned health food stores instead."

He would have killed himself 10 years ago from the sheer hell of eating that crap.

I worked at Wendy's when I was going to high school (20 years ago) I can still tell you that the order for condiments is Mayonaise, Ketchup, Pickle, Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Mustard. (Relish in packs) and that there are 256 different combinations of the above named condiments. That info is taking up valuable space in my brain that could be better used for something else.
2002-01-08 09:46:48 AM  
His daughter Wendy should start doing the commercials now. I wonder if she's hot.
2002-01-08 09:47:02 AM  
We should all get a number 4 in his memory.(Bacon Cheese burger meal.)

*eats burger in silence*
2002-01-08 09:47:18 AM  

I ate my first Wendy's at his [early] restaurant in Ft Wayne, IN, circa 1975. Hey, I met Harland Sanders too, I was about 9. I think he outlived Dave, though...he was near 70 when I met him.

S'pose they'll start selling tofurkey burgers or some shiat now?? My bet's on congestive heart failure.
2002-01-08 09:48:24 AM  
I thought Wendy became a prostitute or something?
2002-01-08 09:48:37 AM  
I don't care what others may say, Dave Thomas was an excellent bussines man and he made witty commercials.
2002-01-08 09:49:35 AM  
While it would be waaaaaay too much to ask, expect, or perhaps even want, to give the guy a little respect in death, allow me to say that Thomas lived a truly admirable life. He came from nothing, worked his ass off, succeeded greatly, and gave a great deal back to the society that allowed him to succeed. That, kiddies, is what this farking country is supposed to be.

RIP burger dude.
2002-01-08 09:49:53 AM  
I can't believe you all liked the adverts. I mean, what kind of a girly name is "Wendy's"? "Oo, yeth, I like a Wendy'th now and again..."

I bet you do sunshine. Now fark off and stop bothering us.

Wendy's indeed. At least "Burger King" has a relatively solid feel to it...
2002-01-08 09:51:11 AM  
if it were not for the farking retards that work there I might have enjoyed his place a little more

2002-01-08 09:51:17 AM  
ahh the first trolling of the thread
2002-01-08 09:51:25 AM  
I can see the new commercial now...

"Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is even hotter than the place I just ended up!"
2002-01-08 09:51:44 AM  
69 huh huh.... cool.... 69 heh heh
2002-01-08 09:51:49 AM  
Somebody order up a Biggie Coffin.
2002-01-08 09:51:54 AM  

Now cracks a noble heart.
2002-01-08 09:52:00 AM  
Dave is dead. It is a solemn day in the United States...I'm going to go into mourning....and eat at McDonald's.
2002-01-08 09:52:07 AM  
I'll miss you Dave, and your lovely, artery-clogging bacon mushroom melts...
2002-01-08 09:52:28 AM  
could we ever pick a wrong day to make fun of the Baldwin brothers?
2002-01-08 09:52:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Dave Thomas

July 2 1932- January 8 2002

We will miss you Biggie.
2002-01-08 09:52:45 AM  
I heard on the news about this....

you will be missed, you square hambuger fool, you..

you did great things for other adopted children..
2002-01-08 09:53:13 AM  
PhxTony, the grease is the best part, particularly when it comes to Wendy's fries. Dave somehow figured out that french fries serve but one purpose, they are a grease and salt delivery system...

Wendy's salt is super-fine ground, almost a powder. Dump all of your fries into the bag, dump a packet or two of salt on 'em, close and shake the bag...Mmm...Greasy salty goodness!

2002-01-08 09:53:20 AM  
May you RIP Dave.

You gave me plenty of chuckles over the years.
2002-01-08 09:53:27 AM  
Heh.. Dave Thomas' death touched me deeper than George Harrison. :)
2002-01-08 09:54:46 AM  
Drew should remove the earlier Dave Thomas link out of respect for the fat guy. :P
2002-01-08 09:55:07 AM  
The colonel revealed his evil when he screwed over Dave. But Dave became a better man for it, and even though his competitor began marketing Kentucky Fried Headless Clone Things, Dave continued to offer nothing but good old fashioned radioactive orange chicken. God bless you Dave, and hopefully you find that in Heaven (or wherever) the streets are paved with $.99 super value menu items.
2002-01-08 09:55:21 AM  
RIP, Dave.

To quote a wise man, "We hardly knew you."
2002-01-08 09:56:15 AM  
Good luck and Godspeed Dave.
2002-01-08 09:56:38 AM  
Bow corporate underlings, another that has brain-washed you to admire his wit so that he may turn you to consumers of his product has died. wah ha.

Some americans just make me sick. The stuff they'll eat.
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