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(The Mirror)   Stephen Hawking is 60 today   ( divider line
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3124 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jan 2002 at 8:10 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-08 08:12:44 AM  
mmmmmmm.....Stephen Hawkings
2002-01-08 08:14:25 AM  
Happy birthday professor Hawking.
2002-01-08 08:14:40 AM  
Stephen Hawkin initially became famous as the voice for the "Speak and Spell".

Grivas shows his age.
2002-01-08 08:15:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
He got spiffy new "weels for his birthday too.
2002-01-08 08:15:37 AM  
Fraggin' Fountain,
You could, but you didn't.
2002-01-08 08:15:47 AM  
How do we know he's so clever? Someone could have just programmed him.
2002-01-08 08:15:55 AM  
erm "wheels"

D'oh! Stupid stubby fingers.
2002-01-08 08:16:14 AM  
I hear he is working on a way to keep his head in a jar ala futurama.....
2002-01-08 08:16:59 AM  
Did you guys read the article? He left his first wife in 1990 for the wife of the engineer that designed his voice synthesiser. Stephen Hawking...PIMP!
2002-01-08 08:18:36 AM  
Appie: What are you taling about?
2002-01-08 08:19:34 AM  
Fraggin'Fountain - I know - he's quite a stud, eh? There's taking your best mate's girl, but that's just pure class.
2002-01-08 08:21:37 AM  
Fountain: You really don't know what Appie is taling about?
2002-01-08 08:26:06 AM  
Saw this on the side, and it made my giggle:
[image from too old to be available]

I thought this was a tad more appropriate:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-08 08:27:05 AM  
congrats Larry Flynt!
2002-01-08 08:27:21 AM  
Dido: No, I just like antagonism.

I guess Hawking let me in on his secret of time travel because I just jumped into tonight to place me first/last comment.
2002-01-08 08:31:44 AM  
Fraggin' Fountain,
In case you are really that dimwitted, you had the chance to be the first to offer congratulations and you FAILED big time.
2002-01-08 08:33:57 AM  
Why does the Hero tag have an American flag behind it? Because he's not, you know.
2002-01-08 08:34:49 AM  
"Larry Flynt is right!"
2002-01-08 08:35:17 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-08 08:37:31 AM  
Radiofreewill is a very big fan of the '80's sitcom "Small Wonder". It's a fact!
2002-01-08 08:38:24 AM  
I love how he dumped his wife to be with his nurse who just happened to be the wife of the dude who made his voicebox for him.

"Thanks for the voice box Jim, now I can seduce and fark your wife."
2002-01-08 08:39:42 AM  
Did somebody say MC Hawking
2002-01-08 08:41:05 AM  
Woah, Fraggin went back in time
2002-01-08 08:41:23 AM  
Now that's a pimp!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-08 08:41:39 AM  
Oh, great... another hat
2002-01-08 08:42:46 AM  
"I put instant coffee in the microwave and almost went back int time."

-Steven Wright.
2002-01-08 08:47:57 AM  
Hmmmm.... I had no idea who this guy was then yesterday on a Newsradio rerun there was a reference to him and now this today...hmmmmmm.
2002-01-08 08:50:39 AM  
Huh... he doesn't look a day over 153!
2002-01-08 08:51:20 AM  
MC Magic Stephen is cool and all, but seriously, what's the over/under on his mortality?
2002-01-08 08:52:10 AM  
Cool, today's my birthday too.

To Mwongozi and all the others who biatch about the American flag in the Hero tag, when you start a website that attracts as many people as Fark and you base it in Toronto or Liverpool or wherever the Hell you come from, you can put a different background on your Hero tag. I won't complain.
2002-01-08 08:53:59 AM  
2002-01-08 09:02:13 AM  
Happy birthday Kgf!
2002-01-08 09:08:15 AM  
Hero??? What did he do, run up a flight of stairs and pull a baby out of a burning building. All the dude does, is sit there and think....very bright guy, but a very doubtful hero.
2002-01-08 09:10:46 AM  
In A Brief History of Time he says something like his doctors told him he wouldn't live long enough to finish his doctorate. That was in the sixties, if I remember correctly. The Hawkman's in the muthafakrin hizzy!
2002-01-08 09:11:21 AM  
Happy birthday!
2002-01-08 09:12:44 AM  
To Kgf - you're right, fark is US based. The stars and stripes is a natural choice of background. BUT Mwongozi might have a good point.

Fark does source is stories from all over the web/world. Wouldn't it be nice to highlight the nationality of the hero in question?

...and yes I'm from the UK!!
2002-01-08 09:13:26 AM  
Eponymous , Hawking's work is on the same level as Einstein or Newton. You think saving one life is worth more than contributing to the betterment of the entire planet (universe?)?
2002-01-08 09:17:38 AM  
Hey, it's also Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's B-Day today!
2002-01-08 09:19:54 AM  
Hawking's work is on the same level as Einstein or Newton.
I'ld call that a slight understatement.
2002-01-08 09:30:42 AM  
Appie , I was going on the premise that Hawking's refinements of general relativity, gravity, etc are at least equal to the "discovery" of these principles. Just trying to avoid hyperbole so's not to alienate the "laypeople."
2002-01-08 09:35:05 AM  
If you put it that way, fine by me.
2002-01-08 09:36:53 AM  
Appie, Scoots It hink both Einstien and Newton are at the VERY least equals to Hawking. He's gone further and refined many of Einstien's original theories, but both Al and Isaac OPENED up entire branches of physics with their ideas.

to quote Newton "If I have seen further it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."

Hawking's work is a direct result of standing on the shoulder of these two great men, who in turn stand on other great thinkers.

I try and stand on their sholders too, at times, but when I get up to einstien, I start getting dizzy and disoriented. I often end up with nose-bleeds too.
2002-01-08 09:41:02 AM  
It is also Howard Stern's birthday (Yay)
and Rush Limbaugh (ehh sonny? speak up I can't hear you)
and Rob Zombie (ehh sonny? speak up I can't hear you)
2002-01-08 09:43:48 AM  
Ooops, I was off by 4 days. re: Howard Stern, Plush Limbaugh, and R. Zombie.
2002-01-08 09:46:42 AM  
If you put it that way, you are absolutely right, but I think Hawking is in a class of his own. He is a certified genius who can do nearly nothing but think due to physical problems, so he has the time to exercise that genius to the full, resulting in him being where he now is. Of course, he could not have done it without the works of Newton, Einstein and Niels Bohr (and a lot of others), but I doubt anybody else could have done it, including those named.
2002-01-08 09:49:13 AM  
60 years yes, only if you are foolish enough to beleive you live in a universe where time in linear.........Now where did I put that Tardis?
2002-01-08 09:55:08 AM  
Appie and Canuck , of course that's the case! Hawking couldn't have refined general relativity without Einstein inventing it, just as Al couldn't have invented it without Newton preceding him just as Newton couldn't have explained gravity without Galileo....etc ad infinitum. "Ideas" increase exponentially throughout time...think of the resources the average school child has today: 500 channels of cable tv, 20 stations of radio, billions(?) of published books, magazines, newspapers, etc, instantaneous access to the entire world via internet, long distance telephone, etc etc etc. All previous thought and knowledge just keeps accruing, making a deeper pool of thought to draw from. I don't think it makes Einstein or Hawking "better" than the other tho... Just wanted to let the naysayers know that the Hawkman is one of the true legit giants of our generation. He WILL be revered in the future the same way Plato, Newton, Einstein, etc are today.
2002-01-08 10:05:28 AM  
I heard it was the king of rock n roll's birthday today.

Stephen Hawking must be the king of rock n roll.

Well, we've all seen him roll, and he rocks with the ladies, obviously.
2002-01-08 10:12:54 AM  
60 yrs. old in his condition isn't too bad. I guess it's all relative. (Oh - forgot he debunked that.)
2002-01-08 10:15:16 AM  
It's also David Bowie, Bob Eubanks, Soupy Sales, and the King's birthday.
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