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(Drudge)   White House defends use of 'Pakis' to describe Pakistanis. Apparently was not aware it's a British racial slur.   ( divider line
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2002-01-07 07:19:08 PM  
No ticky no washie
2002-01-07 07:19:24 PM  
even better when i posted it as 'king bush is truly the king of public speakers'...
2002-01-07 07:21:14 PM  
Not all of the bush fires are in Australia
2002-01-07 07:22:44 PM  
Any why exactly should we give a shiat if we're offending the Pakistanis?
2002-01-07 07:22:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-07 07:23:21 PM  
f'in pommes
2002-01-07 07:26:42 PM  
News just in...Musharaff welcomes US ambassador as a 'lard arse Yankee cocksvcker', apparently unaware it may be considered an insult in North America.
2002-01-07 07:27:21 PM  
...and this guy is better than having Al Gore in the White House because... what???

Honestly, I can forgive him for not knowing about the whole 'Paki' thing - especially given the wealth of things he's obviously clueless about, but the President of the United States should not run around trucating peoples nationalities without a good reason - ignorance just doesn't cut it.

Please, someone take the microphone away from this guy before he gives a press statement about 'the Ruskies and the Limies signing a trade deal with the Jappo's in South Africaninian Territory.'
2002-01-07 07:27:23 PM  
You know, nothing about that article surprises me. Not the fact that Bush could be so stupid, nor that they would even go so far as to say that it's not a racial slur.
Not that I care. Anyone who's actually offended by this stuff needs to wake up and slide back into the real world.
2002-01-07 07:27:37 PM  
Great. Now we're so PC that we need to worry if something we say is offensive in another culture!

Give me a break.
2002-01-07 07:29:43 PM  
That's ok, a couple years ago Senator Helms introduced the Prime Minister of India to Congress as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
2002-01-07 07:30:37 PM  
It's just an anachronym people!

2002-01-07 07:31:20 PM  
Should be acronym.
2002-01-07 07:32:00 PM  
go drink another beer you paki piece of sh*t
2002-01-07 07:32:33 PM  
can you please tell us if the server problems are in any way related to us lot taking some of the threads way to high in the comments area?
2002-01-07 07:33:08 PM  
They would have to change their slogan "Once you go Pak, you never go back."
2002-01-07 07:34:00 PM  
i'd rather be a paki than a turk.

what a second, i'd rather be a turk than a paki.
2002-01-07 07:34:11 PM  
the guys in the 7-11 dont mind me calling their store the paki-sack

or stop-n-rob

or stab-n-grab
2002-01-07 07:38:39 PM  
Halfassed Monkey Boy, who is the babe?

Is she a Paki?

If she is then truly, Grivas, you speak the truth!
2002-01-07 07:39:50 PM  
Please, as if the rest of you idiots slagging Bush knew that Paki was a Racist slur across the pond. Just another excuse for you to jump on the bandwagon.
2002-01-07 07:43:29 PM  
Well, I remember it being a slur when I lived in Toronto for a couple of years. Of course, Bushlet probably never picked up on this, not being able to enter Canada due to his DUI conviction.
2002-01-07 07:44:54 PM  
its when stories like this creep in that i know its a slow news day... really.. who gives a damn?
2002-01-07 07:46:17 PM  
i for one didn't know it was a 'racist slur', but would never say it just because it sounds so silly. rather than being stupid in a low IQ sense, i think Bush just gets stage fright and tends to mess up in the most embarrasing ways possible. either way, it's not a good sign considering his entire job is about public speaking and being a symbol for the country. viva the Cabinet.
2002-01-07 07:48:48 PM  
2002-01-07 07:51:14 PM  
yeah i didnt mind bush's faux paux, but i did mind when simpman76 opened his mouth
2002-01-07 07:56:25 PM  
Totally offtopic, but about the comments threads.
How about doing what some other high-traffic sites (like slashdot) do, and paginate the comments? Say, 200 comments per page or whatever. This keeps the memory from getting spiked every time someone reads a comments page.
2002-01-07 07:57:49 PM  
simpman's a simp. see how easy?
2002-01-07 08:01:37 PM  
1) it's bushie's job to know it is a slur
2) all you asses that voted for naderbot, i hope you are happy. Vote ultra left and elect a republican. No one defaults into office when people vote libertarian.
3) i learned it was a slur from hearing british soccer hooligans sing it. and my gf's parents are british and i have heard them us it. and you get around enough indians, you are gonna hear it... i could go on. bushie has no excuse. at least he quit calling the war in afghanistan a "crusade".
2002-01-07 08:02:13 PM  
I think there is a precedent from yesterday's threads:

"The urinary organ cannot be made Pak without water. If one uses kurr or running water, then washing the organ once will suffice, after removal of essential najasat. But, if one uses under-kurr water, then recommended precaution is to wash it twice , better still, three times."
2002-01-07 08:04:42 PM  
farkin Cracker
2002-01-07 08:05:03 PM  
yeah, most canadians know it's a racist term, but that's because our liberal government and media cram political correctness down our throats.

don't they understand that ticking people off just results in more racists?
2002-01-07 08:05:25 PM  
Bush: "There's Musharraf, he's a major league Paki."

Cheney: "Oh yeah, he is, big time."
2002-01-07 08:06:31 PM  
i hate all those people that say you should have voted for gore, like gore is so much better than bush and not a spoiled rich kid like bush was. people vote for who they want, not for who they dont want. people voted for nader because hes the closest thing to sane out there and hes the reason a lot more of us are alive when we drive our cars
2002-01-07 08:09:44 PM  
Thank you for hating me, Lukin. You've warmed my cockles...
2002-01-07 08:13:20 PM  
read the nader party platform. unlikely that anyone who voted for nader did. it was retarded crap written by high school dropouts.

Bottom line, it gave the election to bush. oh yeah. great he wrote a book about auto safety.

sane? maybe in the seventies. now he is just an angry old liberal upset at the loss of fame at the onset of the nineties.
2002-01-07 08:13:32 PM  
In a related story, Bush aides insist that the President's reference to "Those uppity Negroes," during a discussion of the NAACP was not intended to be a slur. "It's a Yale thing," an insider stated.
2002-01-07 08:19:29 PM  
Hey, I have an idea....
Lets all make fun of G.W. because it is the in thing to do.

Liberals are going to make me move to another country as soon as I finish my commitment to the U.S. Army. I am sick of defending you yuppy slime.
2002-01-07 08:23:49 PM  
I like Nader. If not for him, Bush wouldn't be president. Thanks, Ralph!
2002-01-07 08:27:02 PM  
Why do we even care? The pakistanis are no better than the afghanis. They play along for the time being, then get back to their corrupt little game.
2002-01-07 08:34:54 PM  
never called a pakistani a 'paki' before. but i will now. and i'll also start refering to anyone associated with the white house as 'whitey'. fun fun fun!

"Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Cry, and i'll laugh harder."
2002-01-07 08:34:57 PM  
Lukin: "people voted for nader because hes the closest thing to sane out there"

THAT is why I voted for Rob Zombie......just imagine have Powerman 5000 as part of the cabinet!
2002-01-07 08:37:00 PM  
Any why exactly should we give a shiat if we're offending the Pakistanis? -

You should care for the exact same reason you should avoid offending anybody, including those dog LOVING;) farm boys(into whose personal lives we need not delve) with their Big-Fast-Car fetishes(a phenomenon among the nations' ignorant and dirty alike).

That plus their atomic weapons...
even if racist farks choose to offend foreigners because they are foreign, our retard-in-command need not do so. Not that i believe he can help it.
And how is it he gets away with shiat like that about the NAACP, he shouldnt have 1 vote next election after that. But he will ...
2002-01-07 08:37:05 PM  
I prefer to bash Bush because I have the right to do so, and I disagree with him on so many levels that it isn't funny.

But when you complain about people bashing Bush, and then go on to automatically assume all Bush haters are Liberal (ha, the GOP would love for that nugget of propaganda to be true). I suppose you support Bush because that is the "in" thing to do, supporting some free speech then getting mad at all the other stuff.

Note for Farkers: people that are not conservative, are not necessarily Liberals. People with different views are not yuppies, hippies, or commies by default. They are people with views, plain and simple. I support free speech, but unlike you GOP followers, I support all of it. Call me a Demonazi, Liberal tree hugger, whatever you like; doesn't change the fact that you people are ignorants oblivious to the truth - that you are no better than the communists you fear so greatly.
2002-01-07 08:37:38 PM  
Honky, attractive and successful African-American, greaser, hippie, wop, spic, towel-head, slacker, gook... slurs from a feeble-minded fool. These peronas that everyone uses to justify their fears are what makes the media go around. These so-called journalists promote these ideals by constantly drudging up the pst. When they quit pushing these words in front of our eyes, maybe we can move forward as a race of one.
2002-01-07 08:38:45 PM  
KingKrunch: I am truly respectful of the men and the women of the USAF.. so proud to be Americans and protect American ideals! And humble!

Tell you what.. you don't have to "defend" me. If you see a terrorist coming after me in the crowd, just look the other way. I'll understand.
2002-01-07 08:39:19 PM  
add to the end of the second sentence "it's kind of funny, what with such blatently partisan views"

2002-01-07 08:39:33 PM  
Its just the way the guy talks candidly. Its so obvious when he's reciting a prepared speech versus anwsering reporters' questions. He's getting himself in enough trouble (potentially) using phrases like "Not over my dead body" than "Paki's"

I'd be bothered if he didn't improve his eloquence normally, but we're at war so I think he has bigger things to worry about than slang terms used in other countries.
2002-01-07 08:39:47 PM  
AuburnTom: Why do you think that? He lost the election and still got to be president.. a measly 2 or 3 percent wouldn't have stopped him! Not when Jeb and Kate are in the hizzouse
2002-01-07 08:40:35 PM  
Eeek the first amendment has politically corrected in my statement above, I guess white devil is okay but not the term ni66er?!!?
2002-01-07 08:41:49 PM  
well speaking as a brit i am pretty shocked, over here saying "paki" is exactly equivalent to saying "attractive and successful African-American", as there has been a lot of racial hatred here directed against indians and pakistanis in the past. i'm sure bush meant it though in a pally kind of way, but i still think he's a retard and any americans who were too lazy to vote in the recent elections should have damn well voted for al gore.
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