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(Chicago Bears) Video Chicago Bears 300 pound RT Keith Traylor runs for 67 yards.   ( divider line
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3803 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jan 2002 at 10:50 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-07 10:52:43 AM  
Run, Keith, Run!

Gotta love that near-lateral he pulls halfway through.
2002-01-07 10:55:36 AM  
Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!
2002-01-07 10:57:27 AM  
Could someone try and photoshop the guy with a stick attached to his helmet and a burger hanging in front of his face? Youll be my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!LOL . Thats pretty cool though, Im only 220 and no way could I make it 67 yards unless maybe I had an oxygen tank running next to me!
2002-01-07 10:58:00 AM  
I wish I could have seen the quarterback try to stop him with one of those "I want to tackle you but I might get hurt" tackles. Traylor would be digging Brunell out of his cleets if he did.
2002-01-07 10:58:31 AM  
NEWS FLASH: He's still winded.
2002-01-07 11:00:40 AM  
He immediately ran for the oxygen afterwards, which he sat at for minutes. Funny as hell, he was so wanting to give it to someone faster. His buddies could have blocked for him some more so he could have the td though.
2002-01-07 11:05:07 AM  
I looked up the word "rumbling" in Webster's, and Keith's picture was next to it. You know, it's supposed to be the QB's job to tackle the guy that intercepts him :)
2002-01-07 11:08:13 AM  
Actually, the rest of the team did and incredible job blocking for him. He was only running like 5 mph, you can only do so much for him then. They had a pack escorting him. In the audio on ESPN, he comments afterwards that he was about to die.
2002-01-07 11:09:16 AM  
Any chance of one of you kind tecchies out their converting this to Mpeg format? Can't look at ram's on this machine.


2002-01-07 11:09:31 AM  
It's a good thing this was in the cold.
Can you imagine if it had been 85 or 90 degrees out?
They would have had to bury him after the run!

2002-01-07 11:09:49 AM  
I had to reach for the oxygen from just watching that guy run.
2002-01-07 11:09:58 AM  
GB'll show the bears where they shiat in the woods for the third time this year... that is unless Da Bea... er homo's choke in the first round.

That's going to be a sight to see... GB going down to Soldier Field and ending the Bears' season... hahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
2002-01-07 11:10:06 AM  
That was the funniest highlight of the year. His eyes had me laughing my butt off. He couldn't believe what was happening. If he had scored, that place would have erupted. Totally cool.

SLAYERSWINE'S new hero!!
2002-01-07 11:13:29 AM  
Yup !!!
I was screaming at the T.V. "Run Forrest Run!"
Hell, he is as big as some forest preserves in Cook County.

Go Bears !!!
2002-01-07 11:13:55 AM  
he's a DT not a RT.
2002-01-07 11:18:59 AM  
His movement affects Earth's gravity and saves mankind from meteor impact.

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2002-01-07 11:29:19 AM  
2002-01-07 11:31:31 AM  
2002-01-07 11:32:24 AM  
go Speed Racer
go Speed Racer
go Speed Racer, go!
2002-01-07 11:33:07 AM  
As a former lineman I can tell you this is the play you dream about. This guy rocks.
2002-01-07 11:38:20 AM  
This play totally rocked. I was yelling my ass off at the t.v... one of the best moments this year.

I love the look on his face when he realizes what's going on. He looks like he wants to pass the ball to someone...

The front page of the Sun Times has an excellent picture of the play. There are 4 guys blocking for him, and he's hugging the ball for dear life.
2002-01-07 11:40:20 AM  
I've been a Bears fan for forty years, and I have never had such a feeling of amazed euphoria in all that time, except maybe when Walter Payton (RB impersonating a QB) threw a TD pass to Jim McMahon (QB impersonating a WR) against Washington back in '84.

Has to be the best day of his life. I'm happy for him.

Go Bears!
2002-01-07 11:42:07 AM  
I wanna see another TD pass to Urlacher.
2002-01-07 11:46:00 AM  
I laughed, I cried, I had another beer.

it was a good day. (except for the Raiders farking the Seahawks)
2002-01-07 11:47:49 AM  
2002-01-07 11:49:24 AM  
In related news: Dallas Cowboys are so enthralled in watching Traylor carry the ball (read: his butt) that far, they let the Lions win.
2002-01-07 11:51:29 AM  
ok I'm an offensive lineman for my school, but I might play defense. This is soo damn awsome, he is my hero. I hope they put me on D so I have a chance to pull something like this off. The one great play I made last season was to recover a fumble.
2002-01-07 11:51:47 AM  
Funny story.

During the Bears game yesterday, me and the wife were having a 'heated discussion' that was quickly getting serious and uncomfortable. The kids were out of the house and we found ourselves sitting there half talking/half watching the game.

Anyway, one thing lead to another and the topic of old girlfriends & old boyfriends came up. Very, very bad.

Suddenly Keith Traylor intercepts the ball. For a split second, the room is dead silent as we both watch in disbelief. Then we are both up and jumping and cheering and laughing. Then we watched the replay and laughed some more.
We both were wiping the tears of laughter out of our eyes when the kids came in from outside.

A few hours later, we put the kids to bed and my wife, whom I had barely spoken to, was getting ready to go to sleep. I, of course, had to get on the computer. Before I head downstairs, she walks up and gives me a hug, smiles and says "Good game today".

Thanks Keith.
2002-01-07 12:06:50 PM  
Mierk: Guess what. Since the Bears won the division and the (fudge)packers didn't, the bears will have a bye in the first round. Thus leaving it to the cheeseheads to choke against the 49ers. chooch.

Either way, Rams, Packers, 49ers, Bring any of them on. It takes a truck to stop a Traylor.
2002-01-07 12:21:28 PM  
"da fridge" 2002!
Put him in the back field Jauron!
He deserves the six!
2002-01-07 12:21:55 PM  
The poor guy was begging to be tackled :) That was an awesome play though.
2002-01-07 12:54:31 PM  
He even pulled a little stiff-arm move at the beginning.
2002-01-07 12:59:31 PM  
67 whole yards? Really? Like - over half 100 meters? My gods - I think I'll clip my toe nails.
2002-01-07 01:12:16 PM  
Goatman264, your jealousy of the United States is getting quite pathetic.
2002-01-07 01:52:33 PM  
According to my calculations, this man was running full speed at a mind boggling rate of 5.69 miles per hour!!

(I swear that I once read somewhere that the average human being walks at a pace between 4 and 5 miles per hour.)
2002-01-07 02:27:44 PM  
Bennyhana: The Packers whipped the dogshiat out of the Bears twice this year, and after they get done handing the San Francisco Bath House Towel Boys their asses, they're gonna walk down the street to shiatcago and beat your pansy-asses down again.

For christ's sake, man... it's the bears (read:inept losers for the last 16 years). Don't forget that.
2002-01-07 02:47:59 PM  
Mierk, I bet you know that old song "The Bears Still Suck", don't you? Hell, if defending Nat'l Champ Duke gets to suck in here, why not a perennial loser like the Bears?
2002-01-07 03:11:57 PM  
Bigpeeler: Thank you. That was actually very humorous and touching. I wish you two the best :)
2002-01-07 03:40:40 PM  
Nice to read about so many Bears fans out there... minus the two cheesehead/fudgepackers out there of course. See you in the post-season Pack. We'll be waiting while you have to play next weekend (Insert Nelson "Ha-Haaa" here). ...if you make it that far! Division champs=Bears. Read it and weep in your Millwaukee's Best.
2002-01-07 04:56:37 PM  
Gotta give those 300 pounds football guys the credit they deserve! I'm not biased or anything..... :)
2002-01-07 04:59:04 PM  
Mierk- You are an ignorant moron. Just because a team has a few losing seasons does not make them losers forever. No other team has the power to unite the city like the bears. You have no right to rip on other teams especially if you're doing it because they beat your team in the division. I'm looking forward to our takedown of the Eagles and than playing the very good Packers at home in the NFC championship. I at least have the brain to be able to recognize talent such as Farve, Booker, Big Cat, Freeman, Anthony Thomas. In case you haven't noticed I listed both Packer and Bear players because they are both very talented teams. By the way we only lost due to injuries (Anthony Thomas mainly)

Summary - Both teams are good. Packers will go down in game of year in 3 weeks.Unless you can make some actual intelligent statements about why you think the bears suck your opinion simply doesn't matter.
2002-01-07 06:25:50 PM  
That video is choppy as hell.
2002-01-07 07:07:33 PM  
Kinda reminded me of the pick that Wilkinson had for the Redskins maybe a year ago. Except he got six out of that. Always amusing to see these guys chugging up the field while guys about half their size try to do something about it.
2002-01-07 07:45:52 PM  
that is the best thing i've ever seen! I'm a defensive lineman and i have been for 7 years and i have never done that. Pretty funny watching him though... 20 yards and he wanted to give it up.
2002-01-07 07:57:52 PM  
I hope the Analfudge Packers win because Da Bears owe them for those 2 losses.
If it wasn't for Brett Favre your team wouldn't even be in the playoffs.
And Brett Favre better watch out for this guy. I'm sure they are familiar with each other.
[image from too old to be available]

Brian Urlacher- De Man of Da Bears !!!
2002-01-07 08:01:44 PM  
Nice pick slayer. kinda sums up our points. Bears have a great team. The packers have Brett Farve. Superbowl 2K2 will be ours.
2002-01-08 01:06:59 AM  
Brian Urlacher is finding out in that pic intimately that Dorsey Levens is the man of the Packers...begging Photoshop...
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