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(Leo)   Comcast fires entire TechTV staff   ( divider line
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46459 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 May 2004 at 8:55 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-07 09:25:13 AM  
This is like Salinsky buying Callahan parts, just to have the name, and ruining people's lives in the process.

/needs to watch movies less
2004-05-07 09:25:14 AM  
Am I the ONLY one who's going to miss Unscrewed?

[image from too old to be available]

Dang, hopefully the on-air staff (XPlay and Unscrewed, fark the rest) will not be effected ... although that does suck for all the behind-the-scenes people.
2004-05-07 09:25:27 AM  
WTF - well, at least maybe they can come up with some better ideas?
It needs to be more like SpikeTV (except, Spike is gettin soft) but what they wanted.
Ya know, more beer, more boobies, more sweat, and now... more games.
(did i forget anything for guys) oh yeah, did I mention more boobies?
2004-05-07 09:26:18 AM  
also, this reminds me of the AOL / Time Warner merger .. isn't it all supposed to be the other way around? yet history is doomed to repeat itself, as usual.
2004-05-07 09:28:00 AM  
WTF? Screw Comcast. It's not like San Francisco/Silicon Valley has any technological significance anyway, right?
2004-05-07 09:28:00 AM  
Thats insane, TechTV is a great station.
2004-05-07 09:28:12 AM  
TechTV was successful? No. Success in TV is numbers...ratings (no shiat Sherlock). TechTV had shiat for ratings. Does that mean it is a bad show? Of course not. It just means a lot of people aren't, don't or can't watch it. The last point is important, because as previously mentioned in this thread, Comcast makes TechTV part of the premium channel lineup. TechTv may be nice, but obviously people do not see enough value there to shell out more money to be able to view it.
2004-05-07 09:28:43 AM  
Welcome your new host of the screen savers..

Meet Ramzies

[image from too old to be available]

No it is not a sin too throw away your gateway box....
2004-05-07 09:29:54 AM  

Both comcast and time warner have TechTV on their regular cable lineup (the one that isn't $12 for broadcast channels and CSPAN). Those are the two biggest networks in the country I think, so everyone does really have access to TechTV.
2004-05-07 09:31:01 AM  
Too all those people out there biatching about comcast's pricing structure and having to pay out the wazoo to get TechTv, GET DIRECTV. It's cheaper for basic and you get TechTv with basic or near basic. Then get DSL or just a cable modem without the TV. I have DSL, I love it and have only had one time where there was an outage for 20 min, been on six months. Cable TV, where I live anyway, goes out for at least a couple days a year.

BTW - ZDTV was the name when Ziff Davis publications started the operation way back before the tech bubble burst. Then Paul Allen (who really is one of satan's minions - helped found microsoft) bought it and farked it up some. Then he decided it wasn't a toy he wanted to play with and sold it to comcast. Funny though, because he has controlling interest in Charter cable.
2004-05-07 09:31:10 AM  
This totally sucks ass. What's the point of taking over a better network with a crappier one then firing everyone that made that company great? Is comcast purposely trying to piss everyone off?
2004-05-07 09:31:53 AM  
This'll give him more time for his radio show. But still sad.
2004-05-07 09:32:03 AM  

that's not true. I used to have comcast and expanded analog, and got techtv. once I moved and switch to digital (also Comcast, in a different state), it became part of some ultra-premium package I had no intention of paying for.

that's pretty much the status everywhere else now, from what I hear.
2004-05-07 09:33:26 AM  
boy does this suck. good luck guys, I really loved the channel because of your hard work. You will be missed.
2004-05-07 09:35:53 AM  
Too-Tall, not everyone has that luxury. I have had Dish and DirecTV, both of which are better than the cable service I get, but unfortunately due to trees at my new house (which I am not legally able to raze) I am farked with cable, paying $20 a month more than I used to pay with DirecTV for the exact same channels (and probably less channels over all). It's a racket, but if you wish to have those channels where I live, you're screwed.
2004-05-07 09:35:58 AM  
That really sucks. Why bother buying the channel if they were going to change everything? Why ruin a really good thing?

Corporations suck.
2004-05-07 09:38:14 AM  
So FYI, it costs me yet another $5/mo to get these channels, the "Digital Premier" package:

137 TRIO
439 NBA TV
476 FUSE

Is $5/mo a lot? No. Do I feel like paying it and telling Comcast their absurd pricing structure works? No. Am I jonesing for BET Jazz? .. not really.

OK, back to work, since I'm at work and all.
2004-05-07 09:38:49 AM  
maracle: Not around here we don't...

/sad -- I watched this channel since it was ZDTV
2004-05-07 09:39:40 AM  
Whoopie. Those shows (all FOUR of them) could have been a thousand times better with different hosts. Those guys were nerds, not TV show hosts. Good riddance. The only one of some worth was Martin, and Yoshi, but only Yoshi because he didn't talk much.
2004-05-07 09:41:20 AM  
Live, from Bangalore, it's TechTV!
2004-05-07 09:41:30 AM  
Were these actual termination notices, or simply WARN act notices? If a company is going to lay off a substantial portion of employees at a location they have to give the government and employees 60 day notice and pay all employees for at least 60 days. However, just because one gets the notice does not mean they will be laid off. We went through this at my job a year and a half ago...
2004-05-07 09:42:24 AM  
Someone may have said this, but my assertion is that Comcast doesn't want TechTv on the air because the more tech savvy a person is, the less likely they are to buy their shiatty internet service.
2004-05-07 09:42:33 AM  
Cool people: 1 Nerds: 0
2004-05-07 09:42:33 AM  
Well, I can see why Comcast would want to do this. There aren't enough shopping channels, and now they'll have room for one more.
2004-05-07 09:43:48 AM  
I said it once, i said it TWICE. The US REALLY FARKING SUCKS A** now!

What a damned waste. I pay ALOT to have that channel here and i refuce to let some little pissant start up decide that they where going to do this and shove a new format down my throat. I enjoy TechTV and i know for a fact that i will refuce to watch that waste of a channel once everyone is gone.

Way to go USA!! a new low even for you guys!
2004-05-07 09:44:16 AM  
My wife hates that channel almost as much as the History Channel, so I don't really get to watch it much anyway (pick your battles, boys). When I did get to watch, I found most of the people knowledgable and helpful, if not always camera-friendly...

I hope G4 has something up their sleeve, since they have failed to entertain me every time I've tried to watch it/them...
2004-05-07 09:44:30 AM  
Too-Tall, in my area if you get a cable modem you also have to pay for the basic cable package which is $30. DSL really sucks and is unreliable here. Not all of us are lucky enough to get DirectTV or any of the others. I value my cable modem too much.
2004-05-07 09:46:40 AM  
Oh no! No more Unscrewed!? Wasn't that the only place Will and Drew were allowed on TV?

And Morgan, I'm currently hiring for a personal video game playing instructor, drop me an em@il.
2004-05-07 09:47:18 AM  
Has anyone else watched G4? it sucks as$. If this is whats going to happen to techtv *shudder*

TechTv was amateurish in an endearing sense like those were real people. G4 seems amateurish in the sense that these are dipshiats who think they are funny but aren't.
2004-05-07 09:47:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-07 09:47:25 AM  
Wow, lame. TechTV was the only thing I ever watched besides re-runs of M*A*S*H. For instance, last night when Friends was saying goodbye, I was watching Tech Live. Then they up and fire the whole staff. Comcast really stepped on their penis in this move. I, for one (like anybody gives a fark) am boycotting all things Comcast.
2004-05-07 09:48:27 AM  
I remember how sad I was when fired its entire video game staff in favor of I rejected Gamespot intially -- it was too flashy for my tastes. I warmed up to it eventually, but CNET's game site hold s special memories for me.

</OMFG, I'm a huge dork.
2004-05-07 09:50:40 AM  
With few exceptions on techtv, G4 0wnz that station. I watch it all the time. Victor and Tommy rule! They also have hotter chicks, ie. Tina and Laura.
2004-05-07 09:51:25 AM  
Spike TV is getting soft? I hadn't noticed.

I think with the obvious success the SciFi channel is having, they ought to spin off a new SciTech channel and give the TechTV guys some good money to jump on the team. Then they can talk 'bout spiffy technologies and have TechTV all rolled in to one. And perhaps because it's not just TechTV they won't need to have all the reruns.
2004-05-07 09:53:25 AM  
Hey all. Just wanted to add my support and point you over to my website, not to shill it out, but to spread around a web button we made to protest this firing thing (or whatever you want to call it). Heck, use it to protest the whole ordeal all together. Its nothing special, just threw it together late tonight, but wouldnt it be great to see it start popping up on tons of websites?

It's at and should be right at the top of the page, nice and easy to find. I hope im not breaking any forum rules by posting the address here... :\

Keep up the support everyone!

PS- I'm lazy, so I'm just cutting and pasting this same message to the pertinant forums :)
2004-05-07 09:53:32 AM  
I worked there for a couple years back in the hay-day, when they launched TechLive. They spent millions of dollars on a new studio on Townsend St, and then proceeded to tell us that our "core audience demographic" was the cafeteria crowd. I will never forget the look on my boy's face when we heard that.

I'll tell you this though, that was bar none one of the coolest jobs to have at the time. The women were bangin, the atmosphere was relaxed (till 9/11), and we all acted like we were part of one big family. But the asshats they hired to run TechLive, which at the time dominated 9 hours of thier program 5 days a week, are to blame for the networks downfall. I still can't believe some of the crap I would hear about programming decisions, what a lead story should be for the hour, and how arrogant they all were, assuming that "Uncle Paul's" money would never run out. Roughly 9 months after the launch, they cut back TechLive from 9 hours, to 1/2. They axed most of the news staff, including myself. Then they started showing reruns of "Thunderbirds." I couldn't believe my eyes.

I've had the pleausre of working with Leo and a lot of his staff on TSS, and they are all a pretty great crew, cept for that asshat Martin. Erica Hill is now at CNN and doing a great job, I see Sumi Das doing some MSNBC hits occasionally, as well as Jennifer London. The girls there were really talented (the ones that had something behind the looks, I'll leave who that is up to you), and will probably be better off post TechTV.

Anyways, this is sad for me at least cause I know that a big friggin family is being broken up. But trust me when I tell you, the management there had more business running a McDonalds, and even then, they would probably run that into the ground.

TechTV was the last real bastion of what the tech boom in the bay area created. This is a total bummer, and my thoughts go out to all the cats there who deserved better.
2004-05-07 09:53:41 AM  
Suggestion: Since Kevin put up so many links to hacking tools in his Unscrewed time, shouldn't all of us Farkers put together be able to bring down the Comcast system?

/Servers are only the beginning of our farking.
2004-05-07 09:54:07 AM  
Wow. What the hell. Who is going to tell me what games are cool and which ones suck? Who will tell me "Don't buy this"? How will I get to see Leo drop peoples' stuff and cuss? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY??? My boyfriend and I will now have to watch even MORE Discovery and History channel to make up for losing our propellorhead channel. Damn them all. And boys, I think I may have an easier time getting Morgan where I want her than you do. At least that's what she says in my dreams. (all that game playing has given her very strong fingers....)

Oh, and Novart...piss off. We ARE the cool people.
2004-05-07 09:54:59 AM  
ahh screw it, no need to go there, here's the button, appearing live and in person at the famous Fark comments.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-07 09:57:38 AM  
Grifta67 you get no complaints from me! to bad there wasnt enough room to type what i REALLY felt.
2004-05-07 09:58:54 AM  
not only did comcast cancel tech TV, they just sent me a nasty letter telling me I was using 4 IP addresses, and if I wanted to use more than 1, I would have to pay an additional $5/mnth for each one. They have too much time on their hands.

ya i know, just get a firewall and NAT the network behind it, blah blah. Thats not the point. I just havent had time to do that yet.
2004-05-07 10:00:16 AM  
I don't know about this Morgan Webb girl. Frankly, I can't see myself attracted to anyone who uses Movable Type for her blog.
2004-05-07 10:00:39 AM  
I've never subscribed to the cable packages that offer TechTV, but I have seen pics of the women that everybody seems to drool over. In a word...meh. I'd take the G4 gals over TechTV's any day. Tina Wood, Laura Foyle, and/or Diane Mizota. Especially Mizota. Yum.
2004-05-07 10:00:39 AM  
found this doing a GIS for Morgan Webb...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-07 10:02:36 AM  
Morgan Webb:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-07 10:02:38 AM  
If anyone remembers Stacy Bartolota (sp?) from that money show on ZDTV/TechTV, she is on G4 now.
2004-05-07 10:03:39 AM  
Goddammit, I just switched from Comcast to DirecTV three weeks ago, and one of the things I was excited about was getting TechTV.

Farking asshats at Comcast.
2004-05-07 10:04:05 AM  
Comcast sucks ass. Got rid of it several years ago when they wouldn't send the bill on a regular basis.

I'm very happy with DirecTV, esp. since they don't charge for each channel in their premium packages (i.e. HBO) like Comcrap.

Now, if DirecTV would let you pick and choose the individual channels instead of having to pick packages, I'd be really happy.
2004-05-07 10:06:59 AM  
sloth1 stay on topic.. Comcast just sucks for the cr*p they are pulling.. tech tv rocks!

Oh and If Cat is looking for work.. ummm i have a space under my blankets that needs some "cleaning"
2004-05-07 10:07:05 AM  
if DirecTV would let you pick and choose the individual channels instead of having to pick packages, I'd be really happy.

They know this and they don't care. It will take a law to change this.

/think Morgan likes the girlies too
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