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(CNN)   Saddam takes massive hit from crack pipe, says that if Iraq is attacked they will kick America's ass. Again.   ( divider line
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2002-01-07 08:54:59 AM  
"He will be shamed by Allah and will be thwarted in his base aims."

All your base aims belong to us? Probabaly not. CNN carries this story in hopes that Iraqi troops will surrender to them...again...haha.
2002-01-07 08:56:46 AM  
"an everlasting record of bravery, chivalry, zeal and striving based upon its great faith."

Shouldn't that read "starving
based upon its great faith"?
2002-01-07 08:57:31 AM  
And shouldn't I have closed my /idiot tag?
2002-01-07 08:58:03 AM  
Is it in Iraq that the anthrax kept "dissappearing"?
2002-01-07 09:03:23 AM  
Keep talking smack, Hussein. You're pretty high on the Terrorism Shiat-List Hall Of Fame
2002-01-07 09:10:31 AM  
I think we should attack him again. Just because of this comment. That and it will piss off the peacenick terrorist huggers
2002-01-07 09:11:34 AM  
Well Saddam has outlasted Thatcher, Major, Bush Snr and Clinton.

As a matter of fact wasnt he the last guy that US intelligence was going to get "Dead or Alive"
2002-01-07 09:14:53 AM  
HarmoniaWell Saddam has outlasted Thatcher, Major, Bush Snr and Clinton.

Dictators tend to do that...

As a matter of fact wasnt he the last guy that US intelligence was going to get "Dead or Alive"

No, they were specifically barred from doing so until recently.
2002-01-07 09:16:52 AM  
Cut off Iraq's supply of Chore boy and baking soda.
Let's see you smoke your crack now, toughguy !
2002-01-07 09:17:47 AM  
Somebody stop him!
2002-01-07 09:20:52 AM  
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2002-01-07 09:22:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-07 09:24:23 AM  
what i'd really like see is a no-holds barred cage match between pansy saddam and all-time badass dictator fidel castro.

fidel could be a quadrapalegic on a respirator and still kick saddam's ass.

the jihad in rihad baby!
2002-01-07 09:25:35 AM  
While GWB stood 1000 miles away getting someone else to drop bombs for him?
2002-01-07 09:28:28 AM  
Screw saddam, but dont you think half a million dead children as a result of sanctions (UN figures) is quite enough?

Or has the bloodlust not died down yet?
2002-01-07 09:31:13 AM  
BTW the article says no such thing, just the usual "Our army is really great" stuff.
2002-01-07 09:34:55 AM  
If Saddam really cared about his people, he would have stepped down. That would have made the sanctions co away. Or is his political jones more important than "half a million dead children"?
2002-01-07 09:39:51 AM  
2002-01-07 09:43:28 AM  
but dont you think half a million dead children as a result of sanctions (UN figures) is quite enough?

Saddam lost a war. 'Member? One of the conditions of this drubbing was that he allow an international group of weapons inspectors to look over his chemical warfare facilities. Let that happen, and your people don't suffer. Bar the inspectors, people suffer.

Well, Saddam, what's it going to be?
2002-01-07 09:46:47 AM  
Hussein also said the Iraqi army was prepared to defend the country and the Iraqi people to death if need be.

Defend the people to death, as in kill the people, or the soldiers would die defending them?
2002-01-07 09:47:59 AM  
but dont you think half a million dead children as a result of sanctions (UN figures) is quite enough?

--for some reason I read this half a million dead chickens. Weird.
2002-01-07 09:48:15 AM  
Harmonia? Are you still there mah brutha?
2002-01-07 09:49:25 AM  
Around between work Icepick
2002-01-07 09:49:50 AM  
Shreen: I don't necessarily have a problem with half a million dead chickens. MMMMMMMM...Chicken!
2002-01-07 09:51:08 AM  
Harmonia: Farking and working don't always coincide. This work stuff can be so distracting....
2002-01-07 10:01:50 AM  
Yeah and your rabble rouser gang of sand merchants will surrender faster then a Frenchman, just like in Desert Storm.

2002-01-07 10:02:03 AM  
You people just don't get it. Saddam doesn't give a fucl< about his people, just his power. Liberals screaming about the deaths of innocents and politicians screaming about the cost of the war is the reason we pulled out of Iraq the last time. You can't ahve it both ways.
I think we should take this one thing at a time. Deal with Al Queda and Bin Laden first. Then deal with Saddam.
2002-01-07 10:03:22 AM  
I know Icepick but I do like to fit in the odd 15 minute work break just to keep me alert.
2002-01-07 10:05:25 AM  
Alright, everybody the line to abuse Harmonia starts here!
2002-01-07 10:13:29 AM  
Saddam is so 10 years ago. His only recent brush of fame was in the Southpark movie. Drop an anvil on him and let's move on.
2002-01-07 10:26:10 AM  
I wish I had a more masochistic personality

2002-01-07 10:27:27 AM  
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa! First in line!

Harmonia, you should learn to take what the U.N. says with a grain of salt.
2002-01-07 10:30:00 AM  
What I wouldn't give for another crack at this piece of shiat. Not only did we kick his ass. But his republican guard units got their asses handed to him by our national guard combat service support people. Reservists "in the rear with the gear" (not taking away from them, we love and need 'em) not expecting combat kicked the shiat out of retreating "elite" republican guard units that they accidentally ran into. Farking Cool !
2002-01-07 10:34:40 AM  
Old Cutline you in the service then?

or by "We" do you really mean "Somebody else" ?
2002-01-07 10:35:20 AM  
The tick, sure as soon as you take what the US says with a pinch of salt.
2002-01-07 10:35:39 AM  
This guy would kill off half is country if he thought it would buy him a few more years. This guy back in '90 thought he was the next coming of Hitler.
2002-01-07 10:46:01 AM  
Oh, but I do Harmonia. I do.
2002-01-07 10:48:17 AM  
Harmonia, I don't believe anything anybody says. The Un, the US,the Alliance, Al Queda, Bin Laden and Saddam are all full of shiat. This is a pissing match over whos dick is the biggest and people are dying because of it.
However, I don't think the US should step back and take things like the WTC attack lying down. In a pissing match of this magnitude, if you lie there, you're going to get soaked. Sometime you have to get up take aim and piss back>
2002-01-07 10:53:41 AM  
True Dofus, but you should make sure you have the right target:,3604,628531,00.html
2002-01-07 10:54:30 AM  
What did Harmonia say?

As a sidenote, perhaps this time Saddam will actually learn how to use an SS1 properly. It's not actually that bad of a weapon, really, if you use it A) against the right kinds of targets, B) with the proper payload (not this "let's take out almost the entire warhead so it'll go further!" nonsense - you turn it into what's basicly a winnebago falling out of the sky at a random location ;) ), and C) with the proper layered atmospheric intelligence. I mean he's only had a couple decades just to produce weather balloons... and to get a 1,000 PC to do the calculations ;) And, seriously, is the US going to fire 100,000$ missiles at a 1,000$ balloon? Even without that, just some *general* atmospheric data relaying, even at ground level, and publicly available satellite data would make a world of difference.
2002-01-07 11:03:03 AM  

So, is that the official male perspective on this event? ;)
2002-01-07 11:09:57 AM  
Hamonia, don't you think it is up to the Iraq people to topple Sadaam and end the misery, hunger, and bloodshed his rule brought upon them? We cannot do it for them (or we would face a public outcry).
I think the sanctions were a half-ass effort to strain the people even more to revolt, but they choose to silently die. Sucks for them. I wouldn't accept it.
2002-01-07 11:15:11 AM  
Interesting how Saddam got into power in the first place Froxilo, yup thats right, CIA all the way.
Then he got propped up all through the 80's as a counterweight to the "Mad Mullahs" of Iran. he even got to hit a US warship with a missile and gas his own people but he was still our best mate.

Then he was silly enough to invade Kuwait (who were our even better friends cos they had more oil) and when the people rose up against him, our govts decided that a democratic Iraq might threaten stabilty so he was allowed to stay in power and massacre the insurgents.

Now you want the Iraqis to revolt? why should they trust the west ever again?
2002-01-07 11:15:47 AM  

Wow, we had *special forces on the ground* for that attack? That has to be a first, outside of front lines... well, I guess pretty much the whole country is "front lines" for us now. ;)

Oh, and in case anyone missed it, remember the US soldier killed? There were 25 US special forces soldiers... and they were attacked by 5 (five) people, who didn't even get injured, at least as far as information has come out so far. One was identified - a *14 year old*. His tribal council was scheduled to convene to discuss handing him over to the US, but he "escaped" (suuuure...).

Here's an article:
2002-01-07 11:16:57 AM  
And Rei steps up to demonstrate her mastery regarding the tactical employment of missle technology! As well as meterology!

So do tell, Rei, is there nothing that you are not an expert in? And we are all so grateful that you are willing to bless us mere mortals with the power of your intellect.

I am so very humbled.
2002-01-07 11:20:17 AM  
okay so Saddam said any attack would and in victory or martyrdom.....and thats a positive thing. But really couldn't that just be translated to Win or Lose?
2002-01-07 11:22:42 AM  
okay should have said end in not and in
2002-01-07 11:24:16 AM  
Will someone snipe his ass already??

I read an article in Maxim a few moths ago about Saddam's sons, and they're just as nuts as Saddam is. Good ol' daddy made them shoot prisoners to death at the ripe age of 14 and 15. One of his sons after emptying an entire clip into the gut of a once living prisoner, turned to one of the guards and asked for more bullets.

Glad that daddy is grooming his sons to take over for him once the USA puts his head on a platter.
2002-01-07 11:26:35 AM  
Oh Maxim, must be true.

Couldnt be propaganda or anything now could it?
2002-01-07 11:28:22 AM  
Harmonia, I do not dispute anything you have said. It is our policy to use others as puppets to bring us the money. (It's our signature move) And then of course they turn on us, just like Bin Ladan, and we have to put down the monster we made.
Yes we are a bunch of power hungry arseholes, but that is whole idea of being powerful. If we didn't exploit, Russia or China would. If we stopped farking over third world countries, say goodbye to your SUVs and MTV. The whole nature of America is this:
"We are are weak....bend over biatch."

Still, somebody snipe Sadaam.
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