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(Mother Nature Network)   The next time you go to the dentist and intensely feel the cold steel bite of his drill spinning vigorously into your decaying, exposed, cavity-riddled tooth, you can now blame a genetic mutation for why the anesthesia didn't work   ( divider line
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2017-01-11 09:36:07 AM  
16 votes:
A man goes to the doctor for a prostate exam, but is worried that it will hurt. The doctor says "want me to numb it up for you?" and the man says "yes, please."

Then the doctor sticks his face in the man's butt and goes "num num num"
2017-01-11 09:32:56 AM  
4 votes:
Is it safe?
2017-01-11 10:38:35 AM  
3 votes:

DerAppie: I have never had an anesthetic for a filling.

2017-01-11 10:27:44 AM  
3 votes:

A Vain Tangent: I'll take a filling any day rather than a clotted hemmorrhoid excision. Thankfully local anesthetics are functional for me but there's still like a shadow of the feeling for either procedure and the shadow of the feeling of jellied blood getting squeezed out of a venous balloon in the ass is somehow much worse than the pressure and buzz of a drill in the tooth.

Some days plants and fungi are lucky for their lack of a nervous system from an animals perspective.
2017-01-11 09:59:38 AM  
3 votes:

OOF: Is it safe?

Is it secret?
2017-01-11 09:46:26 AM  
3 votes:
2017-01-11 10:42:06 AM  
2 votes:

Eli WhiskeyDik: MythDragon: My dentist is not the least bit stingy with the gas. Getting a single filling? Gas me. I rather dislike dental work, but the gas at least makes it bearable.

Huh. The gas is the one thing that has yet to have an effect on me. I've asked them plenty of times to "turn up the juice" but, they say that they can't do it. It doesn't even take the edge off of me. I, too had a couple of bad experiences with dental work as a kid and I have an anxiety attack every time I have to go.

You have to breath it in through your nose or it won't work. Maybe they are just giving you only oxy? It should have a peculiar smell to it.

You want anxiety? Try going to a dentist just across from a Firestone when you're young and have them fire up the impact wrench just as you go in. *WRRRRRRRRR CHAKCHAKCHAKCHAK WRRRRRRRRR* "AAAAAAAGH what the hell is that?"
2017-01-11 10:35:27 AM  
2 votes:
You Americans are big Pussies. In Soviet Russia we did not use no anesthetics on teeth drilling! And the drill was so large that when the comrade dentist drilled -- it sounded like a jackhammer. And painful. And when I (then a nine-year-old kid) raised hands in pain, the dental torturer was screaming, "PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN! OR ELSE I'LL DRILL THROUGH YOUR TONGE!" My parents made me visit dentist rather frequently, and in that big room there were many procedures going on at once. But I never seen them tie anyone hands down on anyone, even when they were pulling teeth. They scare you in submission.
2017-01-11 07:49:09 PM  
1 vote:

jigger: Dentists are usually in a hurry and don't give the local anesthetic enough time to work. They need to wait like 10-15 min after the injection to start drilling.

When I was a kid, my dentist would give me the shot, then leave me sitting in the chair for so long before he started that it would be wearing off by the time he got to the drilling stage. I developed the bad habits of not breathing and digging my fingernails into my palms out of fear of the pain. The last time I saw him I nearly fainted, and had to hold onto the wall as I was walking out of the exam room. He looked at me as I was leaving and said, "You really ought to see someone about that." I was 11 years old!

For years after, I didn't go to a dentist. Finally got coaxed into seeing a guy at the dental office where a friend worked. He was really marvelous - very patient, willing to take a break whenever the anxiety felt overwhelming. I still don't like the dentist, but I have learned to keep focusing on breathing and consciously unclenching my fists. Believe it or not, it helps that my current dentist has beautiful landscape photos on the ceiling to look at while she works - I can fantasize about being somewhere else.

VogonPoet: OOF: Is it safe?

I understood that reference.
[ image 551x308]

I see at least one other person here got it.
/nothing obscure on Fark
2017-01-11 11:37:05 AM  
1 vote:

OOF: Is it safe?

I understood that reference.
2017-01-11 10:42:50 AM  
1 vote:

Silverstaff: For ~25 years I thought dental anaesthetics had no effect on me....

Reminds me of my childhood dentist (now retired).  I had many cavities/fillings growing up.  I was never afraid of the dentist, but I definitely got used to it hurting quite a bit (even with anesthetic).  There were several times where I'd raise my hand to indicate pain and I was told "oh, I'm almost done" and had to suck it up for the rest.

Fast forward to recent years when I've had to get a root canal and other work.  I mentioned to the doc as he was about to inject me that I recall things being painful in the past.  He decided to test prior to starting the drilling.  It hurt, so we waited a couple extra minutes.  Surprise, no pain at all.  (Also found out I had 5 roots in the one tooth, so I'm a mutant.)
2017-01-11 09:42:32 AM  
1 vote:
Genetic mutation?  I like to think of it as a "Super Power"

The man who felt noall pain, as it were.
2017-01-11 09:40:18 AM  
1 vote:
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