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(Medical Xpress)   Scientists close to discovering why mice can't hold their liquor   ( ) divider line
    More: Followup, mice, mice given alcohol, fear, fear relapse, glutamate receptor, glutamate receptor blocker, alcohol-related fear relapses, Binge drinking  
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6 days ago  
Light weights...
6 days ago  
Tiny little hands?
6 days ago  
FTFA, and referring specifically to mice: if the goal is to ease or extinguish fearful emotional memories like those associated with post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol may make things worse, not better.

Mice literally can't drink to forget. Poor bastards.

I'd hate to be able to remember where I'd be if I couldn't drink to forget.
6 days ago  
A) Because it's nearly impossible to find shot glasses that small?
2) Lack of thumbs?
iii) They're hipsters that don't drink that low-grade, name brand swill?
6 days ago  
I just want them to clean up all their puke and shiat in my apartment.
6 days ago  
Surely there's an animal that's more well equipt than a mouse to hold the scientist's liquor.
6 days ago  
Oh, the liquor was spilled on the bar room floor,
when the bar closed up for the night,
and out of the corner came a little mouse
pale gray in the cool moonlight.

he licked up the liquor that was on the floor
and back on his haunches he sat,
and all through the night you could hear him yell:

Well, they brought on the cat and they had a little spat,
and the cat ate up on the mouse (chomp chomp)
and the moral of the story is:
You can't have a drink on the house.
6 days ago  
< squeaky > Liquor? I hardlyknow her! < / squeaky  >
6 days ago  
I once heard that mice can't burp, so making them ingest beer will eventually kill them.
6 days ago  
I'm going to go with "lack of opposable thumbs" for $200, Alex.
6 days ago  
But do they still find that candy is dandy?
6 days ago  
Tiny paws without opposable thumbs?
6 days ago  
Wee paws for station identification?
6 days ago  
Give them a chance to build up their tolerance. Maybe start with some sweet liquor and work gradually work your way up from there
6 days ago  
I had a pet rat who loved hard alcohol. Straight vodka seemed to be her favorite.
6 days ago  
Man but I picked the wrong job.

"I'm bored. What do you want to do?"
"Well I've got a bottle of tequila and a lab full of mice, so..."
6 days ago  
no opposable thumbs?

was that the answer?
6 days ago  
How do female lab mice hold their liquor?

By the ears!

/ got nothing
6 days ago  
What are we going to do tonight, Pinky?
6 days ago  
Teeny tiny bladders?
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