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(ABC News)   Ricardo Montalban Theatre to open in L.A. -- all seats to be fine Corinthian leather   ( divider line
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2251 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 May 2004 at 7:02 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-05 05:21:06 PM  
Nice headline!
2004-05-05 05:38:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-05 05:58:48 PM  
I copy what TheXerox said!
2004-05-05 06:06:23 PM  
Too bad that joke is lost on anyone born after 1975.

= )
2004-05-05 06:17:38 PM  
Can we get a confirmation on whether it was "rich Corinthian leather" or "fine Corinthian leather"? We need to settle this debate once and for all.
2004-05-05 09:47:48 PM  
Smiles, everyone, smiles.

2004-05-05 09:56:15 PM  
OK, born in late '81. What's the joke?
2004-05-05 10:02:02 PM  
further what ya'll said...

great headline.

/and Khaaaaaaaaan!!!!
2004-05-05 10:03:46 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
Hello, I will be your usher, please come this way

2004-05-05 10:04:15 PM  
ooh ooh.


for those that don't get it and put it down....

'from hell's heart i stab at thee,
for hates sake i spit my last breath....

at thee'

/god what a great movie
2004-05-05 10:04:57 PM  
Ricardo Montalbon:Rich Corinthean Leather :: Don Ho:Tiny Bubbles
2004-05-05 10:06:41 PM  
OK, Mr. Bunny...This quote has something to do with the part of Mody Dick where the whale eats 'im?

/More confused than ever
2004-05-05 10:07:18 PM  
I gots me a Lincoln New Yorker just for that fine Corinthian Leather.
2004-05-05 10:09:21 PM  
mr_bunny , you DO know that's shakespeare, right?
2004-05-05 10:09:23 PM  
OK, born in late '81. What's the joke?

Do a search for the Chrysler Cordoba automobile.
2004-05-05 10:11:36 PM  
red slayer

not only did you get the original
ref (hat tip,big one you read!!!!)

but it's the last thing old ricardo
says before they blow him out of space.

/it is very space

//such a geek, i am
2004-05-05 10:14:49 PM  
just having fun.

damn. no one can post anything
without the nitpickers chewing it up.

2004-05-05 10:18:09 PM  
Just for the record, no credit thanks; nothing was said in Moby Dick that couldn't've been said in a 50 page version...other than that Herman Melville was a VERY angry homosexual. Finally got the fine corinthian leather thing, thanks to Galland's tip, I think. I'm guessing Ricardo Montalban used to shill the Cordoba?
2004-05-05 10:19:55 PM  
Uh, buntz, maybe I'm spacing, but what play was that in?
2004-05-05 10:20:54 PM  

you DO read once in awhile right?


i don't have the bard's version.
could you email me a link where
i could buy it. that would be earthshakingly
2004-05-05 10:21:50 PM  
LOL, Shakespeare didn't hate the world NEARLY enough to write Moby Dick.
2004-05-05 10:23:05 PM  
De trailer!
De trailer!

/no wonder he shot himself.
2004-05-05 10:23:13 PM  
"with fine Corrrrrinthian leather..."

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-05 10:34:01 PM  
Some jokes just never get old. God I miss the '80s.
2004-05-05 10:34:40 PM  
and BUNTZ's nothing befell
the crowd.

and they sighed.

read. asshat. read.

/books, my antidrug
2004-05-05 10:39:10 PM  
Well put, Mr. Bunny. Ya take some Rue, for rememberance?

/addicted to literary allusions
2004-05-05 10:44:06 PM  
red slayer


now one of my fave farkers.

sorry, have to go setup a freakin
SQL server.

just dropping a note to say thanks to you.

/loves literature loving farkers

great ref. later.
2004-05-05 10:46:57 PM  
"Too bad that joke is lost on anyone born after 1975."

Screw you budday! I was born in 1976 and know exactly what the joke is.
2004-05-05 11:18:40 PM  
I have owned several of those cars. They are one of the best sleepers you can buy...and cheap! Most of the old B body chasis parts and engine parts can be made to work with little-to-no modifications. Great cars, IMHO.

But I always remember the commercial saying "Rich Corientian Leather." The print ads said "Fine Corintian Leather."

Mine always had "Cracked Corintian Leather."
2004-05-05 11:19:35 PM  

/too late and too tired
2004-05-05 11:23:06 PM  
Jose Jimenez submits resume.
2004-05-05 11:32:51 PM  
"Kirk.... Kirk, you're still alive, my old friend--"

/loves Star Trek
//doesn't get the fine corinthian leather reference, born in 1980
2004-05-05 11:33:32 PM  
How many fine, rich Corinthians does it take to upholster one Cordoba? How much longer is this senseless slaughter going to continue? When will we as a civilized nation stand up and say, "No more wasteful killing for car seats!"?

In protest, all of my upholstery has always been from the Nauga. There are tons of those running rampant in the hills, and using them helps keep their populations in check. They are as close to a renewable resource as you'll find in upholstery, and the meat and sinews can be used to feed the poor and make twine for the...people that...need...twine?
2004-05-05 11:33:40 PM  
Quien es mas macho? Fernando Lamas... o... Ricardo Montalban? Quien es mas macho, Seor Lamas... o... Montalbaaaaaan?
2004-05-05 11:36:05 PM  
Is it because Ricardo Montalbans face is made out of rich Corinthian leather?
2004-05-05 11:36:08 PM  
xkenny13 Bastard. Ya beat me to it. I read the headline and all I could think of was that scene from Free Enterprise where they're all in the bar and just do the "KAAAAAAHNNN" thing. Classic.
2004-05-05 11:38:52 PM  
any Negativland fans out there?
2004-05-05 11:40:49 PM  
Yep, the commercials had him saying "rich" not "fine".
2004-05-06 12:01:03 AM  
2004-05-06 12:17:18 AM  
GIS for "rich corinthian leather"

You know there had to be one out there!

And.... BIBLES!!!

NOT the one with the Rich Corinthian Leather... but still for the Cordoba.

/// WAY too lazy to do HTML for fark
2004-05-06 12:35:51 AM  
He better make sure he keeps Lt. Frank Drebin of Police Squad away from Opening Night!
2004-05-06 12:42:15 AM  
My name is Ricardo Montalban. You killed my leather. Prepare to die.

/got nothing
2004-05-06 01:02:13 AM  
Of course, he also plays Junior Senior on Kim Possible
/has two preteen daughters.

//STILL......ALIVE.......OLD FRIEND....!!!!

///could have sworn it was RICH Corinthian Leather.
2004-05-06 01:47:16 AM  
How KHAAAAAAAAAAN! the article not mention his famous "Star Trek" role?

FYI for SoCal Farkers, the Ricardo Montalban theatre is on 1615 N. Vine St, south of Hollywood Blvd, corner Selma.
2004-05-06 02:13:44 AM  
Finally! I get to reference my car!
2004-05-06 03:18:11 AM  
Folderol its actually Senor Senior Sr, Junior Senior is played by someone else.
2004-05-06 03:23:32 AM  

/was just making sure no one thought I watched Kim Possible THAT closely.:)

//nice save, if I do say so myself :)
2004-05-06 03:36:00 AM  
Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Matalban y Merino
2004-05-06 03:39:27 AM  
Ya I learned not to care what people thought on the stuff I watch as long as they don't really know why I watch it.

/Really likes Christy Romano
//REALLY likes her
///same age so its legal just not the stalking part even though she's in NY and I'm in AZ
2004-05-06 03:45:35 AM  
Cor'-do-ba = Spanish pronunciation

Cor-dOh'-ba = Gringo marketroid pronunciation

Ricardo said it properly at first. The marketing people "corrected" him into saying it wrong.

/Montalban's own anecdote
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