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(TTR2) Boobies Fresh new screen caps from the Gena Lee Nolin sex tape (not safe for work)   ( divider line 140
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486874 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 May 2004 at 12:02 AM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-05 12:35:15 AM  
good god, that guy in the video looks like a total chode. farking with your shirt on? and a lime green one at that? jeezus christ, these people need better HR Reps.
2004-05-05 12:37:13 AM  
anyone notice the tag from her bra is hanging out?

2004-05-05 12:41:14 AM  
Problem in Database Connection...

Farked so early... ah man and my night off at home with just kittens to kill

very sad
2004-05-05 12:42:16 AM  
Somehow, after seeing those baaad boobies, this is the first image that entered my mind:
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-05 12:42:50 AM  
Looks like two different sizes of tennis balls, one south, one north.

Not a good job.
2004-05-05 12:49:40 AM  
those Gena Lee images were really just,,,,, weird. I don't think i like it.
2004-05-05 12:50:11 AM  
Fake, ugly, crooked, cheapo boobs.

Average face.

Isn't she doing this 15 years too late? I mean, seriously, I think she qualifies for AARP membership by now. She was no spring chick when she was cast in Baywatch.
2004-05-05 12:51:09 AM  
She was Sheena! Doesn't anyone remember this show?!
2004-05-05 12:56:03 AM  
Wholly farking sh it.
You guys weren't kidding about that horrible boob job.
It's hideous!
2004-05-05 12:57:28 AM  
Man, I just can't stop thinking about this trainwreck of a Boobies link. Like, in Pic 1 her boobs are all lopsided and uneven, with one pointing in a more or less normal direction and the other way off to one side. In Pic 3 he's choking her, after she threatens to remove her bra again, in Pics 4-6 her bra tag is hanging out and in Pic 5 he's pointing and laughing at her (or maybe he's saying "If you take that bra off again, I'll kick your ass"). If this is truly what goes on behind the closed doors of America's celebrities, it should stay there.
2004-05-05 01:01:16 AM  
Looks like her tits are camera shy and attempting to migrate to her back.

Time to sue the silicone brick layer.

2004-05-05 01:05:51 AM  

I was thinking more of this guy:

[image from too old to be available]
Sorry about the tiny image, but YOU try to find a headshot of Jack Elam in Cannonball Run, it's freaking impossible!
2004-05-05 01:06:55 AM  
For some reason, I looked at the pic of him behind her and thought this
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-05 01:08:55 AM  
2004-05-05 01:05:51 AM Prospero424
Sorry about the tiny image, but YOU try to find a headshot of Jack Elam in Cannonball Run, it's freaking impossible!

I feel your pain, I've been there before; there are a million pictures from the cannonball run, and only about 1% of them are of the best character!
"Do you want me to start the examination, JJ?"
2004-05-05 01:11:40 AM  
Let us not forget...
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-05 01:14:14 AM  
F. Scott Fitzpanarchy are you calling me a nerd????
heh i think i spend waaay too much time on fark....

/shes still hot
2004-05-05 01:16:05 AM  
Not fap fodder... sorry

She's like a Jamie Moyer fastball... deceptively hittable.
2004-05-05 01:20:34 AM  
Problem in Database Connection

This Website is powered by PostNuke

2004-05-05 01:21:20 AM  
1000pts for the moyer crack


2004-05-04 07:34:13 PM Orallo

Who the fark is she???

/never seen that face in my life

she was on baywatch. i used to watch all the time, and i never saw her face either.
2004-05-05 01:23:12 AM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 15290 times and melted another server.
2004-05-05 01:23:39 AM  
Wait a minute, a just realized something...That man in the lime-green shirt looks scarily similar to Steve Mariuchi, head coach of the Detroit Lions. A thinner version of the coach, of course...Hmmmm...
2004-05-05 01:23:39 AM  
What's with that dude? He has time to setup a tripod for his camera, pose the girl, but he doesn't have time to take his shirt off.

/hates farking with a shirt on
2004-05-05 01:26:00 AM  
...and kittens the world over point and laugh

2004-05-05 01:26:58 AM  
I think that site is getting too much traffic, its giving me some error everytime I go there...
2004-05-05 01:32:36 AM  
Still farked.

Hulk... getting... MMMMAADDDDD
2004-05-05 01:57:50 AM  

is that the guy from men @ work?
2004-05-05 02:06:22 AM  
for those sure you've heard her name - she was in the Underground Comedy Movie, advertised 60 times a day on Comedy Central as "supermodels on the john taking a sh*t"
2004-05-05 02:18:44 AM  
What else is there to say, DocRoberts? She's got Marty Feldman boobs, her boyfriend is a douche in a lime green shirt, she's got cheap taste in lingerie...there, I think we've covered all the bases, unless you want to get into the rather bland decor in the hotel room they're in.
2004-05-05 02:18:47 AM  
It's terrifying that im related to her.
2004-05-05 02:19:42 AM  
Am I dumb for having absolutely no idea who this bim is?
2004-05-05 02:23:44 AM  
Am I supposed to know who this nasty skank is?
2004-05-05 02:41:17 AM  
You know, in retrospect, Gina Lee Nolin is kind of cute. I'd probably hit it.

/Good night, all!
2004-05-05 02:54:26 AM  
So when do we drink?

Gena's boobies look like she got in a fight with a ping pong paddle and lost.
2004-05-05 02:59:26 AM  
Her husbands got one small wiener.
The q-tips I use for my ear is bigger, and harder.

At least he knew she married him for love.
2004-05-05 02:59:39 AM  
In Ms. Nolin's defense, I had read that her boob job was "fresh". It takes a few weeks for them to "settle".

I still think the lifing up the neon green shirt to keep it away from her buttcrack is pure internet GOLD. GOLD, BABY, GOLD!
2004-05-05 03:06:39 AM  

If she has what you consider an average face, I'm moving to wherever you live.
2004-05-05 03:08:22 AM  
Wasn't this done immediately after her boob job?

I remember hearing that she complains on the video about them being sore.

If so, then what is in the video is most likely not what they look liked after the swelling, and settling etc.
2004-05-05 03:10:58 AM  
I kinda like the cheap fake boobjob because it means she has a cheap and low self image and won't object when I treat her like the lowly skank whore she is now down on all fours and beg me to whip you again, you cheap two bit slut...
2004-05-05 03:13:07 AM  
Well said, Chap, well said!
2004-05-05 04:37:55 AM  
Gina looked better when she did that lesbo movie 'Bound'
2004-05-05 06:12:04 AM  
I've said before and I'll say it again....she's no Mia Kirshner
2004-05-05 07:39:39 AM  
Pug fugly.

As one incredibly ignorant farker once said about Asian women: She should keep her clothes on.

/perfect example of why white chicks should keep their clothes on - besides the pale-blinding factor, of course
2004-05-05 08:01:12 AM  
Best. Tits. EVER!
2004-05-05 08:23:46 AM  
Ugh, that's just a bad boob job. Nothing to be proud of.
2004-05-05 08:26:09 AM  
Those boobs are pug fugly.
2004-05-05 08:29:40 AM  
My god, her tits are as far apart as her shoulders!
2004-05-05 08:40:08 AM  
Well I'm of the opinion that bad tits are like bad pizza.. it's still pretty good! I mean think of the breasts on Roseanne Barr.. then go look at those pics. I new perspective makes her look pretty good!

2004-05-05 08:46:26 AM  
This is why farkers remind me of my ex-wife. The only thing you can do is biatch and whine about the negative stuff, but only like 2 of you have noticed her amazing ass.
2004-05-05 08:53:45 AM  
I think it's funny that all the farkers on here dissing her boobs, face, and whatnot would fall over themselves and cream their pants if she even half-smiled in their direction. Watching people inhabit fantasy worlds is amusing.
2004-05-05 08:55:56 AM  
I used to think all boobies were good. Now this...
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