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(LA Times)   Dog pound uses euthanized animals in dog food   ( divider line
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3730 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Jan 2002 at 9:41 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-06 09:42:57 AM  
Looks like I picked the right week to quit eating dog food.
2002-01-06 09:47:46 AM  
Yipes! It really is "pet" food!
2002-01-06 09:57:13 AM  
I'm glad I bury my mom's deceased animals in her yard.
Screw the vets, you pay them to euthanize and dispose of the carcass, then they get somebody to buy the carcasses by the pound to feed to animals.
Soylent Green is Alpo !!!
2002-01-06 09:57:30 AM  
What's the problem here? It's ok to stick fluffikins on your face but not down your new puppy's neck? Get real. What else are we going to do w/ all the animals?

Since when is throwing 'em out in the trash any more humane than sending them to a rendering plant?
2002-01-06 10:02:57 AM  
I was feeding my puppy the other day and he looked at me and then back at the bowl with a face that clearly questioned...."Dad?"
2002-01-06 10:03:16 AM  
It says they put road kill in the dog food. Now I realize that road kill isn't the most common ingredient in alpo, I just wish I could ask my dog what he thinks.
2002-01-06 10:04:37 AM  
...if we don't have the right feed our dogs to other dogs, then the terrorists have already won."
2002-01-06 10:05:34 AM  
2002-01-06 10:06:58 AM  
Hey, it's a 'dog eat dog' world out there folks.
2002-01-06 10:12:42 AM  
2002-01-06 10:15:50 AM  
<Reference Movie="Soylent Green">
It's dogs! Puppy Chow is dogs!
2002-01-06 10:18:29 AM  
Wasn't this one of the causes behind that whole mad cow disease thing, feeding cows other cows. I remember hearing that feeding a species back to itself leads to all kinds of problems. Or I could be totally wrong....
2002-01-06 10:23:02 AM  
Remember the three Rs:
Re-Use Recycle and R-something-else
2002-01-06 10:26:08 AM  
that's not news. they do it all the time.
2002-01-06 10:26:54 AM  
Soylent Purina is DOGS!
2002-01-06 10:32:56 AM  
Most dogs will eat their own vomit, given half a chance. A little cannibalism never hurt anyone.
2002-01-06 10:39:25 AM  
Didn't anybody else notice the word GELATIN in that article? Next time your eating some JELLO, take a moment to thank all those kitties, puppies, possums, coons, and rabbits who made it possible. Remember, that's JELLO, complete with all the goodness that comes from hooves, horns, hides, and specially fortified with household pets to make sure you get that love in each jiggly spoonfull.
2002-01-06 10:39:39 AM  
next up: the terrible truth about baby powder.

(for the benefit of all those who haven't heard that one yet ... what ... nobody? ... well, sooo-rreeee)
2002-01-06 10:40:10 AM  
Thank God for cremation.
2002-01-06 11:05:58 AM  
Hmmmm....Maybe those 'nuts' at P.E.T.A. are on to something.
2002-01-06 11:10:41 AM  
Prions are just random chunks of protiens - It's not like they could acually hurt anyone.
2002-01-06 11:13:30 AM  
fb-: looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.
2002-01-06 11:13:33 AM  
Dogs aren't too picky. Whenever my cat throws up, it's just another snack to my dog. Just don't tell me what's in those hot dogs I love so much.
2002-01-06 11:16:45 AM  
L33t Hax0r, those "random" chunks of protein do a damn good job of surviving autoclaving and still remaining infectious.
2002-01-06 11:20:28 AM  
Yeah, I've heard - Sorry I left off the tags.

Note: All of these proteins in wartime alert will not to be used in the actual war and are really the prion state last line of defense. If enemy forces will break into hosts and these proteins (limited) strength won't be enough to stop the invasion, the next solution is a nuclear one.
2002-01-06 11:22:05 AM  
Not what one wants to read first thing in the morning.
I think I am gonna be sick now.
2002-01-06 11:31:59 AM  
Whats the problem here? I don't think the pets care! They still go ape shiat every time you get their bowls out!
2002-01-06 11:39:13 AM  
Hmm, some how veganism sounds more appealing to me, although I'd have to give up Coach Leather goods. *sigh*
2002-01-06 11:44:09 AM  
this is why i'm vegetarian! I hope everyone realizes that Jello has that shiat in it. Is that what makes it like rubber? mmmmmmm mmm good!
2002-01-06 11:50:08 AM  
For those of you without the relevant detailed human biology
knowledge, prions are those guys with the squigely fore-heads on Star Trek.
2002-01-06 12:01:05 PM  
Dogs eat their own shiat! You think they care if Dog Chow is 0.03% Dog?
2002-01-06 12:01:32 PM  
What I would like to know is What Chineese Restraunt Delivers that freakin often.....I mean it 4.29 you have penny being spoken in the lobby every breakfast lunch and dinner

2002-01-06 12:01:38 PM  
You get what you pay for...
you get the good dog food for the good dough
and get the canabilized shiat for evry thing else...
2002-01-06 12:06:33 PM  
I mean really I watched my Dog eat the poop as it was falling out of my other dogs ass last week (get it while it's hot I guess) so you think they are going to be discriminating palets.....
2002-01-06 12:08:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-06 12:08:59 PM  
Prion link here
2002-01-06 12:10:03 PM  
You know that PETA people are always throwing paint on women wearing fur right......

Thats because its easier then throwing paint on a Big ol biker wearing leather and being gang raped all the time...

...Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies.....are they made from real girl scouts....(wensday adams)
2002-01-06 12:34:15 PM  
amusing to me that nobody has mentioned the following words in this thread yet (props for remembering jello, but...)

a: Hot Dogs
b: Bologna
c: Oscar Mayer
d: Dinty Moore
e: Chef Boyardee
f: Random Fast Food Chains

Yet, we innocently call Koreans bad for eating dogs. At least they are honest about it.
2002-01-06 12:39:26 PM  
If one of those peta shiatbags trys to splash my leather jacket, im going to force em to eat 10 lbs of beef, chicken, and pork. they can watch me slaughter the animals too.

The fonz would do the same.
2002-01-06 12:40:40 PM  
May I just give a resounding, "GROSS!" And thanks for posting that so early on a Sunday morning. I'm thinking lovely thoughts about those sausages I was going to eat. I already knew about the pig snouts but.........
2002-01-06 12:41:17 PM  
Whoa, literally 'dog eat dog'.
2002-01-06 12:47:03 PM  

Read the comments !

01-06-02 10:06:58 AM Bigpeeler
Hey, it's a 'dog eat dog' world out there folks.
2002-01-06 12:51:49 PM  
Thank you, Captain L33t_Hax0r of the comments police.
Strife - go stand in the corner with this hat on your head.

Never a boring day @ fark. Tune in next week to see fb- call rei a socialist. Again. And more riveting discussions about fat men. With forskins.
2002-01-06 12:54:59 PM  
Get over it. This makes good economic sense and the dogs don't give a shiat. A hungry dog would eat another dog and then go lay in the sun and have a big happy nap. What do they care?
2002-01-06 01:03:38 PM  
Have any dogs complained?
2002-01-06 01:05:41 PM  
Wonderful. Because people don't want to face the reality that thousands of animals are killed at shelters every year, instead of these animals becoming something useful, now the shelters have to throw the dead animals in a landfill. Those outraged pet owners have made the world a better place.
2002-01-06 01:09:51 PM  
2002-01-06 01:11:16 PM  
(to the tune of the Oscar Mayer jingle)...

My boloney has a first name
(as least until he died)
My boloney has a second name
(it WAS the same as mine)
Oh I love to eat it every day
and if you ask me why I'll sayyyyyyyy
That Oscar Mayer has a way
With mutant canine DNA
2002-01-06 01:14:15 PM  
Hence the term - As greedy as a pig
2002-01-06 01:14:33 PM  
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