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(Anch. Daily News)   Sick bastard "had a couple of pretty good reasons to wall his mother's dead body inside the breakfast bar of her Muldoon trailer..." (with pic of said freak)   ( divider line
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2004-05-04 11:07:01 AM  
i lived just off of Muldoon.. back about a half mile from this trailer park.. it was a huge eyesore. (for the record, i lived in a nice neighborhood).

i would see the ugliest of society walking into and out of that park-which is located right on a main road with no way to avoid seeing it. Cops were always in that park (imagine that?) i hated the zoning/housing laws in alaska.. u could park your ugly trailer in a lot next to nice houses and totally devalue everyones property.

careful what u read in this article.gross.
2004-05-04 11:21:31 AM  
Did he lure her with a tasty amontillado?
2004-05-04 11:54:56 AM  
"How many people say, 'I'm going to kill my mother by attacking her with duct tape'?"

I don't know how many, but I would assume that it's the same type of people who might wall up her corpse inside a breakfast bar and decorate it with wood paneling.

Although, maybe he was just trying to muffle the persistant belching but got a little too happy with the duct tape.
2004-05-04 12:09:25 PM  
Those pretty good reasons being 1)he's farking insane, 2)He didn't have enough spackle to fill in the hole in the wall.
2004-05-04 04:06:24 PM  
he was carrying out her wishes though...didn't rtfa
2004-05-04 04:06:39 PM  
Her friend always did say she was a bit of a wallflower.
2004-05-04 04:08:18 PM  
have to register to read the fa
2004-05-04 04:09:42 PM  
I was expecting a freakier looking freak.
2004-05-04 04:10:00 PM  
Hmmm, mobile homes dont devalue the property around them. Urban legend if you know how the real estate market works.
2004-05-04 04:11:04 PM  
I'm just wondering why the word 'outside' was capitalized:

Hoffbeck spent days talking to everyone he could find who knew Miles, here and Outside. He concluded she was not alive in Texas, so she probably was dead here, but ambulances, funeral homes and the medical examiner had never heard of her.
2004-05-04 04:11:42 PM  
Does anyone have any better suggestions as to what to do with my mothers corpse? Its starting to smell.
2004-05-04 04:12:01 PM  
Wow. There was a white-trash stereotype in every paragraph of that! Hot damn! My favorite was the description of the deceased's acid reflux - "continually burping and belching".
2004-05-04 04:12:05 PM  
You know you've been in Alaska too long when your geographical points of reference are "here" and "Outside".
2004-05-04 04:12:07 PM  
Maybe she didn't give him reliable birth control information. Or she helped organize a sports banquet where he was mocked.
2004-05-04 04:12:23 PM  
It took about five weeks for Miles' decomposing body to ooze through a corner of her kitchen tomb, leaking red-yellow fluid with a "horrific stench" onto the floor.

Good Christ.
2004-05-04 04:12:25 PM  
Having decided not to report Miles' death, Padgett duct-taped her face because he didn't want to look at it

Geez, that's pretty insulting. Atleast he waited until she was dead.
2004-05-04 04:12:55 PM  
Not an exact quote but I remember this from the X file

Murderer: Do you know why I do the things I do?
Psychic: Yes, because you're a homocidal maniac.
Murderer: You know, That actually makes sense!
2004-05-04 04:13:26 PM  
You'd think you could find a better place to hide a dead person in ALASKA for god's sakes...
Aren't there billions of square miles up there?

I believe "outside" refers to the lower 48
2004-05-04 04:15:20 PM  
but she loved that trailer
2004-05-04 04:15:46 PM  
To all mothers and "mothers to be":
Happy Mother's Day!!!
2004-05-04 04:16:21 PM  
you know its going to be a shiatty day when old body ooze starts leaking out of your walls.
2004-05-04 04:16:24 PM  
2004-05-04 04:10:00 PM pk
"Hmmm, mobile homes dont devalue the property around them. Urban legend if you know how the real estate market works. "

Care to elaborate? I don't think that statement's supportable.

If a trailer park moved in next door to me, my resale value would plummet. There's no doubt about that.

Given my recent experiences with the market... I would say i would lose a hundred grand of value if one moved in next door. And that might be conservative. The surroundings are critical when you are buying or selling residential properties.

And not a lot of people want to live next to someplace that will be prominently featured on FOX shows every weekend.
2004-05-04 04:16:43 PM tomb, leaking red-yellow fluids...

On this weeks Monster House, join Steve and the crew in converting a drab trailer into a self service breakfast nook complete with a built in ketchup/mustard dispenser.
2004-05-04 04:17:20 PM  
"How many people say, 'I'm going to kill my mother by attacking her with duct tape'?"

Um, I'm hoping you're the first.
2004-05-04 04:17:40 PM  
Outside is capitalized, just like Lower 48 is, to refer to Parts of the Country Not Fortunate Enough to be Alaska.
2004-05-04 04:17:42 PM  
I think this would make a wonderful story. I'm going to call it "The Telltale Red-Yellow Fluid With A 'Horrific Stench'".
2004-05-04 04:17:44 PM  
Dad? Where'd you say Mom was? Outside?
2004-05-04 04:18:18 PM  

Actually, it's not so much the trailer as the people who live in the trailer who bring down resale values.
2004-05-04 04:19:07 PM  
It is farking cold up there, you know? I mean take her to the woods and let the wolves have at yellow fluid.
2004-05-04 04:20:15 PM  
KyngNothing That's what I was thinking. I would think body disposal would be incredibly easy in Alaska. Drain it. Chop into easy to handle pieces. Dispose. Storing it complete in a wall ain't gonna hide squat - anyone else see the MythBusters/Jimmy Hoffa episode? Sweet Fancy Moses, I could almost smell those pigs through my tv screen.
2004-05-04 04:20:18 PM  
shucks, if a couple of good reasons is all you need, i'm starting my multi-state bankk robbery and murder spree pronto!
2004-05-04 04:20:44 PM  
There is so much in that article that made me want to wretch. I imagine the woman who rented the trailer from him is now having all sorts of horrible nightmares.
2004-05-04 04:23:40 PM  
Outside is capitalized, just like Lower 48 is, to refer to Parts of the Country Not Fortunate Enough to be Alaska.

You know, unfortunate not to have 6 months of darkness and temperatures that are similiar to deep space. ;-)
2004-05-04 04:24:07 PM  
Nice to see Anchorage on Fark. Now if was some other part of town....

/Muldoon is the hood.
2004-05-04 04:24:26 PM  
a 1500sqf mobile home is not used for comps when setting the price of a 3000sqf stick built. If whoever is setting the price of your home is using one as a comp, you need to find one that actually paid attention in class.

Existing home prices are primarily set by how much comparable homes in the immediate area have sold for in a set amount of time. How is a 1500sqf mobile home comp'ed to a 3000sqf stick built? It's not, and should be discarded in the comp process.
2004-05-04 04:29:26 PM  
Is it just me is is today's personal girl quite hot?
2004-05-04 04:29:55 PM  

What you are missing is that the price of the home is not SET.

It is ENTIRELY decided by what people are willing to pay for it. And people will pay less if there is a trailer park next to it.

And the "comprable home" equation doesn't mean you don't pay attention to anything else on the block. If there is a prison, 7-11, halfway house, methadone clinic, trailer park, airport, whatever... it WILL affect your homes value.

Nothing uraban legend about it.
2004-05-04 04:31:27 PM  
Muldoon is almost the hood; I believe the honor goes to Mountain View.

Almost as bad though...
2004-05-04 04:32:26 PM  
If there is a prison, 7-11, halfway house, methadone clinic, trailer park, airport, whatever... it WILL affect your homes value.

So what you're saying is that I shouldn't have bought that fixer-upper at the end of the runway between the methadone clinic and homeless shelter? Even though it's got a convenient all-night liquor store across the street and is just down the street from a tough-on-crime prison?
2004-05-04 04:33:50 PM  
Outsdie was capped because up here (in Alaska) we refer to the rest of the US as "Outside" or the "Lower 48"

Outside is capitalized, just like Lower 48 is, to refer to Parts of the Country Not Fortunate Enough to be Alaska.

You know, unfortunate not to have 6 months of darkness and temperatures that are similiar to deep space. ;-)

You are confusing the real state of Alaska with the one they teach about in redneck schools
2004-05-04 04:34:06 PM  
Whatever. Don't be posting links where we have to "register."

2004-05-04 04:34:22 PM  
heh... 6 months of darkness... I love the stories people dream up. Even in winter the sun rises... sometimes for only a few hours but it stays light for a while after it goes down... and in summer... we have plenty of daylight... look outside at 5am in june and you might have trouble telling if its AM or PM...

muldoon is A hood... /lives in mountain view....
2004-05-04 04:34:23 PM  
He probably thought she had it coming to her. I know my mom got her comeuppances. If your real patient good things do happen.
2004-05-04 04:34:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

She had things wrong with her, including a really bad case of acid reflux -- a terrible "burping, belching problem.
2004-05-04 04:36:05 PM  
I said primarily. A home with $150,000 worth of materials and labor in it is still worth roughly $150,000, even though those crazy bastards in the valley will pay $750,000 for it. Yes, other items in the neighborhood will cause an individual to want to pay less for a particular home, but thats why buyers make offers. An appraiser shouldn't reduce the value of a home because a mobile home is next door, though. when writing a mortgage, the bank could care less about the neighbor.

Notice I said "shouldn't".
2004-05-04 04:36:07 PM  
Nice Poe reference lordargent
2004-05-04 04:36:47 PM  
I dont know whats wrong with you people complaining about having to register... but I never registered with ADN (I don't like them) and I saw the article just fine
2004-05-04 04:40:09 PM  
Am I the only one confused about the time elements here? Mom started to ooze after 5 weeks. But he had collected 3 months' rent from the woman with the kids who 'needed a stable home.' Did they live there for three months? Did the oozing, then, happen for 1 and 3/4 months and this woman just Swiffered it up? Or did he collect three months' rent in advance? If she had $1,500 to put down in advance, couldn't she have found a better place to live?
2004-05-04 04:40:51 PM  
"Alright kids, today in shop class we're gonna build a breakfast bar - but not just any breakfast bar. Oh, no no no. This one'll have plenty of extra storage space. This will most definitely come in handy if you have a lot of excess dishes, or, if you're like me, an overbearing mother who won't stop farking burping!!"
2004-05-04 04:42:06 PM  
Pocket ninja -

heh. Exactly.

pk -

I think you're just wrong on this one. The value of a home is also based on the property it sits on. And the value of that property is tremendously affected by it's surroundings.

If you took the exact same house and put it in Compton and Beverly Hills... the values will be radically different.

And, believe me, appraisers care a GREAT DEAl about what is around your home.

/location, location, location
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