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(   Woman will win $1 Million if Tampa Bay Bucs can score their first-ever kickoff return touchdown and avoid crashing their plane into any local buildings   ( divider line
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1904 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jan 2002 at 10:52 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-05 10:55:58 PM  
Wow, it sure sucks to have never got a touchdown on a kickoff return, especially since this isn't some crappy expansion team we're talking about. Now the Steelers on the other hand, are the greatest team ever, and were practically shut out at Pro Bowl picks.
2002-01-05 10:57:34 PM  
okay, that headline was tasteless
2002-01-05 11:00:15 PM  
The headline was WEAK!
2002-01-05 11:05:09 PM  
Y. Dload,
Thanks for that laugh. I mean I could see you saying a Pittsburgh Steelers team circa mid to late '70's was one of the greatest but to imply this season's team being one of the greatest.
That is comedic gold.

Go Bears !!!

So what day is Tony Dungy jumping off that bridge?
2002-01-05 11:09:35 PM  
Ironically, I bet she starts choking
2002-01-05 11:11:11 PM  
Too bad her hometown wasn't Puta Gorda instead of Punta Gorda. Then you'd have something.
2002-01-05 11:11:37 PM  
Any other Steve Spurrier-Tampa Bay rumours?...we've been in and out all day,and haven't kept up...Jan
2002-01-06 12:10:49 AM  
SLAYERSWINE: I'm not really a lifelong Steelers fan, I'm just jumping on the hometown-team-is-doing-good bandwagon, even though I live an hour from Pittsburgh. Still, they're doing pretty good, admit it!
2002-01-06 12:15:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Im just checking to see if this image shows, and Y. Dload, yeah steelers are kicking ass, (I live in Lawrence county)
2002-01-06 12:26:44 AM  
Y. Dload,
No problem, I would hope you'd support your hometown team.
As a matter of fact, Your Steelers are similar to my Bears:
Killer Defense WILL be there, but will the offense show up ?
2002-01-06 12:33:40 AM  
Uhh.. I'm a pathetic geek who doesn't really follow football as closely as I should. I know the basic rules and who's in each conference, but that's about it. I also know that some Steelers have funny names: Plaxico, Heinz,...uh... Kordell?
2002-01-06 12:44:12 AM  
No, he's not, everyone has heard that rumor jackass.
2002-01-06 01:06:09 AM  
I'm sure im missing the subterfuge in "Playing center" but just because a man cries dosnt make him gay, it just makes him retarded
2002-01-06 01:19:28 AM  
Don't get me wrong--I've liked the Bucs since '88. But I'm holding my breath only so... long..
2002-01-06 01:58:28 AM  
Being that both Tampa and Philadelphia are locked into the 3 and 6 spots and will have a playoff game in Philadelphia next week no matter what happens this week, that Budweiser promotion is probably more exciting than anything else in that game tomorrow night.
2002-01-06 02:56:22 AM  
Every time I log onto Fark over the last two days, there's another article about something screwy happening in Tampa Bay. Plane crashes into building in Tampa. Pansy Backstreet Boy arrested at club in Tampa. Spurrier leave UF; headed for Tampa? Woman might win $1 million if Tampa Bucs can pull off a runback. Guess the next Skyway Bridge jumper pool. Tampa (and Florida in general) can never be known for anything normal...
2002-01-06 11:04:15 AM  
umm.....Go Chiefs!
2002-01-06 11:21:06 AM  
Hmmmm...that's strange. I thought they had pulled one off a couple weeks back.

Oh well.
2002-01-06 06:21:13 PM  
[insert obligatory resentful weakling anti-sports comment here]
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