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3698 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Jan 2002 at 1:17 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-06 01:17:49 AM  
Great show as always, Phil!
2002-01-06 01:20:23 AM  
American superiority on land, sea and in outer space. wOOt!!!
2002-01-06 01:22:42 AM  
I think the pentagon finally realized that China is playing catch-up.
2002-01-06 01:25:56 AM  
And this is fark-worthy because...?
2002-01-06 01:26:03 AM  
They should just devlop a super weapon and wipe every other country off the face of the earth.

a man can dream.
2002-01-06 01:29:27 AM  
I have GOT to get me one of these!
2002-01-06 01:34:39 AM  
Take off every 'Zig
2002-01-06 01:36:21 AM  
You know what you doing
2002-01-06 01:36:39 AM  
Move 'Zig
2002-01-06 01:36:55 AM  
For great justice
2002-01-06 01:50:54 AM  
If it flies, it dies!
Mother Green and her killing machine!
Kaaaaaa - Blooooeeeeey !!
2002-01-06 02:00:18 AM  
Go throttle up
2002-01-06 02:09:02 AM  
and we need this plane why?

I love the smell of rocket fuel in the morning
2002-01-06 02:19:39 AM  
We need this plane in order to ensure superiority over other countries' militaries. The problem with being the Last Remaining Superpower is that suddenly everyone is gunning for you. I'm sure the news that China is trying for a moonshot didn't help either.

I don't know about you, but I'm happier with the thought of the US being first with this weapon than with anyone else.
2002-01-06 02:25:59 AM  
It smells like... Vectoring
2002-01-06 02:26:04 AM  
fark. I seem to recall an international treaty banning a military presence from outer space.

And the fact that everyones gunning for us... wont this just piss them off more? like try harder to destroy us?
2002-01-06 02:55:10 AM  
The United States owns outer space.
Of course.
2002-01-06 03:02:57 AM  
Alright, did anybody see the Terminator?
This reminds me way too much of Skylab.
2002-01-06 03:57:07 AM  
Dear geebus is does remind me of Skylab, maybe an infant version of it- but still. Linda Hamilton and Arnold failed, Skylab is becoming a reality! Oh no wait, now that I look closer it looks like just another chance for the USAF to spend billions of dollars while our real space program has to take up a collection to make run the safety checks on the shuttle. Oh well, time to invest more money in defense stocks- the only real American "blue chips".
2002-01-06 05:14:14 AM  
We have to spend whatever we need to in order to keep one step ahead of our enemies. And they are quite formidable.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-06 05:17:21 AM  

You mean SkyNET. SkyLAB fell harmlessly from the sky some years ago.

Sorry, my inner geek was screaming at me to correct you.
2002-01-06 06:05:57 AM  
They already have a design picked out.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-06 06:07:59 AM  
Could this be the terrible secret of space?!
2002-01-06 07:36:14 AM  
They set us up the bomb!
2002-01-06 07:55:56 AM  
I thought there was something about space being demilitirized. construction of such a plane would mean the destruction of the last neutral space for man kind to peacful evolve in.
read: this plan sucks.
2002-01-06 08:20:03 AM  
Last Peaceful Zone? Bah, everyone knows Star Trek is full of crap :) Space will be the final fronteir war.

And about demiliterized space in space (heh) the treaty signed by the US actually just banned Nuclear Testing in space. So there. We can launch ninja attack cows there to throw nerf arrows at China if we wanted and no one could touch us.

"Cut the chatter Red Two!"
2002-01-06 08:22:51 AM  
Good. I like this idea. We need to get their and take control before some other puke country gets there.
2002-01-06 08:42:09 AM  
As usual, Fb- says exactly what needs to be said. The naivety of farkers nears hilarity at times. Right, the US shouldn't do this because other countries will get upset and dislike us more, and we're ruining the peaceful demilitarized zone that is space?

Duh, any other country on the planet that actually had the technology or resources would do it too, that and shoot you in the face if it furthered their national growth. The USA is in a position to further extend its hold as the only world superpower. Why would you throw away the opportunity to further your own national defense, that which keeps you living in the freedom you so enjoy?
2002-01-06 09:25:55 AM  
Actually, this is old news. the last Space shuttle added to the fleet was originally designated to go the USAF. (they even had a magazine ad showing the stars on the wings!) After the challenger blew up, they canceled the order and scrapped the launch site at Edwards AFB that was being built. (even though they added jet engines at the site to reduce ice buildup). all this article represents is their desire to get back into the business of puting up their own spy birds and such. not much news here. For all we know, they've probably built it already. Anybody notice that the space shuttle isn't carrying as many "top secret" payloads as it used to?
2002-01-06 09:47:10 AM  
nice strand everyone, very funny. Newsfalsh: space is not a magical place, it's about 60 miles up and over, having planes that can operate in such an environment is merely another technological adfvancement ya dman hippies, the history of the world is a history of war! so get over you and go back to huggin trees with Fb!
2002-01-06 11:22:28 AM  
That picture of the TIE Interceptor is wrong. The Interceptor has green lasers, and they come out of the tips of the solar panels.
2002-01-06 11:40:28 AM  
...Excellent...Yet another stepping stone leading eventually to the forceful migration of mankind into the "High Frontier" is proceeding according to plan. So it looks as if Gerry was right all along....BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!.....sorry.
2002-01-06 01:48:56 PM  
Hmmm...if we colonize the solar system....

Would an outer-space "Starbucks" be called "Earthbucks"?
2002-01-06 02:14:15 PM  
If you were a hot-dog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?
2002-01-06 03:01:20 PM  
The Thetans don't approve of the Space Plane
2002-01-06 04:52:14 PM  
Can someone who subscribes to Janes post the entire article?
2002-01-07 01:33:42 PM  
The destruction is consistent with large-scale orbital bombardment.
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