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(Yahoo)   Bush to Dems: You will raise taxes over my dead body   ( divider line
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2252 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Jan 2002 at 1:19 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-06 01:19:22 AM  
Hero my ass!
2002-01-06 01:20:15 AM  
The hero tag on this makes me ill.
2002-01-06 01:20:17 AM  
Yes, a true hero, not some commie-nazi fag
2002-01-06 01:20:18 AM  
Seems his daddy said something like this before, too.
2002-01-06 01:20:32 AM  
"Read my lips . . ."
2002-01-06 01:20:49 AM  
Kiss of Death for Georgie... he will raise taxes.
2002-01-06 01:21:09 AM  
we can only hope...
2002-01-06 01:21:48 AM  
2002-01-06 01:22:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-06 01:22:31 AM  
actually sounds like a pretty good deal
2002-01-06 01:22:59 AM  
Read his lips very carefully
2002-01-06 01:22:59 AM  
Great show as always, Phil!
2002-01-06 01:24:43 AM  
``Not over my dead body will they raise your taxes!''

Doesn't that actually mean...
Doesn't the "not" negate the meaning?

I love the way he talks.
2002-01-06 01:24:55 AM  
the tape I saw said 'Not over my dead body'


2002-01-06 01:25:29 AM  
We should start a pool on when this thread will have infinity posts.
2002-01-06 01:26:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

No new taxes!!! Ok, I am losing my buzz; let's run to Stop&Go and get another couple cases of Pearl Light.
2002-01-06 01:26:42 AM  
bush is a dumb shiat
look at my profile for my fav. quote of his
2002-01-06 01:27:20 AM  
How about instead of raising taxes we cut out a little pork from the budget. What do you say:
2002-01-06 01:27:22 AM  
Yeah the CNN story had the "not" too. Good gawd, what a dumbass.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-06 01:28:13 AM  
and more liberals continue to refuse to admit Bush is right.

thank god someone still wants to keep this country from going to hell.
2002-01-06 01:28:45 AM  
Prediction: Democrats assassinate George W.
2002-01-06 01:29:40 AM  
second that Martel.
2002-01-06 01:29:50 AM  
God Bless Mr. Bush for having the courage to do the right thing during a recession. Cutting taxes and lowering interest rates is the best way to kick start an econonmy anyone who has taken economics 101 knows that.
2002-01-06 01:31:10 AM  
Dancingklan: Awesome speech, guy. I'm impressed.
2002-01-06 01:31:19 AM  

Gay furries on MTV right now!!! Everybody watch quick hahahahaah!!!
2002-01-06 01:32:11 AM  
You can go ahead and enjoy all your tax money being sucked away. I'd like to keep a few pennies while i'm still alive!
2002-01-06 01:32:27 AM  
Man, is Shrub sensitive. If his diatribe was related to Daschle's comments today, he must have heard something I didn't.

Daschle commented on how the projected surplus is shrinking at an alarming rate, and attributed a large part of this shrinkage to the tax relief checks that went out, and how Geedub wants to send out another round of tax relief checks, effectively eliminating any chance of a surplus and putting us back into deficit spending. How that equates to raising taxes, I'm not sure. I never heard Daschle say that the solution was to raise taxes, just say that another round of relief checks wasn't the right thing in his view.

Let the election year rhetoric now begin!
2002-01-06 01:32:50 AM  
"Not over my dead body will they raise your taxes""

You know I really do not like the people who correct people's grammar but... well this one is pretty bad. Hytes Xian read it right there. What his sentence says is that he WILL raise taxes. If he wanted to say that he would not let taxes be raised then he would have left out the Not at the begining of his sentence.

Of course now when he needs to have the taxes raised later this year to be able to balance the farking budget he can at least say he didn't lie to us.
2002-01-06 01:33:25 AM  
More intelligent comments - makes me proud to have fought with the Resistance.
2002-01-06 01:33:27 AM  
01-06-02 01:20:17 AM Humphrey_Bogart
Yes, a true hero, not some commie-nazi fag

Humph, I hope to god that you're kidding. There's sooo much wrong with that statement. For example: Fasicsm was created by Benitio Mussolini as a response to Communism, one is on the far right, the other on the far left. The only place a commie-nazi could exsist is in a McBain movie (Simpson's reference here). Secondly, both the communists (soviets) and the fascists persecuted homosexuals. Draw your own inference from that.
2002-01-06 01:34:41 AM  
This is the first time I have wanted taxes to be raised.
If it means getting him out of office
2002-01-06 01:35:05 AM  
Code_Archeologist - Bush has never been a very good speaker. I do not think this little blunder was intentional.
2002-01-06 01:36:15 AM  
Dascle wants to rescind the tax cuts that are already in law. That equals Raising Taxes. Eco101.
The recession began with Clinton running the economy into the ground. Anyone with any sense can look at the record and see that. Dascle is less than American.
2002-01-06 01:36:47 AM  
Uh, he's not really my hero... but, HE didn't clinch a raise for himself in the middle of a recession.

If I'm unemployed (and I am for the moment), I don't need more health care benefits. I need a job. I'll get those benefits through the job. Help the companies loosen up their purse strings so they'll start hiring again. I need to earn a paycheck, not be given an aspirin ...and this is a father of 3 speaking.
2002-01-06 01:37:11 AM  
Yes anyone should know the statements about fasiscim and such, but he obviosly strung together a series of words that would sound offensive, even if the text in which they were used does not agree.

No need to persecute stupidity you know, they cant help it.
2002-01-06 01:38:04 AM  
God Bless Mr. Bush for having the courage to do the right thing during a recession.

God Bless Mr. Bush for giving us a recession.
2002-01-06 01:38:35 AM  
Dumber than a sack of hammers. Maybe next election he'll get the most votes. Doubt it though. Not that it mattered last time.
2002-01-06 01:38:46 AM  
ROBO_Jesus: "exsist"? What is the Simpsons? I've been in Africa.
If you are a dumb broad, you might want to check my bio.
2002-01-06 01:39:07 AM  
Daddy didn't get Saddam. Shrub can't get Bin Laden. Daddy said he wouldn't raise taxes but did it anyway. Shrub will too.

Like father, like son.
2002-01-06 01:40:57 AM  
Dancingklan - what a troll you are. Anyway, the best part of the whole republican tax cut idea is just how totally horrible it is. Focus groups run by independent groups have absolutely refused to believe the truth about it. They don't believe that the Republicans would give that much money to huge corporations and the rich. They just don't believe it. That's just totally insane! A tax cut so horrifying people just don't believe it. And don't come after me with the tax cut is not bad at all, I read some huge number of pages of that thing (I'm an econ student), and it truly is reprehensible. I'm not a straight Keynesian, nor a fiscal/monetary policy expert, but I do know that tax cut is nothing but giving money to corporations. Whatever happened to our capitalist let the winners win and the losers lose system?

(If you happen to disagree with taxes entirely, please go get some sense)

2002-01-06 01:40:59 AM  
How is Bush going to pay for the war on terrorism and homeland security without more revenue?
2002-01-06 01:41:17 AM  
And another thing,

If folks think that tax relief check was "free money" then they are mistaken. Take a look at the IRS site for the scoop.

The check you got is an advance on the tax return you file this year. If you were supposed to get a $300 refund this year, you just got it ahead of time. If you had a wash this year, meaning you paid exactly what you were supposed to in taxes in 2001, then you'll have to send back a check to the IRS in the amount of the tax relief check you got. If you end up owing money, then you'll have to add on the amount of the check you received on top of the amount you owe.

I wish I wasn't making this up. This is what two different tax attorneys have explained to me.
2002-01-06 01:41:38 AM  
Anybody with half a brain knew the .COM bubble was going to pop either way, if Bush or Gore got into office. Saying it was Bush's fault is retarded. When booms bust, bad things happen. It's happened enough times through history that it should have been obvious.
2002-01-06 01:41:55 AM  
As I recall, since this whole debate started back during the election both the Democrats and the Republicans want to cut taxes. The argument has been over how to do that. It's not like the old days where the Republicans wanted to cut taxes and the Democrats wanted to raise them.

Whenever an issue seems clear cut, black and white, it's probably because you don't know all the details. Nothing is ever that simple.

On a related note, I read an article a while back talking about the size of government. In this article they calculated it as a percentage of the GNP. Using that figure they stated that the size of government under Clinton was smaller than under Reagan or Bush the elder.
They explained that in absolute terms, government under Clinton stayed the same, but the overall economy got bigger.

I believe they were arguing that government didn't need to be made any smaller, but I'm not sure.
Something to think about anyway.
2002-01-06 01:42:27 AM  
Agreed, even before this, Clinton was praised for raising up the economy to such a high level, but in reality the Market started climbing while Bush Sr. was still in office! The Republicans start something good, and when it flourishes, the Dems are in office and take credit for it!
2002-01-06 01:42:56 AM  
We're in a recession because of the .com failures?!?
2002-01-06 01:43:24 AM  
Alright Hump, I'll take it you're kidding :Þ
2002-01-06 01:44:36 AM  
Ggowins - That i'll agree with, the $300 tax checks were a bad idea. I would have perferred waiting until the end of the year to get my refund and saved the country millions of dollars.
2002-01-06 01:45:08 AM  
I can't believe that people still think those checks that we got in the summer were an additional tax refund. People, you'll find out in a month or two that it was just an advance. Your tax refund will be that amount less then what it was the year before. btw...thanks to his economic stimulant package...I'm one of those unemployed IT workers. The job market is swell here in South central PA. I should be able to find an even higher paying IT job now Here's looking to my new career at Lowe's and another part-time job because the unemployment compensation bereau is screwed up in PA too.
2002-01-06 01:46:29 AM  
I hate to play Conan the Grammarian but I gotta address the "not over my dead body" thing. It sounded fine in context but lacks a little in plain text. What he should have said was, Not even over my dead body.

Carry on.
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