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(BBC)   Irish celebrate EU's expansion by beating the hell out of each other   ( ) divider line
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7454 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 May 2004 at 9:57 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-02 03:56:28 AM  
It isn't an Irish celebration without somebody getting his ass kicked.

(don't worry, i'm Irish too)
2004-05-02 09:22:50 AM  
Water cannons?
They need to visit Detroit on Devils Night.

Detroit, where even it's citizens have the sense to burn it down. Ireland, home of the water cannons who may be able to salvage it..

Win/win, I'm tellin ya.

Seriously, though. I've been to Ireland, it's the most beautiful country I've ever had the chance to visit. I hope this eventually goes well for the folks there.
2004-05-02 10:05:57 AM  
Those crazy Irish!
2004-05-02 10:07:10 AM  
It wasn't a drunken football riot?
2004-05-02 10:11:18 AM  
Look out Itchy, he's Irish!

2004-05-02 10:11:49 AM  
i call complete farking bullshiat on this!

question: the authorities seemed to pretty damned prepared for some confrontation. almost as if they knew it was going to happen.

i know from first hand experience that it is not a new practice for authorities to plant infiltrate and 'instigators' into groups such as these, in fact any group that they deem a danger to the gov't. come to marches in dc once in awhile and see for yourself.
2004-05-02 10:16:27 AM  
Is joining the EU that bad an idea? A lot of people seem to dig it soo far.
2004-05-02 10:18:50 AM  
Speaking as someone who is of Irish heritage, I don't like the idea that they didn't use the term "Irishmen" in this story. Also, the term 'drunken irishman' should have been in there somewhere but it was not. In addition, the Irish cops didn't have doughnuts for weapons. What's going on here?

/read all about Chinamen yesterday.
2004-05-02 10:20:35 AM  
We joined in 1973.
These are just yer standard white-guys-with-dreadlock anti-globalisation pussies who don't know how to riot.

Water cannons! Hah!
In my day....
2004-05-02 10:23:23 AM  
Gotta love the Irish, or else they'll beat the shiat outta you.
2004-05-02 10:24:39 AM  

Understood. I thought something was amiss......
2004-05-02 10:28:25 AM  
Okay, speaking from dublin, not much happened. It was just one small incident in a generally uneventful day, protest-wise. They are the typical hard-left types who, like The Beer Baron said, just hop on any anti-globalization bandwagon. The only legit argument in their favor is that these new countries are entering under a slightly more restrictive set up than other countries did, and the EU is moving towards asystem where big countries like France and Germany will dictate everything and the other countries will have less of a say.

Oh, and those water cannons? The police here borrowed them from the Northern Irish cops, they're not even theirs.
2004-05-02 10:29:08 AM  
It's the admittance of new countries that has them in a tizzy. Namely Poland, Turkey Estonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and sundry Iron Curtain shrapnel. Tbh I'm all for it, Estonian woman, Turkish kebabs, Czech beer, Latvian cannibis butter, Polish eeh, maniacs...sweet sweet globalisation.
2004-05-02 10:30:04 AM  
Good inside Altima.
2004-05-02 10:30:30 AM  
did they borrow the water cannons? hahhahaha!
2004-05-02 10:31:34 AM  
yeah, i think they did.
2004-05-02 10:34:01 AM  
TheBeerBaron: What's wrong with white irshmen sporting dreads? It is a celtic/gaelic hairstlyle.
2004-05-02 10:34:18 AM  
well they'll want to hang onto 'em till Bush comes over.
2004-05-02 10:34:58 AM  

Why does the admittance of former eastern block (communist) nations cause a big tizzy. My verbage is probably not on top of things. This is solely for my lack of understanding. It seems like the EU is a good idea, but I don't know the nuts and bolts of it really.
2004-05-02 10:36:24 AM  
Turkey isn't joining the EU just yet. They've applied, but haven't been accepted. Same with Bulgaria and Romania.
2004-05-02 10:40:23 AM  
Nothing really.
I just hate those crusties so much.

But ironically I'm listening to Mikey Dread on a reggae stream atm so I'm not anti-dread, just anti-idiot, anti-dog-on-a-string anti-globalisation activists.

There's a lot more productive things you can do to decry the system of western exploitation, if anything the EU is helping these countries to develop, as they did us. Ireland was essentially a bananna republic when we joined and we built our infrastructure and our country with EU money. It's kinda like spitting on a good samaritan really.
2004-05-02 10:40:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-02 10:42:34 AM  
TheBeerBaron: Turkey isn't one of the new members. The EU won't even decide wheter to start membership talks with them until December. Turkey is the only candidate country with which the EU has so far failed to start accession negotiations.

Bulgaria and Romania have been accepted already and aren't sceduled to join 'till 2007, so I wouldn't count on Turkey getting in till at least 2010.
2004-05-02 10:43:44 AM  
no Turkey huh?
Shows how much I know.

Ah well we got Germany, they're 70% Turkish anyways. ;)
2004-05-02 10:44:36 AM  
Bloody hippies.
2004-05-02 10:45:03 AM  
TheBeerBaron: So you're one of those people who think the IMF/World Bank/WTO can do no wrong?
2004-05-02 10:46:01 AM  
why doesn't this have an obvious tag?
2004-05-02 10:47:10 AM  
"Irish police reinforcements in riot gear were called in when the demonstrators attacked garda lines with missiles and attempted to break through after being warned they would not be allowed to go any further."

2004-05-02 10:48:15 AM  
Why is it that everyone in or around the British Isles seem to know how to party hard and kick asses in good clean fun except the British?
2004-05-02 10:50:04 AM  
MikeWeath: So you're one of those people who think the IMF/World Bank/WTO can do no right?

//lumping people into extremes is fun.
2004-05-02 10:51:14 AM  

Interesting sense of humor at least.
2004-05-02 10:51:19 AM  
ImJustaTroll: "//lumping people into extremes is fun."

TheBeerBaron seems to enjoy it.
2004-05-02 10:59:57 AM  

There were about 100 people invilved in the distubance, out of a couple of thousnd marchers. Nobody was kicking the hell out of anybody. A few of the troublemakers were throwing stuff at the cops, the cops got out the water cannon they borrowed from the PSNI, and must have used it on a low setting: It wasn't sotrong enough to knock anyone over. About 45 people were arrested and, most of them were ENGLISH!

Meanwihile thousands of people had a very nice, peaceful sunny day in Dublin City Centre visiting various stalls celebrating the countires of the EU, watching free concerts and street theatre, and just enjoying the day. That's how the Irish celebrated EU's expansion.
2004-05-02 11:00:09 AM  
TheBeerBaron: So you're one of those people who think the IMF/World Bank/WTO can do no wrong

Oh no, far from it.
If anything I'm anti-globalisationist myself, I just don't agree with their methods or the fights they pick.

1st of all please realise my political compass is all over the shop. And I'm often skeptical as to the EU's intentions as much as I am of any government or political/economic power block. My point is, what does it achieve? On the one hand you've got a massive monetary gap between the haves and the have nots. On the other you have a bunch of long-haired louts (btw I'm also a long-haired lout) starting shiat and basically doing nothing constructive whatsoever.

The EU is essentially allocating funds and aid to impoverished nations. I don't see how that's a problem.

If they later on (as they've done in the past) tightened the
belt on trade and give these countries an agenda that's damaging to their own domestic industry and agriculture or tries to bully them into treaties, meddles with their economy etc, etc- THEN protest by all means.
2004-05-02 11:00:59 AM  
I celebrated the EU Expansion with hot Polish chicks.
2004-05-02 11:03:35 AM  
My "EU" expanded, ifyouknowwhatimean.

/sorry, thought of that joke after my Boobies and it's so funny, I just had to post again.
2004-05-02 11:05:45 AM  
All this getting drunk and beating the hell out of each other is why my forefathers left Ireland. They wanted to get drunk and beat the hell out of each other on another continent. And so they did. Go Irish!
2004-05-02 11:09:17 AM  
what was it Kent Brokman said- "all this drinking fighting destruction of property...are these the things we think about when we think of the Irish?"

2004-05-02 11:12:24 AM  
Violence flared amid the EU expansion celebrations as anti-globalisation protesters clashed with Irish police outside Dublin's Phoenix Park.

Well, duh. That's like holding a celebration for free abortions for a whole month at some clinic with pro-lifers demonstrating nearby. Talk about polar opposites w/in arms reach of one another
2004-05-02 11:17:49 AM  
This just proves my point that "anti-globalization" kids have NO idea what they're protesting. They're making fools of themselves. Joining the EU has tremendous benefits: enhanced trade, political stability, transfer of funds to developing nations, economic stability to meet the Maastricht convergence criteria, and reduced transaction costs when they except the euro. Why would anyone argue with that???
2004-05-02 11:19:41 AM  
This is definetly blown out of proportion. To hear some news sources youd think that nukes were deployed. Effectively it was a bunch of 16yr olds trying to stare down the gardai and dancing in a water cannon that was obviously on the "garden hose" setting. Probably engineered to justify all the fear mongering that had been bandied around in the last few weeks.
2004-05-02 11:27:38 AM  

/What Would Bono Do?
2004-05-02 11:29:35 AM  
Is joining the EU that bad an idea? A lot of people seem to dig it soo far.

A lot fewer people dig it than the happy smiley AP and Reuters stories suggest. There aren't so many who are violently opposed, but a good many people are as much resigned to it as anything. It was a great excuse for a massive party, though, and there was some true goodwill for the symbolic burying of the Cold War separations. As for the expansion, it was mostly a formality as most of the benefits of membership (limited as they may be versus earlier members) had long ago been granted to the new countries in a staggered system.

Ireland is better off now than it was before EU membership, but it didn't do it on EU subsidies. The EU is and always will struggle with subsidies to the newer and much poorer members, but that doesn't mean they're shelling out scads of money in the bigger picture. Ireland essentially overhauled its economy to tackle free-market policies - cutting regulations, maintaining a steady fiscal policy, etc. EU subsidies are in large part agricultural, and that isn't exactly part of the equation in Irelands rapid economic development. EU subsidies to other EU members haven't resulted in anything remotely like the same growth Ireland has seen. Beyond that, you're talking about subsidies that maxed out somewhere in the 2-3 billion range if I recall, versus annual exports to the US of somewhere around 20 billion. The EU subsidies helped Ireland early on, but it was a shift toward a truly open market economy that got Ireland where it is today, with EU subsidies becoming not a lot more than fodder for lobbyists these days.
2004-05-02 11:32:35 AM  
Protesters meeting at the GPO? I'm shocked.

Somehow I think this one will get lost in the history books.
2004-05-02 11:34:44 AM  
Lord Farkuaad,

Lot's of people have valid reasons for disagreeing that have nothing to do with the wacko left. The Pol's are extremely worried about giving up sovereignity to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels for one.
2004-05-02 11:42:44 AM  
Sounds like a typical weekend night in city center.

/I say the downhill spiral in Dublin started with the closure of The Old Chinaman to put up some yuppie condos.

/yes I'm kidding.
2004-05-02 11:45:24 AM  
The only thing more stupid than the Irish propensity for violence is the pride they take in being a violent people.

Fark story, subject: Irish violence (again)
Irish farkers responses: "Yeah, we kick ass!"

What a civilized country.
2004-05-02 11:45:33 AM  
Tell me more about the missiles.
2004-05-02 11:47:48 AM  
radioshack considering that 15% of Poland's labor force is in agriculture yet agriculture makes up only 3% of Poland's GDP, I would think they'd have better things to worry about than giving up sovereignity of monetary policy.
2004-05-02 11:47:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

God invented beer to prevent the Irish from conquering the world.
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