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(   UT student kills piano instructor with a meat cleaver. Announcer voice heard to say "Killing spree."   ( divider line
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2004-05-01 09:43:54 PM  
WTF is up with the taser? He's armed with a cleaver!! I fully support the cops taking a "head shot".
2004-05-01 09:45:13 PM  

Don't worry, when that family you spent so much time raising dies in a freak accident of comedic proportions I'm sure someone will write you up a hilarious headline.
2004-05-01 09:47:28 PM  
Here's what I don't get:

"Ngai, who was studying applied music, had assisted Martin in getting to and from campus, and with chores around the house, he said."

The student had been helping out his teacher, who is an MS patient. And then he kills her with a meat cleaver?
2004-05-01 09:48:47 PM  
Fark It: Notice i said "some minorities". You are correct. However, so am I. APD has shot alot of people needlessly, and they're usually either black or hispanic.
2004-05-01 09:49:36 PM  
I've heard the guy was bipolar.
2004-05-01 09:50:35 PM  
I went to grad school at A&M. I wasn't there when the Bonfire fell but I was there the year after. And while no one did it in public, there was dark joking about the tragedy. Because 12 people standing on top of a giant, phallic stack of wood that you intend to set on fire, having a few beers, no supervision, and having that stack suddenly fall down on top of you. Dark comedy gold.

In fact, most of the students now were not students then, so I'm pretty sure the humor is a lot more open now. Especially at a place like A&M where they jump at the chance to celebrate the fact that someone has snuffed it. Because come on, it's been a few years. You can't mourn the dead forever.

What was the last thing to go through the minds of the bonire victims?
A giant log.
2004-05-01 09:51:57 PM  

You really should have stuck to your guns. I had your back for a minute, till you wussed out on your convictions.

Laugh all you want, guys. Laugh your asses off. Becuase if this was you, or someone close to you, the headline wouldn't be so funny. Gallows humour is a way of dealing with pain, yes, but there isn't much evidence of that in this thread.

All of you can't stand there and tell me without lie that this tragedy has struck you so hard, that the only way to deal with it is through black humour. I see it more like a bunch of braying jackasses laughing at someone else's fatal misfortune. It's not even as though the victim did something retarded that would have inevitably resulted in death. Someone came into her house and murdered her.

Video games aren't to blame here. I point the finger at your parents for raising such brain-dead turds.
2004-05-01 09:54:50 PM  
I've had people close to me die, and I have still been able to joke about it.

Stop being a farking pussy.
2004-05-01 09:55:14 PM  

Guilty as charged. Thanks for watching my back.
2004-05-01 09:55:42 PM  
The killer dude was from Hawaii and was supposed to have been hearing voices and stuff before this happened. More info here.
2004-05-01 09:57:53 PM  

Aye, I may have reacted a bit too harshly myself. Labels do, indeed, suck. (Since they're very rarely accurate.)

I used the mideast as an example because it is, indeed, a current topic. I too, actually, tend to think about that stuff. (Which may not be the best of things for me to do, really, seeing as I'm 18. >.>)

I can understand how something like this can strike home hard. But the reason people are able to make jokes is because it doesn't strike them as hard.. or, in some cases, it strikes them worse. Just wanted to point that out, is all.

No real harm done in either case, so no worries.
2004-05-01 09:58:29 PM  
I'm gonna guess all these pillars of moral outrage have never heard of the Darwin Awards? Death can be hillarious, but first you have to remove to stick from your ass.
2004-05-01 09:58:42 PM  

That tells me all I need to know about you.

Let me explain myself clearer:

Piano teacher dies after graduate student attacks her unprovoked in her own home = not funny in the least.

Piano teacher dies attempting to move her piano down a flight of stairs on her own = fair game.

Too many of you just don't know the borderline between dark humour and plain bad taste.
2004-05-01 09:59:53 PM  
Oh. My. God.

Why don't you three just whip 'em out right now and start sucking?

/I'm sorry for being honest, I love you.
//I'm sorry for having convictions, I love you.
///I just enjoy a good flamewar, have any jelly or syrup?
2004-05-01 10:01:03 PM  
Man, I aspire to have a death worthy of a Fark headline.

I would be honored.

Most people just get the lame obit in the back section of the paper.

Maybe I should spend more time around wood chippers...
2004-05-01 10:01:58 PM  

Thanks for being my moral compass... I think I lost mine.

/I want my mommy.
2004-05-01 10:03:37 PM  
Piano teacher dies after graduate student attacks her unprovoked in her own home = HILARIOUS! Even more so since she was trying to help him. This is a prime example of "The Grad student chopping off the head that teaches it".
2004-05-01 10:03:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-01 10:07:13 PM  
Well, I guess it's like this: you can either enjoy a wittily crafted headline, or you can enjoy that "I'm better than you" warm fuzzy that comes with self-righteously shaking your finger at someone. Since someone here already invoked that great Randall... "There's nothing more exhiliarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there?"
2004-05-01 10:09:09 PM  
Yeah, I bet that's pure comedy gold for you. I'd be even more willing to bet that you could actually repeat any of what you're saying in this lady's community. Then maybe we could laugh at your ensuing headline.
2004-05-01 10:11:13 PM  

I truly doubt most people here are laughing at what happened.. (At the very least, I'm not.) it is, indeed, a tragedy.

However, the headline itself was amusing. That is different than laughing at the tragedy: That's laughing at an ammusing linking of two undifferent things. Had I not seen the headline, I would not have found this funny at all. But the headline itself was rather clever.

The situation, and the events, were tragic. The coincidence (that the school was referred to as UT), and the clever linkage (Linking it to unreal tournament) is amusing.

There really is a difference.
2004-05-01 10:14:09 PM  

Don't get me confused, here. I appreciate wit and humor, which is the reason that I keep coming back to this website. I'm the last person you could ever accuse of having a stick in his ass. Every so often, though, someone forgets where to draw the line, and that's what I'm trying to point out.

I'm pretty sure jasjas has way more headlines in the cards. But the direction that this thread has followed, spawned from his headline, has been in very poor taste.
2004-05-01 10:14:44 PM  
What an odd series of posts. You'd think that a bunch of new people just joined FARK. The death had nothing to do with first-person-shooter video games: only the headline did.

I think that Felgraf nailed it perfectly.
2004-05-01 10:16:02 PM  

piano was very difficult to get into your school? It is here, too - in fact, if a student doesn't promise to practice at least 3 hours a day, the instructor does not consider you worth his time if you're not in the major.

Why is it so tough to find a teacher here who would just be friendly and help me with my casual piano playing? Shouldn't some piano professors be friendly? I'd love to be one, but I'm definitely not a music major: I think taking it as classes would take the fun out of playing music.

Which, comes to think of it, explains a lot.
2004-05-01 10:16:08 PM  
I'd be willing to go to this woman's community and make all the horrible jokes anyone could think of as long as when my hilarious headline is written about my death, you all sit here and laugh instead of crying about the sand in your vaginas.
2004-05-01 10:17:42 PM  
Okay, Felgraf, I concur. I'm not really trying to trash the headline, which is probably what I failed to point out. I'm talking about everyone that's carried the humour over to the story itself.

Besides, even I have to admit, I cackled a little at PfizerX's 9:09 post.

/Moderately surprised to have received his ticket to hell in the mail
2004-05-01 10:18:58 PM  

Who the fark are you to tell us where to draw the line? Stick your opinion up your self-righteous ass.
2004-05-01 10:20:55 PM  
Personally, I can chuckle at a headline, and treat it as a complete disconnect from the actual story or event itself. Is that right or wrong of me? I have no idea.

If anyone thinks the actual murder is funny, you're one sick puppy.
2004-05-01 10:21:22 PM  
Now THAT'S a tragedy... sand in the vagina. Ruins a good nite everytime!
2004-05-01 10:22:09 PM  

Just let it go, man.
2004-05-01 10:22:38 PM  

You're correct. For further clarification, see Felgraf's post, which pretty much nailed it. I'm off to work. Happy Farking.
2004-05-01 10:23:13 PM  
I'm done.

We could have averted this whole thing by just whipping out our dicks and measuring them, because that's all this amounted to.
2004-05-01 10:25:49 PM  
Sorry, Felgraf. I basically regurgitated exactly what you said, only less eloquently.

Oh well. I've started drinking long ago and the Red Sox are getting their ass kicked right now.
2004-05-01 10:29:37 PM  
See, this is exactly what "the man" wanted. We go off in two separate tangential directions, either empathizing with the victim or disconnectedly chuckling at the irony, and by the time we all pull our shiat together and align our gazes during the autopsy, the microchip is long gone.
2004-05-01 10:31:53 PM  

Now that's funny. You and I should collaborate on a script along those lines.
2004-05-01 10:43:51 PM  
Fan Chun Ngai ?

2004-05-01 10:52:43 PM  
The headline is funny. Not the actual incident.

It refers to the video game Unreal Tournament, which is abbreviated UT, which is the same as...oh nevermind.
2004-05-01 11:03:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-01 11:10:34 PM  
The headline WOULD be funny if it wasn't about an actual murder. It is well written indeed but still...

My sympathies to the family.
2004-05-01 11:26:11 PM  
well jasjas, you've figured out the magic of greenlighting in one post. toss something tragic up with a funny/cynical/insane headline, which is sure to draw trolls and comments like flies to a pile of hot and steamy dogshiat, and it's just about guaranteed to get greenlighted.
one thing's for sure - this thread will contain the best of the one-liner farkers, and the worst of the trolls.

*puts on his funny hat and crawls back under his bridge*
2004-05-01 11:26:41 PM  
UT=University of Tennessee
2004-05-01 11:30:21 PM  

but nice headline
2004-05-01 11:35:20 PM  

2004-05-01 11:37:56 PM  

That would be Charles Whitman, not this clown...
2004-05-02 12:11:16 AM  
Laughing at people that die is better for your health than waiting for something funny to happen. I'm not laughing at the headline (lie) just joyful that someone's energy gets to refoin the cosmos.

/zen: death = good
2004-05-02 12:14:22 AM  
Oh man, I knew her. One of my best friends studied under her while I was attending the University.

2004-05-02 12:56:09 AM  

You're an idiot. I don't know any A&M student, current or former, who jokes about the Bonfire accident. And your characterization of A&M as a "place where they jump at the chance to celebrate the fact that someone has snuffed it" is complete bullshiat. Where do you come up with this crap?
2004-05-02 01:00:40 AM  
Nope, never going to be a music teacher.
2004-05-02 01:03:46 AM  
Let's face it, guys: Death is funny. Whether its that dumb criminial, your mom, or your dog, it's funny!
2004-05-02 01:04:11 AM  
I was at the last "successful" bonfire, a t-sip incognito. Another of my best friends was a yellow pot for the, God damn, what's the name of that dorm? The something Hilton was what they called it.

Anyway, we both knew people who died, he more than others because he trained many of them. So no, I'm not laughing either.

I still have the helmet I stole from bonfire cut and took back to UT as a trophy.
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